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Ginny Library - Library and Athletic Awards Presented at Nepean...
Library and Athletic Awards Presented at Nepean High Library . awards were pre- nted to the executive and ifccmbers of the Library Club by MU Margery Vice, librarian sftd Marlon Oray, president. I Executive bars: Vlce-preil-dnt, Judith Robert; aecretary, (tarol Wood; maintenance, Inga ljahl; . cataloguing, Marilyn Annan i; publicity, Mary Ellen 4rmxtrong. ... Library ban: Mildred Albert. JOalne Blair, Mary Bond, Elisabeth Butler, Louise Caswell. Marlon Cheyne, Joan Cheyne, ' Carole Clapp, Sandra Cocklield, Morrlne Cole, France Cowan, Jtrlene Cross, Virginia Fawcett, Janet Olbbard, Nancy Oranti Qall Oreer, Bheila Orlerson, Marina Hahn. Marilyn Hall, SUabeth Harder, Carol cques, Erelyn Leech, Bernlce Covering, Jane MacMlllan, Margaret McCilntock, Enid : McNeil, Dorothy Magee,' Joyce Harriott, Lillian Millar, Sutan Moflat, Aleta Nesbttt, Dlanne Surdy, Ann Rider, Kay Btew-airt, Carol Btliuon, Marilyn : Thomas, Joan Tucker, Marilyn Twyman. Marilyn W a r d 1 1, Shirley Whiting, Bheila Wright. Norma Weaver, Leona Holley, at Kendall. OlrU' athletic awards were In charge of Miss Patricia . Furvls and Helena Brlggs, - president of the Girls' Athletic ' Association. Badminton bars were presented - by Sandra Baker to: Anne Stone, Kay Boare, Frances Cowan, Virginia Fawcett, Barbara Cotton. Junior basketball , bars were presented by Sheila Howard to: Marilyn Butler, Rhea Desjar-dins, Oall Durant, Lorna Green, Carolyn McLaughlin, Enid McNeil, Donna Pack, Sandra Potvln Mary Wilson, IJaadra Wilson. ; 1 Senior basketball bars were presented by Shirley White to: Barbara, Holgate, Helen Blair. Peggy Gross, Oayla Henry, asobel Langiord, Evelyn Leech, 'Anna . Patrick, Pat Shannon, Beth Sinclair, Mary White, tfhlrley White. J Basketball referees, scorers and timers bars were presented By Helena Brlggs to: Helene Brlggs, Joan Cheyne, Barbara Cotton, Helen Flaherty, Peggy dross. Marilyn ' Hall. Diane Mahllta, Joyce Marriott, Ann Rutherford, Patricia Shannon, Carole Stlnson, Shirley White, Joan Whltehorn, vJudy Bell, Helen Blair, Barbara Foster, Oall Oreer; Shirley Jones, Helen Morton, Oayle Nlchol, Anne Pollock, Ruth Sonley. ' t Tumbling club bars were presented by Helen Flaherty to: Jackie Abra, Charlene Armstrong, Mary Beddoe, Mlmi Boyd, Marilyn .Butler, Betty Carscallen, Louise Caswell, Barbara Cotton, Rhea Desjar-dlns, Roberta OUchrUt, Ellza-l ybeth Hetse, Helen Flaherty. Penny Johnston, Marilyn leech, Myrna Leech, Carolyn McLaughlin, Enid McNeil, Donna Pack, Anne Pollock, Diane Pnrdy, Anne Rutherford, Carol Symonds, Joaa Tucker, Shirley White. ; ' Girls Athletic Association (zecuthr bars were presented y Mlsa Purvis to: Helene Brlggs, Sandra Baker. Barbara Holgate, Evelyn Leech, Busanne Cook. Helen Flaherty, Betty Carscallen, Shirley White., Sheila Howard, Barbara Cot- trn, Virginia . Fawcett, Joan Foster, France Cowan. -Boys' athletlo awards were In charge of the Boys'. Athletic Executive under President Don Cameron assisted by vice-president Ron Jarvls and secretary-treasurer Harle Long. Inter-form championship bars were presented by Don Cameron, official bars by Ron Jarvls, interscholastlo bantam basketball bars by Mr. A. R. Veall, junior basketball and track by Mr. U Labrosse, senior baskets ball and N i by Mr. A. J. Cock-field. N s. Harle Long. David Illsey, Joe Palmer. Interschol-astle senior basketball bars: Dosr Cameron, Oary Downea, Bob Lyon, Ron Jarvls, Oordon Ouzzo, Don McNay, Jim Ward, Allen Rae, Howard Kneen, John Brannen, Ron White, Jerry Shannon, Colin Sangster. Inter- acholastlc Junior basketball bars: Jim Prebble, Peter Dale, Oary Oeddes, John McLlntock, Richard Hutching, Ian Smith. Jerry McManua, Murray Sands, Peter Clarke, Jim Peseta, Jim Wild. Dave Illsey, BUI Drolet. Interacholastle bantam bas- ketbeil bare: Jim Peffera, Peter Dale, Richard Hutching, Charlea Everett, Cllva Woolley, Joe .Palmer. Douglas Thomp son, Bill Klrby, Dan Skuce, Roger McNeely. John Mash, John Oray, Ron Smith, Dave Douglas. Track and field bar: Ian Brlggs, Dave Charboneau, Derek Cross, Oary Downes, Charles Everett, Oordon Outzo, Jacques Hamilton, Dave Illsey, Lloyd Jarvls, Don McNay, Ed Macies, Jerry Mackenzie, Roger McNeely, Victor Mallet, Ed Mash, Joe Palmer, Jim Fetters, Jim Prebble,. Bob Richard ion. bod Bwerdlow. Jim Robertson. Bob Salmon, Colin ' Sangster, wan snaxkey, Dan Spencer. Bob Welch, Ron White. Junior volleyball 10 C: Bob Butler, Bob Bwerdlow, Hugh Turner, Pat Holbrook. Richard Hutch ing, Ken Splcer, Bob Salmon; Keith Ingoe, Carl Elliott. Senior volleyball ISA: Ed. Macdonald, Ron Jarvls, Ed. Macies, Dave Mowat. Earl Johnston, Jim Ward, Don Cameron. - Junior touch rugby 10A: POTS' DEPARTMENT 4 complete selection of Boy Clothes at Reasonable Price. J CwmlW Been ttrai ' j . . An ATaUaala Brian Sharkey, Joe Palmer, 1 Bill Long, Ron Smith, Don Sutherland. David Cow tan, Don Patten, Jerry 'Oordon, Larry Undberg, Leo Dahl, Bob Uenkins. . Senior touch rugby. 12B: Bob Powell, Ron White. Bill Robin. son, Jim Stone, Brian Leafloor, Oeorges Ostlguy. Basketball A: Robert Rose, Wally Brighton, Jacques Ham. llton. Roger McNeely, Clarke Ooldle, Harry Istensen, David Raply, Via Mallet, Evan Leslie. Basketball 10C: Bob Butler, Hush Turner. Pat Holbrook Keith Ingoe, Bob Salmon, Ken Splcer, Bob Bwerdlow, Bartley Lahaua. - Senior basketball 13B: Keith Swltzer, Kent Outhrie, Bruce French, Ken HammeU, D'Arcy wuians, Jim Mill. - Hockey UB: Jerry Shannon, Bruce French. