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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET , APRIL 7, 1899 Cantab cleverly won a piece with 25...R later with 30...Kt to K5, which won the remain en prise because of B to R6 ch, and Q ham played the game very prettily. x B eh, and Q x Kt and exchange. The Rook had tn to B4 ch. Mr. Fothering SATURDAT, APRIL 1. A complimentary dinner (Viscount Folkestone iri the chair) was given on Monday to Mr. A. F. Walter, of the Times, at the House of Commons, by the Chess Parliamentary Committee, in recognition of his recent gift of a set of Persian chessmen for competition in the forthcoming match by cable between the House of Commons and the Legislature of the United States. Present weie : Sir Herbert Maxwell, Mr. Atherley-Jones, Q.C., Mr. C. Shaw, Mr. Allen, Mr. Henniker Heaton (vice-chairman), Mr. Cochrane, Mr. Strauss, and Mr. Harry Samuel (hon. secretary). The cable match between Oxford and Cambridge and the colleges of the United States is fixed for April 20 and 21, under the auspices of, and at the British Chess Club. The home team to be composed (if three Oxford and three Cambridge men who occupied the top boards in the recent Universities match. The winners in the Winter Handicap of the City of London CheissClub are: E. O. Jones (Murton Cup and)...... JB10 A. C. Nurzey............. .......... £3 T. Basil Collins £8 E. George £2 E. Nordman ........................... £6 A. E. Barfield £1 W.J. Wheeler £5 C. Chittick £1 G. M. Hare............ £4 The sum paid in prizes to members during the year amounts to £144. The annual dinner will be held on Wednesday, April 26, at the Cafe' Monico, Piccadilly-circus, W. The Scottish Chess Association meeting commenced yesterday at Stirling, and concludes on Monday. The meeting under the auspices of the Midland Counties Chess Association commences to-day at Birmingham. The gathering promises to be a successful one. In our initials as last week's H. S. Mr. issue we gave erroneously Mr. Frank Newbolt's Newbolt writes :My brother Henry is rushing all oyer London vaunting his glory to all and sundry, while I languish in the shade." We are sure Mr. Frank Newbolt will not grudge his brother Henrys ephemeral glory. M. Rosenthal informs us that the subscriptions for the International Tournament in Paris next year are coming in freely. Nearly 20;OOOfr. have already been promised, and the President of the French Republic has promised two Sevres vases, value 5,000fr. This will be the third donation of the French Government; towards International Tournaments. The following game was played in , the match between the City of London and the Universities on March 22. Mr. Wilmot, of Birmingham, played for the City of London, opposed to Mr. Fotheringham, of Cambridge University : PETROFF'S DEFENCE. B. D. Wilmot. A. Fotheringham. Black. White. P to K4 19. Q to B3 Kt to KB3 20. Kt to B3 PxP 21. QtoKt4 Kt to K5 22. Kt to Q5 P to Q4 23. R x R Kt x P 24. B to B sq Kt to B3 25. Q to B3 B to K2 26. K x R B to K3 27. Q to K2 Castles 28. P to KKt3 B to B3 29. Q to B3 Kt to K2 30. P to B4 B x Kt 31. Q to R5 Kt (Q3) to B4 32. K x Kt Kt to Kt3 33. Q to Q sq Q to Q3 . 34. Q to Q4 Q to Kt3, ch 35. B to R3 QR to K sq Adjudicated by Mr. Blackburne a win for Black. After 5. Q x P the game is quite equal. The better variation therefore is 5. Q to K2, Kt to B4; 6. Kt x P, B to K2; 7. Kt to QB3, &c. But White should continue : 7. B to Kt5, P to B3 ; 8. B to KB4, Kt to B3 ; 9. Q to Q2, the object of 7. B to K-Kt5 being (1).to induce Black to the advance of P to B3 ; (2) to be able to withdraw Q to Q2 if attacked; with Kt to QB3, without obstructing the QB. In the text White, not inclined to withdraw 8. Q to Q sq, finds no better place than Q to KB4, which leaves the