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times-London-signature of departure
C - OMrUMKNTAKV ADDIIESM TO AXTIIOST BaECLIY, Fvxj., or Ntw Iiikh. " IVar Sir. We, the undersigned merchants and other residents of the city of New York, having learnt that your consular functions have been brought to a close, and that you are about to sail fur Europe, cauaot let you depart without this cordial expression of our esteem and confidence. confidence. " Without giving any opinion in regard to the diplomatic controversies whi h have seel your official connexion with reservedly to extrrss our rrsnect for vour tirrsonal and the high sense we entertain of the digiuty, urbanity. and efficiency with which you have for 13 years performed your public duties as Consul of Her Britannic Msjestr in this city. These d itws, always important and responsible. and sometimes delicate, nave been indetaugably, honour ion in regard to the diplomatic I to this abrupt termination of ' this community, w. desire un - r - ct for your personal worth bly, and faithfully discharg - d, while a spirit of high - ttindclconrtcryandkindlinesshas eminentlv charactcrited I your omcial conduct and your social intercourse. ' We part with you personally and officially with un - I feigned regret, and If g you to receive the assurance of our unabated regard and friendship, and our warmest wishes for your continued health and happiness. ' " We have the honour to 1, dear Sir, very respectfully, your friends and servants 1 " Richard Irviu ; I "iincan, Sherman, and Co. ; J. and J. Stuart and Co. . lbtl - .k and Co. ; IVunistoun, Wood, and ! Co. ; I Ion land and Aspinwall ; M Jutland, I "he Ira, and Co. ; I Ijiureneo, Murray, and Ingate; II. L, Routh and Sons, David Ogden, Charles Christmas E. A. Matthiesson. i Arthur Leary, Henry lixon, W. Young. E. Walker and i Sons Henry Ow.n, John Warrin, W. M. Smith, R. S. ( Buchanan, lWU - o and Co., Havemeyer and Moller ; Barber, 1'ritchaid, and Brand ; Charles Ixxck, Henry I Grattan lkmovan, Middle - ton and Co., lUniston and Jones i Tbimon, Fra'er, and Co.; Thon.as Dirnn; lottinier, 1 Larre. and Co. : Richard lkll : Wotliersioon. Kircford. and Co. ; Alexander Ranken ; Youngs Endes and Co. ; James Slor, Klliman, Hrotlicrs ; E. W. Canning, William Hoy.l, Jueetdi Slsgg ; Sanderson, Brothers and C - o. ; H. Kiasnl Frith, Septimus Crookes, Sam. Sloan, Henry Bajhs Josei h Tarratt and Sei - s Sear and Jackson, Jackson, William 'raill, Joieph Orgill, Jihn W. Warrin, Fdw. V. Ward, lleorgi S. Rainsfnrd, Thomas M'Mullen, M Coll and Frith, Arthur Rendall ; (feorge Wostenholm and Son, r A. Wsrd, attorney ; Robert leech, jr.I. F. ; A. Xorrie, W. ( '. Picker - gill, John J. Palmer, Stalker and Co., C. II. II. Castle . Montgomery, Brother! ; J. R. Jaffray and Sons ; Richard lUinbridge and Co. ; Tilloton aud Marshall ; 1 hi J. C Hyland, Cuiumings and Wells ; lUibert Bage, Oiarles II. ebh, Jul.ti ,1. lavu and fcon, .N spier Johnston and Co., Edwards and Powell, Joseph Walker, Charles Ed wards. Alsop and Chauneey, Theodore W. Riley; Moss, Tsvlor, and Co.; William Whitlock, iun., John Sykes ai'id Co., P Milford, J. S. lUrtlett, Wiliiaiu Miles, E.Cunard; tiille - iie, lean, arid Co. ; Joseph Fowler ; Vjseand Sons; Eyre. Ward, and Co.; James Isixon and Sons per attorney ; Charles Congreve and Son, W. W. de Forrest and Co., Taylor and Memll, (i. Frederick Darby, Edward Blutchard, John Cihon and Co., Holman aod Wilkie, IL Aynear, J. Betkman Finlay, Jamrs Ower, J. BoomUii .Uitmtoii and Co., Augustus Wiggin, Adams and Hawthorn, A. P. Halsey, IVlwm Iewhen, John F. Walker, Thomas Tempest, George Burgess, Blackburn and Brooking, Richard Lawrence, Robert Armstrong, (.11. Marshall k Co., W. D. CuthUrtson. Henry Errc, Aymar and Co. ; Henry Edward Ransom, Wood and Grant, David IladJen and Sons; J. Boorman Johnston, P. M'Syinon, Thomas Rigney, per J. F. ; P. X. Spofford, B. II. Downing Spoffurd, Tiles - ton, and Co. ; Henry (irinnelL Cornelius Grinneli. per II. O.j Olyphant and Sons ; De Rham and Moore, W, C. Maitland, .lohn Mortimer, jun. ; 11. D. A Id rich, Siiues and Heiffer, (leorge Adee, Dutilh and Co. ; F. P. Richards Marshall Ierlerts Morewood and Co. ; Wilbur and Scott, James C. M'Andrew. ; Thomas Turton and Sons per A. Ward j Ik - ales Tapscnt and Co.; W. C. Hyland; Cuiuiiiincs and Wells; lUibert Have. Charles

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 14 Jul 1856, Mon,
  3. Page 12

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