Daily Gazette - May 9, 1885

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Daily Gazette - May 9, 1885 - ,C-" in i - -T - rnii in- in mta I, I, "J"" . "...
,C-" in i - -T - rnii in- in mta I, I, "J"" . " 1 I! i I VOL. I. 15ILLIXGS, MONTAXA, SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1885.- XO. T. .'I OI'JTICIAEi DI3E3T0II?. FEDERAL DIRECTORY.. Peltate to Congress Joseph K. Toole. Helena tiorerunr . li. l'lait Carpenter Helena Secretory Jo'a:i S. Tooker, Helena U'renxmu' 1. II. Weston, Helena ..nditor J. 1'. Wuulnutn. Helena t'liie.f Jiistiee Deems S. Wade, Helena i ..,.. r,;,.. (W.J. Galbraitli Assosi.no JnsHces 1 join. Cob urn Purveyor General... lohn S. -Harris, Helena Puferiutciiilcnt of Public Instruction ' Win. W. -Wvlie. Iiozemnn U. S. Hiuwhal Aiex. C. Bjlklti, Helena COUNTY OFFICERS. Members of tlic Legislature j 'v txortan ' fe-iifriif .TT. John R. Kintf. Treasurer )'.. 11. Camp GlerK mill Recorder P. W. l.ee JJepiity ("leii Pistriet Cou.i John Tinkler jH'Ige'of I'rnliHta Ins. R. '-o-s Oumy Attorney 0. K. GoHar-i Assessor K. M. French Sun-ever S. K. Oldaker f- C'oronei J U. Iiiueimrt County l'hysielan D. II. Tiirker, M 1'. Sneerintendcmt of helioois Mum r Shunrt ( W. ',. Webb .ili. S. T'itt (0;rair Hoskius CoiourisEiontrs. TOWN OF BILLINGS. Jnsticesof trie Peace j j, j,,n Constable J. H. Bloom Rond Supervisor 51. B. Radeniiiker Fire Warden V. H. YanSirulen CITY O.-' BILLINGS. Mayor John Tully Ole'ik and Attorney K. N. Harwood Assessor and Treasurer l'Ved Sweetniun Marshal H. Terrell Deputy Mr-hal '. W. f. LeRoy Police' JlasiRtrato J. D. Matlieson CUv i'iivsiciau J. H. Kinehart, M. D. AI.DEI'.-MKN. First Ward L. II. Fenske, L. Whitney Si eond Ward J. J, Walk, II. Rowley Third Ward S. H. Erwin, C. K. Westljrook Business Cards. g S. SCOTT, D. D. S., DENTIST. All work known to the profession carefully performed, Olliee adjomiu;; T. 11. Million fc Co.'s meat market. aw. B. KELLEY, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. lv. Office in Fenske bui Wing. J. II. HIXEIIAXT, M, D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. V. S. Ex trainin;; Surjteon, Pension Rurean. Office adjoining T. R. Mallon & Co.'s Meat Market Uw. "jQ M. PARKER, M. I)., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON.- County Physician, Local Surgeon N. P. lienencml Association, and Physician to Board of Health. Oiliee in KrurSlore, Belknap block. ltv. p D. MICK EL, . ATTO RN E Y-AT-L A W, d.lv. Otlice in Fenske building. J R. GOSS, ATTO RN E Y-AT-L AW. l.tw. Office in the Court House. J N. HARWOOD, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. Office in Belknap blocl, dw.. Billings, Montana. Q F. G0DDAR1). ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. Haw. Belknap's Block. Up Stairs. yyALTEK MAT1IES0N, U. S. Commissioner axd Notary Public Pdlliiigs, il.tv. Montana. j-AMPORT & OLDAKER. Ciyil Engineers and Surveyors. Belknsp Block, Montana A v.. Billings, Montana. dw. Tonsosrial Farlcris ! AT THE Headquarters Hotel. Sharing, Hair Cutting, and Shampooing in first-class style. ED. NORTH, Manager. MKS. FOESYTirS 2SSTALT2ANT o - BOARD BY THE DAY OR WEEK. o 27th SIreet Kor'h, Bi lings, Monlana. Billings Bakery P, YEGEN & CO., Props. Wheat rml Rye Bread, Rolls. Pies, Cakes, Confectionery, etc Campers and Frejf;iitcM will find it their J vantage to give us a call. L. H. FENSKE, Wholesale Dealer in Wines,Liquors And Cigars. FINEST BRANDS in the MARKET SPECIALTY OF " OLD '73 WHISKY. AGE " Trices Equal to St. Paul or Chicago. Freight Shipped at our Risk. Agents for Yal. Blatz' jMilwaukee Beer. Billinss. Montana WHEATLEY BROS., NEW- Livery, Feed l Sale Stable Oats and Baled Hay in Quantity7 Best Horses and Turn-Outs in Town GEO. BRECKENRIDGE. Supt Twenty-EixthHtreet. rear of Ftnske'buildinc. d,tw ierchants Hotel E. M. RICHARDSON, Prop. Minnesota Avenue, BILLINGS, MONTANA. The Merchants Hotel is kept in first-class style; is centrally located and the traveling public will find it the most pleasant hotel iib the city. Board by the day or week on Reasonable Terms. diw EE T AND AT . ZE2sasona"ble Prices. OF EVERY KHJD. Prices to Suit , (lie Times. -o- G-OOD CIG-APwS J i C V AND WAGON MAKER. HORSE-:-SHQEING-:-A-:-SPEClALTY. 27th. Street North. J. Ryan's Brick Building. Tins is The Most Attractive Place of Entertainment in Town, THE CLUB ROOMS Up Stairs are Furniniied in Elegant Style, and Tlxe Silliard. Ta"bles Are The Best to be Found in The Country. JOS. RYAN, ProDrietor. d.nr. o Eastern ! Native Lumber, Sash, Ddors, Widows, Etc. o TO CLOSE BU3IHESS. HARRY M. ALLEN, Assinse Hoataua Lninber Co, resl. UNDELIVERED DAILY GEO. 4. CUSHY. PETER PEROE, Dealer in Stationery and Fruit. Latest Publications f.t hand. Local Newspapers. Fruit recciYed fresh by every train. y -N V V-' ' Itnd Devils Kauspant. j Winnipeg, May 7. A wild rumor to-night that Middleton's force liad a pevere battle with the rebels at Batouclie induced great excitement. The rumor however, has been pronounced entirely baseless. It is not known that Middleton has yet moved from his camp at South Gabriel. Advices from Clarke's Crossing say that the steamer Northcote will bo strengthened to-dar and her vulnerable parts rendered bulletproof. She will go down stream simultaneously with the troops and attack Batouche fromtho river. Edmonton advices say : The region east and north, of here is full of hostiles in fact, all the Indians west of Battleford are in war paint, and the settlers have all fled. John Walkingshaw and Albert Harkness, both from Ontario, were killed by Big Bear's band over a week ago. Their wives and the wives of .the two missionaries are prisoners. All four women are being frightfully maltreated. Scouts from the northeast say that Col. Otter will have a fearful time of it. Poundmaker, Little-Child and all the other chiefs are on the war path and a number of half-breeds are directing them. Major Steele was to have sent word back when lie reached Edmonton, but nothing has been heard from him. There is a perfect panic in the Eleanor districts, and scores of homesteads have been burned. Ilebels linn:,'. Colox, May 7. The two rebel leaders, Portazal and Cocobolo, who advised and assisted Prestan in burning the city, and who have been prisoners on the Galena, were delivered yesterday morning to Gen. Keyes. commander-in-chief of the Colombian forces, by Captain Kane. A court martial was then held by Gen. Keyes and the rebel conspirators were sentenced to death. No delay occurred in exe cuting the sentence of the court. In the afternoon the condemned men were taken to the middle of the ruins which they were instrumental in making and hanged in the presence of thousands of persons who had assembled to witness the enforcement of the law. The place selected for the hanging by Gen. Keyes was the exact spot where the leaders of the rebels had started the fire on March 31st, which laid the city in ashes and destroyed nearly ever building in it. Gen. Keyes' prompt and vigorous action has already had its effect, and the hanging of Portozal and Cocobolo has struck terror to every rebel on the Isthmus. Adranciugr Russians. Teheran, May 7. Advices from Sarakhs state that a small force of Russians with four guns now occupy Penjdeh. The same advices contain a statement that the Russians have completely won over the Sarakh Turkomans. The telegraph lino is now completed 120 miles beyond Askabad. There is an apparent lull in the Russian preparations for war. The Afghan troops along the Bala Murghab, not having received any pay for a long time, are greatly demoralized. I'rieuu'y lo Ensxia. St. Petersburg, May 7. A Russian colonel who participated in the movement preceding and attending the battle of Penjdeh, has reached St. Petersburg with a full report of Russia's case, and has departed to deliver the report to the Czar. He says the inhabitants of Penjdeh are well disposed toward the Russians. To be Disci.ntiiHU d. Washington-, May 1. Secretary Manning lias directed that the issue of one and two dollar notes bo discontinued for the present. -Illinois Senatorslii). Spring fied. 111., May Tho Senatorial aspect has been materially changed by the events of the past forty-eight hours, and Logan's chances appear very much brighter. as it becomes fully apparent that Weaver had been elected. Logan is now fully confident of his ultimate success, and is correspondingly happy, as in - fact are all the Republicans. The hotel lob-' hies present quite a busy scene tonight, and many Republicans ar: inclined to "paint ,tli3 town red." as the spirits of the party rise. The Democrats are feeling blue enough. They admit that they were outgeneralled in this matter, and blame themselves for being so lax; : Amy of the Potomac. Baltimore, May 7. The parade arranged in honor of the visiting Army of the Potomac was quite a success despite the heavy rain which fell all the morning and up to the hour announced for starting the march. Fully 50,000 men were in line. x Coming to Terms. ' St. Petehsruegii . The'following announcement appears in the Ofli-cial Messenger : In consequence of the divergence ot views between the cabinets of England and Russia on the interpretation of "the. March agreement it has been deci-' ded to submit the question to the decision of an arbitrator ; meanwhile both nations have agreed to resume frontier negotiations, but ca a different basis. OF- BILLINGS, MONTANA. Paid-up Capital $75,000. tV. E. STEBEINS, Prefit. V W. SHADOW, Viee-Vrest II. II. MUND, Cashier, II. L. RICHARDSON. Asst-C'-'. Truisact a General TUnning Busines?. Collections promptly ma le and remitted i. H. II. MUND, Cashier. CHAS. RACEK, 3I.i!Uil'acturer of an 1 Dertlcriu MBIfibH KAZOff' mvwA atAMXfd h.-r f HimsGS, Bridles, Collars, TTTdps, Cpurs, Cliaps, California -o STOCSS SADDLES and Co-rooj OntSt:; a Specialty. First National Ml i Billings, - Montana, r i

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  2. 09 May 1885, Sat,
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