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Antoine Lanata succession sale - - . only the it the the was 2 o o o o Oi o o o...
- . only the it the the was 2 o o o o Oi o o o o of o o oi Si set. and - Or s, lust - - - . S AUCTION SALES. MOST I mMM ffl ERG I A IIPRO PERTY, RESIDENCES, DWELLINGS MO Last Opportunity The Commanding Corner K03. 196 AND 198, .. ' OOMMON AXD BASOXXB STJUCEIS.' The Lucrative Business Stand KO. 10 SOTAI STRE3T. The Prominent Stores K03. 24 AXD 28 CHARTELErf STREET. The Central Store NO. 16 EXCHANGE) ATJ.urr, The Superior Location Opposite Opposite the Postoffice, KO. 15 DECATUR STREET. Th e S u bstanti al Store NO. 63 DECATUR STREET, , OORXER OF EIEXTILLE STREET. Affording Ail Classes No. 42,043 Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans. ( BY MACON, DENIS & KERNAGHAN, OFFICE, NO. 14 ; (NEW number iss) CAROKTDELET ST. Wednesdav, tig. . m h. iaM at nnblio auction. OT - - . - 1 nn,ant n . ludment reOOxred i ia nackA. .mi 1 Jun 20. 1SS4. and of an. order dated June 28. 1894, homologating tha niwMdmu cf s tanuij bhwiiui tor Jaa. Fahey, notary. Jane a. its, r sforesall court, Dirlslon A, in the "5r tied matter, the following - seeonuw to - wit: ' ... lJ THE 00MMAXDIXQ BUSIXESS CORNER, comprising the twothree - stw Brics sror - . "2 i".r'"! thrKr.riTtrict of this city, in the square bounded by Owunon. Srtrof.;!. V M . H - PUIS. DUKUUIK W T At.rant nitr Kurreyor. u ' mihI ta an act before w. s. late notary public, ca May 2. 1885. T on Smou street. 110 feet ' In depth and tront on caiwum ' .,; S Inches in depth on the other lde.11"' a,i 2S feet linesPin width on ths rear Ue Its central location ana prouij in tha Saliritt. UUlty0trntdUX1tolI1noha.' Al0iSiod c'd1 tor 'teslnr Subject to leases thereon, prU Sept. 80. 1884 ana isw. 'TTf - Tleld annum, xne , wnaie iwui " $4000 per annum. ; !.. 2. TUB WXVLrXJSVJH. ii - t,TZa LISHED . AND PK.VV? .t: STAND Of A, S. utjrx, ' - y - - ' hrlnk atore NO. IS lioyai auM - Second district of this city, in . U square Douse atreeia. jlu ji . - . - e - n on a plan deposited in tbe records of H. B. Cenas,Plate aotary in thU city, ssj t S incheT'ft on RoyTlVtteet by a' depth of 59 feet 8 Inches between pa& J . the best location neiow wai VTSt it a productive inrestment of nrP!U,1fnt,D!ri0 - Sublet to lease thereon, expir&g Sept. 80. 1894, at tne rate ei.ow . .rnmivnIir. ITllITR - KTOKY BRICK STORE No. 24 Chsrtrea atreet. in the Second district of this city, m tne Chartres, Doisicie, .Z7r seetsTThe lot t ground measures fboufj" inch front on Chartres street by about, aeoordins to a plan ly C A. Hedin, on April 22, 1S55. " 4. THE SUBSTANTIAL, inJUtt - oiun.!. STORE No. 26 Chartres street, in the Second district of this city, in the square oounaea oj Chartres. Dorslere. Canal and Customhouse streetaTThe lot of ground is designated by the City Snrveyor. aateu jan. j'y - measures, in Br'.' 1 Inches rront on vcai - . 6ft feet 2 inecea aepm "i"" allel lines, and is oounaea. a m towards Customnonss sire. uy v'"' "?VV.inin ia Tnia Pllle. and on the other side, towards Canal street, by Property formerly belonging to John Hagan. These stores are In a promineui iowhuu, e Oodchaux. Geq. Tbey are now occupied by Messrs. StoU A Liater in the notion trade, aucoesaora to W. E. Ran, Esq.. who has retired on me , . . . orooerty. jfcese two stores are sold subject to feS thereonTWrtng Sept. SO. 1894. at ths rate of 11920 per annu a. K THE 7BNTRAL THREE - STORY AND AT TIC BRICK STORE No. 16 Exchange alley, in the Second district ot wu, " boonded by Exchange Alley, Chartres. CanaT rh.iMnhiwu streets. The lot of ground