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Plane Crash James Brodie - The Weather LOCAL — Partly cloudy and warmer...
The Weather LOCAL — Partly cloudy and warmer tonight. Showers likely likely Friday afternoon. High Wednesday 40; low in night 22; low tonight 29-33; high Friday 52; river 6.4. IOWA •—Warmer tonight. THE MUSCATINE JOURNAL Established 1840 No. 60 AND NEWS-TRIBUNE Muscatine, Iowa, Thursday, March \L2, 1959 2 Sections 20 Pages Price 7 Cents Dial AM 3-5892 Fora message about your Chamber of Commerce. Three Die In Fiery Plane Crash Draft Bill Sent To Ike Mail Service To Be Denied Where Snow Isn't Cleared Actir.g Postmaster John H. Hendriks said today supervisors of the post office inspected portions portions o! the mounted and rural routes of this area and found over half the patrons have failed to clear snow from the approaches to the mail boxe"s. He emphasi2ed postal regula- Macmillan And Adenauer Hold Parley Bonn —'."Pi— British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan flew into Bonn today to see West German German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Adenauer and said the West must adopt an clastic position in trying to meet the Soviet challenge to Berlin. "We all stand together, but in the methods of defense we must remain elastic," Macmilian told newsmen at the airport. The British Prime Minister arrived arrived half an hour after Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev took off from East Berlin for Moscow. During eight days in East Germany Germany he had plugged as hard as ever for a German peace treaty and showed himself still determined determined to wrest West Berlin from the Western Allies. Second Stop Macmillan's visit to Adenauer was his second stop on a swing around the major allied capitals to discuss Western policy in the light of his talks with Khrushchev in Moscow. The Briton met with President Charles de GauUe and Premier Michel Debre in Paris earlier this week and goes next week to Washington. , Macmillan remarked today that the West is "still a long \vay from our. goal" of finding means of countering the Soviet threat to West Berlin. But he stressed that the West remains "resolute and firm in our principles." House to Vote On Liquor Bill Des Moines — (if) — Opposing forces in the Iowa House appeared appeared today to be willing to let the controversial question of liquor by the drink come to a vote on the House floor. The vehicle would be a local option bill (hat was pried Wednesday Wednesday out of the hands of the Safety and Law Enforcement Committee. Committee. This came after a day of parliamentary parliamentary maneuvering. The committee finally reported out the local"option measure and another another controversial bill which would require a motorist accused of drank driving to take a chemical chemical test on the amount of alcohol in his blood. Both bills were sent to the floor without recommendation. Ray Eliot Quits As Grid Coach lions are specific. They require patrons to clear approaches tn the mail boxes to enable the carrier carrier to drive up to the box without without leaving his vehicle. Clearing of a small path for tho carrier to leave his car and walk to the box to deposit mail is not satisfactory. Carriers have been instructed mail service no longer can be given to patrons who refuse refuse to clear the approaches io their mail boxes. Starting Saturday, March U, all carriers on Ihe mounted routes and rural routes ha'/e been instructed that they must not i lenve their vehicles to deliver mail to these boxes, but to re- j turn the mail (o tiic post office for the patrons to pick up. In otlior words, the approaches to nil boxes must bo cleared of any snow or other obstructions so that (he car may be driven to the box, and away again. Tins means, also, that If there is too soft a ground at the approach, this also must be repaired. Acting Postmaster Hendriks said he realized the snow fall has been unusually heavy this month, but those patrons who have complied complied with the regulations must not be penalized, because others refused to clear away snow. Law Extended Four Years in Congress Vote Washington — wi — Legislation Legislation extending the draft law [our years was sped to President Eisenhower Eisenhower today by the House. By voice vote and without debate, debate, the House approved a Senate Senate amendment to a bill which passed the House last month. The amendment dealt with the pay of doctors and dentists in the armed services. The Senate passed 90-1 Wednesday Wednesday a bill extending the draft and related military manpower programs programs until July 1. 