Bolinas Transportation Improvement

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Bolinas Transportation Improvement
MARIN COliNTY HAKES READY FOR BUSINESS Improvements on Foot for Transportation From Bolinas Biy Other counties in the Srate of Oalifor - nia have during thcpast year spent thousands and thousands of dollar advertising advertising themselves and triers has not been a complaint from i single one thai the expenditure of the publk funds has WORK IS BEGUN ON CALAYERAS RESERVOIR A been excessive or that good has not 4 come out of it In the publication which these count is have issued attention attention has been directed especially to that branch of industry that the county excels In and we find that in every case the writers with the thorough acquaintance acquaintance of the subject naturally a quired by experience have ma fie not only very entertaining reading but forcible arguments arguments which appeal to the reader and become Impressed very strongly upon prospective settlers When it comes down to advertising the mpst Important feature of the entile entile proposition Is that the advertiser must have something to give 01 sell th - public that really has merit in it It is not enough to make assertions that cannot be upheld ami when it comes to advertising Mann county there is one thing that must be clearly kept in mind and thai is that the truth only should be told and under no circumstances circumstances should the public be misled in any particular We have no right lo advertise that which we do not posses This is very important Once let false impressions get abroad and all the money In the county ould iot repair the injury done A faker may succeed for a while but it is not very long before before he comes to the end of his rope This is true in advertising the adn - tages of a community or section The strictest honesty must govern and ihei must be a substantiation for evtrj assertion assertion made We have nothing to fear If the truth is told regarding Marin county and Its adantagcs There 1 not a prettier spot in the Slate of California rhan this and we haveNliversity c f scenery a climate CTIVE work ts already under way by the Spring Valley Water Company In its plan to make Calaveras valley one vast storage reservoir for water There is now a full force of engineers engineers at work as well as some ten or fifteen men These are the advance guards who are preparing for the scores of men shortly t be employed It is proposed to clear the reservoir site of every brush and tree At some points a small amount of excavating may be done but it is be - lieed that when the trees and bushes are removed the fences and houses carted away there will be no need for any excavating excavating since the valley forms a great natural reservoir with towering mountains and hills on all sides when once the proper clam Is constructed at the lower end and across the canvon San Jose Herald J to of by in the to of boat to Sausaiito thence by train to Mill Vall - y where the change to the Tamalpais train will be made thence to West Point where the stages will make connections for Bolinas The ad - be vantage of this route over the old ones - - - - Q will readilv be perceived as the long dusty stage ride is done away with and a short and direct stage line less than half the distance of the former one Is found Mall and express will reach Bolinas In a shorter spice of time and the hardships hardships of the former long trips will be done away with It will be a great thing for Bolinas Next summer should see a big change in the matter of population and a little little Judicious advertising would mean much to the sec tion that has for so many years been kept backward Bolinas Bolinas is destined to sohne day be the greatest wattrlng place in California Its natural situation on the ocean w 1th an even climate and adjacent to the to cf that impitfp5 with the finest in thHrtnM1t h n he Jat mk U a world and a hundred other advantages wonderful spot It will ony take one It would be fooisn to go outside the f j ni attentirnTo Ithe JUi in a yert s ne M r h b anJ ees he XlZuuurl y It will convert the seaside town r - frrrw into a p ace or weaun luu t liir cni - or business There - is an inexhaustible supply of matter that could be given without once perverting the facts The faultso often made in booming a community community of setting fonh as facts what is nothing more or less than absolute lies we draw particular attention to this matter at this time in order to prevent anything of the kind in Marin county We can stand and succeed on the advantages advantages we possess and that is what we Intend to lo A strict poll y of honesty honesty in dealing with the public will eventually prove more efficacious than There ale many energetic men In Ho - linas and they could by united action secure many conveniences for their section section of the county Hollras should be in line with Southern Marin in the matter matter of Improvement Sausalito News USE CALIFORNIA GRANITE iny other course There are a good many communities in Marin country and e speiially in Southern Marir that have the room for double or treble the present population rhQ lnnMrine r the nti thnt u gray need adeitstng and it remains with i the well - wishers and the property own - prs of these places to take the initiative Even without systematic effort these communities are forging ahead - What a glorious r - sult would be obtained if an active earnest effort was made to boom Menrnt Mlnlnn IlulltltnK to De the Lamest In the World California granite has been selected i as the stone for the new Hearst mining building U is to be the largest and best I equipped mining laboratory in the i world In number of students of mining the 1niverslty already stands first nf i freshmen alone the mining college enrolls enrolls nlnetj - eight I The Hearst mining building which Mrs Hearst Is erecting in memory of her husband Senator George Hearst i pioneer miner and public man w 111 con - tain a general mining laDoraiory meas I J I I i i these towns at this time when money is free and homes are in demand There are no two ways about it Marin county is not as well known as it should be and the only way to remedy