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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET AUGUST 18, I899 Oat This game was played in Berfih sixty years ago : KING'S GAMBIT DECLINED. Herr v. d. Lasa. SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 One by one the stars of the past generation disappear. Boden, Staunton, Harrwitz, Anderssen, Paulsen, Kolisch, and a host of others have all gone, and now we have to chronicle with deep regret the death of the distinguished master, writer, and critic, His Excellency Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa, at the advanced age of eighty-one. As early as 1845, when a young Attache at the Prussian Embassy in Vienna, he edited, after the death of Bilgner, the German Handbuch, the source from which so many authors of all countries have drawn subsequently the material for their works. Herr v. d. Lasa remained in the diplomatic service until after the occupation of Schleswig-Holstein, when he was Prussian ambassador at Copenhagen. Previously he occupied the post of Minister Resident in Rio de Janeiro, Ambassador at the Court of Weimar, 1860, and in 1864 Ambassador in the Elbe Duchies. Shortly after the Danish Campaign he retired from the service with the title of Privy Councillor, and we met h m in 1867 or 1868 at the Casino in Trouville without knowing his name, and much regretted to have ascertained it only after he had left. Herr v. d. Lasa was one of the greatest players of his time ; the first theorist, analyst, author, and critic as well. As practical player he has beaten Staunton in a match, and achieved victories over Anderssen, Hanstein, M ay et, Bledow, Jaenisch ; in fact, against the best players of the period before his retirement into privacy at Wies- ,baden. Afterwards he devoted his leisure to the literature of the game. He was the owner of one of the greatest chess libraries in the world, and from the catalogue of the works in his possession we extract an abreviated list of the works by his own pen : " Leitfaden des Schachspiels," Berlin, 1848 ; " Leiddraad voor Schakspielers," Gouda, 1879 ; "A Draft of a Complete Set of Rules," Berlin, 1854; "Tableau des De'buts, from Old Authors till 1841" ; " Precis historique et Analytique des Parties de Greco," Brussels, 1855 ; " Polerio, recueil de Parties d'Echecs," Brussels, 1855 ; "Berliner Schacherimerungen," Leipsic, 1859; "Essays about the Greek and Roman Games," Leipsic, 1863 ; "Chess Antiquities," Leipsic, 1870 ; "Judex Librorum Meorum cum Supplemento et Appendice, 188S," &c, &c. Herr v. d. Lasa was hon. president of the Berlin and Leipsic Chess Clubs, hon. member of the St. George's, City of London, and New Orleans Chess Clubs, master of the B.C. A., &c. He has contributed besides for years valuable articles in all languages to periodicals and papers of all countries. We give two of his lighter games as specimens of his style TASSILO VON HEYDEBRAND UND DER LASA. This game was played in 1858 Howard Staunton. White. ' 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Q to K2 5. PtoB3 6. Castles 7. PtoQ3 8. Kt to R4 "" 9. B to QB4 10. Q to B3 11. BxP 12. B to Kt3 13. QtoKt3 14. P to KR3 RUY Herr v. d. Lasa. Black. PtoK4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 BtoQS Castles R to K sq P to KR3 Kt to K2 P to B3 B to B2 P to Q4 . BtoKt5 PxB K to R2 LOPEZ. Howard Staunton. White. 15. P x B 16. Q to B3 17. QxPch 18. Q to B3 19. Q to K2 20. Kt to Q2 21. Kt x Kt 22. KttoB3 23. B to Q sq ' 24. P x R 25. K x Kt 26. R to KKt sq 27. K to Kt2 Mate Herr v. de Lasa. Black.