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THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW AND Books and Authors tbe follow. o( Mi new Salvaging of which the just pub the Me that my pub-lie pub-lie world poJ locally securely and 'And I want say. as far argument or It, any flourish: before you for that this down and uprueh of ety-IUmUom ety-IUmUom on for the du to tha logical out. that led to treenendoue ex- ex- aatorieage wo that breaking unless we. effort of a - - of " Th written his it the. title Deutscher und and Why," In which their Ideala what. they is' one of troubles. . has been Beach as , Artist of Ametlca. II. Porter's recently been the use of war. M 81ster-ln-Law 81ster-ln-Law 81ster-ln-Law 81ster-ln-Law both doth months ago practicability paper covers. extensively called attention as the cloth Up to the of sales to fifty' with the selling almost With a few not try to paper-bound paper-bound paper-bound urdy eo demand. for the of books has the young hare named Corkers! Issued twa puMU J. D. Rgms and the ftoriety prWa, ejaallty. re- re- cwaaMersfJona. are their their ftarrewrt. Oaa-Art Oaa-Art Hart eaenstied by book Hare by Markers, Mas Oeiewwrtky, Mia Oft the emr h t4ey. ws aaoW vaei tnaoVav. aad the U Twr Itatboee rastba. bto4a wkvh I have t si tbe lareeey ef rbvra. t-rwMiad. t-rwMiad. trasaikaj oMo ef rt i. hf- hf- . e fTVkO. bead of Ike aftwoaH ef t4: I'ojifai sl j rfiogi a. erature. He Is member of the Spanish Royal Academy, and ac claimed by many of the critics as the greatest stylist 8paln has produced since the " Golden Age " of the six teenth century- century- Gilbert Frankau. author of " Seeds of Enchantment," has been writing articles for the London Sunday Her ald, most of them diatribes against HV O. Wells, Shaw, W. L. George and particularly .the Fabian Social ists. , These he says In their superior wisdom believe Chat a vast bureaucracy bureaucracy to enforce the old exploded exploded teneta of State Socialism la the remedy for all evlla Tbey believe in State railways. State gold mines," State banks, Ktate cotton nulla. State tobacco factories. State bakeries. -In- -In- -In- fact, one to forced to the' reluctant conclusion that the only .trades which these people do not think the State Is fit to control are the publishing of book and newspaper. newspaper. ! . Among the Spiins; publications of E. P. Dutton A Co. will be another volume in Montrose J. Moses's Representative American " Plays. Three volumes will comprise the series, the first of which was published published by the Duttons two or three years ago. The forthcoming book is the third volume and will contain the . important .modern plays. The second, to be published later, will deal with the middle period In the dramatic production of the country. When completed Mr. Moses's choice of plays' will represent the develop ment of native drama In the United States to the present time. Mrs. A. M. Stirling Is writing the life of her brother, William de Morgan. Morgan. Thornton Butterworth will publish It Wordsworth's French Daughter " la the name of a book to be published soon by the lYinceton University frees. The author Is George Mclean Harper, Professor of English at Princeton. He furnlahes proofs that Wordsworth acknowledged the daughter who wss bora to him by a French woman, Maria Ann Vallon, during his residence la France In 1702. After research la the archives of Paris, Orleans and IMola, Professor Professor Harper haa found the certlficatea of her birth end marriage, in both of which her father's name occurs There Is a report la Europe that a aew novel by Turxanleff has been found. It is called " A Life for Art. sad. according to tha story. Voald aot be published earlier I eaaae It dealt with TurgoatefTe rela- rela- Uaae with the famous stager, Yler aot-Garria. aot-Garria. aot-Garria. who srecined that It should aot appear uatd tea years after ber eVeth. A aew revised editioa ef Haad- Haad- ec Ship CaicuUtoaA CMtatrae- CMtatrae- Uo aad Operalioev." hy CharUa II. I lag boa, aaval archltart a4 eagi aeer. haa last beeei MbRabod. It t said U be a practical rvfereac book fee ail Moa tajraced ta the deaiga lag aad balUlag a aklpa aad ta e4b ere efasoered by snarlae kaawraare areAera, staaaaahlp