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Bolinas Chinook - A TRAMP TO BOLINAS Across the Peninsula of...
A TRAMP TO BOLINAS Across the Peninsula of Sausalito - The Pedestrian Is TTell Rewarded Trolling for Chinook Salmon A Great Variety of Sport Hay Be Obtained A tramp to Bolinas by the transmonnt - ain route is only attempted by the more ambitions pedestrians And jBstly sa because the road though varying and picturesque is long andsteep and trying to those whose muscle are not well trained To take he train to Fairfax and walk the - intervening fourteen miles is a tame and unbecoming feat Sausalito is the proper starting place for the accom plishment of the twenty miles between those seaports The parties that essay this journey must see that their caterer has not stinted the luncheon They will feed at least twice before they attain the long crescent reach of hard sand that lies between the high lands and Bolinas Water is not a necessity There are watering places on the road Cold tea for those who believe in that most excellent beverage for a long tramp claret to baptize the noon meal and a Cask of whisky to encourage the faint - hearted on the mountain - side are among the necessities of the provender When each man carries a Small shoulder sack a lot of provender may be so distributed distributed that none will find it burdensome burdensome I have known some very luxurious luxurious walking parties take coffee beaf steaks and even chickens along make a fire in Seqpoia canyon and have a sumptuous sumptuous al fresco dinner But they have suffered for their gourmandalse for the toughest part of the journey Is from the canyon to the top of the ridge An early start on a cool morning after a gltUilMQ IB TIDE light breakfast and forty - five minutes after we are at The Hunters Resort hard by the marsh where Victor he of the keen ee and death - dealing barrels provides refreshment and anecdote for hunter hunter and angler But we have time only to exchange a salute with Victor and Billy Brown his constant boarder and to lift our hats to a sweet Spanish face - at the windowi the good mans beloved niece for the road is long before as and the sun is gilding the broad smooth expanse of the upper bay whose shores we are now circling A mile from Victors we cross the bridge that spans the upper slough and still half a mile further on and we turn - to the trestle and through a swinging swinging gate and come in on the Bolinas stage road For two miles our road is laborious and not interesting We are on the trail that takes as from the Bolinas stage road to the road from Mill valley to the redwoods constructed meet the requirements of the Bohemians midsummer jinks It is big cut off bnt it is a long and dreary puIL However it is the only portion of the journey that is not enjoyable Here we are at last on the summit and within some two miles and a half of the redwoods We rest for ten minutes under a fine laurel that marks the junction of the trail and the road and refresh ourselves ourselves from a small spring Then down grade again to a nrettv glen a perfect for est of buckeye There is no denser growth ol this beautiful tree in tbe State It is really a prize patchv if one may apply such a commonplace word to so - exquisite a colony of trees worthy of a more poetic name A tiny brook courses through this glen but it is fob damp for a halting place and too near the redwoods where we are - to lunch and rest The trees are covered with green moss the soil beneath is spongy with moisture I think barring a genuine marsh this is the very moistest spot in Mann connty But we do not linger long here but leave the solitude to the bluejays which for some reason best knbwn to themselves have made the clen a choice habitat Half a mile across a delightful glade winuing to me norm ano - inepinmesot the redwoods art visible yet a little fur - ther and we are in an alder grove and on the banks of one of the best and most pic turesque trout streams in the State Di rectly Derore as and reaching straight - np tbe bill with ominous steepness runs the and take the tip tram This is a hard paU o and should he traversed slowly1 The surrounding surrounding scenery is sufficiently najestic to he4in apology for an occasional halt to gaze apon Tamalpais silhouetted against a ctoudiewky to the northward with a - mass of fleecy fog wreaths gathering at Its base suggesting the lines Like rome tall cliff that lifts Its awful form Swells from the vale and uidvay leaves the storm About its base the circling clouds are spread Eternal tunshine settles oa its bead A toilsome mile and a half brings s to Bear Brush the last section of the upgrade upgrade climb This heavy growth of nnder brush used ton favorite resort of bruin A vore of years ago the guns of the Tamalpais Tamalpais Shooting Club echoed on hillside and valley It is an uncomfortable bit of walking rough Under foot and with the brush on either side clinging and pestiferous pestiferous Bot we struggle on cheerfully emerge from the - labyrinth and we are at the Lone Tree a eiant redwood which towers above a water tank remote by some mues irom tne lorest iiere wo conclude and justly that the heaviest part of