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Ida Behrend - i SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED .t Act Being Presentation...
i SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED .t Act Being Presentation of XMtimonials , rcpria TTho Hare Maintained HIgk i.Terages. i --385 --385 --385 7 of the District Leaders .. Announoecl, ell a the Candidates Who : 'r Saeceeded I.izxg the Examinations for the : . High 8ohools, ; Daal Lair Number Creditably ; TnnnlBg the Goal 1 Meeting Credit Upon the Pnb-Ha Pnb-Ha Pnb-Ha : Safiiool Sjstem of the X J Delightful City. it teuton 180&-99 180&-99 180&-99 of the city public cloMd jeaterdaj. end they will r -en -en Ocfc'l. The lt day of the ach v 1. :':e year was marked with fitting cere-8 cere-8 cere-8 ii.ei. and ' with the dUtiibntlon of e. :iX tertiflcatea and testlmonlala to n itoriona pnplla. In erery school there f :e held exerclaei of mualc, aong and r :uUana by the pnplla, and the young V ?cple were . frequently and deservedly i;j!adta by, parents and friends. g-erlntendent g-erlntendent g-erlntendent Warren Easton said Cut a was pleased with the work of the t icitrs during the past year, and wltn tit nautta of. the examinations, which flowed that the teachars and the pupils rere thoroughly In sympathy and . In caMqnenca of Intelligent training and r:efuT study,, the percentage of admls-t admls-t admls-t as from the grammar grade to the t schools was gratifylngly Urge. ' lie superintendent and the directors t "I atttre and pleaalng parts In the --'batfoa --'batfoa --'batfoa of -certiflcates -certiflcates and of teatl-' teatl-' teatl-' i in, yeaterday rafaUw: : irDfatrtet-Dlrector irDfatrtet-Dlrector irDfatrtet-Dlrector T. J. 8tanton. . .: Hjwga-Jio. Hjwga-Jio. Hjwga-Jio. 11. JicDonogh No. 30 and . t - ' ;- ;- - . j. .rectat :'. Blrjaoqnes: Webster, S. J. Feters and KcDonogn No. 13. Director E. F Kohnke: Normal Prac-t: Prac-t: Prac-t: s- s- Department, , CUo, Jackson, Girls, i t Jackson, Boys. . Messrs. -Stanton, -Stanton, Slrjacqaca and Jhnke: Franklin School. aecoui District Director F. D. C tiro-tea: tiro-tea: tiro-tea: . McDonogh No. IT. : Director JE. I. Flo ranee: McDonogh No. 14- 14- -- -- v; . Directors SL F. Flo ranee and C. L. De-FQentes? De-FQentes? 8L. and of friends on her well-deserved well-deserved well-deserved success, and a splendid future Is predicted for her high school course. HAROLD H. HALL, who passed Into the High School with a percentage of 98.5, was a student at McDonogh McDonogh No. 23, In Carrollton, for fire years, entering there In January, 1894. He Is the studious and bright 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old son of Mr. Alfred L. Hall, of Hillary and Elm streets. Seventh district. Each year Master Hall has received testimonials, testimonials, certifying to his merit and worth as a scholar. On his examination percentage percentage he wins this rear the Peabody bronse medal for the