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Muskogee YMCA Unsurpassed - Fenstermacher - Musk00^eY.M.C.A.Is ssed In aaaoeiatiaa ftes to...
Musk00^eY.M.C.A.Is ssed In aaaoeiatiaa ftes to loesXed to Mae tT-all4ia? «s> yte Borcbeaat eorscr of Co«i3-t UD4 Matn otreett io Uie be*n oCt UM teaaoeM oecltaB oC (be cttr. Mcakiovce T. X. C A. i* loiewn M of tb« fiacat in tbe aootltweot osdi nw of tte new «|»>p«>ei»t la as-' ecaaiMl mnrvfaers ta dOaa of tba of PlaaL Thu total coat of ttaa BOW bwlMte^ •134 ^ant, ^rWeb ba» foot iMca flatebed and will b« ready £or oeeopaaeir wMb- tn a f<nr Oaym. baa twen >»>«•. an of irbich waa •otMerttied by VBAocee cmz «iia dartna one of th« won* ptTioOm of fUsasclal rtif iiai<ua tlie ooostrr haa IcaowD in taaurr reara. Practicailr all ot tbe rrvjtvey matmcr^b- tA baa b<«ii paid ia. lemvtag the aaao- dattoo enUrelr oot of <5«*1. Aeeo^modatWrna Modom. In tb« OFw tralldins. aecoimaodatloQa are caTDplet« for 840 •mior members arul Juslora. There are M dormitory dormitory rtjoma with beda for more than raeoL The general eqalpmest of tlw aaaodatlon Isoma eooatata ot read- to* and Hiiiiiaeiwnt rooms tor both •enlar and )imlor membera. a bOUaid _ room tor the matkm^ daaa rooma aad [ 4i »ia >lng roocna. tnoch room and avtm- ^ mine pooL By meaaa of a ayatem do- \ vlaed br J. t>tctanann. the eontxac- tor who bnUt the tank, the TO>M sal- Unm ot ara»*r n ««dMl to fm the pool may be lieated tn one boor and 44> minute*. A dettartment esetaatvely for railroad men to maintained, with • ciub room, reading room. amcAlnK room and the entire mrtm6 floor of: the north wins of tlie boiidinc as a ; dormitory. Foandmrm of Y. M. C A. Altliourfa the public spirited dtixena of Muskosee are primarily reaponsible for the raooeea of tbe new T, M. C. A., there I* one man witboot wliom the project might not have been ao lac- [ cCMfaL TlilB Is C. H. Fenatermarber, gecera) aecretary of the aaaodatlon. Mr Fenaterma /cher haa t>een with the MaAo «re« orifanizat Ion since It waa rtarted. For wpvcral ream before the jjreaent aaaodatlon waa projeded Mr. FeBstermacher waa in charge of the community Y. M. C. A work In city. He it waa wtio raised the neces- | nary »uViacrlptlon* and collected on j them aflerwurd. Without hla reanll- <<?ttlnj? ability and rompellltiif personality personality tiM work might now be aa far from completion aa ever. Worklni? with Mr. Fen »termach <T. during the early flgbf to get the T. MC. MC. A. on Its feet were nine men who co-mDont^ the llrat iHjard of director* They were: Prealdent. Dana H. Kel•*•>•; Kel•*•>•; vie* president. J. F. Ptarby: «eo- retary. J. L. Ha vice; treaaurer, L. SS'. r >"jncan. dlrtctora; A. BonnelU Geonte C. Botte, W. F. Moffatt. Charlea D. Law and Wyrth H. Jordan- Work Commenced. T. M, A. work In MuAogee wajs comrrn'nccd In January. 1511. when two hundred huBlnenn men gathered at a banquet In the old Kelao reatau- rant and voted to ftataWlah a T. M. C. A. without fKj 'jIpm'-nt, kno-rn aJ community community work. For thlB purpose fl.JOO viaa raised hy subscrtptlon and Mr. Fen»teTmai~h »-r was i-alV -d from Enid, wher** he wafl fireneral »/-rr*-Tary of th*^ Y. M. ('. A., to takf ct^ar ^e of the work. The money in the treasury waa used to pay the secretary's aaiary and to purchase the meager equip- ! ment. ^ Early Strugglea. I iTimedlatrlv ,-,f<>r Mr Fenster- machrr took hoUl of th<= work he '-flat llHh*^d fofir lln '-s of <^ndeavor. Thry consl<rte(j of a pLay irround asso- '-iaflon. a t>oy wliea tba aabsciiptUMM were called for; are open only to T. M- C. A. ni«nh «3ra. >t was foond that tUMQ waa Corthcom- . Poasfbiy