the walk is over and that what remains remains is plain sailing From the Lone Tree oar trail is down hill to the bridge that spans the stage road and a noisy brook which even at this season is full and clamorous A mile of the stage road up hill and dusty SiHHr A EOLRJAJ BELLE then we circle a thick patch of willows and come apon a grand beach from which we - can see the hamlet Of Bolinas nestling under the distant cliffs This is not by any means the least enjoyable part of our tramp The sand is firm the salt air delightfully bracing and the consciousness consciousness that the hill work is over and a good supper and a hearty welcome from a party of expectant friends who came by tbe prosaic stage awaits as makes our gait jh little better tban four miles an hour WereaOh the end of the sand spit whistle for a boat and are - quickly ferried to the quaint wharf which constitutes the rear porch of the Ocean House Bolinas is a town with a future Not excepting Santa Cruz there js no better surf bathing on the coast It is now isolated isolated fifteen - miles from the nearest railway railway station and - perhaps - for that very reason more desirable to those who want quiet far from the maddfngCFQWd Bat the surveyors are ousy planning a roaa rrora Sausalito to this snug village and in a year or so the shriek of the locomotive will startle the seals which now hold undisputed possession of Dnxbury reef two miles northwest of the village The distrations at Bolinas are infinite There are pine varieties of clams from the little cockle to a monster as large as an abalone Clamming excursions excursions arc therefore among the fashionable fashionable amusements In the horse - shoe shaped estuary on which it is situated specimens of all the fishron the coast are found The inhabitants are genial hospitable hospitable people The tn - weekly arrival of the stage from San Rafael and the sailing sailing and arrival of the schooner are events which bring the natives from their dwellings dwellings to cheer lustily and wave their scarfs and handkerchiefs as the gallant vessel safely crosses the Insignificant ever - shiftingshifting shiftingshifting but - vicious little bar Our mission was to solve the problem If there were salmon In Bolinas bay and if so if they would take the trolling bait Both these questions were - answered in the affirmative Tbe first we caught were - tbe black or Chinook salmon which run much larger than the fijh in the bays to the southward There is a scarcity of boats for trolling here An old whaler has a craft whfch was built about the period that Captain Qeorge Vancouver sailed into San Francisco bay A Sicilian fisherman fisherman sails another and this comprises the canvass fleet though John Cibriane a col THE TCSStVE EOAEDtB - lectorof odd shells and J5reedsof which the beach is proline has a stout row boat in which he shoots the breakers on the bar in good fashion On the riorthera f slope of Tamalpais which looms alone the quail are abundant la fine Bolinas is as likely a spot as one may go to for every jranety of out - door sport Das OCossii z nut DiptSTSiors hostess trail which we take np to the summit Bat before beginning the ascent we turn to the north and in the shade of a giant redwood lunch rest and enjoy s most luxurious pine Altera good two - hoars rest we retrace oar steps to the alders cross the stream WANTS TO KACE Wong Fook lb Chinese BtcrclUt Anxious to Show ills Speed Wong Fook is nothing more than a common eTery - day sort of a Chinese ouine naswiuiinthe last few weeks led some people to think that he will sooaTw oneoftne swiftest bicyclists in the city In a word Fook is training to race say ue ins Augeies Litraia Some months gO Fook with the au - a prominent cycling establishment and After the clerk hm rrnrri1 frrnn iia shock a wheel was brought out Took sized up the silent steed immediately and said that was just the one he wanted - epaiaui phi ana pusneatne wheel to his place of abode When th JthA4n nf wnlnv ArW4 fall he grasped his trusty steed and am uieuioiwuoor toaie lie conquered tbe thing and soon was seen winding through the throngs of vehicles upon tho streets Then his cousin in Chinese his brother became so infatuated that he too purchased purchased a wheel A week or two ago Ah Lee didjikewise so that now Lbs Angeles has the peculiar distinction of raising CblneseWycle riders Bat Wong Fook has taken a step in advance of his brother celestials He has donned Melican bicycle clothes and began training with a viewto racing For the last two weeks Fook has been riding regularlyupon the track at Athletia Park The local riders were somewhat amazed at the appearance of the Chinese among their ranks and some of them refused to train while John remained upon the track But tbe prejudice against htm soon wore away and his Intelligent and unobtrusive conductbrougnt him fnendsv Fook can makea good raceval though lie na been training - but a few weeks His best mile was made close to - the three - minute mark while he made a quartet the other day in about 45 seconds

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 07 Oct 1893, Sat,
  3. Page 11

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