slimer-koehler wedding

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slimer-koehler wedding - KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr. KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr....
KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr. KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr. KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr. KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr. KiM-hlrr-.SIImrr. -Llr.'lTi-Tb.T." -Llr.'lTi-Tb.T." -Llr.'lTi-Tb.T." -Llr.'lTi-Tb.T." tbe beautiful residence ot Mnt. u-rt u-rt u-rt biirutr, oii 'oreat arenue, Eas kalnut lliiK as ronrerted Into a perfect r Uiwer !a-t !a-t !a-t e'teniiif tor the noptialaof the fair dautftiti-r dautftiti-r dautftiti-r of the buuw. Miaa Amanda e.lrprr, and Sir. Frederick Koehler. The b'.ue aiihln carpeted In lmmacn- lmmacn- latekurnand the mantela and cablneU were nia- nia- it tt pink rnes and weet peaa, while l-ra l-ra l-ra Uiwxiruf en: allied aiLh amllaz were drained at dr and windows and eompletelf hiJ tlif.tia r ralli. la the fcll planu were in ererr nll.le anace. and without the lawna ere biiiilanUy illunanatad with a myriad of larl-culored larl-culored larl-culored Japanese lanterna. Itwrrrrniony Waaviferturiued by Re. Dr. I. k. bell, of the i'lnt EnclUb Lutheran ( bnrrh. at 7 o'clock. The bride Is a beautiful atda.oniplLtied Kirl and Immeuselr pop- pop- ii arann a lerice rin le of frirndi. She was '."fir in a soan'of rich white atin. tbe bod- bod- "an low, a itn iuil-iraineuklrt. iuil-iraineuklrt. iuil-iraineuklrt. From tin ir--k ir--k ir--k ir--k fell a h an .ma, i..ini i... Inl.. J I lieopaira airole encircled the i.i ' V re no veil, onlv a iliamoml rrnwni in h i.r and a Jewel on the bodice, hhe was a:uld lf Ml Caroline 8ohn as maid of b-iwr, b-iwr, b-iwr, ttowned in pink' and white liresden -iin, -iin, ith Dounces of lace and eelvet no-Mr. no-Mr. no-Mr. Kilaanl Muhlhauarr waa bet man, ' J" uf 1Uli re atirei of the bride. Ml- Ml- Jid- Jid- ... Jtaniiiaii-r Jtaniiiaii-r Jtaniiiaii-r in a uainiy pale reen rrepon a- a- 'l !a.e. Mlv Vera Muhlna ilr in m hit Kitti :timui, ribb.n. Miaa Km ma I lu-h lu-h lu-h in vaiiiiT irfi und wlile i.reand.e. and iater iiii.iiauer were tne noaer Dearera. larre a. numnluiiii menu wrv.l rtr tie i-Tivryoiir. i-Tivryoiir. i-Tivryoiir. a turn InrludeU all the -earn -earn -earn iit-,U iit-,U iit-,U at'lra. antl ai,ii..kti non..k t!.J tbe au"t uurin tbe ereninf. The f-e;ri.l.iTMl f-e;ri.l.iTMl f-e;ri.l.iTMl a .Innre later and a i roll mil n t!.e b.-ilnantlT b.-ilnantlT b.-ilnantlT llitiiied law n and waiobe.1"' Dl1 and dimpling; i-e i-e i-e dMUnce a ith a thousand reflected 1" e ui urtheaira dbOouraed the lre rt air. io sn ir . aoneenim tn the rlrl attendant vre a bj.l.le,,iudded with pearls, and l ui ruff hutbms to the boy attendants. ""'.V maid oi bonor a beautiful diamond w-1 w-1 w-1 r .t y br.-h. br.-h. br.-h. The grtwm'a gift to the el H.s:i lion eleeant fllatn.iml run r?cr' and a pairof line horses. 1 mere all eleirantlT iarnt sl"er, ar.. wot an elegant t..j-ilT"7 t..j-ilT"7 t..j-ilT"7 ?tulll'n-,,er. ?tulll'n-,,er. ?tulll'n-,,er. Jr., in her wed-ii.a wed-ii.a wed-ii.a a t. nt v iiifM .b,o. K. i . . " o.i.urr, wr., in uer weucung - i'IL HmvI.T 1 i f Ki "U " r 'av- 'av- niVvJ,'?''1"-r- niVvJ,'?''1"-r- niVvJ,'?''1"-r- niVvJ,'?''1"-r- bUtk Mor allk. -,J7!ul'e -,J7!ul'e L,,bei' la htT wedding dress of ii,c:ya wd. white organdie and pink .pw'.r, j were the aeU: I ' 1 -r. -r. Jr. H kVul. n in: . " .l iiiM. Geort Irbei. . M.iriiimasee. H. M uBlltaiwrr. 'i- 'i- iiwl. J. Meeiuary. -a -a sctinetjer. I -.r,l -.r,l t-.-. t-.-. t-.-. t-.-. t-.-. ':'"' LiebM. Leaa Liebel. r . Kru. kem jr. Cecelia Oray. -vh. -vh. E. Mmi.bauaar. V. Itukihaaaer. 1'.'. 't. I'm. Koehler rw.. r. !t,tiii.nee. Jaeob Seibel. , a u lOrbr.d? t "r rl. I' HO I T"! ard (room efk last nlvht for a -imr.- -imr.- -imr.- . . WW UUHK ID J lieir iti'wi ? . f ,1'rtUnaeii Thor eThere 'wi'.ii lae bfiaa a mother. a

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 13 Jun 1895, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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  • slimer-koehler wedding

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