Hugh L. Daugherty, arrested for robbery

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Hugh L. Daugherty, arrested for robbery - I king. all exhibits of a h i s being,...
I king. all exhibits of a h i s being, vengeance of whom and thrown ofhis the vengeance to outlaw, shall with- htoi--had convened with him--had I INCENDIARIES. -- - _ -- _ ·»**»· V»V«.U TTIIU I I I I U -- -- I I W M I AHV/XUll/lA.IV*!''*'* learned from his owrn lips his predi-1 The Republican of yesterday, affections for the stage--had advised tcr republishing the narrative him to manly and substantial pursuits "-«·»«··« * « f i » - ..~-^«k«.» e !«n «"*!·» " " ~* I no ·*»»] /*._.. L * i l * A A* --had learned from him,that,at times, he had serious and solemn thoughts on the subject of religion, and gained from him a promise that he would attend to the concerns of his soul.-He saw him no more until the day before he died, when lying on his death bed. Mr M'Laughlin then referred to the former conversation with Mr Howell, said that he was still concerned to secure the salvation of his soul, and that if he recovered he should learn a not recover. The lesson. He did lesson to which he referred is now for the Jiving to learn. and audience. with lists, coat, was we ima- he rep- what and of terror thv " spirit! him. upon a d d e r as earth, »»,. from the Cincinnati Gazette. INCENDIARIES TAKEN. It will perhaps be gratifying to our citizens to know, that the ringleaders of the gang of robbers and incendiaries who for (he last two months have been committing depredations in this city, have been arrested, and imprisoned for trial at the next term of the Court of Common Pleas. Facts, causing suspicion to rest on certain individuals, were communicated to constable Brooks some three weeks since. Mr Brooks, together with constable Safin and Hazen, whom he called to his assistance, immediately devised ways and means to ascertain whether or not their suspicions were well grounded.-The result of a few days' investigation was the arrest of Wm Doty, Hugh L. Daugherty, and Presley F. Neville, alias (and more properly) Presley N. Fisler, charged wilh the crimes of \vhich it was suspected they were guilty. Two of them, Doty and Filler, were arrested on the morning following the robbery of Mr Weslcott'a shoe store on Main between Fourth and Fifth sts., and all, or nearly all, the booty found i^i the possession of Doty. Fisler has since confessed. It appears, by the testimony given in by him before the magistrate, that all the laic fires were the work of incendiaries, among which he and Doly were the conspicuous actors. The first of the series, namely, that of the store of Mr Clark, near the corner of Main and Seventh sts., was set on fire by Doty and another of the gang, yet at large.-I h e next, Mr Day's hat and cap store, on Main st. between Fourth ind Fifth sts., by the same. The next, Mr Meguier's shoe store, and Mr Ewing's saddle and harness shop, « . « ^ T * . -- * _ ^ " \ a ~ i . . * . * Gazette of the apprehension of incendiaries, adds -the following which we deem it just to insert: "We have been furnished by interested gentlemen with farther particulars respecting the arrest these villains. Jt seems that ail our constables [Hopkins, Pruden Nocks, Smith, Abbott and Wright as well as the others named have been actively engaged in work, lirooks and Madison, constables, with Joseph Morrow, went Dayton in search of James Henry who has been but a short time the Penitentiary, and was a in the band of desperadoes. Not finding him there, they left a description o f h i s person with proper officers, and proceeded to On their return they learned that the Marshal of Dayton had taken Henry into his custody, but shyness, afterwards suffered him escape. Doty and Hopkins subsequently endeavored to take the and arrest him, but were unsuccessful. Our police officers have been untiring in their exertions to to justice these offenders; and much praise cannot be bestowed upon them in return." Post Office Extras.--"We find the following notice of one extra transaction^ the Pittsburgh Gazette: "The case of the extra allowance of SI0,000 per year to Reeside Slaymaker, was a prominent one.-The facts were briefly these. appeared to "be five or six partners in carrying the mail hence to d e l p h i a ; au extra allowance 000 per year, was made to these partners, for about 21 months. allowance was only known to two the partners, u n t i l the the senate proclaimed it to the world. Mr Horbach then very properly claimed his share of it. Mess. Reeside and Slaymaker refused to pay him any part of it, or to any explanation of how it had a p p l i e d ; but very kindly and affectionately consented to explain confidentially to Messrs. McKee and McNair. how the money had been expended. These g e n t l e m e report whether the money had expended for the advantage of the firm, but were not to say how it expended. They reported in favor Reeside and Slaymaker, but were not at liberty to state what passed 1*J -- - ~ · * -- " « · " · » » l « \ r f O s J O»_AVy LS» - - _ _ _ ,, -- _. . ,,. . v v fcj fc« j.\^ v v l i d I \J Clj O t U on Lower Market st., by Doty and between thern and those T?