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Robert M. Schaffer - auto accident - increaj- on Gd In. In. THE LOCK HAVEN EXPRESS...
increaj- on Gd In. In. THE LOCK HAVEN EXPRESS Not Only a Newspaper—A Community Asset THE EXPRESS cover* the newt of Clinton County S • f •'-..' and adjacent areoi, and prtvidit the most effectivt odvertislna m«- dium to reach that entire section. Vol. 79, No. 12' LOCK HAVEN, PA., MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1960 VO Pages Seven Cents Car Wreckage Scattered Through Hanna Park A wheel and part of an axle from (he car of nicncing with a collision with a parked car on Robert M. Shaffer, 126 E. Bald Eagle St., lie in Susqiiehanna Ave. Other parts of Die aiitomo- Hanna Park, a short distance from a tree which bile were scattered about the park. One Car's Fender Imbedded in Another's (ore off (he right rear door in a crash coin- Adenauer Defends Gov'f s Democracy _ in-(breakfast "with Francis Cardinal NEW YORK (AP)-West Ger-| man Chancellor Konrad Adenauer i says his nation today is a practic- j ing democracy, ancl he blames recent recent anti-Semitic incidents there on a "minute minority of neo- Nazis." "Be convinced," said AdenauvH- Sunday, "that- this Germany is a democratic Germany and that none of its Jewish citizens will suffer any harm or damage." Soviet Blamed Adenauer said: "Behind everything everything that is being said here and there against Germany, there is the concerted will of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union wants to drive. a wedge between the German German and American people in order to shift the political balance of the world in favor of the Soviet Union, "I assure you that the spirit of Germany today is far from being anti-Semitic or Nazi." Practicing democracy, Adenauer Adenauer said, "seems to be a difficult thing, as you can sec from the debate in the United States Senate." Senate." He apparently alluded to the civil rights debate. Asks Tolerance "I might, therefore, ask your Sun Satellite Setting Records with Radio Data Pioneer V Hits nearly 6,000 mph on Way into Space WASHINGTON (A>P) - America's America's Pioneer V satellite sped 0:1 through space today after setting a new long distance communications communications record. Around noon today, the beach- ball-size sphere was expected to pass the 500,000 mile mark in its vast solar orbit. Thc new record was set at 8 p.m. Sunday when NASA receiving receiving stations in California ,uul Hawaii picked up "excellent" radio radio signals from the sphere which then was 409,0(30 miles out, soaring along at 5,955 miles per hour. Pioneer IV, launched a year tolerance and linden-standing for ago, set the previous long distance the German Parliament and at limes our federal government," he said. The 84-year-old German leader has a busy Sunday. He spoke at a luncheon of the American Council on Germany. Earlier, he had (Express Photo) Here is a photo of thc cur of William J. Sknm- aral<, of Susc|uehanna Avc., parked near his home 1 , showing a fender of Robert M. Schafl'er's car imbedded in thc fender of (he Skanuiruk car. The Sehall'cr automobile continued on for more than 500 feet and ended up n wreck in Hanna Park, (Express Photo) Robert Schaffer Fair after Crash Demolishes Car Many Stitches Needed; Injuries Are N f ot Critical Robert M. Schaffer, of 126 E. Bald Eagle St., was very severely but not critically hurt 'Saturday night at 7.40 on Susquehanna Ave. near city line where his car hit a parked automobile, traveled erratically erratically for 555 feet and landed, demolished, with no rear wheels, near the middle of Hanna Park. Schaffer, who is 40 years old, was reported in fair condition this morning at the Lock Haven Hos- Finch and Girl Face New Trial; luryHungup Woman Juror Had Been Threatened, in Bitter Deadlock LOS ANGELES (API - Wnin gling by jurors in the Finch murder murder trial almost erupted into /b- Icnce as the seven women n:id five men deliberated to a bitter, exhausting deadlock. |pital. This was, (lie report today ofj He suffered severe cuts of the two members of Ihc panel—one a j chin, lesser cuts of the scalp, face woman who said that at one point ' nose a "d left foreleg: had his left a male juror threatened to throw;car split, and his right ear nearly icr her' out a window of the loni from nis llcad - He was x ' locked jury room. rayed for possible fractures of the The jury' was dismissed Satii"- sku11 - J aw * chest ' ribs - lcft le § lay after 'failing to agree whether i ancl lcft ni P- There wil1 be a fur " Dr. R. Bernard Finch. 