is designated on a plan deposited in the records of H. B. Oenaa, late notary, as lot No. 7. and measures. American measure, 29 feet 2 inches front on Exchange alley, with an lrrego - i.. nf 81 feet 8 inches on the line next itTwt. ajd 32 feet 8 Inches on the other side line by 80 feet 5 inches In width on the rear line, ui more or i prox imity to Canal street rant it earo mi Daring investment. Subject to lease thereon, expiring Sept. 80, 1894. at the rata of 1720 per annum. S. THE : ATTRACTIVE) TWO - STORY BRICK STORE No. 15 Decatur and 18 Dorslere street. square bounded by Decatur, Dorslere, Canal and Customhouse streets. The lot of ground is designated by the No. 7 on a plan by E. Pilie, architect, dated April 29, 1882, and measures 29 leet ll mcnea a tinea iront on each of Decatur and Dorslere streets by s depth of Tl feet 8 Inches 6 lines, running from one street to tbe other. Immediately opposite tbe post office, is tne oest Duaineae oioca u an section, renders It sn Investment of merit. Snbject to lease thereon, expiring March 1, 1897, at ths rate of 11080 per annum. T. THE FRODUCTTIVB TnoK&sTUKX BRICK RTORR No. 63 Decatur street, southwest comer of Bienville street, ' in the Second district of this city, in ths square bounded by Decatur Oats Old Levee), Chartres, Customhouse and Bienville streets. Ths lot of ground Is desig - ntd bv the No. 8 on a certain plan drawn by Louts Surgt, snrveyor, on August 9, 1819, annexed to aa act before W. Christy, late notary, on August 14, 1849. Said lot forms the corner of Decatur (late Old Levee) and Bienville streets, and measures Z3 feet 1 Inch 6 lines front on Decatur street by T4 rwt R Inches and 1 - 2 line m depth and front on Bienville street. Near the river and rail roads, and in a gooa location, euoject to lease thereon, expiring Sept. 80, 1895, at ths rats of $540 per annum. . ; 8. THE WELL LOCATED THREE - STORY BRICK STORE AND DWELLING No. 69 Gbartrea, northwest corner of Bieorllle wt, la ths Seorad district of this city, in the quart bounded by Chartres. Royal, Bienville and OooM streets. The lot of groans measures, in French measure, 22 feet front on Chartres arreat by SO feet in Septa and front on Blea - llle street. Tbe property has the store and other rooms on the ground floor. . large veranda oa ths second floor, and parlors snd bedrooms on the second and tMrd Ooort. It it kaowa the popular grocery stand of Messrs. Mastral A Dietrich. It Is well located for either business business or dwelling, and the sooeess of the occupants shows It Is a good investment. suoject to lease thereon, expiring Sent. 80. 1896. at the rate of SS40 per annum. 9. THE ONBVSTORY BRimr wiprtrnnnr with frame sides, of the Junius Hart Mnsio Emporium, Noa. 57 sad 169 Bienville street. la tae Second dleirtct of chla . eitr. im th. AUCTION' SALES - MACON", IXEISXXS TTTTn IFICENT'SftLEVPAR STABLE OF SECURITIES IN . THE - CHOICEST CENTRAL This Season for Superior Investments. The Prominent Store I The Central Residence ' KO. 59 CHARTRES, . - ' CORXER OF B1ENYILLB STREET." - .The Brick Warehouse NOS. 1ST AND 159 BIENTIXXiE STREET. The Solid Brick Dwelling KOS. 1T0 AND 172 ST. PETER STREET AND NOS. 21 A'I 23 CARONDELET' WAXJC. The Convenient Residence NO. 12 TJXrVXRSITx' PT.ACF1, The Grand Residence and Beautiful Embellished Grounds NO. 159 ESPLANADE" . ATEXTJH. - The Handsome; Residence ' NO. 151 ESPUANADB .ATENUB. . - The Splendid Residence NO. 50 ESPLANADE AVENUE..' of Buyers a Chance for Placing Their riloney bately and Productively.. 