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 - Boost for Looming on private silver profits,...
Boost for Looming on private silver profits, been Invited to the a conference tomorrow Morgenlhau had discussed Bllver situation today other silver Btato Sen these five conferees refused discuss the meeting except secretary asked their Government officials arrival here by airplane the week-end of a Mexican emissary for a discussion the American silver program. is understood to against some aspects domestic policy, as did weeks ago, said the 50 per cent was a "penalty on American and had transferred in silver to London. RAPPED the fact that silver on market rose today American price was proof mace a terrible mistake didn't immediately peg it Senators who conferred today were Pitt-man, Democrat; Borah, Wheeler, Montana King, Utah Democrat, Adams, Colorado Democrat. -afterward he would see silver speculators by "ceasing to buy for or giving an indica speculation was not KIDNAP VICTIM SEEKS MERCY EOII ABDUCTOR Kansas City Manager'i Daughter Pleads With Governor to Spare Kidnaper's Life 26J HG SPREAD Associated Press) FRANCISCO, April 26. general strikes of marl-time lumber workers on the brought increasing authorities today as the seamen's dispute remained deadlocked and 700 sawmill out at Bellingham, organized Maritime of the Pacific, which full support to the was reported considering strike vote at Seattle collapse of peace negotiations here. the mill workers at presaged the possible of loggers and mill California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, now set unless pay and other granted. 2,000 relief camp work a. V., and dbv at Stockton, California, to the tenseness of the on the coast gener police detail was assigned the Oakland wholesale district after nonunion reported they had with violence. Federation, representing marine and waterfront decided at Its Seattle to publicize the griev 12,000 tanker strikers Support even to the general strike vote was pledged. Gaining in Upon Colds tTnited Press) Ont, April 26. were recorded the Dionne quintup smallest, who respond to treatment for a waa said to be much Down Narcotics that approximately patients voluntarily themselves to the cure. is tattooed with a indicating he has If later he is caught again, he is shot. alibis are futile. patients are tattooed forearm with a swastika. patients are tattooed on with a symbol resembling (By Associated Tress) JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. Anril Miss Mary McElroy pleaded wit Gov. Guy R. Park today to spar the life of Walter H. McGne. leade of the gang that kidnaped her fo $30,000 ransom nearly two yean ago. Virtually all legal avenues of es caping the gallows had been closerl to McGce when the 28-vear-olr daughter of H. F. McElroy, cltj manager of Kansas City, visited thi governor-in behulf, she said, o both kidnaper and victim. "In pleading for Walter McGeo' t . . .. me, i am pieauing ror my owri peace of mind," said the tall brun. ette in her formal appeal to th executive. She was accompanied here by hel lamer. After the McElroys had spent S minutes in his private office, Gov ernor Park said: I did not indicate to them whal course I would take." He addeJ mat he had 'no idea" when hi would act on Miss McElroy's plcn The McElroys, the governor saifl expressed to him the same viewl as contained in Miss McElroy's foil mal appeal to him. Miss McElroy appeared deepll worried as she and her father lert the governor's office at noon. Thi McElroys did not comment on thei audience with the governor. Miss McElroy previously had ei ijn-nnuu ajiiijminy ior me men coil victed on her testimony and h;J disclosed the thought of sendinl McCee to his doom was a "nighl mare preying on her mind. WARNING TO OTHERS She expressed the belief that til 'full force of the law has been en pnusizeu ana mat Aicuee g ca.'l would serve as a warning to otheil From her own standpoint, the gil said if the sentence were carriJ out, McGee "would even have thi advantage: he would not have think about his execution aftil wards." McGee, the first person in til United States to be given the deai penalty for kidnaping, is in Jail Kansas City under sentence to hanged May 10. division rso. i or tne state si preme court refused a rehearing his appeal yesterday. Miss McElroy presented the f lowing letter to the governor: "I am asking your clemency f waiter H. McGee, who has sentenced to hang on May 10. Th is the first request I have made the victim in this case. I mentH my role as victim only becati: technically, I believe, I am the orl one whose right it is to ask fl clemency. So far, publicly at leal I have tried to fill the purely nl chanlcal part of a state's witnel IMPORTANT TEST CASE "Walter McGee's trial was prim.-l ny important as a test case. T stats of Missouri was trying prove the possibility of giving tl death sentence for kidnaping. t sentence was passed by the jn and has been confirmed by the .preme court. I believe that the f I force of the law has boen eJ phaslzed and that it ia clear th Walter McGce has no legal men of escaping the gallows. I hope a I believe that this has served to wal men like him that kidnaping is I serious and dangerous crime to crl template. "And now, may we consider in as a private case? As the victlml am appealing to you; furthermol I am appealing on behalf of the v tlm as well as that of her captorl assure you that Walter McGel sentence has hung as heavily ol me as over him. "Through punishing a guilty mi his victim will be made to sufl equally. He would have this vantage: He would not have think about his execution aftl wards. In pleading for Walter J Gee's life, I am pleading for if own peace of mind. "I do not forget the suffering tl has brought in many ways to m;i people. Walter McGee's death not erase nor ease the sufferi Rather, I believe the mercy shoi him, and the feeling of warmth nl hope that any act of mercy brinl will serve as a balm to us all."

Clipped from
  1. The San Bernardino County Sun,
  2. 27 Apr 1935, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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