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 - ; The „ Scnd Near : ' v< ' ll "' al ••'^•'i'-...
; The „ Scnd Near : ' v< ' ll "' al ••'^•'i'- n-x-i-u ;.„,.. Ti,«.m.:, n : ,n. ,,,em!.,r ,,r ,.„.,. '"-"'!>'•.'• H ill not <• (h. ml;, „„. . Jil'c,,. of I luutM-il!e. Tex.i... a.-ki,,.; DrOOkShire ''"'''•'••'"'Mile t,-,-rild, .hVist ,'.:l,imt,, use efforts for our aid'. . ""' "lerelmnt- of Hroo!;>liii-e|The paper was signed l.y evi IT have, a- is (| l( , en-toni in in.,s| man of prominence in this vicinity. of^jjmiston;;;;',; i;: 1 ,"^";"';'!!"• ~ t:itr 'f u -':' •'•'»• i« L,V,,,I,,,. <•;,. ,.-- .- .'""".'"••I" "I 'l-l'.'.!'- worth .,1 ,,f I',,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Texa-. kindlv-.-nl fift 10 RpvCBC ^'|!..!'lil'' i ','"','H'"'''' jj" 1 ''?'''" "•••"•lo'id.if :>:•.• n.:;.k i -; in His First Plea. Sufferers. SPflCIAI. Rf-I.IHI- TKAJN CO.V.liS ',' .'''"'^ VIA ,M. K. &T. KAII.KOAI). ,, "•'• •* l">-'-.looklh-d,'l', ;! ,',dd darkv y i'"" !1 '" ""' "".V "•'•.;| 1 ..,h.i,| h.,-,i ;;m-: da: Mcl-ii, III Ilie r: ; ,;. of pot:,l,i(-s. a ,.,...,(•. .,„,] vv | i( , ;., ,,„, ,,.„.,. ,.,- xxlii-h. .-oine stal.-. i.i.,,...,.,. !,.,.. i,... ' I ••••..• -~i."- • j siavi-rv li:ni iieiM enneil l>v (l,e .i^^vCTrTc^ -.I'T^r''';,,,,,, man's (il . j r,;,., y ,,«,,„,,,,,. i^V't;;;;:: 1 ;;;;;;;^ i,i,r !..,.,„ i,.. ii... n. ... , . . . '•>''.». i il' T Ini'.diU ha\in i ran-i-d li\ tin f the HIM/I'-, and our plant their innnd.i!--d field throughout the ins; •ur\ ivor.- an Should tin Irict fail to use even- effort d >'.v tin- rt«'od darky ,v,eh,,| a pretty'.-v,,tenet-, his flllilt liriiii; well proved, "Thank vmi.sili." s:iii| ih"pris-j i.f ou r dj s . oner, :iildre."-in<; (he judt fully, when the sent ': i • •- am! ili-ji-ler, __ and xi ith- ottl-fnnrl. in -f n ,.f (|ie\Hiax,- lieen di -priii -d i.f- eviixihinjr ||iev po-~t^.-ed, Tin- lit-| M|,peal to lion-ton ^^a- fur In.,||- (.. help re.-elle the ,! proplr I'mni dri.xx niui>. A lele- a- -ml io Mr. T. \V. , f llou-e. and »n. n- folloxt-: .rui.k-hii-e. Ti \a.*, .Inly I,—See , lliein.iv.irand have him ~eiiilln::its ri'-i ne the man* drmvninj,' 1 in the Ura/o-' 'HIIIM.I, \Vflliaiit (Vo|"-r, .1 II. Keiyn-on. ^ . M. I '..niyan. Cominilli ie-p.i:^e l,i (hi-, appeal «oilld -1-,'tn n iii.'.rkeil hii'l; of I, ('hri.-liaiiity ami civil!/ itioi,. ''n universal in their ic«liinoi v \ut -iieh has never liefore jiliw ntil il-"lf in the slmpe of nil ovi'l'lA.w. and xvhile it has x i.-iled 11^ at an nnu-ii'illy hite prrii.d iif Hie' srason. xxe are det--rmined fn Use our own ilniled cfforls in iv'pntriiii! 'I ndilion and -• -ek the iwlul- •;rnre i.| ihn.e M horn xve nre dependent upon Io aid its in our effort-; Tin: K.xiii.i: !-. -iiieerc in it- hopes thai (In meiehant« xxillat least siist Mars' Frank's speech, drv'd I-IIIIL' me. sure!' Fine s. lji(|iiors! . Mayor lira-hear of ! loii.-ton i»n an appeal In the ptililie for relief. nnd ('apt. \Vm. Clu-isiian was the people to an extent xvhich xvill he coii>isliuit xxith strict ceoniiiiiy an') funiisli or adxa'u-c the Hini|i||> N) ,,f rations-. \Ve ai'e lionesl In our 'iclirf that we can yVt produce a ptrfinl crop of cotton, and xve icnow from the experience of (Micrs that a late fall will "lulhullw u full rexvard for our effOrlsi I' II is truly iMifoi'tutluti- th }, we |*^ € f and Cignrs. MAONOLIA UKKK ALWAYS; ON TA1' Kiiuit Slri't-l, NfXl Door 'Ni)ttli i.f I'.MI- j ollli-t', llnioKshlri', 'IVxn.i. I J.P.James n? , Prompt and polite .illontion » 1 to all vustolnor<i {K For whites olily.

Clipped from
  1. The Brookshire Eagle,
  2. 08 Jul 1899, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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