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 - One of i he side effec ts of (he flurry of...
One of i he side effec ts of (he flurry of movie production in the Twin Cities ii an active niHrkel in professional film equipment.. The new breed of producers are begging, borrowing and renting cameras and equipment from the commercial film houses and from one another. When they can't get what they need here, they rent it from professional studio suppliers in Hollywood and New York,. "You wouldn't believe the deals I've been offered," said Harvey Goldstein of Century. Communications (formerly Century Camera). "Some of them just want to rent what they need, but others have offered me a piece of the action in exchange for equipment, and one outfit offered me a part in their movie if I'd lend them what they need." Last week's report on local movie production, as might have been predicted, wasn't complete. It only served to flush out. news of even more Twin Cities moviemaking activity-Eric K. Spitz, a commercial photographer with a career that ranges back through five years as a University of Minnesota staff photographer to turns as a society-page p h o t o g r a p h e r for the North China Daily News in Shanghai and as freelancer for a girlie magazine in his native Vienna, has turned to movies with a company called Intercontinental Visuals. Spitz said he's just finished a girlie-type short subject, "Aladdin's Tea Kettle," in two versions one with more skin than the other to be run as a featurette with X -r a t e d skin movies. But it was only an exercise, he said, to get warmed up for feature-film production. He has two feature projects in the works. The one he expects to do first is "The Script Writer," a rewrite of Arthur Schnit-zler's "La Ronde" that was filmed in the late '40s with Danielle Darrieux and Anton Wa I broo k. Spitz said he's lining up about $80,000 worth of Twin Cities backers to do the updated remake in a Minnesota setting next month. Meanwhile, he's also nego-tiating with Stephen Johns, a script writer for the British Broadcasting Corp., who has done a screenplay from his own sexy novel, "I Like It That Way." That's a much more expensive project, for which Spitz said he has ready local backers, and if all the pieces fall together he'll film it in London this fall. Yet another group of Minneapolis movie makers, who have a background in the theater business, are making rumbles about a film project that would involve more money, and more name stars, than anything yet announced. But they're not ready to talk about it yet. Meanwhile, the set of .1. Ford B e II 's private-eye flick, "Dangerous Relations," was a jolly place for g i r I w a t c h i n g hist week. Besides its two imported - from - Hollywood actresses in leading roles, Will Jones after last night there were all sorts of young ladies working with make-up, wardrobe and script details, and the set even drew a decorative celebrity visitor. Singer Lesley Gore, who had finished an engagement at Diamond Jim's the week before, stayed on an extra week to visit with actress Ellen Weston. It was partly a working visit, since Ms. Weston, who would rather write than act, did about half the lyrics of Ms. Gore's just-released record album, "Someplace Else Now." It's on Motown's Mo-West label. They've started a second album for Mo-West, and were at work on material for that in Ms. Weston's away-from-lhe-camera hours. In Boll's picture, Ms. Weston plays a rich society type with liberal sleeping-around habits. The hero, Sammy Bolt, played by producer-director B e 1 1 's nephew, Sam Bell, falls in love with her. I asked Ms. Weston how things were going in scenes with the younger Bell, who lays claim to no acting experience whatever and was plenty uptight Ellen Weston RESTAURANT tpiomi I till drinks hearty food swinging music ' I jolly good fun Try Us! We'll make you feel like someone special! Jolly's Steak 'N Lobster' Room. NormjndaU IM. IHwy. 1001 juil louth of M4, Rloomington Phon: 831.4611 You have never LOUNGED until you have lounged in the new LIBRARY t TUP (white house mm 1" "., J,, "i iii? 1 the first few days on the set despite his uncle's frequent, reassurance! that everything was okay. "He's a very open person, which helps," Ms. Weston said. "And everybody's very nice, which helps. 'Dangerous Relations" is Ms. Weston's first feature film, too, But she arrived here with a load of experience in summer theater, on Broadway, and more recently on TV. She grew up in the Bronx, where her father was a school superintendent and her mother a teacher, and attended Performing Arts High School and Hofstra University. Her first acting experience was Shake- shin nw - )unch until P,acL. ' gtrMt t AUee PiKalle in th Pl!.;,.on Hotel . Ptost " Cheers D t Be.r or ... rv,;lLl Mugs tor u . Char 'y 'Ct (Th. SilvC. rtTr 10 PLUS kitmdcJam WINE AND DINE DUCK L' ORANGE BEEF STROGANOFF COQ AUCHABLIS Plus Dessert, Minis, YOUR CHOICE OF ENTREE INCLUDES Make your favorite saUH, Large coniplimentru carate of burgunrly, rose or chablis dinner wine per couple inrATFniW DYCKMAN HOTEL spearea n, at Stratford, Conn., while still in school. In that period she also played Emily in a production of "Our Town" in which author Thornton Wilder himself played the stage manager. On Broadway, she was in "Toys in the Attic," "A Far Country" and "Mary, Mary." While in New York she also spent some years in soap opera, notably "The Guiding Light" and "Another World." A move to the West Coast found her in a running part on "Get Smart," cast as a spy-scientist whose cover was that she was a stripper. She's also been seen on cun". f . 70 yiC - j moods, 4 m 6 p.. Srvi I PW00. 335-88S1J CARTE llNCHl , DEER'S ClUR TOP EXOTICS 10 I Yd IS AS RKVKAIJNCp AS YOU CAN GET! NO ADMISSION NO COVER American Express Diners Club BankAmericard SOLE BONNE FEMME VEAU CORDON BLEU CHICKEN KIEV CotlHP, Clip's V " V Compleie I I Person "The FBI," "Bonanza." "Run for Your Life, lh Young Lawyers," "Night Gallery." "Mannix," "Bewitched" and others. She was particularly turned on by the witch part in "Bewitched," she said, because when she was about 12 she invented a character, Persimmon Witch, that she's'been developing ever since. I rr California I i c e n s e plate reads P. WITCH. Persimmon will be the subject 'if a book, or perhaps several. "Persimmon is kind of an Everyman witch, not your e v e r y -d a y cauldron witch," Ms. Weston said. "She's had a nose job, she dyes her hair, and she loves martinis. She goes fruJffBSesr STRIP SIRLOIN STEAKS . Includt CKk f itm frm Mort f Ouvvrn Tabtii flHt and BgtUr, So'ed with thi ( drtiurif, ftot t branch f ni, Bvraga DANCING NITEIY To Muic of DAVID CARROLL and his 50 s revue plus latest hits! ELVIS REVUE TUES. & THURS. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 335-0780 JULY DINNER SPECIAL ALL YOU CAN EAT BAR-B-QUE jORmnnDinn I L0V5P60PL6! FREE PARKING ENTRANCEEXIT OF HIGHWAY 35W DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS RESERVATIONS 333-0223 There's something for everyone in Downtown Minneapolis! Unequaled dining variety to suit every taste! Entertainment, dancing, piano bars. You name it and Downtown Minneapolis has it! Only minutes from any suburb and there's never a parking problem! TRY IT! 5D Minneapolis Tribune Sun., July 30,1972 off on long benders, she and her broom." Ms. Weston also has written the book and lyrics for a musical that she's now trying to get. produced. Chaplin to star Sidney Chaplin will star with Susan Strasberg in "So Evil, My Sister" which Reginald LeBorg is directing. . 2 5" ATTIC Hiduwiy Br OPEN 3 P.M. to 1 A.M. Mon.-Sot. faaturing GEORGE CPIAK Acrott tht Street from Stat Theotr 2.95 CHICKEN 'N RIBS THfYWHlWA r 11 m .Tin mm A 4

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