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iMROmCtSEi jTObCESPASg jAXDRlg 3891 Jill nt 4gret3 Chaises Against a Policeman Dismissed Gold Uine Discovered by Two Boys A Pleasure Eesort Closed Judge Ells worth was occupied yestrrday in hearing the divorce case of GUabetb C Bub - sen against Nicholas D Buhseu on the ground of extreme cruelty The parties are well known J In west Oakland where Buhseu s father keeps a large grocery store and is a local politician Mrs Buhaea stated that her husband had chased her around the boue with a cheese - knife had beaten her called her vile names come home drunk and otherwise made her so miserable that she was compelled to leave him Buhsen denied the crnvy to his wife and testlfiedshe had said that unless he coDTered to her the furniture of a lodging - house on Seventh street West Oakland she would leave him which she subsequently did He charged hi wife with various acts of cruelty He said his only soarce of income was 20 a mouth received received as clerk for his father Judge Ellsworth awarded Srs Bahsen the decree 10 a mouth alimony and 100 counsel counsel fees As Buhsen had paid part of the attorneys attorneys fees before due the order to show cause was dismissed A complaint for divorce on the ground of eruelty was filed yesterday by Mrs Jennie Grandbois against her husband John S Grandbois Grandbois a blacksmith residing at Golden Gate The couple have no children and the plaintiff demands the homestead JaUr restrained of his liberty Darid and Kate Reulein came up - for hearing before Jgdje Tfalhicejt - steiday afternoon As a defease defease to die writ the Seukins again setup the adoption decree entered In their favor by Judge Una la Sovember 1SS9 Jnflge Wat tare htvinr DrerkjeOr held this decree to be invalid betieelihed to entertaia lkad awarded the ejma to Mrs Clarke on ner writ She imxMdlatehr bet fn posscsevon of the boy of Bailiff Piper and lefSl the courtroom la tbe haR her - husband husband James Clarke attempted to take the child from her hut was prevented by the baai who in anticipation ox trouble was close at hand The battle over the possession rf the ehfld however is not yet at aa end as Attorney Attorney Kowalsky representing the Beuleins Immediately Immediately swore out another writ of habeas corpus which is made retnrnabJe before Judges Levy and Sanderson at 11 oclock tomorrow tomorrow morning THE MECHAS1CS IXST1TLTE A Monthly Meetiag of the - Board of Trustees The trustees of the Mechanics Institute held their monthly meeting last night BHls were passed to the amount of 6S 9L The Committee Committee on Building was authorized to put new carpet on the ladies room Scot and to make such other repairs as are necessary and also to expend 300 on repairs to the Pavilion The Electrical Engine Company was awarded a silver medal for tbe best display of CaliforniaCalifornia CaliforniaCalifornia - made dynamos Several letters were read from various exhibitors asking for further reo - ocnition of their exhibits at the late fair They were referred to the Committee on Awards The librarians report showed a total collection collection of 3051 90 for the month with a balance from November of 106 70 The balance on hand to date is 194 50 OEGAMZED LAEOH PROGRESS OF THE USI02T BREWERS Election of tbe United Furniture - Workers Sotes From the Trades The Journeymen Barbers Leage was en - 1 gaged last night upon a new coosritatiou and Work of the Tollee Commissi oners by - laws which were adopted A number of The Police Commissioner yesterday after - j necessary changes have occurred in the or - noon dismissed the charges azainst Special j ganxtation since its inception tn this city as a Officer Poulsen preferred by Miss - Clara Mver i movement for eiebt hours It - is now - working that he bad hugged and kissed her in West i on a broader and more permanent basis All Oakland one night last mouth The board in 1 of the recent amendments adopted are emits emits resolution stated that the evidence was of j bodied in the new constitution the most 6htradictory nature and taken in At the qkeu of tbe Boiler - makers Union connection with the admitted previous good i last r - ight annual reports were received from character of tbe accused leaves a doubt as to the various officers The affairs of tbe union Poulsens guilt They decided to give him the are at present in a satisfactory condition benefit of the doubt Chief Tompkins reported to the board that he had investigated the alleged assault by a policeman on a prisoner named James lio - Nichol in tbe patrol wagon several nights aeo o actual assault caa oeeu committed United Furniture Workers No 15 of the International International Association elected the following omcers last night Peter itaconachie president president P Peterson vice - president C Molenaar recording secretary F Xeidlinger financial be said and the prisoner admitted that he had secretary C Fung treasurer trustees C Gil cot been been beaten Tbe board made a lonz report to the City Council as to tbe compiainis of ihe Womans Christian Temperance Union of the violation violation of the liquor law in - Hugo Fugels saloons os Twelfth street and Wabingron and weoster streets genkraaz I - Eiegsihuth and S Loken Audit - inr Corsmisvte A menu A JIuller and F Joreensea delegates to the Federated Trades F schmiu F Mailer C