\s\er. The attempt. 4.0 re Uv^ui- \*ly tHe testimony of Mr nee of Cook, G a r d n e r Co., in the it: appears that one thousand dollars it death o de play he may large b u i l d i n g at the corner of Main and Front sts., also by Doty and Fisler, assisted by another, who has not yet been taken. Stores were entered and robbed of whatever was thought to be the most valuable before setting fire to them. The robbery of Mr Moses' dry goods store, on Fiflh st., was committed by Doty and Fisler, assisted by Daugherly. The robbery of Mr Westcott's shoe store, on Main between Fifth and Sixth sts.; also, the shoe store of Mr Hart, next adjoining this money was paid to 0- B. Messrs McKee and McNairhave got into some trouble about the they took in this affair. Upon its Deing made public, the agency regarded as not a very creditable one. Indeed it is difficult to consider it in any other l i g h t becoming confidential confederates in a transaction too foul to bear the What is the legitimate inference from the decision that the money been expended for the advantage the firm? There can be but _ . . T I . . - . . _ ' J ----.·"w*. · o J-»J.^X».C;^ and McNair, we understand, have attempted a vindication. Upon what ground we are unadvised.-Cm. Gaz. plunge was a repeat- his eye bosom had no - - - - - - - -- - -v- --' ATM. » Jk .*.·.* .1 b A t.1 V*.A l . » J » V * I V * * i l « J j _ ·--· - - V · V, V1« t i Mr Westcott's; the shoe store of Mr was employed in bribes! If Owens, on Main between Third and justly expended, no concealment Fourth sts., by Doty and Fisler; and could be necessary. Messrs the cutting of Maj. Brant's t r u n k -J TM-* T - = - · - from the boot of the stage in the neighborhood of the Post Office, some four or five weeks since, by the same. In most instances, false keys were made use of to gain admittance into stores, a curious variety of which were found with the offenders.-Whenever keys were found ineffectual, force was restored to. Daughorty is a young man, about twenty-eight years of age--quite on the The slow action clogged this a very in the How- a was -- U in gentlemanly in his appearance; but an old offender, and deeply, versed in the intricacies o f h i s calling. He usually enacts his part behind the c u r t a i n ; in other words, he lays out work for his inferiors to execute. Doly and Fisler are also old offenders, tho' y o u n g in years. J u d g i n g from appearances, the age of neither of them exceeds twenty-one. In the character of Doty, h u m a n depravity is developed in its deepest dye. ' Fislcr, d u r i n g the last four or five months and up to the time o f h i s arrest, was in the employ of Mr Ewing. I3y his close attention' to business d u r i n g working hours, he succeeded in avoiding suspicion, notwithstanding the extent to which, for the lost month or two, he carried on his work of destruction. After b u r n i n g assisted by Doly, his employer's store on Lower Market st., he removed to the other store of Mr Ewing, on Mam between Columbia and Front sts. He there continued, s t i l l unsuspected, uut.l, to the astonishment oi Ins employer, he was arrested by is due constables Brooks, Saffin and Hazen, for their vigilance m ferreting out and breaking "P this organized band of desperadoes. Indeed, so t h o r o u g h l y HIK! systematically were they orcan- J2ed, that nothingshort of experience m rogue catching could have insured he success with which the effort of the officers Lne bcca attended. the constables. Much credit An Indian encampment in G ticui.--A party of Indians, fifteen number, have been encamped at Windsor, d u r i n g the whole and the novelty of such a scene of course excited a good deal of speculation in that quarter. They are part of the tribe of the ques, who live a wandering life the eastern shore of Lake a ? rC °" a J o u r n e ^ to Hanover, N. H. for the purpose of entering member of the family in Dartmouth College, but being overtaken by winter, they pitched their tents on bank of the Connecticut some IP November, and have remained there ever since. The p a t r i the family i s an old man aged and the candidate for college is a y o u t h 17 years old, e u p h o n i o u s and poetical SO-.T/7T)/) Kn 7,^_/o»/, fit . mi " so-saph Sa ba-lcse Al-anum. They ·* -~*v -vibur/(,« j^ inj y have erected two wigwams in they have lived through the cold of the winter, w i t h o u t (T O and a inconvenience from the cold , II1U without any other means of than is derived from the manufacture of Indian articles. They lived, however, in (he midst of wealthy and hospitable people. Illinois Canal.-- W C are pleased learn that the bill for the conduction of a canal between (he Illinois a d L "" Ce M i c h i 8 a n has t at · e of the legislature This improvement, completed, will be 115 miles l e n g t h ; and must prove n- , . e I)' advantageous to the growin- tcrest not only of Illinois but tS whole western country. Jt w i l H direct communication between t 1C V Bnd the River f Orleans ' between

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  • Hugh L. Daugherty, arrested for robbery

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