1 and Ramnart stnta Tha .mnnit U mmnnu,! I of two !ofa. mMnrlnr Av,th M f.wr frnnf I on. Blenrille trr. hr i?n (mi n ri.nth j between parallel lines, the whole more or l vauthubh is in nasiness center, ac oeaaihte by paved streets, makes it suitable for "reuuoM or otner commercial purposes. f"Ject to lease thereon, expiring Sept. SO, 1894. st the rate of $300 per annum. . - RESIDENCES - AND : DWELLINGS. 10. THE TWO - STORY BRICK DWELLING os. 170 and 172 St. Peter . street and "Ok. and 2a CjirmAtAat walk - v. talning iron gallery, hall, ten rooms., alley. etc, in the Second district of this city, in ine square Bounded by Oarondelet walk. Treme tot, reter and St. Clando streets. The ground is a certain nortuw mMonMn. to f llIne,5nt OB Caroodelet walk,1 4 feet uum on St. reter street, 65 feet 8 Inches 8 lines in depth, on the side line to - aro ou vriaooo street, and 68 feet 10 Inches 7 lines, in depth on the line towards Treme Bcreet, tne wnole according to a plan by L. H. x - jiie, aurreyor, on April 22, J880, a copy whereof is annexed to an act before Jas. Fahey, notary, on May 7, 1880. Commanding the great irauc rauierea st tne nena or the Old basin, and adjoining the great cigar factory of Messrs. . Minn, aa mresimuit serials to prove rema - II. THK DESIRABLE, CENTRAL THREE - STORY AND ATTIO BRICK RESIDENCE No. 12 UnlTerslty place (late Dryades street), in tbe First district of this city, in the square uuunuea oy university disco. Hamnart. canal ana uoaunou streets, containing hail, parlors, dining - room and kitchen on the first floor? halls, metre Dearooms, oaiODouse. ros. etc. on the upper floors; liar red yard, cistern, hydrant. etc. The lot of ground Is designated by the No. 1 on a plan by H. Moelhaosen. architect aDd civil engineer, dated July 18, 1846, deposited deposited In the offloe of L. ! T. Caire, ,Iate noury, accoruuig to which said lot measures Z9 feet 1 inch front on University place by 135. feet 10 Inches 4 1 - 2 lines in depth on one line, and 134 feet in depth on tbe line sepa rating - ii irom lot - NOk 2, witn a width in the rear of 26 feet 3 Inches, together with the use of "an alley In the rear, common to this and other lots - bordering thereon, and opening into ttampart street. Near Canal street, amuse ments ana tne business center, makes It in den - and by a good class of tenants, or it ultchle for a private or Drofeeskmal residence. It will pay as an investment. Subject to lease thereon, expiring Sept. 80. 1894. at the rate or $720 per annum. ' THE GRAND HOME OF THE LATE A. LANATA. - 12,J THE BEAUTIFUL ELEVATED FRAME uui i AUi iU&LLM&.cifi. on brick basement. No. 159 spnade avenue, in the Third dis trict oi tns city, la the square bounded by Esplanade avenue, Kerlereo, Rampart and Su Claude streets. Tbe Improvements comprise uuc - swry ana mansard root xrame cottage, on a high brick basement, retired from the banquette, under a rich iron inclosure, ap - proacuea oy aouDie steps, leading to a large veranda, into a wide - central haU, having on one side double arched parlors, library, dining - room; on the other side four large sleeping ayvusoiu, nurwim ana otner conveniences. in the attic is space for several rooms. The oasement is ix leet high, and is divided into kitchen, wine eelr, four bedrooms, - laundry, etc In the rear Of the ground is a two - story frame stable, containing carriage - room, - stalls, feedrooms and coachman's room. The whole Is exquisitely decorated and finished throughout. The grounds are spacious and embellished by walks, - shade trees, shrubbery and lawn. The ground is described as a certain portion, designated by the letter A on the sketch by Louis H. Plllie, survey or, on Sept. 29, 1885. Said portion of ground commences at a distance of 64 feet 10 inches from the - o raer St. Claude street, and measures, in American measire, according to said sketch. 