Karstensen L Loken and P Maconachie delesrate to tbe Arbeiter Zeitung k PbimppL The union has been eets The report states that the crTngratuiated upon its amalgamation bv the freouented by women as aaiy as i f iecunve board of New York The charier of piaces are twenty visiting one sakwn n one dav Tbey find howe - er that nothing has been tTOTed - to inem wDica violates any porucn ot tae or - diranee Tne board recommended that appropriate legislation be passed to remedy the evils complained complained of As poiieeraea are forbidden to enter saloons except in tie discharge of their duty the head of the - department has employed employed outsiders to collect evidence The board recommends that the poiire duties in this respect be assigned to the License Inspector Inspector Young 31 ens Officer The followinz gentlemen hare been elected officers of the Young Mtns Christian Association Association of Oakland Honorary president J M BnSngton president D Edward Collins first vice - president Charles G Eeed second vice - president Samuel T Alexander treasurer C w Kinsey recording secretary Cary Howard general secretary tracant assistant secretary A K Anthony Board of directors Three Tears Irvin Avers J Hntchieoir A - M Ben - tarn F - W Plater Cary Howard C G Reed two vears J M BuSneton H IL Lawrence E i Finch E M iibn Ftinv Bartlett George DGray one year i T Hawiey D Edward Collins S T Alexander E F Barrel G K Keed C W Kinsey General secretary Brav having resigned the ofSce has not yet been filled His successor however will prob - No 2o has been returned Tbe Executive Cotrmittee of the United Brewery Workmen announced the election of the fallowing gercra oScers last nisht A Fuhrman general secretary Gustave Hering trearirer trustees John Laumeister Gerhard Lohman and Oscar Rosea baum General Financial Financial Committee Ladwig Berg Charles Keichert and Robert Zink deleeates to tbe Federated Trades A Fubrman John Guinee L Berg G Lohman Frank Schroeder 0 Kosen - tum J Laumeister and F Gtevert Tbe following following doratons were made last night iJlOO to thestriking iron moiders S0 to assist in receiving president Gompers 25 in aid of Typoeraphical Union of Sacramento fSo to the Ttsucs Council of - acremehto 20 to tbe widow of a deceased member 23 cents per capita to orisi una The boycott in Portland is progressing very favorably Agencies of Seattle and Tacotna beer have been established in the city and between between 2500 sad 3000 of this - beer it being sold every week Tbe branch in Tacoma will give a great celebration oa January 31st The Executive Committee ba instructed General Secretary Fuhrmaa to make a tour of inspection inspection throughout the coast if circumstances w - 11 permit He is now preparing an exten - rve report of the actvfiy of the onion dnrin tie yer On January 1st there were 723 member in good standing The receipts for tbe vear were 13159 75 expenditures iH5o So these were chiefly e15O0 in gifts ably be appointed next month The report of and 1200 icr be Portiacd strike There is theoScrs show that ihetjssociationhas made cow on hand Sl0350 15 of which 10000 most satisfactory progress aunng me past year i are deposited m banks Iiaeovrei by Boy Two young men John and James Cardoza of Snnol while deer bunting near their home discovered a ledge of gold quartz which has been pronounced a giod quality of auam rock A mine is to be opsned and worked One of the boys knocked off i piece of the roek wiib his shoe and thus made the discovery The Cirarmakers International Union in stalled offlctrs last night The Emeryville strikers v re given 25 and 50 was voted to assist in receiving President Gompers The at tion of the Executive Committee of the federation federation in - urrng an affiliation with tbe Grocers Grocers Association was unanimously indorsed A committee of tbe Horesboers Union waited upon iXiylt yestTday but nothing atis - factorv to either psrty was accomplished As a resuh two union men and one non - union man left tbe shop The 1acific oast Marine Firemens Association Association heid an important special session last nicht to make - uch changes in its constitution as will enable it to inciude within itsjurtsdic - tion unions thronehom the eoat This was k - ne and the A ssociation of Seattle Firemen is now affiliated with tne organization here Tbe A Deputy City Clerkship Deputy City Clerk Stewart McMullen of this city haviDg ben elected minute clerk of the Senate his former position is now vacant City Clerk Brady said yesterday that he would recommend W J Patterson a McMullens successor successor As Mr Patterson has had prior experi ence at the City Hail his Chanceiot appoint - j J i - - nw Ii Vn ment by the Council are good jormjr wbe U S a Tm ti torv to the workmen A JlMlimni olt - Tbe FreesUlI1eGrers Association initiated E - ETappan an Alameda attorney claims seventeen new members last night Work that he was elected City Justice st the last upon the Mills building has begun and forty - election under tbe iaw allowing such an offi - 4 six members of the union hare found eraploy - cial in cities - of ovet 10000 inhabitants The ment there Two delegates from the Emery - Town Trustees have ignored his claims Yes - - Tiie trikers addressed the meetmjr and the terdsT he sued out a writ of mandatnu to nilira vih fd financial assistance compel tbe