districts above Canal Canal street, and also a gold medal offered for best percentage from the Sixth and Seventh districts among the boys. Master Master Hall Is looked upon as a most promising promising youth, and that a brilliant future awaits him Is confidently believed by his well-wishers well-wishers well-wishers and admirers. MISS MATHILDE GREVEMBERG. the leading pupil of the eighth grade of Webster School, Is the bright young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Grevembarg. Since entering the fifth grade of this school. Miss Grevemberg has always been at the head of her class, bringing home the best monthly reports and always securing yearly testimonials. It was yesterday announced that she had won the Peabody medal for the First -district. -district. Thin was an honor- honor- upon which sne wuv receire muca congratoiattsnv since she was extremely popular with her teachers and classmates and they gladly accord her this prlrllege. The bright pupil of the Fourth district district Is MISS MAY K. LATTER, who led her classmates In the eighth grade of McDonogh No. 1. She receire the bronze medal for highest percentage in her district. Entering McDonogh No. 7 in the first grade, she remained at that school through the fourth, and In the fifth entered No. 1 school In 1894. Miss Lauer was born in July. 1882. and is therefore 17 years old. She holds a a medal or other reward, ilttle' Aaron always always succeeded in winning It by .dint of hard work and bis natural acute faculties. faculties. . A year and four months ago, his father, Mr. Lazarus Levy, died, and since 'that time his widowed mother has been conducting conducting the business. In addition to bis success In bis studies, the boy has earned and possesses the highest recommendations recommendations of his teachers for good conduct and general good behavior. He has never attended attended ajy other than the public schools, and the niagnlflceht record he obtained Is a tribute to the public school system of this city. Happy, Indeed, was the widowed mother mother of Aaron Levy yesterdny, for not only did her darling boy carry off all the honors In the school and district, but his sister Theodora, a pupil of Franklin School, aged 13 years, received the medal In her class the sixth grade in Miss E. Graff's room. Then, again. Max, his little little brother, only 8 years of age, received a testimonial In his class, also in McDonogh McDonogh No. 13 School. - In addition to his studies, Aaron Levy has had time to devote to amateur photography, photography, and the photograph from which the sketch of him In this paper was taken was developed by himself. MISS IDA BEnREXD. the lovely daughter of Mr. John Behrend, the well known pharmacist of the Second district, succeeded In capturing the hon ors or mat district. Miss Behrend is but 14 years of age, and besran her education at MUs la- la- mothe's private school, going from there to aicuonogn o. 15. where