Negro Equality and John M Langston - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 3-5-1868

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Negro Equality and John M Langston - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 3-5-1868 - 'tf ' mjmm - Cafaf """" at- wi-i . 11 , m : OL....
'tf ' mjmm - Cafaf """" at- wi-i . 11 , m : OL. MILLER - - - - - EDITOR. WHITE CLOUD, KAHSAS: ThirsJay, : : : : March 5, 1868. Copyerkeaa Ce,aniwiemcy ci "Jfe-rro Kajuallty." Tb coDstut cry of the Copperhead Democracy against what tbey call " gro equality," comes of tb spirit (bat was drilfad into them .in the days when tba slave lord of tha South bad tbe Northern Democracy under their thumbs, amfwere as much" their masters as 6f the negroes wbom tbey (booght -end sold as eatil. Thise Northern lickspittles, are till ready aad anxious -to do their, old a asters' bidding; bat the matters, miss! are reduced to. theft-proper levels andlvery many of them have learned to like a common tense view of facta and events. Not so with tha Northern Democracy. The latter sre not actuated by principle, bat by a desire to toady to Southern aristocracy. Bnt when tbey lesrn that what wertf'&SkM'ihe Southern aristocracy hit asjwiatfehsngsd their' tmBoVstjrW th willhave to change tone also; or be ... ... ' . . ...... left without. masters whose feet to lick. Hare is one incident, related by a Virginia paper, which we 'commend to the prayerful attention of Northern negro-baAers, who ate constantly longing to do something pleasing in' tha eyss of Southern' rebels: 'John II. Langsion, the celebrated colored scholar ana orator, created a sensation wbcn bespoke at Louisa Court House, Va., some time ago, in favor of the Republican party. Tbe Sa-cesb were at first highly indignant at the Impudence of a negro coming to talk In their midst, even to bis own people; but tbey were a good deal taken down, first by his wonderful 'do-nttenc and finished strive, and nazt br the fact that Langstoo proved to be the son of one of lneinost influential and belored or tbe old aristocracy, by one of bis slaves! Tbe education Lannton received came from his white father, who, as be said in his address, "eleeps oy wo uue oi my stave motner in me village gravcjard." Tbe Confederate General Gordon wai so pleased with Langiton, that be called up-catnd invited him to his house after he had heard hia argument in favor of Radical Republicanism, and the white ladies of the nlaee would not be satisfied till he had given them a speech In the village church. - Then, there is the question of negro Euffreg'v that troubles the Democracy, in th 'ir sleeping and waking boars. Here is a dose for them, on that score. It is one of the resolutions recently adopted by the Democratic party of Johnson County, Juusonn : RetoUed by the Democratic party of Jobcon County, That tbe nigger is an unintelligent being, but as soon as he makes known his desire to vote the Democratic ticket, he is Intelligent enough to be enfranchised, and shall receive our encouragement and support. That tells tha whole story. It is not negro suffrage that is so terrible in tbe eyes of Copperbeadism, but is the fact ibstfbe negroes, remembering trio ei-BiSTwttbem-nnd w hot freed them, are almost unanimously loyal, and would vote tha -Republican ticket. Whenever tha Democracy think tbey can carry tbe negro vote, tbey will advocate negro suffrage. And when that question becomes a. Democratic issue, tha fellows wbo are now honling against it loudest, will swallow it all down, and be the most ac tive and industrious in ndvocsting the right and justice of negro suffrage, t2B" Our old friend, Cornelias Dor-land, arrived borne, a -few days ago, from bis Western tour. He has had enough of California, and advises all, if they know what is good for themselves, to keep away from there. He says that Kansas is as good a country as there is "any need for; and that any person is foolish wbo passes over Kansas to settle in California. He has banded us a communication written by an old and intelligent settler in California, giving a trne account of tba condition of that country, which we will try to find room for in onr next.

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  • Negro Equality and John M Langston - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 3-5-1868

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