Trustees to furnish him with an t Favorable reports on the labor buresu were office This will test the election submitted to the session o Stairbuuders Union last night The union will attend ma bodv the bail to be given bv No 22 on Jaci Jaci uary 2Stb and also that o No 43 on Satur - Badgers Park Badzers Park in Eist Oakland one of the i davniubt bet known summer resorts near San Fran - Ai a mceiing of tbe reta Cisco has been permanent y cloaM streets will be opened through the grounds and build - ngs are to be erected An Interior Merchant Fails hoe clerks last night it was announced that Mr Cohnreieh one of the leading members of the Retail Dealers Dealers Association had promised to hereafter close his place of bustres at 7 r x The clerks feel highly elated and count upon Mr Cotnreichs example being followed by other A petition in insolvency was filed yesterday j cocnreirn s exa oy inariw nu - i iu general PrtBrlT has awarded the efforts of the mercnanaise aiuaywerus e owes xoy cooks an - i Waiurs Union Six candidates mainly to San Francisco merchants and his assets are 31O0 for BERKELEY i were admitted and lour applications meatrthip reoeivea j Local Union No IU of tbe National Brewers Association admitted ioir additional candi - j - iv ia - nr 1 dates to membership Ust night Tbe union is Herbert J rralth residing at 933 Thirty - extending its influence to breweries other than fourth street Oakland while duck hunting the National and expects soon to have many along the shore yesterday afternoon accident - j workmen adopt its standard It has the same ally discharged his gun the contents entering rales for hours and wages held by the United his left arm tearing It terribly He was taken XrLS mrSa to West Berkeley where Dr Eastman temoo - hBye he raoort ol the American Federation i ramy aressea nts weuna tie was UDsc - j vjuently removed to Oakland and his arm was amputated Justice Long heard his first case yesterday of Labor and of the Natianal Association and are assured of success The union was formed because it was thought best to obey the dictates dictates oi the National Society rather than those of the PaeiS c Coast Association A conference conference held with tbe organixing committee of the Council of Federated Trades on Monday night did not rssut as satisfactorily as desired bv the sew union Tbe bat stores began - tbeir early closiue movement last night The foUowbDs signified their willingness to close their stores at 6 u clock with the exception ot Saturdays J c John Moran was tried for petit larceny in the alleged stealing of a potoi raspberry jam from John Haggerty The latter formerly kept a lnnn tvH ITdnn la Ttrrntinir vftnaca azalnst him for selling liouor within tbe mile limit He claims that bis arrest was out of spite Justice Long will render his decision to - dav Justice Lloyd of West Berkeley stHI refuses iJii1ia2ife p liTHSrn Mlihf4Ml1Ce MmmerT K - 73 Market street Stack J25THoiii5K tSWxjiSSf ii Ueombie 639 Market street Fisher Co 9 3J52J3J slTSrifaTLS Montgomery street M Metmdorffer 113MonV w - r - r - - v v - a 6 v - i gocjerv street and 40i Kearny street C Herr - testisinsignt manni Co 332 to 336 Kearny street Charles JttTnaIJSiSiioeJlnl letaatJ 130 Kearny street Meussdorffer vereUyfromJunetoeptember will be given i Hnbner S Kearnv sweet K MeussdorSer i uus year aesww tmnt to tae uirarj 3 Kearnv street S Dixon 429 Kearny sl7lXiiJT - street ana lxmuitromm Bromersw Kearny tramps on tne UBivemjy grounds to insulting 1 ctrot ladies and children One of the men after - j ward escaped The arrests created much ex - nirnrnr trvirrr citemeut inEerkeley as ladies hare been A DIFFICULT SUBJECT greatly annoyed lately by strangers while wait ing in tne universiiy grpunos Pickpocket Hensley Trifles TTtth a Pbo - tographer ALAMEDA John Hensley and Henry C Tevis the dia - - 1 man thieves and nirkziorketa arrwtp1 a fw The Alameda Home Protective Association rffrL tw at the mosi detrtti aaaressea a wuj uiuuuii w me xxmro crooks ever taken into custody In this city of City Trustees last Monday denouncing the j Cme crowley is satisfied that they are experts police force as being recreant to its duty j g business and hopes sooa to possess their E3 ELLSfiESfX SSbJSSr ZEtn A Peculiarity about Hensley il 32r0JSSJ fa ni Tersim to being photographed On Hon oAydaUows gambling to be earriedon satuidaj tat ae was pjacaf before a earners saloons xat remain open after 12 oclock at t i eyi pictures were taken by the artirt nigfct etc The Cpanefl degided Itjould not 4 sothemhowe resembled thep S2S 5SrHiSSr31ll SS2 o53 - T oS put him In a etraighVjaciet Vii5i5lld tbM onunanlcation imt be twiIiea itnom thd mouth Into all PSwLrwi itt l k t t v - I Joahaer of shapes the result being five Indie - THE CHAMPAGNE BCXTPSS ntS CLAKKE WINS T i i Derives Its elegant qualities from a skillful Judge Wallace Awards Her the Cn - Wending of the rarest flnet aod toort delicate tody of Uer Child j wmesgTrwnfaCaEfcTOiaArpadIIaraaxtby4pa rSJStA W - rbi H STARtk who hi just re - CUrke m behaU of her leard tantdtrom Ewrope na sued thpricOosf Charles Henry whom aheaDsged to be unlaw meLciij at Ml Geary street earner cf Taylor -

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 07 Jan 1891, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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