96 feet 8 lines front on Esplanade avenue by a depth on tbe aide towards Rampart street of ISO feet 2 lines, and on the other side, towards St. Claude street, it has a first depth of 140 feet, thaoce it runs towards Rampart street 84 feet, thence a second depth of 41 feet - 2 inches 5 lines, thence a sesond width of 12 feet 2 inches. This Is one of the most perfect residences on the grand boulevard Esplanade, lacking in no essential to make a complete arlstt - ratiA borne. Within easy walking distance of the business center, and only a few mlnat' rldo by several new electric lines To be thoroughly appreciated it must be inspected, for which purpose cards will be furnished by ! auctioneers. auctioneers. It will : be open to . visitors, on presentation of cards, between . 12 and 4 o'clock p. m. '.. - ' - i3. THE HANDSOME TWO - STORY FRAME RESIDENCE No. 151 Esplanade m venue, in the Third district of this city, in the square bounded bounded by Esplanade avenue, Kerleree, Rampart and St. Claude . streets. It contains nail, parlors, parlors, dining - room, sitting - room and one bedroom and kitchen on first floor; hall, seven bedrooms and bathroom on second floor. In the rear Is a two - story brick building, containing ' tea rooms. On either side is ample ground in (turd en and under . a nice fence. The ground - is described as a certain . portion, designated by the - letter B on the aforesaid sketch by L. H. Pilie. of Sept. 29, 1885. which said portion of ground commences at a distance of 126 feet 10 inches 5 lines from the corner of Rampart street, and measures, in American measure, according to said aketch, 79 feet 11 Inches front on Esplanade avenue by a depth on tbe side towards Rampart street of 189 feet 4 . inches,! and a first depth on the other side line of ISO feet 2 lines, st which point it widens 12 feet 2 Inches, and has s second depth of IS feot 4 Inches, snd a width In ths rear of 92 feel 2 inches t line. A nice bom, on s fins sveuue. Subject to lease thereon, expiring Sept. ;30. 1894, st tbe rats of $780 per imwui. i 54. THE EXBOANT ANT COMMODIOUS THREE - STORYTaNB ATTIO BRICK RESIDENCE, RESIDENCE, No. 601 &planade avenue, in the Second Second - district i of this city. In, th sqnare boundfid by EkrAauade avean. Barracks. Chartres sad Royal streets. It contains iron galleries, ban. parlors, dining - room and kltcfeea and two rooms on first floor; halls, ten bedrooms and bathroom - on - ths upper floors; flagged yard, cistern, shed, etc. The ground is i composed at tw - lots, one of which measuwa 21 feet 4 inches front oa Esplanade a vena by .a depth of 110 feet, and AUCTION SALES. - NTA - 3. - Fr A 1ST - PLANTATIONS NO. 170 CDSTOUHOTJSB STREET. The Fine Residence NO. 161 BISNTIIXB STREET. The Comfortable Residence NO. 19 C0NTX STREET. The Antique Residence NO. 251 CHARTRES STREET. . The Well - Constructed Three - ; Story and Attic Brick . Residence NO. 280 N. RAMPART STREET. ; The Frame Cottage NOS. S AXD 101 OONSTANTINOPLB ST. AND . .. A Plantation on the Bayou Teche, PARISH 07 IBERIA. 8j 18Q4i the other lot mesa are 2T b t inohw t ia front on Esplanade svenns hv dnth lis ! or less, and adjoins the lot first uracriura, maxing a total frontage on Esplanade Esplanade avenue of 48 feet II inches 1 lines. in a convenient location, having the use of ar lines, and well Una ted for quiet lFcv - iuie residence. Subject to lease "SSSl 'XDlrlll S'P.t. 80. 