the most tanportant work to inti. So it was >»annrd that tbe asK>- \ be started in connection with tl>e datton coold not fall Into debt as H swimming pool will be the boys' arwtm- tbe ca*e with ao many cttr T. M. C. < zrOag classes. It ta estimated there A-au \ are fifteen hundred boya in the dty Coat Modarata. j -vho cannot swim and it is planned to teach at leai^t five bondred of tbem to As the boUdtng nov staadik thankal to tbe able adminlatratlon of General i Secretary Feostennaclier. tbe cost of' remodeling baa been only S22.060 vrith \ aboot MrOOO more to t>e expended to clear away the traah in tbe lot adjoining adjoining the tmll'ling to the north. boUd cn a porch and clean up the ootside of th'' building. And at this moderate cost the bonding baa l)een made entirely entirely modem for T. M. C A. oaes and many feeturea have t*en Inctaded that at first were not (lanned. The plant !B better than many that have coat ^ I100.0«0 or more and tbe hcatin^r and \ the I l^ebttng outfit Is the test in tbe aoaih. ^ Future Work Outlined. do so during the coming year. The «lat« of boys to l>e indcded in these cliawu win be made out by the T. M. C. A, authorities from the pnblic fchoot roeters. Raiir»ad Men Organize. A. n. Knebel, interna tionaj railroad secretary for the routhwest, will come to Masaogee May 5 to aid in org^ti- in? tbe railroad men's department of the T, M. C. A. It is planned to make this one of the most important de- f-artments of the a.ssodation bef^use cf the large number of railroad men resident In the dry. To IMake -Y" Factor. The board of directors row In reflnite ontlines have been adopted t charge of the fortunes of tbe MuAo- for the work to be ac<-ompUBhed by tlie Y. M. C. A. now that Its new borne is ready. Bible classes will be or^nlz- ed. F'm<lay mens" meeiim^ ^oup .-neettngs. txrvs- meetinge" and sodal meeting of all kinds will be held. A thorough gymnasium course for btisi- meas men. seniors and juniori! will be Institu'ej and the reading and amusem<-nt rooms will be operated to the'r t >e8t advantage. 1- or the dormitory dormitory men there will be social meet- inga. stereopticon ledurea will be given in the haJla and the Y. M. C_ A will r>e -nade as bomellke for them aa poa- e\>i\f. Already 45 youns men nave ap- fhed for roomfi in th-? dormlnlory and more apply even' day. It may gee T M. C. A. i>Ian to make the a»- soctation an Important factx>r In tlJe upbulMin? and betterment of the city. They feel that the work of the or^an• or^an• zatlon has only been ccramenc*d and that the opportunity for achievement widens e\ery day. Th»>y win he ably asMsTted tiv Mr. Fenstermacher and a roriis of assistant secretaries that will includ-j 5ome of ttie l»eTt men to be red. Ttje name" of fi" r"'-»'^t directors arc; Chairman. H. W. G:^«on; vice- chairman. E. S Finmert; eecretary. L. H. Holmes: trea«^j'er. I^ W. I>uncan; '>. Ma'iri'-o Fvans. P H. LinehaiiEh, V. M. Korr. Harry I.yon. T T. Gaddv, p:d-«-1r. E- Monro*-. OiIt>ert T. Thcmp- stated, however, that the dormitories son, jr, \V. }l. Hooker. 8. B. Hudson. Hays Suggests a Plan For Building New Court House (By Geo. C. Morgerrltem.) A lounty lojrt houoe for Muskogee f .'jriiy. !•> bbiU by dir».-ct taxation. tj> the i^rning of two and on'--half mill* _ . scout counrll. tbe big ihf- first .v<-ar and one mill the second Nrolhers movement and a puh'llr school V-ar. and to be erected under the BU- athlo'lr learuo. For Ihc first year l^rMsion of a roun house commission tt-.«: [.Uv p-round a»«or-latlon to^.k en- cmposwi of on-, rltir-en from ea< h tiro .harsf of ih<- four i l.