Independent Record celebrates 100 years - 1966

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Independent Record celebrates 100 years - 1966 - fas* Six The Independent Record, Helena,...
fas* Six The Independent Record, Helena, Montana, Sunday, October 9, 1966 Independent Record Almost 101 Years Old By KOBERT IS. MILLER With the observation of National Newspaper Week which begins loday, The Independent Record as lite successor lo early-day publications in the Capital City, . nears the end of ils 101st year of life. This newspaper was born as the Montana Radiator on Deo. 17, 1865, and It was only a year yaunqer than the Montana Past which had been established at Vireinla Cilv. The paper, founded bv Bruce Smith, sold later lo John Favorite and then to Felix Poziimi-sky, was issued irregularlv during tho first year of Its life. Poznansky, writing a history of it which was printed in the Montana Daily Record In 1507. intimated that' he had suspended publication temporarily when a friend informed him that a Re publican cd;tcir had camp lo lown and advised him to hire the man and get his paper sttirt-ed again, Poznansky did so. The man was James Liberty Fisk who had led the famed Fisk expeditions lo the west. Fisk operated the paper for two weeks and then reported to Poznansky that ino net toss was r<m No Democrats Wanted Poznansky made certain that Fisk was qualified lo run the paper, then he dictated a pledge by which "the undersigned He-publicans" would promise to contribute hinds (award the purchase of the paper, He instruct-cd Fisk lo circulate the statement among the Republicans of (be city as it was feared thai a Democrat inftjht arrive and start a comDelliii! newsoaoer Fisk relumed with S1.50D in pledges. Poznansky then sent him (o see James Whitlatch, owner of the Whitlatch-Union mine at Unionvitlc. Whitlatch siened a note for J2.500 and with the $4,000 thus raised he bought the paper ant! sent for his brothers, who were also printers and editors, to help him operate it, On Nov. 15, 11106, they changed the name of the Montana Radia tor to the Helena Herald, The brothers were R. Emmett Fisk. Dan W. Fisk and A. J. Fisk. Their weekly became a daily on Aug. 2, 1857, and Hel-I ena has bad a daily paper ever since. The Herald was first published at State and West Main. 'It later moved to a frame build-'ing at Broadway and Jackson ;wnere the state Publishing Co. ^now operates. Then it moved to 'Main and Urand, but the owners were dissatisfied with the location because it was too far from the business section of town, which was centered at Main and Wood. In 1871 the paper was : moved back up to South Main opposite Wall Street. Thai fall it was destroyed by fire and was printed in the plant of the Rockv Mountain Gazette. New equipment was ordered bv tele graph and was freighted in from Connne, Utah. Temporary quarters were used until a new building was erected on Broad-1 way where the Herald spent, ils remaining me. Helena Record The Helena Record was established as a Sunday weekly on March 23. 1R88? It heonmo a mornuiE dailv on Sent. 7. IBM and was printed in the Masonic Temple on Jackson, the same location that the Herald tem- norarilv cccunleri. When the Record encountered financial difficulties it was pur-j chased by the Journal Publish used by Russell Harrison, son of ucnjaimit Harrison, wtia later la be elected President a the United States. The purchase was effected on Feb 7, 188!), and the name of the publication wns chanppd lo Hip Helena D.ilJ ly Journal on March 19, 1883. Ttie Journal continues puul: tton until mi. In (he meantime (he Herald had been sold on July 1, lDDu, bv the Fisk Brothers lo the Her ald Publishing Co. Charles T. Shearer was the managing editor and Charles 11. Reifenratb was the manacer. Mm I ana Dailv necord On Aug. 20, 1900, the Montana Dailv Record was established by a group of Republicans. Two years laier me uanv necord purchased tlie Helena Herald bul Ihe resulting publication ooniinueti i.niier tne name of the Kecord until 1916 when it be came the Montana Record-Hcr. aid. In Ihe meantime another line newsnaners had been nub ished in the Capital Cilv. The Rocky Mountain. Gazette as established as a weekly Aug. 11, 1866. II became a daily Ma rcl: 30. 