1894, at the rats BRKTKrTfeTW, - SrOBI AND ATTIO f r7r ( CYt Ko - 170 Customhouse house ' ,, !?1,UreW CanaL Customhouse. Customhouse. Burgundy and Dauphlni streets, eontaln - Xvn.T , - nd bedrooms on the upper VZZ !? A '.sTMind measures about 28 a dent Tol "usSL, "nnboose street by rH proper. WHMn' 'nI J? adjoining Grand Opera House and ;treet; will Ji y". " - Club. nd leaae thiT ZZ , esanenu Subject to ralTof' "Pl;iiP' - 0.; Wt th. yiue street. - ta the Seonnd.:;!.": eltr. in Contl. RampTrt and BaSl. b' Bienville, in ball? nirln .r"djr treets, . eontaln - otfer.td1iBf - 2m: and and bathroom osnpt'iwti iFLlS?!0 and vard. .Z PP - i .Boorw - flagged alley the n,M 'nv - i w. wim grouiHi la'deiVr !? Jh lot of annexed to in art VrL '"' 8 on a plan notary, on April 28. lS2(i t'l - CT , - Jm. lat In width on the reaVli - . 82 eet ln"es center and St!F tbY? J? Hne" safe and proouctlve inveatm: - M. G". Clob - A paying tOTantT s7bwT - J? - .to.." r plrlng Sept. 80. 1 sni I. tnereon, ex - annum. V or Pr brIck1, - the Second district of this cltv Xt' ta L deposit Hw. arcStec"t: . deposited, as plan No. 1 oa Oak. . n . . . " in the book of r saia lot having, la American 11 inches 6 lesrt oTco6 - depth of 73. feet 9 St 5 & parallol tuica, iremi uuunaea on one ,m. k T . street, comnwoTtosaid I tot VfJ, Boarhon erty. ss Indicated on aforesaid J ,pr?T for dweUIng or lnvestmt'n - Iui'j:'s unat to Canal street. Subject Toi?fLpr0X' expiring Sept. .80. 18917 ths E f"', per annum, oavabls .7 7u. . rate of $540 tiIoturaIi?0 archi. COTTAGE RESWsK1 street, in the Second district of this T, "T the square bounded by Chartrei R.f1?; lines and Hospital MtntlT??1' Ufa - fence. wide gallery. haJl??ilrSS!inl,, iroa bathroom. ThTlot of ground m"Tl loan measure. 73 feet 2 inch, si. - A"'r" 1865. In a quiet andnectahiT JSfiv??! l1 19 THE WmNSTRS HS! STORY AND ATTIO SRIOK Elmirv o?6thNhi Vm?.rBt ?eet' onXStHct of this city, in the square boondni iii. part. Burgundy, Hospital and Barlck .1?" containing hall, parlors. dlSnZ?0?? en on first floor." and h.uiand ltin on upper floors. The lot ofrnmS i frf010 in fTn srl I Sir msnM 1 a3isjur. fronton RanTpart streVt 3 lines In depth between parallel JnJ? a good location for either ocC nlJ ment. ana it wm rely yield a good rev - 20. THE ONE - STORT FRAME COTTinsi Nos. - 9 and 101 Constantinople ,rrA.lB Sixth district of this eity. inth ed by Constantinople. Austerlitx" Mtni," Camp streets, retired from HuThL f.04 and containing gallery and sU roSS?0 ground is composed of two lota. IX.,Tk2 the Nos. 5 and 6 on a sketch mldet L.' H. Pilie.surveyor. Deo. 19. 1872TLleds,,tl an aet ; Wn V.rh orWn elCn lot. front on Constantlnopl, street by 120 fl In depth between parallel lines. Also sLi6? portion of ground. In th sam. - J?.".. sqnare as the Just above described kaa IZa adjoining tot No. 5, being In thenar ...fiv' designated oa said aketch shove otentio - iCIi the letter A. and forming the relrrt w - 24. and measuring, in American menT cording to said aketch. 80 feet . square. good neighborhood, convenient to ears, ch markets and schools. It Is a goodnif " PLANTATION'. ' 21. THAT CERTAIN TRACT rrm together with all the buildings and ImnroVal menu thereon snd appurtenances thereof : altr. ated on ths east aids of th bayou Techs, is th parish of Iberia, In this state, aueasvriM a boat S 8 - 4 arpents front on sail ba oa bv SO arpents in depth, thus mas - Ins; a soperfleaaJ area - or ow arpents, ana be Id bounded m ths north, or above, by lands of P. K. gasd - . ger, telow la part br lands or Tbllrer h Lee or assigns, ana is part by those of the estate of Mrs. C S. Lewis; fat front by said tanm Teche. and In Sear by a small