1963. Only Sen. William Langer (R- ND), w!io has opposed draft act extensions since World War II, voted against it. The on!y Senate change in the bili previously passed by the House was a four-year extension of the extra pay for physicians, dentists and other medical specialists. Car Tag Check Starts Sunday DCS Moines ~(F< — A drive against Iowa motorists who have not yet obtained their 19o9 auto licenses will begin next Sunday, the State Safety Department said today. The Highway Patrol will start halting cars with 1958 plates. Hawaiian Statehood Okayed in Congress BULLETIN Washington — {Si —Congress today today vote admission of Hawaii to the Union as the 50th state. The "aloha" lor the statehood long-awaited by the tropical Pacific Pacific islands came when the House gave .final approval to the bill passed by the Senate 76-13 Wednesday night. The House action sent the biil on to President Eisenhower whose signature was assured. The actual admission will be delayed ior several months by the mechanics o[ procedure which'includes holding an election election in HEAvaii. It likely will be late July, passibly as late as October, October, beloc the 50th state formally formally joins the union. AS the House roll call reached the 21S affirmative votes needed for passage, Gov. William F. Quinn, who was waiting here, telphoned a signal for bonfire celebrations to be touched oS in Hawaii. It was a moment the 575.000 residents of the last i.icorporaled territory under the American Flag had awaited for more than 50 years. Hawaii will be the first island state. But Alaska's admission as the 49th state had already broken through a long argument from some Congress members against admitting territories not joined geographically to the other states. Acting Governor Orders Double Hawaiian Holiday Heavy Fall of Snow Snarls Traffic in Northeast U. S. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS With spring only nine days away, winter took a parting wallop wallop at the Northeast today. Snow ranging up to 14 inches WHS dumped on the region eastward from Indiana to Virginia and Maine. As morning camp, the snow began began changing to rain in the southernmost southernmost areas. In some areas there was sleet. Air and highway travel was disrupted. disrupted. Trains remained pretty much on .schedule. Hundreds of schools were closed for the day in several states. Up to midmorning, four fatalities fatalities were, linked to the storm. Heart attacks felled three persons persons shoveling snow in Ohio. A car-truck collision killed another at Delaware. Ohio. ! Western Maryland and northern | West Virginia got the heaviest snqwfalls. They ranged up to 14 inches. Northwestern New Jersey ! had an estimated 10 inches of snow. New England was expected to get as much as 12 inches. The second such storm of the j week glazed roads and made | somo impassable across the southern two-thirds of Indiana. ' Tho southeastern section of the ! state had five to six Inches of snow. -Some parts of Connecticut an- i ticipated more than eight inches. : New York City recorded 5.3 i inches before the precipitation ! changed to rain about 9 a.m. The | heaviest snow of the season pi'e- ' viously in the metropolis was three inches on Dec. 8-9. The ; total for the winter had been only j 6.5 inches—much iess than usual. | Drifts and hazardous driving ! conditions snarled car travel in j some large cities. Mammoth frat! frat! lie jams were reported during the | morning hours In Cleveland, ; Ohio, where a continuing snow j already had deposited seven !inches. Cleveland's Hopkins Airport was cjosed at 5.25 a.m. Operations Operations at New York and Boston airports were hampered but not halted. Numerous flights were canceled and some incoming ' planes diverted eisewhere. Honolulu —i*— Exuberant Hawaiians Hawaiians air-expressed 600 leis to Washington for members of Congress Congress today after Senate passage of the Hawaii statehood bill. The flowers were sent to Territorial Territorial Delegate John A. Burns, -who will present them Friday on j behalf of the Hawaii Legislature, i Territorial Gov. William F. Qumn Hew to the ration's capital for the big occasion. Acting Gov. Edward E. Johnston Johnston proclaimed a two-day ho!i- Says Hotel Bill Sent to Union Washington — Wi — Chicago Teamster official Joey Glimco, spent a Los Angeles vacation in! the same hotel room with hisj shapely secretary and