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22 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET JUNE 30„189& MONDAY, JUNE 26. PROBLEM NO. 164. By M. LEVY. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 163. By Louis Whalley (not Whaller). 1. Q to R8, K x Kt ; 2. Q to R sq, ch, K moves ; 3. Q mates. 1. P to B6 ; 2. Q to R8, ch, K moves ; 3. Kt to K6 mates. 1. K to B3 : 2. Q to B8, ch, K moves ; 3. Kt to B3'mates. If 1...R x Kt ; then 2. Q to Q8, ch, &c. ; and if 1...R x P ; then 2. Kt to B3, ch, &c. -. .' . • • THE INTERNATIONAL CHESS CONGRESS. The second half of the Tournament commenced on Monday (June 19), the following being the pairing and results of the rounds : First Round : 0 Lee v. Showalter £ Bird v. Maroczy 0 Blackburne v. Lasker Second Round : 0 Lee v. Janowsky £ Showalter v. Pillsbury £ Schlechter v. Maroczy Third Round : 1 Lee v. Steinitz 0 Pillsbury v. Blackburne 0 Janowsky v. Mason 0 Maroczy v. Lasker Fourth Round : 0 Tchigorin v. Lee 1 Mason v. Tinsley 1 Blackbufirn v. Bird 1 i h 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 Schlechter v. Janowsky 1 1 Tchigorin v. Steinitz 0 0 Cohn v. Pillsbury 1 0 Tchigorin v. Lasker 1 . £ Mason v. Blackburne i 0 Bird v. Steinitz 1 £ Showalter v. Tchigorin £ 1 Schlechter v. Tinsley 0 0 Cohn v. Bird 1 i Lasker v. Cohn ^ i Steinitz v. Showalter | i Maropzy v. Pillsbury | It is gratifying to notice from the above results that Blackburne is still able to cope successfully against the eminent masters of other countries. He has beaten the invincible Lasker and Pillsbury, but the latter has found him a dreaded opponent before—viz., in the cable matches between Great Britain and America. Both Janowsky and.Pillsbury have been left behind by the leader, and they have to keep in^company with Maroczy, Schlechter, and Blackburne. Unless they can improve their position during the coming week, there are likely to be several aspirants with equal claims to the prizes from second downwards. There have been no games hors ligne, except Lasker's games against Blackburne and Tchigorin, but some remarkably interesting endings, notably Janowsky's against Schlechter and Lee. TOBACCONISTS COMMENCING.—-Illustrated Guide (259 pages), 3d. Tobacconists Outfitting Company, 186, Euston-road, London. Largest and original house. HairdrMsers itted up. Estimatwui free. (A reputation of over half a century.) Manager, H. Myers. Two of the games from the third Round : QUEEN'S; GAMBIT DECLINED. G. Maroczy. G; Maroczy. E. Lasker.- White. Black. 1. PtoQ4 P to Q4 2. Kt to KB3: Kt to KB3 3. P toB4 Pto K3 4. P to K3 Pto B4 5. KttoB3 KttoB3 6. P to QR3 QP x P 7. BxP P to QR3 8. Castles Pto QKt4 9. B to K2 , PxP 10. PxP B to Kt2 11. P toQKt4 B to K2 12. B to Kt2 Castles 13. B to Q3 Q to Kt3 14. KttoK4 P to QR4 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 0 White.? PxP Kt x Kt ch Kt to K5 Q to B2 B to K4 PxB QxB Q to QKt4 B x Kt B to Q4 Q to Kt2 B to B3 B to Kt4 Resigns E. Lasker. Black. Ktx P B x Kt QR toQsq P to RS^ H B x Kt BxB Kt to Kt6 Kt xR Q*oB3 R to Q4 Q to B5 K;R to B sq Q to Q6 Close games do not suit Maroczy's style/and this game he played particularly weakly—weakly only because Lasker sat opposite. He retired, for instance,9. B to K2; another diagonal, or B to Q3, would have been better, so he thought, but perhaps Lasker would have lound another reply for it. Finally, he meant changing off pieces and to give up the Exchange (when playing 19. B to K4), hoping to be able to place his B at Q6 and then try for a draw ; but this hope subsequently came to naught, Lasker not allowing this manoeuvre ; so he resigned. H. N. Pillsbury. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. P to Q4 4. QxP 5. B to QKt5 6. B x Kt 7. Kt to B3 8. Castles 9. PtoQKt3 10. B to Kt2 11. Q to K3 12. Kt to Q4 13. QxB 14. Q to B4 15. QtoQ3 16. PtoB3 17. Kt to K2 18. PxP 19. QxQ 20. KttoQ4 21. Pto QB4 PHILIDOR'S J. H. Blackburne. Black. P to K4 PtoQ3 PxP Kt to QB3 B to Q2 BxB KttoB3 B to K2 Kt to Q2 B to B3 Castles B x Kt Q to B3 Kt to Kt3 Q to Kt3 QR to K sq PtoB4 QxP RxQ R to B2 DEFENCE. H. N. Pillsbury. White. 22. QR to Q sq 23. R to Q2 24. K to B2 25. R to QB sq 26. KttoK2 27. Kt to B3 28. Kt to Q5 29. P to KR4 30. B x Kt 31. R to K2 32. K x R 33. KttoK3 34. PtoKKt4 35. R to B sq 36. PtoB4 37. PtoKB5 38. PxP 39. K to B2 40. R to B sq 41. PtoR4 Resigns J. B to Q2 Of course the game should have been a draw, but sight, 38. PxP. by which he lost a clear piece. Pairing of to-day's Round (the fifth): Mason v. Lee , Blackburne v. Tchigorin 1 Lasker v. Tinsley 0 H. Blackburne. Black. KR to K2 PtoQR3 Kt to B sq Kt tc R2 ' R to B2 Kt to B3 B to B4 Kt to K4 RxB RxRch B to K5 K to B sq B to Q2 B to B3 R to K2 PtoQ4 B to Kt4 ch R x Kt R to K2 B to K sq for Pillsbury's ovei- Pillsbury v. Janowsky Maroczy v. Showalter Steinitz v. Cohn Two games only were finished at 4.30 ; the others were adjourned. Scores, inclusive of June 24; and two games finished of the fifth Round : Won. Lasker 13 . Janowsky 11 . Maroczy 7 . Pillsbury 8 Schlechter ...... 8 , Blackburne...... 9 Tchigorin ...... 8 Showalter 6 , Lost. Drawn. 1 4 2 2 2 5 7 6 5 1 9 7 7 4 3 6 Total. 15^ 11^ 11^ 11^ 11^ 11 9 Won. Cohn. 8 . Steinitz 5 . Mason 6 . Lee ............4. Bird 4 . Tinsley 2 . Teichmann ... 1 . Lost.' Drawn. Total. .. 9 • •! '8K , V/ 2 .. 6 •i .. 3 .42 8 7 8 10 11 14 1 2 7 3 4 3 2 4- CHECKMATE. We. have to add to the poets, who have sung the praises of the royal game from time immemorial, the name of Mr. Herbert Tourtel with the following contribution : , With eager glance and cautious touch The players watch th' embattled board: Nations in council rarely such Deliberation dare afford. Indifferent waits the Royal Lord The onset: trembling overmuch, To join far issues in accord A Pawn creeps forward on its crutch. Then Bishops cross the chequered ways, Then bravely spurs the agile Knight, Then moves One where She will in state. Full oft the Pawn disaster stays, The Castle stalks to left, to right, Until the King receives his mate. HERBERT TOURTEL. —t Colour-sergeant jenvey, Colour-sergeant Russell, and Sergeant Mathieson, of the Royal Marine Artillery, who served on the Nile gunboats in the Soudan Campaign, are to receive the Distinguished Service medal.

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 30 Jun 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 24

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