she completed completed the eighth grade. She carried off the Peabody district medal and the teacu-er's teacu-er's teacu-er's medal, donated by Miss Brown, of the above school. WILLIAM F. OWEN, JR., street. Master Pourslne was one of the brightest and; most studious pupils In that Institution and has received much deserved deserved -Braise -Braise for his ability as an essay ist. -.. -.. , ' ADMISSIONS TO HIGH SCHOOLS The following are the admissions from grammar graae to nigo scaoou: M'DONOGH HIGH SCHOOL NO. 1 BOT8. Canal- Canal- . Admls- Admls- Flrst District dates. slona. Jackson . 1 18 McDonogh No. 18 1 1-4 1-4 1-4 McDonogh No. 17 9 . Total 41 41 Second District Beauregard 2 2 8t. (Philip lO - lO McDonogh No. 28 2 1 Total 14 13 Third DUtrict McDonogh No. IS lO 10 McDonogh No. 6 11 - 10 McDonogh No. 3 V.. 8 8 Gayarre 1 1 McDonogh No. 12 7 1 Total 37 So Fourth District Laurel 0 9 Live Oak 4 ' 4 McDonogh No. lO 16 IS J. P. Benjamin ............. 8 o Total 3& S3' Fifth District McDonogh No. 4 .... 10 10 Sixth DUtrict McDonogh No. .7 25 25 McDonogh No.' 14 17 17 Total 43 42 Seventh District McDonogh No. 23 7 7 Grand total 1S6 182 Prirata schools S M'DONOGH HIGH SCHOOL NO. 2 GIRLS. . Candl- Candl- Admls- Admls- Flrst District dates. alona. Jackson 16 16 Webster 13 13 Franklin 23 23 McDonogh No. 11 ........... 26 26 Total 78 78 Fourth District McDonogn No. 1 23' 23 McDonogh No. 8 It li Magnolia 'J 26 J. r. Benjamin 3 3 Total .... 73 71 Sixth District McDonogh No. 7 19 1 MoDonogh No. 14 . . . 21. , 21 Total ' . . 40 0 Seventh Dlatrict McDonogh No. 23 0 ' . Grand Total 197 15 U'DONOG-H U'DONOG-H U'DONOG-H HIGH SCHOOL. NO. 3 GIRlA Candl- Candl- Admis-Second Admis-Second Admis-Second District dates. slons. McDonogh No. 18 11 g j Beauregard 3 8 McDonogh No. 15 , . 21 21 I McDonogh No. 28 . g 4 V Total 43 36 Third District McDonogh No. 16 .....' 8 8 McDonogh No. 9 .... 12 12 McDonogh No. 2 .... 27 25 Gayarre '..... 6 a Washington Total 69 87 TUth District BeUerille ...... 21 Grand total ...... .... 123 114 Private schools 1 SCHOOLS. Applicants admitted to McDonogn High School No. 1: Jackson Boys School Sol. Weiss, Alfred Alfred D. Danslger, Leo. G. Aschaffenberg. Leon Kabn. Irvln H. Isaacs. Roscoe H. Korey, Maurice C. Goldstein, Alphonse C. Goldsmith. Alfred Deiler. Edward C. Reese. Albert G. Miller. Henry J. Judge, Joseph B. Wynne, Joel Levy, Arthur A. Levy.'Rollo P. - 1 Bergman, Adah J. Black, Elsie M. Bulst, ijene j. Corcoran. n;tta M. Kngeimann, lay F. Grant. Zella M. Barnett, LUUe L. Bernard. Lillian D. Boullgny, Addle P; CalUban. Florence K. ' Elmer, Ella Flaherty. Flaherty. Anna Ha'rt, Bertha Jacbens, Mae R. Klock. Amelia J.. Moeller, Mary A.1 O'KJef. Agnes Zabala, Edna A. Kane,' Viola H. MenteL Eva R. Novel, Marguerite Marguerite R. Watts. . - . McDonogh School No. 11 'Maggie Barret, Barret, Henrietta Bosch.- Bosch.