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Pix of Rosanne kidnap article - WEATHER UTAH -- .Fair tonight and Fri-. day; -...
WEATHER UTAH -- .Fair tonight and Fri-. day; - w a r m e r northwest por- · ·tion. tonight. IDAHO -- Fair tonight and Friday; little change in temperature. TEMPERATURES (For 24-hour period ending at 7 a. MIn.Hax.l 3 1 Ca.lcmTV «*·*,*" j « * Chicago Denver . Helena . Kalispcll " . Kansas City.. Los AAf7clc3. Miles City... 4S 62 44 66 66 50 54 4S *72 64 54 92 lElimcapoIlo . SS INcw York ' - . SO [Pocatcllo . . SS [Portland. Ore SS |St. Louis S4 (Salt Lake SO |San Fran. 36 ISeattle . . ' SO IWilllaton 90 (Yellowstone m.) ain.Max. ..74 .66 .54 ..62 .74 .57 .50 .SS .52 ..44 92 76 92 SS 76 02 91 64 72 SS 76 Sixty-eighth Year--No. 67 THE ASSOCIATED PBESS THE UNITED PRESS OGDEN CITY, UTAH, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 26, 1937. 16 Pages LAST EDITION SPLIT IN Utahn Wants Candidate to Be Man From Outside New Deal's Circle HE HIT COURT BILL G. O. P. Forecasts Silly, Says Farley About Party Gains W ASHINGTON, Aug. 26.-(AP)--A proposal from Senator King (D-Utah) that the 1940 Democratic -presidential candidate be a man from outside the . new deal's inner circle emphasized today the fundamental, split within the party. King said the nominee should be someone like Senators Byrd of Virginia, Clark of Missouri, or -Bailey of North Carolina. He asserted he could not "second the nomination" by Senator Minton, Republican, Indiana, of Paul V.' McNutt' · King was one of the leading opponents of the. Roosevelt court bill and the three senators he .named also were opposed to the measure as well as many other new deal, proposals. McNutt, former Indiana, governor and now American high commissioner to the Philippines, is described by his friends as seeing eye-to-eye with the new deal. BIT EARLY AS TBT King said it was "too early" to pick the Democratic nominee, but added: "I feel sure that the candidate will not be communistic or radical, but will be a genuine Democrat who will defend the .Constitution and 'maintain Democratic institutions." King discounted the. possibility, however, of a permanent split within the Democratic, party, forecasting that.it would "continue as the progressive and liberal party .of our country." King's statement came on top (Continued on Page Two) (Column Six) . NEWS and VIEWS -By FEANK FRANCIS Doomed F i v e Brotherhoods W i l l Join In 20 Per Cent Increase Move ' WILL AFFECT 250.000 Nation in Four Zones, Each To Walk Out Different * . sDays - CHICAGO, Aug. 26 (UP)--A spokesman for the "Big Five" railroad brotherhoods announced today that action on a strike call to enforce wage demands would be held in abeyance pending efforts of the national mediation board to effect a peaceful settlement. The board today intervened under the provisions of the railway labor ' act to avert the threatened strilie. ALBERT DYER . . . -Prayers Failed Him A friend has a short wave radio set and repeatedly tunes in on Tokyo. Death. Penalty Mandatory For Killer of Three Inglewood Girls LOS .ANGELES, Aug. 26.--(AP) --A jury convicted Albert Dyer, 32 today of murdering three young Inglewood girls and made no recommendation for life imprisonment. This means the death penalty is mandatory. The jury of seven men. and five women received the case at three- thirty p. m. Tuesday, but apparently had spent most of its actual deliberation time in -argument over whether to recommend life 'imprisonment. . ' . - . ' Dyer was accused of slaying Melba an.d Madeline Everett,.9,and 7, and Jeanette Stephens, 8, in a sex.frenzy last June 26 after luring them from Centinela park in Inglewood to the Baldwin hills on a supposed rabbit hunt. He confessed the., slayings in detail but later repudiated his confessions and pleaded innocent upon arraignment. Public defenders' deputies assigned to represent him contended the state's case, without the confessions, was inadequate and that the conefssions themselves were contradictory. Dyer sat motionless as the verdict of death was read. His hands were clenched and there was an almost total absence of expression '/CLEVELAND, Aug. 26. -\^ (AP) -- A. F. Whitney, president of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, announced today that committees representing five railway brotherhoods had authorized a strike for Sept. 6 to support demands for a general 20 per cent wage increase. Whitney said the committees, carrying on negotiations at Chicago, set six a. m. .of September 6 as the time for members of the brotherhoods to begin leaving their jobs. The organizations involved, he ·added, are the .Trainmen, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Enginemen and Firemen^ the Switchmen's Union of North America and the Order of Railway. Conductors. PLAN EXPLAINED Membership of the groups totals approximately 250,000 men, · Whitney said. The nation is to be divided into four zone's, Whitney '^added, with each walking out 'on' a different day--the' strike to' become · entirely effective by September 9. ' , Details as to thejsone, boundaries, IftrsaidTar'(f'fcTlJe work'ed "out to'day. -Broadly, they would be the eastern, northwestern, southwestern and southern sections. - · Federal mediation, which may be requested by either side in the dispute, would automatically postpone the strike for 30 days. The national mediation board, failing to (Continued on Page Two) (Column Two) Foreign Shipping On China Coast May Be Banned F L A G MISTAKEN City . of Perpetual Spring Scene of Terror and '. Cheers Nippons Progress In Smashing: Drive On Hopeh LONDON, Aug. 26.