1868. and both the weekly and daily editions were until Jan. a, uiY4, when the plant was destroyed bv tire. The weekly Independent had been published at Deer Lodge and when Ihe Gazette's plant was burned. Ihe proprietors of The Independent moved their equipment to Helena tu slart a dally to fill the void. In the Deer Lodge Independent's files h a slory of the Hel- firp. listing the Gazette's loss at $15,000. Its proprietors were rcier uonan and l. f. .aCroix. Pronnetors of The Independ ent, who moved to Helena in March, 1874, were J. C. Kerley, /laaison cmun, m. u. natna-way and Hugh McQuaid. Lineajie Established Thus the lineage, of The Independent Record was established. lis forebears are The Radiator, The Herald, The Montana Record, and Ihe Independent. ine uazeue was tun considered as one of the progenitors since its assels were lost in the fire and were not passed on to The Indeuendenl. f rom about luua until m\l there wore two principal newspapers in Helena, the Montana Daily Record, which became the Montana Record-Herald ir. 1918. and Ihe Helena Dailv In- denendent. If or about 20 years, tram IStOB to 1920. the Record-Herald was owned by a group of Montana ttepuoncans tieaaea Dy tno late Dr. 0. M. Lanstrum. In 1Q2G the paper was sold to Ihe Anaconda Copper Mining Co. It was published on Broadway. The Indenenrlent was nnr. chased in 1913 by a group of prominent Montana democrats, inciuaing Lewis renwen, col. C B. Nolan and others. Thev se cured as their publisher the late Will A. Campbell, who had been special sceretarv lo James J. inn oi me ijreat iNortnern Kail-way and who had been in , charge of development in the like. This group sold The Inde pendent lo Anaconda in the ear ly 1920s. Puner Mpraitr In IQdl un Nov. -a, wis, Tile Helena More Photos First Pago, Second Section A sign on a door Herald Editorial ^ ONE PARENT — One of the predeees- of The Independent Record was the Montana Record-Herald which was published in this building an Broadway until November, 1943 still says, "Record- Rooms Upstairs." ANOTHER PARENT— This building at of the mergea Independent Record. 52 South Main was the home of the Then the paper moved to its present Helena Independent for mony years. home on Allen Street. Aftor 1943 until 1958 it was the home into The Independent Record, which was nublished at the home of The Independent al 52 South Main. In 1958 a new buildine was constructed on Allen Street for tin:- publication. In 1U5S the Anaconda Company sold ils newspapers in Montana to Lee Enternrises. Tnc which up to that time had opcr- aicu Mtmnpapeis in ;i loosely Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska ar.n Missouri. This erouu had heen nraan. ized beginning in 1890 by the late A. W. Lee, starting at Ot-: tumwa, lowa, expanding tc Davenport, Iowa, Madison, Wis., Mason City. Iowa, Kewanee. 111. Lincoln, «eti., ana other points in ine miawest., E. P. Ad er succeeded A. W. Lee. He was in turn succeeded by Lee Loomis. Philip D. Ad- icr, uavenpon, is now the pres- ment a] Lite Enterprises, inc. David fialtlieh. Daver.por;, general manager,' and Lloyd Schermer, Missoula, is assistant general manaeer. The Montana group Is known as Lee Newspaper of Montana and maintains Its separate identity, being staffed in both edi torial ana business altices largely bv the same personnel which had operated the papers under previous ownership. Newspapers Listed The followma is a partial list. The Montana Radiator, wppk. of the general circulation news- ly, Dec. 17, 1H85, to Nov. 15, papers which have been pub- 1866. iisnca in He.ena. 