charged it off as union entertainment, the Senate Rackets Committee was told today. Alfons Calabrese, a staff investigator, investigator, said Glimco and Miss Laverne Murray stayed at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles in 1953 at a cost to Glimco's local of $1,045.65. Calabrese testified they were registered as man and wife. Miss Murray, a petite brunette with curves accentuated by a tight gray dress, repeatedly invoked invoked the Fifth Amendment in reply to committee questions about her relationship to Glimco. Committee staff members said Glimco, president of Chicago Teamster Local 777, is married and the lather of two children. Urges World Government New Orleans — fffl — Former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee says there is no insurance insurance against a war that will wreck civilization unless nations nations sacrifice some of their sovereignty sovereignty -for a world government. government. The 76-year-old Laborite told the Foreign Policy Assn. Wednesday Wednesday night that "We live so closely .packed together in the world that we cannot afford to have states without any authority authority over them but their own." day throughout the island to start immediately. His proclamation said passage of Hawaiian statehood would mean the culmination of patient striving and the long-nurtured hopes of Hawaiians. Senate passage of the bill Wednesday Wednesday was greeted .joyously. After After receiving the word by telephone telephone from Washington, Johnston Johnston exclaimed: "It's wonderful news'" The Honolulu Star-Bulletin hit the street with an extra and radio radio stations interrupted programs programs to broadcast the news. -. In anticipation of the House completing approval of the measure, measure, preparations were rushed for fireworks and celebrations. Hawaiian Airlines planned to lly flags with 50 stars and flash the word to its pilots in flight for passengers' information. Iowa Gets Light Snow By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Light snow fell over parts of Iowa Wednesday night and more brief snow showers were expected expected over the state to day. The snowfall varied from a trace to one inch end covered a band about 100 miles wide extending extending diagonally across the state from Centerville to Waukon. Waukon. There also was light snow in the area northwest of a line through Denison, Storm Lake and Spirit Lake. Temperatures early tod«y ranged from 18 at Spencer to 33 at Lamoni. • Missile Site Link Probed JAMES BR.ODIE JAMES B1GC.S Noted Scientist Sees Three-Hour Moon Trip Washington —W)— Senate rackets probers today said Dominic Dominic Senese and Victor Comforte. alleged labor racketeers, are part owner of a firm holding sub-contracts on 60 per cent of Ihe Nike missile site installations Washington — «i— Space fligh; to the moon in less than three hours may some day be possible, a noted scientist says. So might a 4'.2-year flight lo Pluto, the most distant planet in the solar system, says Dr Lee Dubridgc. president of California Institute of Technology. But, he indicated, space distances distances are so enormous l : hat any visions of flight to ever, the near- Ace and Deuce . Miami, Fla. —«•)— A city jmlpc's roll of the dice -sent Tommy Jackson to ]ail for 30 day 8. Jackson appeared before Judge .Mitchell Goldman on a charpe of gambling;. Goldman convicted the 27-year-old Negro Negro and found out ho had three previous dicing convictions. Jackson also had a pair of dice. "You want to roll for the time?" asked the judge. "No, sir," said Jackson. "I'll roll for you," said Goldman, Goldman, rattling; the dice. "H'inmi —an acn and a deuce. Three.' Thirty days." Car and Truck Crash; 3 Dead Onawa — W) — Three persons were killed and one injured early today in a car-truck collision collision on Highway 75 a mile north of here. Killed were Allen Blake, 18, and Marilyn McCall, about 18, both of Onawa, and Irvin Claus, about 18, of Ute. Mamie Shopped By Plane Phone Denver, Colo — Wi— Mamie Eisenhower Eisenhower used plane-tc-ground radio radio telephone Monday to finish shopping for dresses here, a store reported Wednesday. An hour after the presidential plane"Columbine III winged away carrying the First Lady and her sister back to Washington, a telephone telephone call was made to a Denver Denver store. A saleswoman said the call came from a man who identified identified himself as a colonel and said e.'t siar beyond our sun appear ou! of the question. Reason: The spacemen would have lived through a normal lifo- limc thousands of years before the trip was over! If a spaceship could bo drvrl- oped having a speed of nO.Oiltl miles an hour— or 25 miles ;i second— it could reach vhp moon in 2.9 hours, the sun in -1 days and Plu'.o in -I 1 : years. Duhririgo said. Bu! it would fake Ihe smii" shin ,'iO.OOO years lo reach Alph.