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 - - J c - 36 ^ - " • -•• _ . J ri L • 3 , - • -...
- J c - 36 ^ - " • -•• _ . J ri L • 3 , - • - »• r - 1^ t i 189§ of Gatchina (Russia), and- Mr, [. H: aiake,-sbf Tabountchikoff being a competitbf in the f menr, it might be interesting to see his \^ since this game was ni> ' p v dUiy "npioved —ce Tabountchikoff; Jton. Professor e-round Tourna- - h- Mr. Blake •• White. 1. PtoK4 2. ;Kt tcf 4. .Kt x P 5. B to' K3 • 6. P to QB3 Black.. ; P to K4 I - I h j - " F + t - - 1 P X P t ,A \ SATURDAY, MAY 13. A tew annual dinners, sorne country matches, and simultaneous performances are the menu provided for the end of the season. One chess column was even obliged to stoop to "padding" with an alleged interview- of Blackburne, who is supposed to have asserted that whisky is the stimulant preferred by first-class chess players. If Blackburne said so he must have had a huge joke with Q to Q2 Kt to Kt5 Q x B Kt x BP 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Kt x P 12. P x Kt! 13. Px Kt 14. Q to B3 15. ^ to Q sq a too interviewer. Our connexion pressing and we might say intimacy—with 16. 17. Q to Q2 K to B2 18. KKt2 19. PtoQR4 B to B4 Q to B3 KKt to K2 Castles . BxB P to Q4 R to Kt sq Kt x Kt Kt to Kt5 Q x KtP R to K sq ch Q x BP B to KKt5ch QR to B sq ch B to K7 R to K6- White. 20. R to R3 • ;Kt to B3 22. 23. QxR BxB 24. B to B2 25. R to Qsq 26. P to Q6 27. 28. P to Q7 P to R5 29. K to R2 30/ B to R4 31, 32. Kt to Q5 R to KB3 33. R to B5 34. 35. 36. 37. KR to KB sq R to B6 B to Qsq KR to B5 M. Tabountchikoff. Black. Q to B3ch R to Q6 BxQ Q to B7 ch QxP Q x RP R to Qsq Q to K4 P to KR4 Q to B2 P to KKt4 Q to Q3 K to Kt2 Q to KKt3 P to R5 Q to R4 P to Kt5 Resigns hi chess players of note dates back to the sixties, and this is the first time that such an allegation has been made. Strong drink and chess are antagonistic. We have heard that the captain ot a Mississippi steamer was ^ r 5t tried by L. Paulsen against Zukertort. (8. Kt x Kt, Q x Kt gives an might resort to the heroic measure ot feeding the boilers with lard and even game.) The ing-enious defence 9...P to Q4 clearly disproves Whites + I'M. m* * is a weak continuation, which we are under the impression sides of bacon-T-if there is no valve—in order to win a race nigger and handy to sit on the safety in that sense whisky arid variation (bad on principle to commence an attack with undeveloped forces). White has nothing better than 10. Kt x P afterwards, for 10. P x P I » chess might go together—and even then we should doubt the efficacy of would be equally troublesome if Black replies 10...Kt to B4. 12...Kt to Kt5 such means. For good chess, above all, a clear and cool head is required- w . ms the Queen, but at too large a prize as the ending shows. The game is and nobody knows that better than Mr. Blackburne. - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The energetic hori. secretary of the Kent County Chess Association is organising 23rd in st. vigorously finished by the Russian player. a two-days Chess Congress at Rochester, on the 22nd and The programme consists of: PROBLEM NO. 158. By P. G. L. F. BLACK. The Annual General Meeting ; the Championship Tournament for the: Silver Cup presented by Mr. L. A. Goldie, Mayor of Rochester; Sectional Tournaments; a Ladies 3 Open Handicap ; Simultaneous and Blindfold Performances by well-known Masters; and winding up with a solemn presentation of prizes, the trysting place being the Victoria Hall, Rochester. • : ' — The names of the competitors in the two forthcoming International Tournaments in London will be published next week, when the number of the final starters will be completed. , n 1 • • L An interesting game played at Prague by Horak, Kaminck, and Kotrc in consultation against Dembowski, Lion, and Stefanides—all leading Bohemian amateurs: RUY LOPEZ. 