stream, known a Little bayon, save and excepting a small church building oa tbe south west Awn r said tract, fronting on bayou Teche, and known as snd oecupiad by tbe Kaxaren Bap'tlat church. said building being the property of th soagr - gatioa of said choreh. TTON la ana ox tn most xemi' secucos - oc th AUCTION SJg. BY MACON, PEJtIS Jt KJatHAT LANATA SALE state, accesslbl by rail and water. m one of our most picturesque rivers. l. IE . Terms One - third or more cash, ,1 - - ,. crtoit of one. or one and two tSL purchasers" option, for notes speclanyiuS, J by mortgage and vendor's lien, andauhdTi . to suit parties in interest bearutr T cent per aannm interest tresa date erfiiL. ttoa until final payment; th acts i!."?: contain the usual security clsusea, saeii aoa aUencndo; 5 per cent attorney. TT. Jf vest of ault to enforce collection f thaaL Improveaaents to be kept Insured aid f" transferred to the bolder or bolder eftas a"9 and the assumption by the purchaser. taxes due and exigible In 1894 rthVr of adjudication; 10 per cent is cashsVTi0 ehas prloe required at time st , Acta of sal before Jas. Fahey, sW. public at the exnense f . the BweaZil JyT 8 14 15 21 22 28 29 ao4 td - HEAT FRAME C0TTAC2, ; With Surplus Grounds, 193 . Derbigny Street BY MACON. DENTS & KERNAGHAN W A. Kernarban. Auctioneer - Office No. 14 mew aiiw ber 13S) Caroodelet Street N. E. BATJVfn.T DEN, Agent On WEDNESDAY, July 25 jVj a 12 o'clock m.. at the Auctioneers Exehiir will be sold at publlo auctioo . T"'. THE NEAT STNGLB FRAME COTTAGE, K. 193 Derbigny, between Dumalne - and &T Philip streets, sqnare Roman, - - tiinlnr avu gallery, 8 rooms, gas, two eiatems," wT paved yard, etc On the aids is sural ui ron - t tor garden and lawn. Lot 43x148. In a quiet neighborhood, near ear Unas. m. Terms One - thlra or oash. K,i. in one and two year at 8 per cent tntZT? and usual clauses, and purchaser nava Z1 taxes; 10 per cent required st tlste st sal& Act Of ssle before C T. SonUt. Xkn JT public, at expense of purchaser. jyi 10 zi ta , . '.JUDICIAL ADVERTISEMENT. tuk. L'lii 111 nnn nrnvn . int. dUUU MULT Otllli.. TWO - STORY i Brick ResidencD, 1(0.193 (Now 819) Canp C1, Between Julia and BU Joseph Btrsets, . AND - ' ' - j Two Adjoining Improvci , Lots - of Ground. SUCCESSION OF WTLLIAM HODDKCJ. No. 42,649 Civil District Court for to Parl of Orleans. ,. ; . BY MACON, DENIS St KEENAGHAN W. A Kemarhan. i Auctioneer Office 14 now y - t Caruatdelet street WZXUCESDax'. - July 1. 1 1SS4, at 12 o'clock m.. at ths luHnw Exchange,, wOl be sold at public auction, ty Tuiun vl su vruer uaieu jun jj 1894, f - O I the Hon. T. C W. Ellis. Judr. nf sfcn. 4 court. Division A, in th abov entitled matter. HMmnius utwriucu pneiTy, IS - Wli: . 1. THE HJOIRT.Y Tir.Tm rtvmir TWO - STORY BRICK KESLDENCB. Ko, 1 1 (now 819) Camp street, situated in the Tim district of this city, in the square bounded br Camp, St. Charles. Julia snd Sc. Joseph stneta. is retiree irom me street, under a sic iron fence, ecu talning flagged yard, eentnl hall, parlor, dining - room, four bed - rooms, pastry pastry and bathroom, and seven bedrooms an Mm second floor. In the rear Is a two - torv hrk building containing kitchen and txtra room a nrst aart, and flv rooms oa the aeoraul floor; wn,' w ana wooa snea. xne graana a com posed cf two lota, d estimated bv ths Nv 1 en a plan by Jas. H. fakin, dated Deo. 29, 1S42. deposited ss rlaa.N. 48 in th tm or plans of J. B. Markv notary public Said lots - measure OZ feet rront on Camp street b 129 feet In ' depth - between' parallel . Uses, American measure, together with th ass f an alleyway on the side of said lots 11 feet 7 Inches wide, running through irom Cam is St. Charles street. . The property is spa clous and comfortably ir - ranged, and Its prcxlmity t th bualneis center makes it easuy rent st s good flrurt. Subject to lease thereon, expiring Oct. 1, tOAl . . . k. . , .illivi . . 