* R to KKt sq Kt x KtP R to Kt2 Q to Q2 R to KB sq Kt to Kt3 R x Kt KR to B3 R x Kt Kt to R7 R to B5 R to R5 ch Q to R6 ch The 4...B to Q3 defence was recommended at that time by v. d. Lasa and afterwards by Kieseritzky ; but it would not stand the test nowadays. Mr. Staunton makes an ingenious attack, commencing with 10. Q to B3, and although unnecessarily precipitate, it should have succeeded had he continued it with 14. P to B3, B to Kt3 ch ; 15. K to R sq, thus getting an open KB file after capturing the Bishop, and Black could not have continued, as in the text, with R to KKt sq, because his Kt at B3 would have been en prise. As played Black's attack-became too parryfuJ, and White could not save it after orhitting the suggested line of play. Herr v. d. Lasa. White. , 1. PtoK4 2. PtoKB4 3: Kt to KB3 4. KPxP 5. PtoQ4 6. PxB K to B2 B to KtS ch Kx P Kt to B3 11. R to K sq 12. RtoK5 PtoB5 B x Kt R to K sq- B to Kt5 17. Q to B3 18. QR to Q sq 19. B to K3 20. PtoQ6 21. R to Q4 22. B to B sq 23. R to Q2 24. RtoK7ch 25. QxQ 26. R to KB2 7. 8. 9. 10. 13. 14. 15. 16. Herr v. Bledow. Black. P to K4 B to B4 P to Q4 PtoK5 P x Kt Q to K2 ch P x P K to B sq Q x P Kt to KB3 B to B4 B to Kt3 QKt to Q2 Kt x B BxP PtoKB3 B to Kt3 K to B2 Q to Kt5 P to B3 Q x KtP QxPch Q to B4 K to Kt sq B x Q B to KtS White. 27. PtoKR3 28. PxB 29. R to Q2 30. P to Q7 31. B to R3 32. R x Kt 33. t BtoK7 34. PtoQ8 = Q 35. B x R 36. R to B2, ch 37. B to B7 38. R to B7 39. Kt to K4 40. RtoKt7 41. Ktx P 42. Kt to B3 43. Kt to Q4 ch 44. R to Q7 45. K to B3 46. ,B to B4 47. R to Q6 ch 48..Kt to K2 49. R to KR6 50. R x P 51. BxP 52. R to R5. Herr v. Bledow Black. * KttoK4 KtxP P to KR4 K to R2 Kt to K4 P x R KtoKt3 QRxQ K to B4 K to Kt 5 R to Ksq P to KKt4 R to K3 K to B4 R to Ksq P to K5 K to B3 PtoK6 P to R5 PtoB4 K to B2 P to R6 P to Kt4 P to R4 P toB5 , Resigns 3...P to Q4 is too late. s On the second move it would be Falkbeer's counter-attack, but White's better continuation is 4. KtxP, Fx P; 5 Q to R5, &c, and for Black 5...P x P e.p,, so as to keep the KB upon the diagonal. With 13. P to B5 White gives up a Pawn (intentionally, we presume) for the attack, which succeeds, because of Black's two indifferent moves—viz., 18...K to B2, instead of 18...R to K sq, and 19,..Q to Kt5 instead of 19...Q to R4. Even later 21...Q to R4 was still preferable. Black went in for the tempting capture of the Pawns, after which he had to lose a piece, and the game could no more be saved in spite of the equivalent in pawns, owing to the exposed position of his King. In the Amsterdam Amateur Tournament, Mr H. E. Atkins is leading followed by Herr Mannheimer. ' PROBLEM NO. 171; By W, Finlayson (BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 170. 1. Q to QB2, Any move ; 2. Q or R mates. LORD KITCHENER AND THE AMERICAN LADY. A pleasant little international episode marked the "send off" of Lord Kitchener from Victoria. The crowd on the platform included several Americans, amongst them a lady who ywas responsible for the incident in question. An English lady ventured to greet the hero of Omdurman and wish him bon voyage, and was cordially received. Thereupon the American lady, displaying a miniature silken American flag, advanced to his lordship, extending her hand, and asked, " Under this flag is it allowable ? " "Certainly," replied Lord Kitchener, with a smile, as he heartily shook the proffered hand. "Then good-bye, and God bless you," exclaimed the fair American, apparently greatly gratified by her reception. As the train departed lusty cheering was raised, accompanied by much waving of hats and handkerchiefs. Lord Kitchener and his party travel direct to Cairo, and after making a brief stay there will proceed to Khartoum.

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 18 Aug 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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