1. White. P to K4 Black. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Castles 5. P to Q4 6. PxP 7. Q to Q5 8. B to K3 9. B to QB4 10. Q to Q sq 11. P to QR3 12. B to Q5 13. PtoQKt4 14. Kt to B3 15. Q to Q3 16. KttoK4 17. B x B 18. PxKt 19. P to KB4 20. Kt to Kt3 21. 22. 23v 24. KR to Q sq P to B4 to B sq CttoK2 The chess Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 Kt x P B to K2 •t Castles Kt to B4 P to QR3 Kt to Kt5 P to QKt4 Kt to B3 B to Kt2 KttoKS R to Kt sq K to R sq QKt to Q5 Kt x Kt ch RxB • P to KB4 Psto Kt3 . P to B3 Q to K sq PtoKt4 Q to R4 ers of Bohemia, White. 25. Kt to Kt3 26. P to B3 27. KBPxP 28. KttoK4 29. Kt x Kt 30. R to R2 31. R. to KKt2 32. B'to Kt2 33. Q to K4 34. Rfo Q4 35.. R to Q3 36. Q to K2 ' 37. Q to Q2 38. R to Q6 39. R (Q6) to Kt6 40. P to R3 11. Q to Q6 42. Q to Q2 43. K to R2 44. P x P 45. R to Kt8 16. R x R 47. P to K6 • r m Black. Q to Kt5 Q to R6 P to B5 Kt x P B x Kt B to R3 Qrto K3 B to Kt2 v Q x BP Q to Kt6 Q to B5 P to R3 Q to K3 Q to B4 R to B2 K to R2 B to B sq P to QR4 P x P R to Kt sq B to Q3 B x R Resigns WHITE. __ + T" j White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 157. 1. Q to K8, Any move ; 2. Q or Kt mates. REMEMBER THE "STELLA. 99 Before starting for your Holidays see that you carry an insurance against Accidents o All Kinds with THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND CORPORATION, LTD. F+ F although ^ objecting to the German 40 to 44, MOORGATE-STREET, LONDON, E.G. language, do no^-disdam to select a variation from the German Handbtich^ which both &ide$Splay, as given by that resourceful authority. The White allies only deviate with 12. B to Q5 instead of 12. B to R2. Black tries to free his game with• 16...QKt to Q5 ; but he gets his QR in a bad position, • Write for prospectus. Ajlso insure your Furniture and Valuables with the Corporation against the risk of Burglary. and remains with a weak QP. We therefore 16....P to suggest, B4 ; 17. P x P e.p.\ B x P ; 18. QR to Q sq, Q to K sq, with a position than that arrived at in the text. Later on 21. ..P to B4 instead of T to B3 might be considered ; and instead of 22...Q to K sq v P to Kt4 would be more vigorous, and transfer the attack to Black. Nor can we endorse 25..• Q to Kt5. Q to R6 appears much better ; White cannot play 26. PxP, because of 26... P to B5 arid P to B6. Considering the omissions pointed o\it, it is only natural that White should get the advantage, especially after they brought the QR into play and posted the B on the diagonal at Kt2. The interesting stage of the game,commences where White gives; up a pawn for the attack with 33. Q to K4. White, however, lost valuable time with 39. R to Kt6 and 40. P to R3. They could have finished brilliantly with 39. P to K6. There are a number of sacrificing' variations, all in favour of White. Black precipitates matters with 44...R to Ktsq, after which the game is 6Ver. There is one pretty point; if Black had played 45...B x P when White could have answered 46. R x R,B x Q ; 47. P toK6, and wins. F ' DENTIFRICE World. PREVENTS the DECAY cf the TEETH Pearly 1$ partly composed of Honeyand extracts from Sweet herbs and Plants. J J H Harmless, and Delldons to the Taste. Of all Chemists and Perfumers throughout the World. 2/6 Bottle, h 4 h 3

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 19 May 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 38

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