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 - THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET W. Cohn. White. 1. PtoK4...
THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET W. Cohn. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to QB3 3. PtoKKt3 4. PxP 5. P to Q4 6. B to Kt2 7. QxP 8. Q to QR4 9. B to Q2 10. KKt to K2 11. Q to Kt3 SICILIAN D, Janowsky. Black. P to QB4 PtoK3 PtoQ4 PxP B to K3 PxP Kt to QB3 B to QKt5 P to QK3 P to QKt4 KKt to K2 DEFENCE. W. Cohn, White. 12. Kt toQKtsq 13. B x Kt ch 14. Q to Q3 15. R to B sq 16. Q to Kt3 17. Q x B 18. K to Q sq 19. B to K sq 20. KttoB4 21. Q to Q2 22. KttoQ3 Resigns JjJNE 9, 1899 D. Janowsky. Black. P to Q5 Kt x B Q to Q4 Kt to K4 Q to Kt7 Kt to B6 ch Qx Rch B to B5 P to QR4 Castles KR to K 'sq SATURDAY, JUNE 3. THE INTERNATIONAL CHESS CONGRBSB. Score of the^Third Round played on Friday: 1 Smith v. Klimach 0 0 Erskine v. Marshall l 1 Jones v. Tabountchikoff 0 1 Lasker v. Lee 0 0 Mason v. Steinitz 1 1 Tchigorin v. Teichmann 0 £ Schlechter v. Showalter £ 0 Tinsley v. Maroczy 1 0 Bird v. Pillsbury 1 0 Cohnv. Janowsky 1 Blackburne, a bye. Lee simply lost through Lasker's superior generalship. Entrenching himself safely, Lee remained passive, expecting the assault. Lasker disposed his forces accordingly, prepared the attack slowly without any precipitation, conscious of the fact that his opponent will wait quietly any length of time, and then he commenced the assault. When the storming commenced a short hand to hand fight ensued, and the battle was over. Steinitz v. Mason.—If Steinitz is left unmolested in the Opening of his 1...P to Q3 Defence of the Lopez, so that he could get a little more freedom of action, he is too dangerous an opponent. The secret of Janowsky's success in the individual encounters with Steinitz is that the impetuous French representative goes at him with a rush. Mason contented himself with slow and steady development, giving Steinitz an opportunity for a counter attack. With admirable skill and patience the veteran gained ground step by step, and won a very fine and instructive game at a late hour. The games between Bird—Pillsbury, Tchigorin--Teichmann, and Cohn —Janowsky are appended. Bird played a favourite variation of his own, with which he might have been successful against inferior opponents, but Pillsbury demolished it mercilessly in a few moves. It shows the lucid grasp of the situation and thorough judgment of position of the American master. Tchigorin played a variation of the Max Lange attack which Pillsbury and Showalter had worked out, and held secret for this tournament. Tchigorin, however, it appears, worked it out also independently, and sprung it upon unsuspecting Teichmann before the other two masters had a chance of utilising it. Pillsbury told us he was\ quite surprised and sorry that the Russian had the first chance. Cohn developed against Janowsky's Sicilian with an unfavourable variation. He gave him the opportunity of advancing P to Q4, which •cannot be easily done in other variations of the Sicilian, and thus getting rid of the usually weak QP ; Janowsky had full scope for an overwhelming attack. It was a brilliant victory against such a steady player as Cohn. Schlechter v. Showalter : A hard game, quite sound, in which Schlechter met his match. Showalter defended with great care, gave his opponent no •chance for any attack, and a draw was the legitimate result. Tinsley v. Maroczy : This was the only game going, and a very interesting ending it proved. Tinsley lost a pawn before the adjournment; and had to give up a second one when play was resumed. In spite, however, of Maroczy's two passed Pawns, he kept him at bay for over three hours before he lowered his colours, although, theoretically, the game was untenable. It shows great feitility of resource. The following are the games : FALKBEER COUNTER GAMBIT. H. E. Bird. White. I. P to K4 2. P to KB4 3.KPxP 4. B to Kt5 ch 5. PxP ©. B to B4 7. Q to K2 8. Kt to QB3 9. Q to B sq 10. KttoQsq 11. Kt to K3 12. PtoQR3 13. PtoKKt3 14. P to KR4 M. Tchigorin. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. P to Q4 5. Castles 6. P to K5 7. PxKt 8. R to K sq ch 9. Kt to Kt5 10. QKt to B3 11. QKt to K4 12. PxP 13. P to KKt4 14. Kt x B H. N. Pillsbury. Black. P to K4 P to Q4 P to K5 P to B3 PxP Kt to B3 B to QB4 Castles Q to K2 PtoQR4 Kt to R3 Kt to B2 QKt to Q4 Kt x Kt Two KNIGHTS H. E. Bird. White. 15. PxKt 16. Q to K2 17. B to Q2 18. Q to B2 19. Q x R 20. Q to Kt2 21. B to K2 22. K to B sq 23. B x B 24. K to B2 25. K to B sq 26. Kto B2 27. K to K2 Resigns DEFENCE. H. N. Pillsbury. Black. Q to R2 R to Q sq B to KKt5 Rx B BxKP Q to Q5 BtoQ7ch Kt to Q4 Kt to, K6 ch Kt x P dis ch KttoK6ch Kt x Bch Q to Q6 ch R. Teichmann. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 PxP B to B4 P to Q4 PxB B to K3 Q to Q4 Q to B4 BtoKt3 KR to Kt sq Q to Kt3 PxKt M. Tchigorin. White. 15. B to Kt5 16. QtoB3 17. Kt to B6 ch 18. P to KR4 v 19. Kt to K4 dis ch 20. P to R5 21. B to B6 22. Q to B5ch 23. P to Kt3 24. QxR '25.- PxPdh 26. B to Kt5 27. Q to Kt3 28. Q x KP R. Teichmann. Black. Rx P P to K4 Kto B2 P to KR3 K to K3 Q to B2 KR to Kt sq Kto Q4 R x P ch R to KKt sq KxP PxB Kt to R4 Resigns The SlnKle-Round Toupnament. Result of the Third Round : ' i Marco v.Mieses £ 1 Physick v. Esser 0 1 Muller v. Jackson 0 „ Marco and Mieses played their game in the afternoon. Physick had an easy victory. In a Ruy Lopez Esser lost a piece, falling into a simple trap. Muller played a first-class Ruy Lopez, thus inflicting the first defeat upon Jackson. Dr. Smith, with his favourite Queerts Gambit, outplayed Dr. Klimsch, and so did Marshall, who defended with the Petroff— a defence extensively analysed in America. Jones had also an easy victory. Professor Tabountchikoff no doubt was unaware of the fact that Mr. Jones had had conderable training in the 3 ...P to K B4 variation of the Ruy Lopez, coming fresh froma match with Mr. Trenchard to the tournament; the latter playing invariably this variation. Consequently it is the worst defence the Professor could have chbsen. ' PROBLEM NO . 161. By E. V. TANNER. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO . 160. 1. B to R6, Any move ; 2. Q or B mates. -%THE MAY FLY SEASON. Retarded by the unseasonable conditions of climate experienced last month, the May flies are only now to be seen in fair numbers on South-country streams. And the weather is all that the keenest disciple of old Izaak could desire. To those unversed in the mysteries of the dry fly it may seem strange that success should be attainable when the sun pours its radiance from a cloudless sky. When such conditions obtain on Northern waters the angler is inclined to lay aside his rod and betake him to other pursuits. But provided there be natural flies on the water and an upstream wind, the dry-fly fisherman recks little of brilliant sunshine. There are some who profess to despise the festival of the May fly. The sport, they say, is too easy, and they prefer to kill their couple of brace of good fish with smaller patterns-a red quill, or a Wickham's Fancy. And it is true that when the trout are really feeding greedily on the May flies they are readily beguiled by a floating imitation ; their capture in such circumstances demands no great amount of skill. Yet sport with the May fly is altogether fascinating to the majority. Where the river glides smoothly past the reeds that fringe the opposite bank a big fellow is rising time and again. On each occasion a floating May fly disappears beneath the burnished surface of the water, and you can tell that the dainty meal is relished by the audible " suck wherewith the trout absorbs it. Cautiously approaching, the angler crouches on his knees and casts back and forwards through the air to gauge the distance. Now the hook-concealing insect hovers over the spot, alights oil the stream where the widening circles of the last rise are still visible, and—"flop " ! The trout seizes it and the battle begins. Let us hope the fish will not be lost among the weeds.

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 09 Jun 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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