ewearaalea, b04-ors b04-ors b04-ors af ship eaalsmtats aad aTh4 tradoa." Th 'al rsValalma hava b ermtf aHd la ereW U naaka the haa esse tsowwatTUy araa-fjraj. araa-fjraj. araa-fjraj. Aa ertsiaal way af adreriwaa Uki was aw4red rweatfr bx WsX treeC Fawr e fire mMvi la ClreeaaVti TCaga gt L e . taaaa, wls lasr Ilea Sad ejewrka. parmeod Ike streetav tbeer sUre pew akafewtae? Iaa truj aad set We af nrkea ba. aad sivt Ik ad. ef k stareo ta lbs i ! ale akk " 4 wbeea IVw bavke twatd be bMl TV rww wtoa of Aaed a-r a-r a-r y loj pnere rvke ! K rwfrf twke tvw-r tvw-r tvw-r ! twogra baa iMoif r4 l prise for the present year to Elizabeth Elizabeth Madox Roberts for a group of poems entitled "Under the Tree." Six of the poems have appeared In the' April University Record, and others will appear In Poetry and The Atlantic Monthly. C. K. Scott, whose " Blind Mice." a novel of American life, has just bf-en bf-en bf-en published, haa made nine trips to Africa. He Is particularly familiar familiar with, Portuguese West Africa and knows several Bantu dialects. For years his chief Interest was In biology and he studied to be a phy sician. He gave this profession up for .a. Ufa. of. wandering, ,Hehaa been a student at the University of Indon, the University of Be the Sorbonne, Paris. Ranching In Brazil , was onoJ)f.s experiments,, and mining has been another occupation. occupation. His second novel Is finished and a third is well on the way. He Is Evelyn Scott's husband. James Branch Cabell's Figures of Earth." now In Its third edition, is shortly to be published in England. England. Victor Hugo, his relations with his wife, his wife's relations with Selnte- Selnte- Beuve and. his own life-long life-long life-long friend ship with Juliette Drouet form the substance of a book called " A Poet's Loves,"- Loves,"- Just published in the Euro pean Library- Library- The material Is drawn from the unputNianeu manuscript oi Hugo, which have been Inaccessible until recently. The author, Louis Barthou, la a member of the French M I Academy and an ex-lTemier ex-lTemier ex-lTemier of the republic. Professor Edward Alsworth Ross's Tha RuaaUn Bolshevik Revolu tion " will be published thia month. Mr. I toes Is Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, lecturer oa Immigration problems and other topics, and has written numeroua books on social, economic and politi cal phenomena. Edwin Grant Dunklin. In " The Direction Direction of Human Evolution." has this to say concerning the future of It Is possible, but not probable, that the .entire humaa epertoe may WrwM eallart la advance of other hUtxv aalmalar but. even If thia ohooM kappea, front what other aovrro rowid a oeportoe aahnaJ ortooT Xe othor aaiinoJ apprvarnoe mi pa lntllert4l roparity. opna which epf4 th ratleaal orsaniaa-Unoi orsaniaa-Unoi orsaniaa-Unoi ef eortety aad th caainnot ef alt anlero. However lmrfori. wvaHnaal. aad aall-oorfal aall-oorfal aall-oorfal anankl4 may k. wo may faol t ifiJ that la th loac at ef fatare ovoleUoa a kr groaUy owporW aainml will appear eoa thU ptaaot. If a ewnovW oporWe k to epweer. It avaat ooaae frooi kamaa .a. Roland Ipvtaaoa Is tha sal bar ef a parody ef It. O. Wells's " OuUlae af ,' WerM Itlafery" eattUod " Walla Sprtaga ef llietary. Ia rhymed rwa plots Mr. Ievtaan) baa made hka ' way a la Wells freoa earttoat prahla-lorkt prahla-lorkt prahla-lorkt Ueaoa up Is ear own day. Te ok win be paUkahed ta rYaah hay's aorW of Tb Vagiaoof." by Joha lUye It ess moa. eats forth tbe au8Uee r la Snake a owiieeafal a. gtf. Mr. lUawewwi sUians th pooat thai levkairoj KWVnarr Is a4 1 Ik agtae wke Lk atrt wait toe ef his eaCnsg a ffwad gexraJ edwrfkna aad that Is woft trahvM swtsM lbs INwae ef hte rfnua. The varl waaebea f ogatog--oj ogatog--oj ogatog--oj ogatog--oj lUaoaJ, trra. eaakag. A.-are A.-are A.-are dk. ta eWasI Ik ftwaaktow ami I Mima pwMte pojtlVatkoa to raad rs bote to ar " swr fw If rVMor K. rwrto. M rwakas raakiad k tk PVrooima by Rtekard W Iwaa. TVs tTW Ko- Ko- rkltos ky rwaort I - A tmcy ef rM ry ly tm Pmy Ated k fwrvoeo fN I agVs pJw " t ad tvey aad Mary rW M. Rar-f. Rar-f. Rar-f. I c

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 22 May 1921, Sun,
  3. Page 50

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