42, and; ther re P° rl - nis mistress, Carole Tregoff, 23, Use More Than 70 Sutures Car a Wreck after Landing in Hanna Park without Rear Wheels Ready for the .junkyard is the automobile of Robert M. car on Susquehanna Avc. near the city line. The driver Is In the •Schaffer, of 136 E. Bald Eagle St., its rear wheels gone and one Lock Haven Hospital in fair condition after sustaining n number of i(s doors missing af(er a 555-foot jaunt after hitting a parked of painful but not critical injuries. had plotted ancl killed with a bill- The attending surgeon, who let-in-Uie-back the doctor's cs-! worked for more than an hour and (ranged wife, Barbara Jean Finch.! a half, said that more than 70 Face New Trial sutures were required to replace The- wealthy surgeon and his thc ri & ht ca ' - and close ol , her cuts ; onetime receptionist broke into j In face of an apparent absence of sobs when thc jurors announced l" 1 . 0 .™, 01 ; 11 ^ 1 »y""<*. the doctor they were deadlocked. They face | addofl: He s a ^ luck y bo >'' another trial. A dale will be set! Schaffer was traveling south on Thursdav. jSusquehanna Ave. His automobile While ' all seemed outwardly' 11 ' 1 'he car of William J. Skama- screnc during thc eight days of deliberations, reports of shouts, rak, 269 Susquehanna Ave., parked in front of Number 337. The im- insulls and near-violence came l )act tore off the ri § ht rear fender from two jurors-Louis Wcrne! of lhe Schaffer car and left it imbedded imbedded in the left rear fender of the Skamarak car, whose damage amounted to $200. Climbed Curb, Crossed Curb •'Schaffer's car proceeded for 225 feet and jumped the west curb. After travelling for an additional 120 foot, it crossed the avenue and leaped the curb into the park. From the east curb to the point it communications record. It sent back signals from 407,000 miles j before its radio batteries went dead. The sun's rays provide t.'ie electricity to operate the newest Pioneer's radio. Information relayed back from the spheres is being accumulated i Attack of Flu Penalties Urged in B.C. Man Hurt Delays Nikita's Violation of Orders near Renovo Trip to Paris and Genevieve Lang. Mrs. Lang, 34, a secretary, said a male juror turned the locked jury room into a panic Friday when he shouted at her: "I'm••?> ing to pick you up and throw you out the window." She said thc juror, whom she did not identify, started "to pick up the jury table—he started to take off his coat—I was scared. Bailiffs Called By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON (AP) Visit Visit Postponed to March 23; Deny 'Diplomatic Illness' Woman Saved from Spellman after Mass, and visited the MetroDolitan Museum of Art. Sunday night he attended a pi> rate dinner. | The chancellor,'who is enroute Search for Apache to Tokyo for a state visit, will go 'Eisenhower administration urs.;d| | House support today for a civil: IN • I i • i |rights penalty provision which the rQIQ ASSQSSIfl DV !Senate cut from its own bill fasti ' " cck iOff-Dutv Officer Ally. Gen. William P. Rogers U " UUI J vMIHUI MOSCOW (AP)—March 23 has 1 .said "it is of thc utmost impor- SPRING-FIELD, 111. 'AP> we were locked in that way." After bailiffs quiled the dispute, Mrs. Lang said: "1 want off the jury." However, she stayed on the s panel and the next clay they an- JRun. west of Renovo, when a IU)UIU . C( | lne deadlock—10 to 2 to came to a halt measured,another 140 f'eet-555 feet in all. At the "One woman ran for the buzzer! I™""; of ils lea P' from the east curb and buzzed for the bailiffs. A.i-l l ° the park ', th ? re wa * a 3 °- foot other screamed hysterically at the!™ 6 ?™ 01 ! 1 , wherein there were door. It was terrifying to realize| no tracks whalsoevei ' RENOVO—George Bowes of. Beech Creek was badly injured I this morning about 8.5,1 at Hall's The car passed between two trees in the park, smashing broadside broadside into one of them and tearing the right rear door off. The rear wheels were already missing at that' point, presumably having bulldozer ho was operating, went convict , ilc bakiing surgeon of jbeen torn off at or near the east ,...„.-. .1-., . .,rl ,. .. »,.**lO<t«. ! ^'****~'* * over a bank. He was admitted temporarily at lhe llenovo Hospital where he- was treated for .seven* shock. second-degree murder and 8-4 to acquit his pretty mistress. Werner, Ofi, retired sales man- iilcniilied the two male _ An : Arransi'menls wuro quickly made! jm . 01 . s s t am |j n r; between Finch and anal y zcd Jatc1 ',been agreed upon as the new date!tancc" that Congress authorize ; off-duty state trooper raced across' fur his lransfor '" llu ' 1)ivinc j"a five-year-to life prison sentence Uor Soviet Premier Nikita Khrush- j fines and prison sentences against „ , '. ,.„,, ,. ,. | Providence Hospital at Williams-, :)S Dolores Jaimez, 33. and Edrlia IU1 30\ieL 1 iCiniCM .MKlia I\niUS,l-|UIH;S illlU pUMJIl M-mUlll-l-a iiycllIlM „ o,,,,,,, D.K.l/prl mcL- | 0 V -il ' ISUHH\..-> uuniiif., ,~, uuv, j.,,,,,!^ chev to visit fiance, (he Soviet j persons who willfully use force «t; ' ... , ' ' iport. They did not have any re- Lindsay, 2!!, both Los Angelcr, to Washington Tuesday to confer with President Eisenhower. State Funds for Roads llAniUSBURG 'AP;— Gov. Lawrence reported today that distribution distribution of the first part of 30 million dollars in state aid to communities for road construe- inews a \ I .71 I 1 J till ^ «- , IIIW ( .ji4t;i.lJ'v.*'J«ij.j'i»iv*'»*ttiit» t > L.i.iwiuikwui ._. . . _ f • • *• :encv Tass announced to-threats of force to interfere with tcrnfieci molhcr - flcc '"« f' % «m-aiporl there at noon. postal employes. Missing in West U. S. BURLEY, Idaho (AP) jday. Thc visit will continue unlil court-ordered .school integration, man who told police ho was hired j At the Renovo Hospital, whercj pj nc h an;l Carole remain Aprils. ' ' in Khrushchev originally j Eliminated by Senate 'by ha:li 'f; lc , Donate last week eliminated BURLEY, Idaho (\P) — V "••""•""•"<-• «"•.,«'«».> ».•>•! Tl)c Donate last week eliminated -xw- search was under way today fj.;P lanncd to start his vi f Sunday.].such a provision after first amend- ! State Trooper William a light airplane reported missing J ut J j was announccd he W ; IS |HI« it lo apply to interference kamp. unarmed, brouj-hl on a flight fromBurlev Idaho <o , l ° L post|)nn( l ll ovcr . ;Jlc . with federal court orders in labor; die — 1 - 1 - « '•- Las Las Vegas, Nov. " " w «kend becau Aboaixl the Piper Apache were in[luenza ' Wes Stoddard, 50, of Anchorage, I Cllt lo 12 Da - vs , - ., -Alaska; -Alaska; his wife, Helen, 49; their Tilc new SL ' liet ' lllc cuts thc ia fifth week of debate on its own crushing her car into his. her husband to kill her t,n-;he was not fully examined due iojcounty jail. Their attorneys ray his condition, he was believed lo.(h(.>v will ask for their release on weekend because of an attack of ;and ()thcr disputes as well im Dahl- dowji with a Parts of the car were strewn over a wide area of the park. A rear wheel, with the tire still intact, and a part of the axle came to rest near a tree which tore off the door. (See pictures on this page). City police said that they had not found any witnesses to the crash. Richard A. Munro of Munroville, who was visiting at a Susquehanna Ave, home, said i MI-. i • • J , •! ,,,i i- • , i i VJt a 'JU-^iLnriianiia .\vt, mumc, have possible mternul ...jurR-.s ancllb;,, . The d.slnct attorney says hc ;he saw ' (he dpjver slandi possible fractures. Bowes, aged about .30, his fellow i employes said, was removing 1 I will oppose such a move. •school integration. .., , . , ,, , . . I t1 11 III U * I .1 o til VI . .. t, .1 I .