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TELL ME WHY clipping - KB/copied to pic file - fly A. U (low Did Dancing Begin? Win The...
fly A. U (low Did Dancing Begin? Win The 15-Volum^s Britannica Junior Encyclopaedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of thin paper. In case W duplicate questions, the author will de cide the winner, today's win ner is: Keli Branyan, 9, Binola, Pa. Dancing has beefn, for man one of the ways he can express his emotions. So we can say that man has always danced expressed himself through rhy thmic movements of his body Early man first danced by himself instinctively. He found that repeated rhythmic movements movements produced ft wonderful feeling in him, a kind of "sup ernatural" sate of mind and emotions. From this he devel oped an idea of magic power. By repeating his dance, he could recreate the feeling of magic power. Then group dancing develop ed. Patterns such as a closed circle, an open semicircle, two ines facing each other, or a twisting kind of line were used. used. Primitive people still have hunting dances and war dances and dances for marriages, funerals, funerals, planting, and harvest- ng- As mankind developed, relig ous rituals and ceremonies grew out of the primitive magic magic dances. The da!nce took on more formal patterns and was used as an important form of worship in the temples of the ancient gods. Dancing was us ed in the temples <)f Egypt ,th< Hebrews used dancing to ex press their religion. In the Psalms there is a command t( "praise the Lord with timbre and with dance". Later on, in Greece, dancing developed and was used for ev en more varied purposes. I was not only a major part' o. all religious ceremonies, and a source of entertainment, but i became the basis of all thea tre and drama. Did you know the word "orchestra" was firs used to describe the dancing place in the Greek theatre? The Greeks also used dancing as the chief means of physica training for their jfioldiers! The early Christians also us ed dancing as gn importanl means of expressing worship but after a few centuries they banned it from church serv Vices. There was very little dancing allowed in Europe from about the ye,ar 300 to the year 1300. But during the Renaissance Renaissance dancing was revived and became part of elaborate entertainments called balls [from the Italian word ballo, from which we get our word 'ballet").

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  1. Alton Evening Telegraph,
  2. 06 May 1966, Fri,
  3. Page 13

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  • TELL ME WHY clipping - KB/copied to pic file

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