2. A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND si rot i in th same district and sonar and adjouif th abov described property, designated m jot jo. 2 00 sam man, onu measures, atxi ing to plan by Louis H. Pills, assistant e ' surveyor, dated March 1, 1884. annexed to n act nassed bettors Jas. Fahev. notarv mb. . June 13, 1891. 26 feet 1 inches lines fr t on Camp street, the sam width ea tbs r 1 line, bv a deDth of 172 feet 1 inch oa ths 1 line nearest to Julia street and a depth w 172 feet 1 Inch 2 lines on the other sids 1. , together with the buildings and Improrec;. - . J thereon. 3. A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, with tl the rights thereto belonging, altnatsd is t - same district and square as th aoov . scribed property, being part of let No. 1 a s plan by Jos. Pilie, surveyor, dated April 32, 1829. deposited In th archives of Jos. ArmuJ. notary public, on May 4, 1829. Said lot M situated immediately in th rear of lot Ha 7. fronting oa Julia street, and ooaasarsfc so cording to aforesaid plan - by Louis H - Fill. 43 feet 4 lines front on aa alley ruaniof Oarart from Camp to St. Charles streets, 43 feet 1 Inch In width en tha rear Una. by 52 feet a depth between parallel lines, together w! J th nss of said alleyvay, and Is imrosdU: j in tbe tear of th firstly described prop .'. Tosether with nil the t. nil dines and lmr'"'' men is thereon, being a two - story brick bailu Terms Cah, and purchssera asaum t taxes due and exigible in 1894 over and sb the price of adjudication; 10 per cent - of purchase price required at time of sals Aets of sale before J. N. Wolfson, - SOttY public, at the expense of ths purchaseii. Je23 BO JTI 14 21 td - - ' - . BY DAJfZIGER. STERX. On Account of GIvlag Up Hou$ekee;r: Splendid Furnished Cotte.v No. 421 1 - 2 St Charles Avenue, Csrc Euterpe Street BROCATEIXE PARLOR tET dO Tltce) i Complete Bedroom Suits, Marwe J - w; - bies. Extension Table, Sideboard. BefrtT a tor. Carpets, Mattlrr. - Cane Chain, en. Pictures. Rugs, Curtains. Shade, Vij tres3es. Pillows. Bedding, Chtoa China Set (IOO Pieces). Kitchen Baft ". VtrnsUs, Home Comfort Oil Stw. tuba, Giobes, Etc.; th abov "' one year. - tv TiAKnfiirra j miTC. Auctioneer,"'" unvniT T.ii on ioa. . t 11 o'clock s. SW at residence. No. 421 1 - 2 St. CbariessreM. giving up houeskeeplng.. " i - Terms ussn. N. B. House tor rent, apply to 1 JyZl 22 38 COS STABLES SALES. na rf.L'BA Is' r ' PAYNE. ' SECOND CITY COURT of New 20,683. By virtue of a writ of nert to me directed by the Hon. Ernest yodxe of the Second City Court of N V?f2 I will proceed to sell at public aceUoa at" warehouse. No. ttS (new Nx 429) Boyal strew, between Contl. and St. Louis srreets. Second district of this city, on i" th 1st day of August. 1894, at 11 m., the following described property, ' One lot of Ltousebod Furniture. Seized In the above entitled and WW" cause, as per inventory on file in my " - v Terms Cash on the spot. ' Ut,u. - P. AD. FORTIER, Conss, Second City Court of New Oriosns. Jy21 2Saol - at S3 WSaSnla

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  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 21 Jul 1894, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • Antoine Lanata succession sale

    nedshelton – 29 Mar 2013

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