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WUEST WINS. He Is Elected President of the Board of Aldermen. ' Wb, H. Irwin Named for Vics-Presi-dent of the Same Body. Staking Dice to Determine Which Candidate Should Withdraw. A Red-Hot Fight Betweea Aldermen Want, Cherry and Buchanan, in Whieh the Former Comet Oat Tictor. Tbeoraiini.atioii of the Board of Aldermen Yesterday wax all that it promised to bc. Th're was a hot fight for the chair of hutiur. but Tiik ictb'.- prediction of fc'undar was verified and Charley Wuest was elected. Not only thi. but Mr. Chan. Tooker was named as tho compromiw candidate. uTm ICvt-mta said he would be. but there was no chance for him to win. and hu declined to b.t'ome a candidate. The candidate-, for the place were Messrs. i". V. i "berry. Thomas Buchanan and Cbas. 'tit"t. Mr. Cherry represented the amen turner of tle Board. Mr. Buchanan the "itrnmcli r ' element, while Mr. Wuest was there purely as a representative citizen and AlJeruian. WiiMt mill llurhanan bad the call, and to dtfTid.- the battle they met Sunday nisht and shook dice to decide who should withdraw, iliichanan won. arid it was understood tbat nest's friends were to rote for Buchanan, but at the lat minute the Cherry faction threw their lotes to Wuest and lie was elected. . I'rouiptly at three o'clock yesterday after noon jsatoii smith cii.i.ep thi ard to ordeb. Twenty-nine oufof the thirty members an- (trerfld to their names, the only absent mem ber beine Mr. (jrauiman. Mayor Smith then called for nominations for President. Mr. McLean nominated E. V. Cherry, and Mr, Stewart seconded the nomination. Mr. Ha yens nouunated M r. Wuest. and Mr. Wuest nominated Mr. Buchanan. Mr. Radel then moved that the nominations b&rloscd. This va curried, and the members were ordered to prepare their ballots. The first resulted u follows: For Mr. Cherry Messrs. Anthony. Bates JlUc-k. Curriuher. i ulbertson. McLean. Ki- frribenok, Seronebaum ami twart: total, 10. For.Mr. Bucha nan Messrs. Botts. Brenner. Jenker. FoKin. Hill. Irwin. Jennings. Iewtd. Mj-rTn'rn. RjkIpI. looker and nest; total, li ror Mr, nest Messrs. renner, Havens. Mefnbiich. PHsu-r and huw: total. S. Sixtmrn votes hems reiuiret for on elec tion. Mayor Muitli orrterert unotner ballot, The second resulted lis follows: Fur ( herrv Messrs. An thou v. Bates. Black. Cnlberlsou. McLean. Kifenberick. Stephens and ftewart: total. . For Mr. Buchanan Messrs. Botts.Brcnner, n...b-n ir..:,. uni r : i Murklein. Ttajel. ischonebaum. looker anJ AVuent; total. 13. For Mr. Wuest Messrs.. Carruthcrs. Fen- ner. Havens. Hembnch. Pliester and Snaw total. C. The third ballot was the same. It as evident that Wuest's friends were lesion. o. rather ttian see Mr. ttucbauan elected. CUKHKV'fc KK11CNIIS HELD A 1.ITT1.K COXrB. And decided to support Wuest after the next ballot. Ma or Smith coiled for rotes, and the tourth ballot resulted as follows: For Mr. Cherry-Messrs. Bates. Black, Kiienlerick hikI .Stephens: total. 4. For Mr. Wuest Messrs. Anthony. Carrn thers. Culbortson. I'enner. Havens. Hein- Ducli, ,icl.ean. 1'nester anil oiiaw : total, v. For iir. Buchanan, Messrs. Botts, Brenner, iHriker, Fauin. Hill. Irwin. Jennings, Lewis. Markleiu, Kadel, ich jnebauni andlooker tdtal 11'. Mr. Stewart cast ais rote for Ex-Vice-Presi dent Clark Bates. The liftb and lat ballot Tesulted in the election of Mr. Wuest. Dr. C'ulliertson arpse and aid Mr. Cherry wished withdraw in favor of Mr. Wuest. Mr. hchonebuuiii at once no.ninated Mr. Chas. jooKer. out ii r. looker declined to serve. The ballot was us follows: For Mr. Cherry Messrs. Black. Rifenberick and S bonebouui 3. For Mr. Buchanan Messrs. Botts, Brenner, Hill. Lewis mid Wuest total 5. For Mr. Wuest -Messrs. Anthony Bates. Carruthers. Culbertson, Denker. Fasui, Fen-ier. Havens. Heinbuch. Irwin. JenninKs. Mark'.ein. McLean. Fliester. Radel. Shaw. Mewart and Tooker total. 