- Marcella Crellin. Edna Hattler, Georgie Howard, Isabel Keen, Ruby ' Lawler, EUzaoetn Long, Josephine Martlnea, Georgine Messer-smltn. Messer-smltn. Messer-smltn. Alice Reine, Annie Shannon, Mol-e Mol-e Mol-e Taney, Belle Brennan, Agnes Colbert, Magdalena Fox, Louise Holzhauser, Frankte Johnson, Rose Koepke, Lucy Lenas, Etta Markey, Blanche McGee, Katie Mitchell, Leah 8euws. Katie Sullivan. Sullivan. Louisa Vols. MoDonogh School No. 1 Gussle Berk-son, Berk-son, Berk-son, Mary Brennan. Louise Conn, Alice Foley, Stella Gilmore. Gertrude Johnson, May Lauer. Nellie O'Connor, Nellie Onion. Bella Qutnn. Edith Boner, Sadie Canghey, Stella Farlsh. Hazel Gensllnger, Josephine Hull. Louise Kenney, Bertha McPeake, Netta Odgen, Dora Powell, Louise ' Raquet. Katie Sinclair, Daisy White. Mabel Telson. McDonogh School No. 8 May Butler. Lizzie Denlgre, Janle Hatter, Florence Hopkins, Alice Keith, Edna Mulligan, Ruby Pelle, Florence Rensbaw; Coralle Shuber, Margaret WIrth. Clotbllde Cano, Theresa Earn art. Sallle Hollingswortn, Emma Hubener, Rosa Mock. Bessie Mul-vey, Mul-vey, Mul-vey, Viola Pelle. Marlon Bherrard, Laura Winn. Magnolia School Hattle C. Allen, Amelia L. Borer. Miriam de Castro, Gladys Ehlers, Ethel A. Hoffmann, Beulah Beulah Lob, Katie M. McDonald, Emmie Parger. Louise. Payne, Carrie Plaswlrth. Viola Schomaker, Bmlly D. Sumner, Augusta Augusta Waldhorn, Emma Benedlc, Carrie Brill. Pearl Cenas,- Cenas,- Myrtllla. E. Given, Louise Kroper, Carrie Lynch. Glover Mc-Intyre, Mc-Intyre, Mc-Intyre, Susie Paul. Bessie Phelps, Lucie C. Pond. Rosa Staeble. Edna Vallas, Mary B. Wright. Judah P. Benjamin Misses Florence Heath, Amelia Lands, Florence B. Winter. Winter. McDonogh School No. 7, Girls' Kate Adams, Agnes Armstrong, Selma Block, Georgiana Bohne, Agnes Bruns, Julia Byrne. Eloise Dehn. Viola Grosch, Bessie James, Mabel Jordan. Alice Mayer. La-vlnla La-vlnla La-vlnla Perroucel, Nellie Qulnlus, Norma Randolph. Eva Schaff, Caroline See man, Beulah Wahl, Cora Walshe, Phllomene Weisch. McDonogn School No. 14. Girls' Nettle Branlng. Lenora Cefalu, Corinne Christian, Christian, Louise Cornforth, Fanny Knsign, Hilda Grabenheimer, Olive Hardy, Annie Hurwltz, Sadie Irvine. Annie Kenney, Lo-retto Lo-retto Lo-retto Magee, Lena Heyering, Carrie Miller, Miller, Louise Mix. Edith Oliver, May Powell, Powell, Josle Reckner, Rosa Tandy, Camlile Walther, Louise Zell, Mary Zell. McDonogh School No. 23 Walterine Bertaut, Bessie Dickinson, Lena Dollln-ger, Dollln-ger, Dollln-ger, Helen Heuchert, May Richards, Irma Stubbs. Private Schools Natalie DeRussy, Ruby I. Mugnler, Lillian O'Dowd, Esther Stiles. May Ward, Charlotte Zetzmann. ADMISSIONS TO M'DONOGH HIGH SCHOOL NO. 3. McDonogh School No. 18 Juanlta Leh-mann, Leh-mann, Leh-mann, Lucy DUslmone.- DUslmone.