-kv i-'roun-lB tow, ni-h.;. inWu'llr.g the thr<-e memt >«-r5 i of the 'I'y and p'" them in i-urh r„n- "t the i...rard of . ounty commi.'i.sloners. court house »as a dilapidated dltlon th.Tt th" »rh~,I system has b«>n is a plan Bug^>rf-.<*ted by R. U llayea, 3»4 building erected before the war *nd "Bacjt in 1«»9 or In l «:-0 (onditlons in \'ernon ^"ounty -A ere li as tli«->" are in ilusk-^ge^r < o'jnt.. THia>. Th*.- i-'-uritj' treasur'-r had ut.rS'onde'l with ill4.wO ..f I hft r/.»inl>'rt nrninf->. and Ihe fiumers Mere depres«<-d and a:.g^ry. Klectlons li^d been calU-d for ( ourt house bond Issues Issues and the farmers promptly voted them down. Th<> wcrt- plainly against a !/..nd isi^u*-. of any kind. The old brick i}'" to opTaK" them ever since. The < ailahan Blre«-t. t.' y ?rout c^^unMl has resulted In the I»r<«ent M>lendld orKanlzatlon of nearly nearly two hundrf-d t>oys. The big hroth- f's ar<> sill! doln<r in an unostentatious way the err-at work for which they v.'f-r** '•jTBTinlzwl. and the put>lic sch'xil athl'-'lc l<'a4rue has prown to large pro- t>orllon». The dancing of the thousand thousand cchool girls on the oienloe (!ay of the .Southern Commercial roner^«< was a iroo'l '•xamfl" of the work being done by tho l'>a<rue. Building Nscaasary. Aft^r th»>' rommonlty V. M. C A wortc had Ix^n In progress a year it be^am*" evident that a houoe and equipment were ne'-esaary. This was In l"*!!' when tusinese had b*»r ^ime de- rr-s»»d Nevertheless the buUdinjf at the ( ot^<--r of Main and Conrt wtr*-*-irt ^-as pur'haa^d from W A Maddin for -,^,1 jail site ih 140. OOf' It was estimated that It woul 1 on top of tho cost 115,000 to remodel the place, making making the entire expanse 175.000. Hut was falling to pieces and very unsafe. In spite of this th<> farmers declared they would vote no bi.nds. This condl- tu.n lastt-d for sixtf-en years when Borneorie prop^>sed ihe court house com-, mission plan. Each township held cau- I uses and elf-ctcd a man for commis- i Ploner to act with the county judges, who are the same as commissioners In I 'klahoma. In buildln« a court house. It was ajjreed to extend the taJC levy tr, onf mill a year for three years, and two mills a vf-ar for two years. The county had a twenty million dollar val- uation and this anti. ipated an cipen- , jld 1 ulld a cfiurt house cf<sllng diture of $100.000. They went ahead '0 t'. allowing the same fixed and let the contra^'t and erecte<l a This plan, a/ c ordlng to Mr. Hays, will *-liminate interest for tw*^nt} '•*-arB. and if ^"arr1*-d out will gi\f the lountv .1 h-.n.e of Us own. clf-,-ir of ail er.' ..r/.t-ran- *-s. In tw.) > ears' tlm*^. •'.\t pr <i «-nt, " Bakl Mr. Hays. "Musk. "Musk. (fe»- .o;,nty Is pajlng approxlmately .'r- m *-Jsrht'^en to twf-nt>-three th'^'U- ••jr.d d' Mars a y/-ar for rent on the ^r; h'use and jail Twonty thousand '! M.-irs a year at '*^n p^r cent will pay itw -r'st on 1200.^"'"J. -in'! twenty th'-u- fi-- 1 flolLars a vf -ar at five per cent V.:.; p .Tv Interest nn HOO.OOO The coun- r v • ' harRcs that the rountv is now pay- building of Carthage stone, marble and ir,e for r<nt and havo the finest court concrete. Tbe building when complet- b' is- In tho »..uth. ed cost approximately {96,000 and the I Viellfic ho»(\'r. that a court house remainder of the money was used Jail t^lng construct- building concr'te walks, hltrhlng rack-s urt house, and a Bite nad beautifying the grounds. Tho near the .pnter of tho city and con- building stands in the center of a block, vcnlent for everxbody—should not cost and any contractor today will tell vou

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