Grandpa Arthur Shambo Chgo Hts Star 4/16/1935

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Grandpa Arthur Shambo Chgo Hts Star 4/16/1935 - Meyers Wins School Race; All Incumbents...
Meyers Wins School Race; All Incumbents Re-elected Test Police Radio System; It's Ready for Service Soon Shambo, Wells Elected to School Trustee Body; Voting Light , T ab,e on page ·'.] ' ~~"l,e dd'artmcnfs Charles F Meyers was elected runiinnmcalion system was placed as the new member of the Chicago m operation nnomclally Heights grade school board of edit- first time Friday evcnim; wu.-'i cation and two Incumbent members , squads cruising in two diltrreiit were re-elected, at the annual poll- sei-tions of the ciiy received ( ^ f ing Saturday afternoon which WHH i auges from the Iransmimng marked by comparatively light vert- ; at headquarters. Ihe hn.udcust ,,,,(,.,,,,, Ing in every section of Ihe city, was repeated sur.essfully Sunday. ~ ('. L. Jone» and A. K. I'alton were j but It was merely a h-st b|1| . s wtlil .|, Ihe incumbent members re elected. · an. e pr,. v inus record* in i, elty de Oscar F. Vansoli was re-elected T | mipmeiil will not be pill in shl ,,. tl . ,,{,,,,. preHldent without opposition. 'operation officially until cull let- ',| |( , eighteen In the liloom township high t e r s are approved )iy Ibe mi , school election, held the same Radio commission and certain ,.] IKII . ,,, ,,| K |y afternoon, Krnest Wells, of Chicago memhers of the department are vo , ( , Heights, and Arthur .1. Sbambo. of censed as radio operators. ( .,| ,,, Steger, wen; chosen lo fill two va- days will be required to c o AIJ ([| . ( cuncles on the township schonl Irus- preliminaries, it wax n , |... ls , tee hoard. The contest was be- Consequently policemen who are ,.,.,,,,." tween Shambo and Herman Sclni-· nn patrol duly tonight will lml| mai'her, who were competing for KC ,t the election results by | | j | e - - ,|,,. l '., hll)l . s , Ihe right to represent Ihe Sieger phone rather than over t h e ait public school dislricl. Kniplnyrs- of Krderal t.ahnra urarly s e v e President Harvey W Adair of the mries Inc.. the ronlnirlors. assist- j Bloom high school board and iCd-, ,.il by ciiy Klei-tt ician Harry - w i n J. Fenneman were elected , m ,iit ai,d ollu-r c i t y emplo\r-. ·members of that boiird w i t h o u t op- worked live days last week 'position. Mr. Aduir received a stalling ihe aerial equipment at t j courtesy vote, totaling S7.I. Mr. Fen- pumping s t a t i o n . 1 j neimin's total was B!iS. t r a n s m u t i n g slalion. and si-mug up ! The grade achool race witnessed ihe receiving sets in i w o j Ihe elimination of Mrs. Klcbard , ears. The first message was MerniU. pronilnnnl Parent-Teacher | In m Ihe t r a n s m i t t e r association lender who WHS en- '. inn station Later the broadcast domed by incumbent members. At ins station was set up in the squad the Washington school polling room at the c i t y hall and Hi.- mes. · i.ihice Mrs ilernilz received :12« sages were repealed sons were voles aK compared with 2SI! for Mr. A lhjt ,, |m!il ,. ;,,,,,, W i ,s | H . ml: ''''' v ' '"'I'" Meyers. The other three polling ; ..quipped vesterdav wilh the n-- places the Lincoln. Carth-ld and l , ,., vin( , ,,.,,, Thl . ,,,.,,, ,, ; ,,, keep "'"" Crunt HchoolK- returned substantial;,,,.,, radio-equipped squad t : I pluralities for Mr. Meyers. His t o - 1 ,, )lls ,., Ilt ,,,,.,-,,-,-. reservlm: Hi"'''."" '"!. VO If *J!" 8(i7 ' ^ aK1 """' l? " '° r ; """ 1 l" r """·"I:."- 1 TM:. . ..... Mrs. Mernltz. Tn«.(Vny System l.aler With coitipt'tition lacking. Mr.! Tin. contract awarded hy the city Yanson received the highest vole ol i i(,iiin-il early ibis ye:u all tho grade school' icmitinued on page :', i His total was «T,7. Mr. I'lilion was · ... . ._ .._.. , j second willi Till and Mi. Jones third with 737. i p high lleaiy Vole In Meirer j Tin- .dertlon ol tin- s, hool H U H - . G /"^ . , Wii-i annon CjetS i n j Tin- .dertlon of the H.-hool t r i l H - ^ ,^ . ,,,,,, h ,,,. ,,;,,,,. , . e d . j . , , ... ire. eived 21» voles. Shamho IMi and , ,. .,,,,,.,.. , ,,,. ,,,, , , , . which w i l l ' S c h u m a c h o r Mill. Wells ""»' l l l ' h " ! "" ' Hire lownshlp was K l h . i V V t JL/ t f^ JLV*-*-VI'^7 ; -j i, :i ; the entire and Si huma- b e | ' ' h e r J.lil. ^ Holy! again as president of tin- liloom ' p,,i i m t m l a y ' board was considered v i r t u a l l y , - e r - , nun, e a n W i l l I t a i n . I'lllike Ilie grade s r h o i d e l e r - i s e r v i c e s m u r k - | tion, t h e high school pollinK m e r e ly fleleclH the member!' of Iin board, day night a! a mass m'-eiim: in wilh Ihr board itself choosing a Mas.uii. t e m p l e "i.-i- t i n - . presidenl. The liloom hoard ni"l |.;,,ihiisiasin ovr the lnd-peni! W 1 ' r i : last night bin trnnsaeled no hnsi- ,.,,,..- r | liin ,.r s renciinl a prak us Mi I 1 " 11 " 1 '; l ! ' ! uess other than to c a n v a s s t h e v o t e . Cannon and his of Members of both school boards Maiirino Kicchinto, John C a n s i d e - . were eleeted to serve t h r e e - y e a r ir .,,,,( (-oniinlssioner .l.,h:i A ' ' h n n li.rms. In Hie high srhool rlertion ximn.i, ramlidates inr · onimtssinn iherr were seven vi.iinu idaei-i. ,.,. , eviewed ihe i ;iinpiiii-ii iind l l r l l l l i '·· ' - ' ^ four inside Ibr rily and Hit" "'i' |,ha-i/ed UK- d.-niiind lor a i side. Four polling phiers . e i M - d I p :M |niinisM ulion In ;ohli!i"n i" ' " ' · ' '" voters in t h e grade srhool r a ' e . tll , , . : i l , , \ t l j : i i , . - . A r l h i n C I'"At j Tables showing the return by pre- , i,,,,,-,,,;,,, ,,| the met In,.: I i eincls appear on page i, "t this: ('mnniiKsiom-r Louis I n - i t : issue of THK STAIt

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  • Grandpa Arthur Shambo Chgo Hts Star 4/16/1935

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