-- (UP) -Great Britain will . protest ' the shooting by a Japanese aviator ·near Shanghai of · its ambassa-' dor, Sir Hughe Knachtbull-Huges- · sen, but will avoid making an international incident of it, reliable sources disclosed tonight. The Japanese have expressed their regrets and were reported to have made a formal apology. By JAMES A. MILLS' Associated -Press Staff - QHANGHAI, Aug. 2 6 . -- sJ (AP)-- International complications of the undeclared Chinese-Japanese war increased ominously today as a Japanese warplane shot and seriously wounded the British ·ambassador -to China and the ·Japanese havy/ttifeatehed to include foreign shipping in its ^ Sir Hughe · Kriuishbull-Hugessen; the' British envoy, was shot while motoring from Nanking to Shanghai. The ambassador's party was traveling in two motorcars,, both 1 flying large union jacks. · SPRAYED WITH BULLETS Fifty, miles from Shanghai two Japanese .planes swooped down. The first sprayed the two cars with machine 'gun bullets. The second dropped bombs- after the cars had stopped. '·· Lieut.-Col. W. A. Lovat-Fraser, .military 'attache, was knocked unconscious- by a bomb explosion -when- he alighted from his car. The ambassador was. hit at least twice, in the left., side .and stomach.. An official British 'Statement HENDAYE, Franco-Spanish Border, Aug. 26--(AP)--Insurgent columns . rode proudly' into Santander today in formal occupation of the government's last important' city t on the northwest Spanish coastal ! ledge. The'city was hung with the red' and gold flags of Spain's insurgency. The streets were jammed with cheering Santanderese. HE NEEDED MONEY Francisco Franco took Santander because he .has the money- to -pay his "war' bills, says-' Gen. Gonzalo Queipo de Llano.. The aide of the insurgent chieftain, speaking last night before' a .joyous crowd in Seville, an insurgent base in southern ·Spain, .was.reported today to have commented. "Money, money, money --those three things are necessary .in war. .'We have it; therefore we have an army. Our victories are not over -yet!" ' . The 1 defense of "the city of perpetual spring" had been shattered by 12 days of swift thrusts by Generalissimo Francisco Franco's far superior'war machine--a defeat that, may decide Spain's 13-month- old 1 civil conflict. .TALES OF TERROR Tales of anarchist terror in the conquered city, of thirst and hunger, of pillage and shooting in the streets ..reached France as fleeing menV-w.omen and'children arrived on any craft that could carry them over, the^ water. Miss A. R.. .Caton, :a^British. · 'child, -welfare : "worker, picked f .up at sea from, a small.boat in which she-.was .fleeing with 13 Spanish children, , was taken to Bayonne, France, by the British destroyer; Keith, along with other refugees. "In the last days Santander was a. city , of indescribable horror," Miss Caton said. "Eminent men--doctors, lawyers :and their families-^were shot right end left by anarchists crazy for'revenge before the town fell." ' Guarded From. Blackhcund ·.-;---;-· , KOSANNE PEERY ... Her Safety .Menaced in Extortion Note American, British Proposals Insignificant, Asserts Premier TOKYO, Aug. 26--(AP)--Premier Prince .Fumiraaro Konoye declared P a r e n t s , S i s ter Periled Saving Boy From Lake .Hole The Pine View dam is a treacherous place to learn to swim, it was disclosed today. An entire G-Men Called in To Aid Police Find Letter Sender N O T E UNSIGNED Asked to Reply In Standard-Examiner Want Ads A letter threatening to kidnap the pretty 15-year- old daughter of Mayor Harman W. Peery if $500 protection money is not paid by Saturday, today sent Ogden police and federal bureau of investigation officers on a search for the writer, who signed the message only with a Death's Head. The letter, received by Mayor Peery and turned over by him to police officers, was written on cheap ruled note paper in a handwriting described as "only partially literate." Some words were mis-spelled, the mayor said. Peery said some sort of signature had apparently been placed on the note and then torn off, as the bottom edge of the paper was torn. AT FRIEND'S HOME Rosanne Peery, the mayor's daughter, was kept at the home of a friend last night as her worried parents sought to trace down the message. Police today said they had taken fingerprints of several youths they thought might be implicated in the case to check with" those found on the note. Mayor Peery said G-men had been called in on the case. Officers at police headquarters and county sheriff's office, however, denied knowledge of the presence of any federal operatives. "POLITICAL MOVE" Peery styled the threat "just another move of my political enemies to try to cause worry to my wife and myself. "If it was money they were after, why wouldn't they pick a man who is really in the money class?" the mayor asked. The note instructed Peery to communicate with the. writer through the classified advertising department of The Standard-Examiner. It was signed with no name, but in the lower corner bore

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