Queen in an exposed position, allowing Black to prepare a good counter-attack. White made matters worse with 18. R to B2 (instead of 18. K to R sq), and the A, Fotheringham White. P to K4 Kt to KB3 P to Q4 PtoK5 QxP 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. P x P e.p. Kt to B3 Q to KB4 B to Q3 Castles P to QKt.3 B to Kt2 Kt to Q4 Q x B Q to K4 PtoB4 Kt to Kt5 R to B2 B. D. Wilmot. Black. B to Q2 R to K6 KR to K sq R to K8, ch R x R, ch Q to B4 R x B, ch Q x Kt • Q to Q3 0 to QB3 Kt to Q3 Kt to K5 Kt x R Q to K5. Q to K3 PteKB3 P to QR3 The following game was played on Board No. 5 in the Universities Match. A pretty variation .might have occurred in the middle game : RUY LOPEZ. F. A. Babcock (Oxford). Black. Q to Q4 BxQ K to B2 R to K3 Rto QB3 P to QB5 R x P BtoK,5 K to K3 P to QR3 P to QKt4 R to B3 K to B2 P to Kt4 B to Q6 ch K to Kt3 • PxP P to Kt5 R to K3 K to R3 RtoK8ch Draw The above is an interesting game. There is an original defence, Black deviating, with 71..Kt x B, from the usual 7...Kt x Kt ; 8. R x Kt, Castles ; 9: B to Q3, Kt to Kt sq, &c. The game runs smoothly till Black's 15. ..P to QKt3 (instead of the better 15...P to B5), and some very pretty variations spring from the text-move. Curiously enough, both players unconsciously tread upon dangerous ground. For instance, Black might have been tempted to 16...Px Kt; 17. Q x P ch, K to R sq ; 18. Q x R, B to Kt2, apparently winning the Queen. But White could escape with the Queen by a subtle move, viz., 19. Q to K8. Consequently the Cantab's ,15...P to QKt3, without .seeing the variation pointed out, was an oversight, and he was fortunate to escape with a draw, owing to Bishops of d.fferent colour, after 21...B x Kt. PROBLEM No. 152.—By R. Steinweg. , BLACK. R. S. Makower F. A. Babcock (Cambridge)* (Oxford). White. Black. 1. P to K4 P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 Kt to QB3 3. B to Kt5 Kt to B3 4, Castles Kt x P 5. R to K sq Kt to Q3 6. Kt x P B to K2 7. Kt to QB3 Kt x B 8. QKtxKt Castles 9. P to Q3 Kt x Kt 10. Rx Kt P to Q4 11. Kt to B3 P to QB3 12. Q to B3 P to KB4 13. B to Q2 B to Q3 14. KR to K sq Q to B2 15. P to KKt3 P to QKt3 16. Ktx P Q to B2 17. Kt to B4 B to Kt2 18. Q to R5 P to Kt3 19. Q to R6 KR to K sq 20. Rx R ch RxR 21. B to B3 B x Kt "^22 P to B4 R. S. Makower (Cambridge). White. 23. Q to Q6 24. Qx Q 25. K to B sq 26. P to QR3 27. P to QKt4 28. R to B sq 29. Px P 30. B to K5 31. P to QB3 32. B to Kt8 33. "B to*R7 34. B to Q4 35. RtoKsq 36. R to R sq 37. P to QR4 38. K to Kt sq 39. P x P 40. Pto KB4 41. R to R7 42. Rto Kt7ch 43. R to Kt5 44. K to B2 WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No. 151. 1. B to Kt5, RP moves ; 2. Kt to Kt6 ch, K to R2 ; 3. P to B8-Kt mates. SWISS GUIDES FOR THE "ROCKIES." The Bern Oberland guides seem to be in demand all over the world, or at least in those parts of it where there is a perpetual p -fi o n( ? w ' A ! etter from Interlaken tells us that the Canadian Racine Railway has just engaged three of the Bern guides for the coming summer season, and that there is a likelihood of others bemgjequired for the " Berg-Sport " of the Rocky Mountain?. 1 ne bold Switzers are to have their temporary home at one of the mountain stations, as servants of the railway company, whence they will be ready to conduct tourists upon excursions into the heights of the Rockies. The conditions of pay are said to be so exceedingly tempting that many a good guide will be eager to be included amongst the temporary exiles from their Alpine home. BECHSTEIN PIANOS.—These magnificent Pianos for hire on the Three Years'System, at advantageous prices and terms. List and particulars free ot CHAS. STILiio anu 40 and 42, Southamptoorrow, London, W.Ci

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