-i Centauri, the nearest star l>e- yonri the sun. "It is true,' 1 he said Wednesday Wednesday night at a symposium sponsored sponsored by Resources for tiic Future. Future. Inc.. "we can some day probably exceed the speed of 2j miles per second. "But the 25.000 miles per second second required to bring the nearest nearest star within reach is not in sight." Blast Wrecks Barber Shop DCS Moines — W> — A barber shop in southwest Des Moines was dynamited early loriay. Police Police speculated tha! Ihe blast might have been set off al the wrong address. The damaged shop was operated operated by Eric Erickson and his son, Ted, and was in good uniun standing. A non-union shop is located a short distance down l:ic j street from Erickson's. Police i said it might have been the target. target. The blast blew off a door and damaged the interior of the Erickson shop, broke the plate glass windows of the shop an'i of nine others ir» the immediate vicinity. Residents move than a mile away were awakened by the explos'on. Total damage was estimalcd by authorities at $15,000. Gas Overcomes Couple in Auto Elkader— wi—A young Elkadcr man' and his girl friend were reported recovering in a hospital at Prairie Du Chien, Wis., today today from the effects of carbon monoxide while chatting in a car with the motor running. They are Clark Curran, 21 of Elkader and Mary Vorwald of McGregor. Authorities said the couple Two Are County Officials Ida Grove—^—A private plane carrying t\vo \Voori- bury County officials and a woman to Sioux Cny crashed and burned in a farm field during 3 light snow Wednesday ni.cht/ K;Med wore fount \ Aror:n'\ .Tamos R. Rro-Jir. .T1. rvpnry Sheriff J.imrs B^SS. >;. i;v pilot, pilot, rinri Mrs, Kiircn Murphy Hrilmnn. Mxni; .'>.">. Thi-y \vcrf n't;inini£ hnmr from .MiU-hplivi)l'\ \\-hcrr ihoy t:>kon nn inma'p of tlu- Stnio Training Srhonl for tr.rls. Thn sinqlr rn£im\ four-pi ;irr Cessna, nwnrrt by Chnstic R";^. Contrnrlmp Co. of SMUX Oily. rvr\sho<\ on ihr ,). K. Rnkrr f ;ivm ^>om 13 miles sm.ithra-1 rf hrrr. It nnvjviwly mister 1 ihr hou-^ \\herr Mr. ;md Mrs. Bakrr wen- slrrpinjj. ('hnrlrs CliristoiiMMt, en-owner nf C'liri?.iie Hros., Iind tvqurstrH flint tho party May in UPS Mohios l>rrniKP ice \\ us form- injT in Sioux City Wcdm-stliiy nighi, his wifr snid. The* Forlorn] .VvonaM'vs Admi Admi :iist rut ion emit ml I mvrr in Drs Moinos rcnfi]•)!if.l th;>i viirh n rotjuosl \\;is received mid pnssrrl nn 1n ihr pilo:. Don Murphy, IVs Moiivs lowrr i:hief. said the pilot \\ MS nrivis^d of Chris! rnsrn's mr-s^isr 1 nlvmt 8:3(1 p.m. 'Murphy said n! Him r,me Sioux City hart n rci : in^ nf abnul l,? r ^ fpr-1. visibility \vns 12 roiif^ r,nd thrre uns a lich' snmv in p''n^- rrss. The pilot indk-.'ilrrl, M.irnhy snid, lhaf Ihr u-ralhn* didn't sorrn bad to him and tlvtl hi? would Iravr. Two hours la tor. n limit tlir time of tho phuio'* <l<*p;trtm-f. MIP Sioux City railing find lilted lilted (o 5,000 for-1 «itli scntlered cloud conditions, he said. John Hunt. FA A accident in- vrslicator. was lonkinK into the causo of ihn crash. Auihorilirs said two of the bodies \verc bndl> burned. The y?ar-nld plane plowrrt info n fictd about GfiO fee; , r rn ni the Baker house. Mrs. Bakrr said Ihc noi^e from the low fly ins plarr awnk^nnd thorn shortly before 11:^0 p.m. When Ihc p';mo crashed, sh<* said, if sounded like a *nud (hump and then fire suddenly enveloped the wreckage. Baker walked as close us hr rnuM get to tho fi'*ry \vrrck:ice but the flames kept him from aiding Ihe three persons. Mrs. Baker said a I'^ht snow was failing at the lime and tlmrc was lilllo wind. Baker railed iho Ida County sheriff's oJfien. Mrs. Marie L, Carter, suprr- imondent of the \litohcllvjll** Training School, said the three persons had brought in Marram Buck of Sioux City Wednesday evening. Mrs. Hcilman. wi'e of Dr. Robert ITeilman of Sioux City, served as a matron. Mrs. Carter said Ihe sir] had been laken fo Sioux City last Saturday 10 appear before the grand jury. Mrs. Hcilman was the mother of live children. Both Eis^s and Brodie were married. Biq^s had a son and daughter and Era- die had three children.

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