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 - tournament are two pretty games played in the...
tournament are two pretty games played in the recent London single-round T. Mieses. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. Kt to B3 4. B to Kt5 5. Castles 6. 7. 8. P to KR3 9. B to Kt5 10. Kt toR4 11. Kt x Kt 12. B to B4 ch 13. BtoQ2 FOUR KNIGHTS' GAME. •F h * h E. M. Jackson Black. PtoK4 14. J. Mieses. White. Kt to QB3 to B3 P to Q3 PxB j 3 B to Kt5 Castles B xKt P to Q3 Kt to K2 Kt to Kt3 P to KR3 P x Kt K to R sq Kt to R4 P to Q4 15. Q to K2 16. QR to Kt sq 17. RPxP 18. Q to K3 19. KR to K sq 20. K x B 21. Kto Kt sq 22. Q x Kt 23. R to K3 24. R to KKt3 25. Kx R Resigns E. M. Jackson • Black. Q to R5 P to KKt4 PtoKt5 BxP B to B6 BxKtP Kt to B5 ch Kt to R6 ch QxQ Q to R5 R.x P QtoR7ch SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. iant PROBLEM NO. 175. By Walter Pulitzer. BLACK. 4 m li A tame opening, which unexpectedly turns out one of the most brill games in the Single-round Tournament. White's 8. P to KR3 would have been right enough, had he not followed it up with the unsatisfactory 9. B to Kt5 ; 10. Kt to R4, and 11. Kt x Kt To the latter move he was compelled, because if11. B x Kt, then 11.. .0 x B and he has not adequate means of preventing Kt to B5. In spite draw. preventing however, of Black's attack the game might have resulted in a but for the weak 15. Q to K2. White should have played 15. Q to Ksq, leaving the square at K2 open for the retreat of the Bishop, and to enable him to play P to B3J preventing the key move of Black's attack- viz., the advance of the KKtP. White made another mistake in thinking to. gain time by attacking the QKtP with 16. QR to Kt sq ; but Black did not Stoop to defend this pawn, having a winning attack on the King's side in- view. This attack was played by Mr. Jackson brilliantly and vigorously. White had no adequate defence. Two KNIGHTS' DEFENCE. WHITE. F. J. Marshall. White. I. P to K4 '2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. PtoQ4 5. Castles 6. R to K sq 7. BxP 8. Kt to B3 9. R x Kt ch 10. Kt x P II. RxTCt 12. B to B4 13. Kt to Q5 J. F. Esser. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 P x P Kt x P P to Q4 Qx B Q to Q sq B to K2 Kt-x Kt B to Q2 Q to B sq BtoQsq F. J. Marshall. White. 14. Q to R5 15. B x P 16. BxB 17. B to B6 18. BxP 19. Q x B 20. Q to K5 ch 21. Q to K7 ch 22. R to KR4 23. QtoKt7ch 24. QtoR6ch 25. PtoR3ch 26. Q x P ch J. F. Esser. Black. Castles Bto K3. B x Kt Q to B3. KxB QxP P to B3 K to Kt3 K to Kt4 KxR K to Kt5 K to B4 Resigns r-1 White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 174. 1. Q to Ksq,K x Kt; 2. Q to Kt4, Any move ; 3. Q to Q7 mates. 1. 1. K to K5 ; 2. Kt to B5 ch, K to B4 ; 3. Q to R5 P to I<5; 2. Q to Kt4, K x Kt (Q3) ; 3. Q to Q sq ; 3. Q to Q7 2. • • * • K x Kt 5> 55 1 * i The cable match between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the Universities of Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, and Yale is likely w m The variation in the text was pointed out in the Westminster Budget of September ljin the analysis to the game of Prince Dadian of Mingrelia V. A. Bartoliel. We have given 8...Q to KR4, but the alternative Q to Q sc may be played. Up to his tenth move Black was correct; but 10...Kt x Kt is weak. He should have played 10...P to B4 ; 11. R to B4, Castles; 12. Kt x Kt, Q x Q ch; 13. Kt x Q, P x Kt; 14. R to B4, B to Q2, with a defensible game. The next few moves are forced, and we arrive at the position after Black's14...Castles, where the pretty final combination begins, with 15. B x P(obviously, if 15...BxB, then 16. Kt to K7 ch, K to R sq ; 17. Q x P ch, K x Q, R to R4 mate). Whitecould have quietly continued with 17. Q x B, remaining with a pawn ahead, but he selected the more elegant but less safe variation of 17. B to B6, for Black could have replied 17.. .P x B; to become now an annual institution, since Professor Isaac L. Rice has 18. R to KR4, R to K sq ; 19. Qx RP ch, K to B sq ; 20. Q to R6 ch, given a magnificent trophy for competition in these contests. The trophy is in the shape of a silver shield twenty-one inches in height and fourteen inches in breadth. It is designed and manufactured by Theodore B. Starr, strikingly artistic, and emblematical of • r ' 1 the contest It will cost l,200dols., and will be ready to be sent oyer to the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, this year's winners, by the beginning of the winter season. T The design consists of " a blending of the emblems of Great Britain and K to K2, and White, although having a strong attack, would still have difficulties in winning. Black's 17...Q to B3 made matters easy. l the United States to show the harmonious relations which exist the motor industry. THE BOOM OF THE MOTOR-CAR. The Motor-Car Journal (one of the three motor papers) has beer* nterviewed by the Daily Chronicle with reference to the growth of i_: tt manufacturers can't turn them outlast the mingling of the enough, either here or in France, the motive power for some time, I think. between the two great English-speaking nations ; chess ideas ; the seals of the Universities; all being surmounted by the Royal insignia of Great Britain, the trophy being almost surrounded by the unless you have charging stations emblem of peace and harmony—the wreaths of palm. In the centre is mobiles are concerned, of course. he said. " Petroleum will be Electricity is no good the world, with the North Pole advanced to bring out the two countries on one Northern hemisphere, joined by the Atlantic cable. Columbia and Britannia stand upon pedestals at either side of the globe, each holding aloft the other's flags. Beneath the globe and supporting it upon outstretched wings is the American Eagle. In a panel beneath the eagle is a power for heavy work. representation of Columbia and Britannia playing chess with spectators in they save much money in horseflesh. Roman costume, and beneath this panel is an ancient lamp, the emblem of motor dust-carts,, and This, so far as pleasure auto- Steam is the cheapest and best Thornycroft's, the famous boat builders, of Chiswick, are turning out steam motors as fast as they can. Vans capable of carrying three tons and more are used by a number They are not pleasant things to meet, perhaps, but " The vestries are agoing in for The last order I heard of of firms how. wisdom and study." was a light motor for a doctor The meeting of the New York State Association commenced on district to cover. They are tip in Scotland, too, water-carts too. in the country who had a large this year, for the August 28, at Saratoga. The President of the Manhattan Chess Club has given a trophy consisting of a silver smoking set, valued at 80dols M for the best game played in the Inter-State Chess Tournament between players representing the States of Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. 9 - . a hilly country. I can tell you The lion, sec, Mr. T. H. Moore, requests us to state that at the meeting of secretaries, entries for the London League competitions will be received, accompanied by the entrance fees. L • For the A division, 20 players a«side, £1 10s. 51 »9 B C D 1J 12 8 10 >5 » 5s. 10s. first time, I think. They must be very useful for getting aboutm I should not be at all surprised if motoring becomes as great a craze-if you like to call it a craze-in Lngiana next season as it is in France now. At any rate that most of the cycle-makers in Coventry and , experimenting in motors, and doubtless there will be a large ou^ during the winter. Motor-cars not for ladies? Oh, indee a ( w Mrs. Langtry has just ordered one, a tandem cycle ^ again, Mrs. Bazalgette and Mrs. Kennard, the novelist, ~ former lady travelled from are. motorists. Portman-square to. Southsea a little while ago in eight hours

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 15 Sep 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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