Cincinatti Enquirer 30 May 1908 Mossie Dagley

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Cincinatti Enquirer 30 May 1908   Mossie Dagley - 6irl Hlbom Desperadoes fear. HOW THE FEARLESS...
6irl Hlbom Desperadoes fear. HOW THE FEARLESS DAUGHTER OF A TENNESSEE SHERIFF FACED A BAD INDIAN AIONE. fr-llnto. (Tana I r" SWrSTKKS and Uxmnm. Mlaa MM-a. rMy. ' daughter of harlff H. K. Dl. of AiMrtwn County. b.r tl unlqu. dt.tlne-ttoa of b1rg the an. m In th. mountain, of Tan Tnneee lor whom th. deaperado. hv a wholeaom. r-pect. Hir 1 in only ShPn. but h. ! n-f Ti of hi. ditiict. and. being without ton. hu trained hi. daught.r to carry tit th tr.dnc-r to dunm.t. which h. mherlt. HI. training hu been adequat, bot without th. nmrva" of which Mln M - .1. I mlau Iir manipulation of . "aliahnour" would tuiog h.r llttl. distinction. H.r reputation a. a "ahool.r" I. equal to th.l of her fath.r. Mis rag-lay did not win h.r reputation through exhibition bootln or through firing at burglar, but through actual conflict with "bed man." In th. aheeneev of her fathr ah. I. th giiardlui of tha And.raon Cminty Jail, and on mora than on nrraalon ah. haa aatiafartortljr dVmnnatral.4 hr ahll-Uj to ran fnr tt and for th. n.tithbor-hood. Bh.rlff rlr la th. on. mn of th anlon upon whom th law-.bldlnt dprnd, and for whom th. bad mn hav. th. irrttat rraport; but th. law-abidlnc dpnd upon Mia. Pairlry almoat to an wqual 6mt. and. If anything th. bad man far her moat. X dwnonatrarlon to cop with vhat.ror .Ituatlon might arlaa T'W out of th. att.mpt of Albert Stanburjr. a eltr emok ennflnad at th Jail on a chars of attamptad burglary, to ..rap. Stan- fcury had prlllfT. W him In rco-Bltlon of hla mwfknea. and wrldent parlflo cllapoaltlan and bfor h. had ben In Jail l.nt mnuch to what eort of woman MIm ta(l.y la h took a4ntao of m opportunity offared In th. ei.rrui ef on. of hi prlll-a nd hrok f'ir ' th wood. Mlt Paay hld Stonhury ' in eontnpt on .eviaj aoorn. hut th. moat pronilnnt of them wa th aimpl fact that h waa a "city rrook." Any nan of th. city who dalt In th way. that ar. dark waa bnaih rfiderftilon a. a f o. for th. mountain irtrl. and wh"ii ah. found It nrewtty to overhaul Stan-bury and return him to th Jail fh waa careful to plar th bullet flrM from tier "iron" Jutit where thy wouM have moat effwot ipon hla mind and not upon hla body. Bh. ran Btanhury down, hut wa forcel to trim him In the hand hef"r h wok up to what waa after him. Hla awakening came within two ahakee of betnn too lat. to help him much. He wa making hard for . wood nd had Ignored Mlea Jdoeale'. rail to halt and nhe waa an th point of "nettling" him when he waa stmrk In the hand and aurrendered. That Incident might Occur any day, and nphla (Vaimaf-tal AppMl. t. arcaunt'd a part of th. routine for whlrh Mlaa aloaaM rlaJm. no particular merit, but ahe eomattnwa get. a arrap that I giod noigh f'ir an art In a tvtld Weat play. Her reputation waa th. dirwt cu of on of her moat lntr-ttng encounter. Bill Beardrld. a half-breed Indian, alnr. killed hv a n an whom he attempted to aralp with a hatrhet. paed through that eetltin amernl ninntha ago. and In fra with "m of the had mn of th routity nr heard of Mlaa !ag:v. 4tt.vIn dlan blid gav him a natural contempt for women, but everything disparaging he wntiia aay of MIm Haglev a brarery wa. countered by an Incident told by on. of hla paia. He waa uncontln-ed. and mad. a wager with one of the men to forr. Mlaa cietk hla dinner. Selecting a day for hla dinner when the Bherlff waa away the Indian aw-jng Colla to hla hip. and. taking a aawed-4tf a!intgun,1n hla nanda, h. aet out fur the Jail. Mlaa ragley waa at th Jail alon. Household dtitlea kept her on the bark porch, and the Indian waa fjrre-l to circulate for puree time before he ran upon her. II waa v-ry fierce In hi demeanor, eipertlng to carry hla point altogether through the f-ar with which he might lnaplr her. The Jail waa aome dlatanra fnm any other building, but th. Indian knew Hhertfr Dag ley. and even If he did discount th. foundation of the reputation of th daughter he had enourh respect foe th father not to "go too far." Mlaa tiagley looked Bill over, and In th aaay way of her people greeted him with a aofi "Howdy." Th reply ant got waa gruff and aoul-cruahlr.g. ni l aald "Howdy. too. hut he aald It loud and anapplahly. Mlaa Dagley looked hint onr more closely then and Inquired what he wanted. She waa told that he wanted dinner and wanted It "damn quick." Mlaa I Nig ley protected that she had no dinner hut Bill Insisted, and that waa where h. mail hla mistake. Tn girl had left her "grin" In th house, and without It ah waa at the Indian a mrrcy. (the took adyantng. of hie request for dinner, and under pretext of getting It ailpped to the door and Into the room. In a moment ahe waa bark, and In her hand ah had her gun, and the gun was spitting fire at every Jump. The Indian aaw his mistake he-fore the girl r'tt her hand on her gun. and. antlrlnatlng what waa to cmr, he lgm to slide along the wall toward th wood hack of th Jail. He had aurreeded In getting within a few feat of the reftr of th Jail before the g'.rl ram Into the open, where ah could gt a lln shot, and -her first .hot waa fired Juat a. h turned the corner. The ball ltt tha hair on th bark of hta neck anil he went down as If don for. He rallied a moment, and. getting to hla feet, went over th bark fenre ar.d into the wood and rever touched a hand to a rail. ' An effort to catrh the Indian was made by Sheriff Ig!ey and his nelghbora. hut he got rlean ivay without any very se-rloua Injury. If he ever paid hla wagr It waa not reported. Courage in women Is not unusual, but the sort of courage Mlsa Dngley haa la that sort the Westerner, and all other "flghtera" call "nerve," cool and deliberate, and that sort In women 1. unusual.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 30 May 1908, Sat,
  3. Page 14

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  • Cincinatti Enquirer 30 May 1908 Mossie Dagley

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