'mere were Rnrtv Mountain r^ntio others which operated for snorter imics. In addition, there have been .number of publications spon- soreu ny iraoe associations. s urou-is. fraternal organ. izatioris, political parties and the like. The list, comolled from sources at the Historical Li- Independent and the Montana brary, with their dates, is as necorq iieraia were mergea tollows-. For EVERY man HUNTER- OUTDOORSMAN- SPORTSMAN- a SWEATERS fvfARK THE BLOODY TRAIL -With a gas ststlon in (he background and a highway out front, hlslery buffs will cxlol the days of wagon caravans and Indian attacks with dedication al 2 p.m. foday In Jollef of a liozcman Trail marker, The marker, a plaque imbedded in a petrified Iree trunk, wag placed hy Yellowstone County, Historical Society on a corner of Jollel's main slrect and Highway 2J2 Id designate Ihe porlion of the Boicmnn Trail that cut Ihrough (his area to Virginia City from Fort Felterman near Douglas, Wyo. The Trail, established by John M, Eozcman and John M. Jacobs in 1864, was closed In 1868 hecausc of attacks on immigrants and lorls by Red Cloud and his Sioux. George O'Connor of Rutte, afonlann Power Co. vice president and former Fromberg resident, will give the dedicatory address. 1'eler Ycgen Jr., Billings, is program chairman and Mrs. Georgia Carter, Killings, ts historical society acting presldcnl. Another portion of Ihe Trail was marked earlier (his fall wilh pit of a plaque on n rock near Lodge Grass. weekly, Aug. 11, lBBC, to Jan. % Helena Herald, weeklv. Nov. 15, 1866, tD Dec, 47, 1502. Helena Herald, dailv. Aue. 2. 1867, to Dec. 27, 1902. Roekv Mountain Gazette daily, March 30, 1868, to Jan. 0 1874. Helena Dailv Independent. March 27, 1374, to Nov, 22, 1B43. Dailv Montana News. June 12. 1875, to February, 1(176. MornmK capital Dailv, March 2 to 31, I8DU. Montana Slaats-Zeitiine. 18B5 to sept. 17, 1»17. Montana srete f resse, weemy, Aug, 5, I88G, to 1686. Helena Daily Journal. Marcr. 19, 1883, 10 NOV. 9, I89Z. Helena uany Kecora, sept. 7, m. 10 Mnrcn if, ihhu. Helena Weeiily Journal. 1880 to 18D2. Helena News, weeklv. dailv and .Sunday, Sepl. 28, 1803, lo Jan. it, ibm. Helena Clock, weeklv. Oct. 23. 1891, lo June 1, 13D5. Helena Evening Teleeram. January, 1695, to April 25, 1896. Montana Daily Record, Aug. 20, 1900, to April, 1916. The Reporter fNearoL semi monthly, Feb. I, 1900 (one is- The yress, semiweekly, Sept. 13. 1902. to Oct. 8. 19M. The Treasure Slate, week v. May D, IPCS, lo Dec. 30, 1911. Momai a Lookout, week v. juiy io, iyu8, to June 3, laii. Montana Progressive, weekly, Jan, 9, 1913. to 1916. .Montana Hecorti-Herald, daily, May 1, 1916, lo Nov. 22, 1943. Western Progressive, Jan. 11, LVJi, to Dec. 1, l-JM. Tiie People's Voice, weekly, Dec. 6, 1!CD, to present, The InSenendent Record, daily and Sunday, Nov. 22, 1943, to present. Priest, 104, Dies ALHAMBRA, Calif. (AP) -The Rev. Waldo Farrington Chase, 104, one of ihe nation's nldesl Episcopal pricsls, died jucsaay. mj? BOLD, BEEFY ALL-WOOL SHIRTS PENDLETON WOOLRICH ALL WOOL WOOLRICH WOOL CAPS PILE-LINED JACKETS ALL-WOOL CRUISERS RUGGED PARKAS DOWN INSULATED DOWN-FILLED JACKETS 'Nothing is as warm os Down' "WHITE" I DUOFOLD UNDERWEAR I BUCKLE OUTDOOR I THERMAL UNDERWEAR I ZIPPER BOOTS I ALL-WOOL underwear I Overshoes GLOBE OPEN FRIDAY UNTIL 9 P.M.

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