Salt Walter Fishing Report June 30, 1969

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Salt Walter Fishing Report June 30, 1969 - Salt water Fishing Report By George Owen A few...
Salt water Fishing Report By George Owen A few weeks ago I quoted statements made by several charter boat captains that "it appears now that 1969 will go down In history as one of the best salt water fishing years we've ever had." This past week lends to the quote as increasingly large catches of Aearly all fcinds of salt water fish continued to be boated. The School Dolphin are still hitting like crazy and one f ; ' rman made the observation that "all you h a / e to do is make up your how many you want and go get them." King Mackeral, which have been running widespread over the total fishing area as individuals rather than in schools have now had their population in local waters even further increased during this past week. Boat captains say the average weight of individual Kings appear to have suddenly increased. Captain H. F. "Chubby" Dest!n referred to it as " a new run of King Most fishermen T talked to reported a significant change in number of King strikes per hour and all reported increased catches--and we aren't even close to the best part of the season yet! Bottom fishing, too, continues to steadily increase in number of red snapper brought in and ready to grace the table of those really love good eating. Last Friday, Captain Johns and Captain Allen co-owners of the "Little Martha", took out a party of fifteen fishermen from VITRO. They departed the dock at seven in the morning and were back in by noon with 1500 pounds of snapper according to captain Johns. Bridge fishing from both the Cinco Bayou and Shalimar bridges is still slow with only scattered catches of white trout reported, however we do have an interesting bit on bay fishing. Mr. Arthur Mikel, a plumber and to many of the residents of the Fort Walton Beach area, always carries his mullet cast net in his truck when going out on a job. Whenever he gets near the water during the course of his duties he takes a quick look to see if there are any schools of mullet at hand. Last Thursday Art saw what he has been looking for all these years-some of the largest Mullet ever to swim in Bay waters. Art out his net and brought Jn 9 Mullet which weighed 27 pounds, average weight, easy to figure, 3 pounds per Mullet. Mr. Gene Hinson who works at Maltezo's Seafood Market stated that of all the Mullet he has ever caught or sold these were undoubtedly the largest finest. The following day, Mr. Mikel and his Mr. Clyde Powers, also of Fort Walton Beach went to the same place and filled two large sacks with more of the same kind 79 pounds in all. Just in case your interested, Mr. Mikel said the big Mullet were swimming so close to shore he had to back up to throw his Want to know where they caught them? In the channel between Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Chicks Resturant. I had a nice talk today (Sunday) with Dana Fagan, owner of the charter boat, da. He and his friend, Dick Rosen, owner and skipper of the "Pescadora" are both professional scuba divers. They bring up some of the most interesting marine life you can imagine right our of Destin Gulf waters. The large Manta or Devilfish you may have seen In front of one of the motels in Destin was a sample. In today's catch they had a 60 pound a 25 pound red Grouper, some redsnapper, flounder and an assortment of other fish I didn't even recognise. Besides their regular duties taking parties of fishermen or scuba divers out, Dana his partner also get called upon to help fishermen who may be having trouble. They retrieve fishing rods, help change propellers, check the bottom of boats for damage or to repair damage if such occurs. Today, for example, one fishing boat had a badly overheated engine and was almost in need of a tow back to the dock. Dana donned his gear, dived under the boat and found the water inlet plugged with a piece of plastic cloth. He removed the obstruction and the problem was solved Dana has taken underwater color photographs and movies of many of the coral reefs, auto body reefs and marine life in the De=tin and will be happy to show them to organized groups at any time (when he isn't out of course). For arrangements, please call at 243-0998 or 242-2718. The latest report, as of 1700 hours Sunday, 29 June from the East Paf.s Marina on caught in local waters hls season thus far (and reported) was as follows: 21 Sailfish, 4 white Marlin and 1 Blue Marlin.

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  1. Playground Daily News,
  2. 30 Jun 1969, Mon,
  3. Page 12

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