the evil Is to properly distribute matter illustrative illustrative of the county The time lo do this is now Men li business pursuits luc k and act wel into the future and this sound polly shoud be inaugurated in this county It is not too earl to prepare for next summer influx of vacationists If the rroprl tois of these resorts throughout Marin county wish to get their share of th business they must prepate well m advance advance and have their ad ertising ma tier ready fur mailing long in advance of the season Next year will see a great change in Marin county The completion of the North Shore Hailioail Companys improvements will attra - widespread attention to this scctini and an effort should be made to influence influence the great number of people who will naturally be attracted to this slce of the bay to become permanent lesi - dents One of the largest leal estate transactions transactions of recent years in Marin count j took place two weeks ago when Sidne B Cushlng a wealthy property owr - r of the county and the president am general manager of the Mill v alley ar Mount Tamalpais Hallroad purchased from the Tamalpais Land ard Wat Comranv a tract of lou acres ior tn - uring 46xll feet sixty - five feet high and with a traveling crane to move the heavy machinery with which it will be equipped a dry crushing tower three stories high a room for the smelting of copper and lead and a gold and silver mill each measuring 4ix62 feet metallurgical metallurgical laboratories research laboratories laboratories a forge a carpenters shop draughting rooms photographic rooms shower baths and locker rooms for students students lecture halls administrative offices offices a llhrary and stack room a reception reception room for visitors and offices and private laboratories for the members of the mining faculty State 1niverslty Bulletin FURNISH PURE WATER - - r in U In up a Iteddlng and Keswick Soon to Re Supplied Active construction of the Brandy creek water plant will be commenced during November Such is the news that has been received in Redding W A Hall who is connected with Devereaux Brothers the projectors of the plant writes from San Francisco that he has received word from J H Devereaux In New York that the financing of the company has been i completed Mr Devereaux announced that he would arrive in San Francisco Mr Cushlng made the j between the first and fifth day of No - 1 - t trn nrm oo nn hPhnlf of the Kerts w ho vember w hen preparations for work oUvu own a vast acreage in jiiinn c - ouiicj The property included in the transa tion takes in all that country from the summit of Tamalpais to the Pacific - ocean and though not including what is known as Willow Camp virtually gives to the owners an almost clear run from the top of the mountain to Itolinas bay But little attention has been paid to ihis great real estate trarFaetlnr but it means much to that admirable part of Marin eount that is situated on the ocean and Bolinas bay The Tamalpais Railroad is laying plans to build a wagon read from what is known as West Point which Is the most extreme southwestern point reached by the railroad on the moun tain clear through to Be Unas This road i on the Urandy creek plant would be commenced The The details of the proposed enterprise enterprise need no recounting The company proposes to pipe water from Brandy creek at a point above Whiskytown to Redding and Keswick A supply of pure water with a pressure more than sufficient sufficient for all fire needs will result Redding Redding Searchlight TO PUT DOWN SHAFT by Better Qunllty of Coal Secured Increased Depth The Yreka Journal says the Siskiyou Development Company intends to sink when completed will bring Bolinas at 200 feet deeper In the coal mine at the Herr ranch between Yreka and Ager leaFt two hours and possibly three hours nearer the metropolis ana all points In Southern Marin The value of this reduction in the time of transportation transportation cannot be overestimated Bolinas has for many years labored under the great disadvantage of being far removed from civilization Stores and products of all kinds have only two inconvenient ways of reaching the tow n The long ride over the hills from San Rafael or Sausalito is the most rap means of getting goods ito the town while a gasoline schooner makes th - trip by water from San Francisc Either method is slow and any i emeu will be thankfully accepted by the people people of the ocean town who are progressive progressive and alive to the times Surveyors have been employed to select select a route from Tamalpais summit to the ocean and they have decided up - m to secure the very best quality of coai free from slate or other foreign sub stances usually found in croppings The coal shaft is now down 450 feet with a great improvement in quality and at 200 feet further clown much better coal is expected It is the intention to expend expend 20000 in the effort and about a ear from now will compete with the most noted Eastern coal fields in supplying supplying the market SUBURBS TO BE LIGHTED Point Richmond Is Installing Addl tlonnl Electric Llnhts The Richmond Electric Lleht and Water Company Is extending its ser - n easy grade that takes the traveler vlp t0 a11 the suburban tracts of the j through a beautiful country rich in city santa re and Oldtown are Dotn rugged scenery By easy stages the road to be included In the system and within a very short period the people of these 1 I i I districts will be supplied with every convenience accorded to residents of - i metropolis Manager Kftiney has lately cutting the road out of the mountain is received a large consignment of poles snortiy to of c - umuitmru i ana wire ana as last as tne worn can The trip from San Francisco will be done all parts of town will be brought when the wagon road is in operation I within the scope of the lighting service j be made in the following manner By Point Richmond Record I winds through the wild canyons ard th - changes of landscape appeal strongly to the traveler The surveyors have com pleted their part ana tne real work

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 01 Nov 1902, Sat,
  3. Page 11

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