- . . »' > >»>f- a, flying tackle ate Saturday nr-nt ' , „.,„., J!m , (>n J{olllc ,/50 R eun j on Meeting short!v after the woman attract- ,,, . , ,•,„:-.i i.:.. ....... i ,.,., . , I 1 ". Tim Havnn Mit'h Sell daughter, Mrs. Hoi-ace Comoc, Although thc Senate is starting; e d his attention by deliberately The Lock Haven High School side the wrecked oaf after the accident. An ambulance took Schaffer to the hospital. Police visited the hospital last night at 7 but did not question French visit to 12 days. He ori^-jbill, its leaders still are counting 1 Burris. a grave digger, 1 !!' 011 *'" bcg ' n April 1- The a1 ' 1 ' 28 - also of Anchorage, ancl h'"r' inall >' had P lanned to s P cnd "•I 011 eventual passage of whatever quoted as saying lhat Alfred F. locatlon . W|U provide local road son. Randy, 6, and Stoddard'si bul some adjustment had be«n I measure thc House passes. ;Schwcska. :«4. paid him the mon,-y construction funds for all town- ships, boroughs and cities. aunt, Mrs. Joseph V. Lee. Today i cx P eclcd in vi f v of is the boy's birthday. I schedule of French (he tight j The penalty provision still is m:( 0 kill Mrs. Sdiweska, 28, President | the House bill, but Rep. Edwin'mother of three. the class of J!)50 has called a reunion Schaffer due lo his condition. He meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m. at: will probably be interviewed jlhe home of Mrs. Keith Kelly, 700 later. I\V. Walnut St. Committeemen re- county Accidents Two local girls, reported miss- : port the addresses of all 222 ing to Missing Girls Returned Saturday Two accidents on county roads G/s from U. S. flown to Battle Area' in Time Test Charles de Gaulle this spring. |E. \\'j)lis 'D-La> said an amend-; Schwc.ska. an engineer, was a ,-.| turned FT. CAMPBELL, Ky. (AP>would! Red " noscd militai 'y transport taken in peacetime and is De Gaulle will begin a four-day state visit to Britain April 5. only two days after Khrushchev!the Senate voted to do. mcnt will be offered to extend its rested and charged with being a i| lalldo ' lc .scope lo other kinds of cases as accessory before the fad of state pohcu March 2. re- >(l graduates have been oca ed. checkw , , slale ,. yc ' slerday to their homes from Or-, Thc tenth reunion.will be held on resulted ^ $ , * ^ .^ [•-la., Saturday, police ,aidiJune 2o, with a dinner and dance. Barfa ^ M[ . 8DuBoi . m- tended murder. today. The girls, Miss '^' Loy _. leaves. De Gaulle will go to the : Rogers sent his new request in Burris was charged with break-JGuerriero, daughter of Mr. and rlVC UI6 On United States April 10. (the form of a letter Sunday night,;,,,, an( | ( . n t or j ns tj lc Schweska! Mrs. Lewis ,). Guwriero, 1-10 Ivj By THK ASSOCIATKl) I'RKSS TJie prompt announcement of a<to Rep. William M. MeCulloch:), 0 me with intent to commit a ie!-iClinton St., and Donna Lee Craw-; At leant seven persons died active Route signed to flex the muscles of this' new date for the visit dissolved! (K-Ohio'. who had asked tiis' on y. Barbara L. Allen, 23, of DuBois, sustained a severely cut lower lip from one of the two crashes. Slate police said Miss Allen's car, .travelling south on Legisla- 18021 in Dunnstablo i • O 1 •""•*"•» **«*»*llUt3», 4V«5 V/i 1111,") ' i planes were transporting shiver- nation's missile-age defenses I;'si speculation that he might be suf-, views in the light of the Senate ing, red-nosed troops from snow-!chief purpose is lo see how quick-! fc ™S from a "diplomatic ill-jaclion. covered United States bases to-jly the Military Transport Service i ncss -" Di P lomats hcre had scoffc ' J i' | f<» Knforco Orders ford, daughter of Mr. and .Mr.s.V'idcntally in Pennsylvania ovi-nTownship at 5.20 p.m., skidded on Donald Crawford, Farrandsville.jthe weekend, tiie second lowest.a patch of ice ancl collided with returned by bus of their own ac-Uoll of Uie ve/ir. an.oncoming car driven by Paul !cord, one member of the liner- : Five were highway victims and E- Bower, 38, of 804 Seminary St.,

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