- Louise Lehmann, Lucie Trone, Alice Barrois, Camille PI j chet, Theresa Azzalt, Stella Wolkart. , McDonogh School No. 28 Rita Berton- Berton- alere. Nemea Tbeard. Jeanne Larose. Leonllne Mora no. . Keauregara -acnooi -acnooi -uure -uure Mate, uiiian Nelson. Birdie BlrteL: , McDonogh School No. 15 Ida Behrend, Emily OXonnell, Blanche Phillips, Alice Banvllle, Lulu d'Herete, Anita Stalgg, Oiympe Crosat, Blrtlei Delery, Hilda towards, towards, Edna Sallettes, Aitne Majonnler, Hattle Edwards, Emma Cologne, Anita (Juintana, Ceiina Vlosca, Anna Znest, Ada Schumert, Fortunee D.urel, Jeanne Durand, Bessie Beaachamp, Amelie i'las-aon. i'las-aon. i'las-aon. - McDonogh School No. 16 Misses Bertha Bertha Scott, Leonora Sanahez, Edna Ma- Ma- lone, Alicia uraetk josepmne uecuera, Ceclle Hattier, Stella Gliioly, Anatasia rlck, Odette Delery, Lonlse Dow. Bertna ueimei. iiuian Dupiain, Camille Duplala, Margaret Echeza-bal. Echeza-bal. Echeza-bal. Elizabeth Elchfnger, Etbel Enochs. Lulu Failer, Lydia Frotscner, Mamie Gleason. Olive Harris, ?Fy Hunter, Eva Howe, Ida Husson, Elsie Hooper, Xu in Kelts, Louise Leplev, Alice de Lappe, Louise Ladleu, Clothllde Martinez, Christine Mischler, Josephine Norlea, Sophie Opdenweyer, Isabelle Par-pal,; Par-pal,; Par-pal,; Iris Perry, Gertrude Relsch, Troy Rovlra, Adele Richards. Nellie Stevens. Johanna Thompson, Florence Terrebonne. (Mercedes Terrebonne. Florence Scott. Alma Wolkart. JUNIORS PROMOTED TO INTERME- INTERME- DIATE CLASS. Misses Annie ' Abry, Marie de Ayala, Carrie Brewer, Anna Broussard, Ceiina Barthau, Florence Bentz, Lutle Boothby, Lulu Brennen. Roee Byrne, Alice Clark, Jeanne Crawford, Louise Darrah, Stella Dupas, Rita Gabert, Carrie Gensler, Re-nee Re-nee Re-nee Gautier, Jnes - Gautler, Elizabeth Gull lot, LUlian Garic, Rose Garland, Ed-wlna Ed-wlna Ed-wlna Habans, Lily Hahn, Laura Hartley, Carrie Herrmann, Addle HIngle, Amelia Hunger, Alvina Johnson, Ceiina Lambert. Ceclle LeBesque, Annie Lawrence, Lonlse Lot-bat, Lot-bat, Lot-bat, Valerie Lafleur, Emma Meatier, Mathllde Mauberret, Fannie Meegel, Lillian Meunler, Zullca Nlcollni, Katie Oliver, Edith O'Brien, Ruby Perry, Leila Pulsseguer, Laura Ray, Alice Relf, Ceclle Salvant, Elsa Saunler, Inez Sblsa, Walda Tredup. Irene Theard, Isabelle Vanden-bore, Vanden-bore, Vanden-bore, Ceiina Vlnet. Anna White, Bertha Williams, Carrie Wischan, Irene Wilder, Francis Wagner. TESTIMONIALS AWARDED. The Honor Roll of Pnptls lav the Grammar Schools. Following is the entire roll of pupils to whom testimonials were awarded yesterday: yesterday: , First District. JACKSON BOrS SCHOOL. Eighth Grade Isabella Simmons. .Principal .Principal Sol Weiss, Alfred . D. Danslger, Leo G. Aschaeffenburg, Leon Kane, Irv'n H. Isaacs, Roscoe R. Korey, Maurice C. Goldstein, Alphonse C. Goldsmith, Alfred Deiler, Edward-C. Edward-C. Edward-C. Reese, Albert G. Miller, Miller, Joseph B. Wynne. Joel Levr. Harrv J. Judge. Arthur A. Levy, Rollo P. Htnck- Htnck- ley, jonn j. uonony, Arthur M. Seck-bach, Seck-bach, Seck-bach, Edward C. Goldsmith. . Scehth Grade J. Brohn, Assistant-William Assistant-William Assistant-William Ahern, Stanford Beer, Otto Briede, Milton Casper, Charles Eckhsrdt, Jonas Lehmann, Benjamin. Reese, Eming-ham