18. Mr. Wuet Wiis declared elected, and on motion of Mr. Lewis, Messrs. Buchanan and Cherry were appointed to escort tho new President to his chrar. Mr. Wue,t. upon being introduced, thanked the members for the honor conferred, and added that as his election was an unexpected event, he was not prepared to make a speech. He was duly thankful for the honor, however, and would try and be as impartial in his rulings as his predecessors have been. Mr. Wuest took the oath of of-lice adniioisterd by Mayor Smith and called NOMINATION TOR VICE Pr.KSI nTNT. Mr. Buchanan nominated Mr. Irwin. Mr. Heiiibuch named C. M. Fenner and Mr. Fagin named Mr. Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan declined to serve and ballots were called for. the first the result was: For Mr.: Irwm-Messrs. Anthony. Botts. Brenner, Buchanan. Fenner. Hill. Jennings. 1-wi.s. McLean. Nchnnehaum. Snaw. Stephens and Tooker total. 12. For Mr. Kennel Messrs, Bates. Cherry, Culbertson. Denker. Facin. Havens. Ilein-puch. Irwin. Marklein. Ptiester. Radel. Mewart and Wunst total. 1. Messrs. Black nd Kitenberick voted for Mr. Buchanan. the second ballot Anthony changed his role to Fenner. Jtl.tck changed bis to Irwin. Marklein changed his to Irwin. McLean changed his to Fenner. Kitenberick to Irwin .Stewart to Irwin, which gave Irwin 14 votes and Feuner 13. On the third bullot Mr. Irwin was elected vote boina: For Irwin Messrs. Botts. Brenner. Buchanan. Cherry. Culbertson, Fenner. Hill. Jennings. Lewis. McLean. Pfiester. Rifen-l arick. Schoiiebaum. Stephens and Tooker. "lotal. in. Far Mr. Fenner Messrs. Anthony, Bates, Black. 1'enker. Fagin, Havens. Heinbuch. Irwin. Mai kleitt. Radel and Wuest. Total. 1L, Mr. Irwin was declared elected. and. or motion oi Mr. Marklein. Messrs. Fenner and Marklein were appointed to escort Mr. Irwin the chair. He thanked the members for honor conferred upou bim. and was muni in by Mayor Smith. It was resolved theold rules for the government of the Board be adopted t XTII. NEW RfLE ARK Bf APE. And. on motion of Mr. Lewis, a coramitteeof tivcwu-s appointed on tintiuished business. President appointed Messrs. Lewiss. Buchanan. Cherry. Marklein and Suaw. The meeting then udiourned. Mr. Wuest. the new President, has been in Boa rd of Aldermen for the past two years, and during tbat time has proved htm-elf an industrious and attentive member, Wuest is a member of the tirmf'Wuest Sons, carriage and wagon man uf acta rera McMicken avenue, near Mohawk Bridge, was born ami raised in the Twelfth Ward, which be represents in the Board of Aldermen up to date, lie is an energetic young business man. who has the regard and esteem of all w ho know him. and lie will no doubt make a tirst-ulass President of the Board of Aldermen. Mr. W. H. Irwin, the Vice-PresideBjt. is a well-know n commission merchant in the bottoms, and is a resident of the First Ward. has been a faithful and attentive member of the Board, and is well thought of by merchants and business nien iu the bottoms. With Messrs. Wuest and Irwin at the head affairs in theBoard of Aldermen matters come before that Board axa sure to be cared for. .. , . .;. - a

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 09 Apr 1889, Tue,
  3. Page 8

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