Eming-ham Eming-ham Rutledge, Jules Wolbrette. Sixth 3rade L D. Pickens, Teacher Charles Allaln. Brook Dickson, Alex Morales, Robert Henley. Charles Bloom, John Gyer, Harry Meyer, Frank Kin-berger. Kin-berger. Kin-berger. ' Edward Skelly. Fifth Grade C. Forrer. AssUtant Edward Edward Russell, Harry Walsh, Owen Smith, Prltto Spreen, Emlle Deith, Clifford Kern, Herman Becker, Edward Pradat, Dapcnt Hoyle, Jesse Atkinson, Hugh Rlely. Fourth and' Fifth Grades M. Nunnally, Teacher Jacob Cohen, Roy R. Bastian, A. Donovan, George Scullln. Fourth Grade C. Mlms, Teacher Geo. W. Caster. . Alexander Fitzgerald. August H. F. Laborde, F. Janssens Petagna. Third Grade M. C. Lancaster, Teacher. Bernard Levy, Joseph Marglotta, Chester Chester Vlx, Walter Crane, Coryella McKln-ney, McKln-ney, McKln-ney, Joseph Kllleen, Thomas Maxwell, John Garrlgan, George Wtedeman, Nor- Nor- Oert Hinckley,- Hinckley,- Clarence weatrnarry Crane. Frank . Cleaner. Thomas Haydea. Harry Engleman, Geo. Scauman. Arthur Second Grade Idabel 'H.. Glefers. Teacher John Craig,. Frank Danna. . Lester Lester Desforges, Henry J. Ennemoser, John Matthew Gourdain. James Hlggins, Law rence- rence- Jefferson K.ern, "William oJaain Lowe, Solomon Stern, Edward S John, Thomas Terry. Henri Wolbrette. First Grade M. Benedlc, Teacher- Teacher- Joseph Coburn, 'Joseph Dunn, Watson naabert. Albert . Fleming. Henry Kron, Charles Levi, Molse Lichtentag. Byron T.eiirflel1. John Miller. Peter Wiebelt. ' Chart -Grade -Grade Julia Ennemoser, Teach- Teach- er-AJohn er-AJohn er-AJohn Bacon, B. caster, j. uougias, Josephine TonrsendL "Mary i Mardalea.' Ameniua Qneen, Wnham McCnrdyf Chas! Ewings, iWilUam Russell, Ina Bryaitl Fann: Booth. Jane Richardson. f7 W rY?J. Grade Eloise . A. Bibb, Teache-Rr? Teache-Rr? Teache-Rr? "on ownee WllUanlTNei-a WllUanlTNei-a WllUanlTNei-a BenderEmma Curtis, AdllaeLaTance. Weat. "rk:-' "rk:-' "rk:-' OnT.tK.-SSSni OnT.tK.-SSSni OnT.tK.-SSSni McDONOGH SCHOOL NO. 13. . Elgh4i Grade, A. B. KlrgroTe. Prl -PalAfroa -PalAfroa Levy, Joseph Dresner, V. u-kl0,. u-kl0,. u-kl0,. Lark-n, Lark-n, Lark-n, , Herbert ItS11 UchteovatelnV - r Mono a "hea- "hea- ,WiiUam Proctor. Jacob tockT Hanafay ! ' Tio-Seventh Tio-Seventh Tio-Seventh Grade M. B. Flnerty, Teacher TS. arPAr Fltzslmmon s. Arthur Schnefder.LonU Marals, . Edmou i Woods, Emile Gtech, Dennis .Laccy. Abraham Rosa. Louis 6tto. -ZZs:??" -ZZs:??" Sixth Grade L B. Grant. '.Teaoi-r-i '.Teaoi-r-i '.Teaoi-r-i '.Teaoi-r-i '.Teaoi-r-i hv JiacWer. Harry ,Karotentt,t Z7wUrll" Kobert J. BoswortV tsaWagner. (Marx Bernstein, Theodor IKS cSman. Sixth Grade C. A. O'Cormnor, TeacT.rr Henry Helnman, Anthony RJerer. vr. Nobles. Harry Marksf Theodore KJrh.nerUrJoeI'a Gaon. Leopold M!t- M!t- JonOThanncn. -Flfti -Flfti Grade M. - Mulvey, Teacher Abraham Ra-banovitch. Ra-banovitch. Ra-banovitch. Harry Leland. John Apffei, Samuel Goldman. Guy Av cock, Herman Buaoh. Willie fcerr Cr r:i Kami ens, Hardon Grant. - , .' .Fifth- .Fifth- Grade-'M. Grade-'M. Grade-'M. Hewitt.' Teacher Jes McQulthy, Charles Hickey, WaUer a1, DTaTKld SUler Max HeUer; Jamei AngelL John Meyer. , . - .- .- v Fourth Grade Emma K. Lloyd, TeacherSolomon TeacherSolomon Levy. Edward Kaxstenilelc, Charles Grosa Eugene Moore, Rudolph Otto. Andrew Caldwell, John Kruse. - Fourth - Grade M. Bull. Teacher August August Abramson, . Philip Abbott. - Samuel Bernstein. Jolfn " Barcelo, Charles Cnsl-mano. Cnsl-mano. Cnsl-mano. Charles Durr, Albert Jachens, At-wood At-wood At-wood Klinger, Hugo Marks, Bernard Martin. Martin. WllUam Martin, Tullle Powell, Chas. Passafnme,. George, Schneider, Thomaa Wells. . 1 . Third Grade K. Kostmayer, Teacher-Eugene Teacher-Eugene Teacher-Eugene Bellard. James Carlev, Clarence Doiaseau..' Abram Lahasky, Max Levy, Leo t Ory. Christian Pottharst, Abra; . Rabinovlta. : Helman Rabinovltz. Andre -Rogers, -Rogers, Albert Spage, Louis Trudeau. Third Grade L. Campbell, Teacher-Frank Teacher-Frank Teacher-Frank Brunet. Herman Nebel. Emlle l-trosky, l-trosky, l-trosky, Andrew Sperandeo, Body Kei: Israel Slobatsky, Joseph Loper, liar. . Peters. Jacob Tulbowlts, George Flet t-rlch. t-rlch. t-rlch. Nathan Rosenberg, August Monjur Nathan KoLtun. Fred Brechtel, Al . Zahn, Jr.. Frank. Eberle, Louis -L. -L. man..' Oscar : Gomez, Frank Fehrentac Chaa Henry, . -" -" , Second Grade M. McElllgott, Teacher-Alfred Teacher-Alfred Teacher-Alfred Wedge, John Wild, Max Cover, John Conn. Henry Bretta, Benito Vr Edward Bnrke, Albert Nuss, Fre Glsch. Leopold Brockhover, Edward I .- .- -stlns. -stlns. Victor GareL ' Second Grade Ada Jenks. Teacher" . -dolph -dolph Blum, Peter Tortorich, Marco t -randlo. -randlo. - Bossoro Sperandlo, Sam L. -netto. -netto. Rudolph Schneider, Julius Jope- Jope- . Anthony Schiro, Harry : Katz, E- E- Jachens. Willie Campbell, Emmett lie. , Herman Harris. Freddie Hollander, Li .. Campbell, John Morris, Herman Schluc-ser. Schluc-ser. Schluc-ser. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- a . - , ' , . . ., Second Grade Mrs.:' M. ' E. ' Pearo', Teacher Willie Henry, Sidney Durr, Martin Martin Brinkman. Willie Flynn, Israel Bre-ner. Bre-ner. Bre-ner. Michael Creagh, Oscar Abrainsc-, Abrainsc-, Abrainsc-, Edwin Krumm, .Walter ArmbrusterJB -lei -lei Conkerton, Adolph Slekman, Frau ' , Fltzslmons. ; Carl Pottharst, Jos.- Jos.- Cou? , Paul Calegas, Engene Seltz, Isidore I -senberg, -senberg, Gerrard Raymond,, De Wit Clark. - ' ' - - First Grade A. M. '' Frits, Teacher-Reginald Teacher-Reginald Teacher-Reginald McFeely. James Dempsey, Isidore Isidore Koltun,- Koltun,- Helmon Pallet." Max II. Rlchter. Edward P. Flettrteh, Emlla Ca-netto. Ca-netto. Ca-netto. Carlos Compea, Hugh Wllker. Anthony Anthony Bora. Jas. E. Barry. Leo Kearn. I sad ore Mondshlne, Matt. Hannan,.Jo L. Flettrteh. Jr. "- "- '.'. ' ' , , First Grade L- L- C.eClosker, Teacher 8amuel , Greve. Morris Helman, .Fre ...

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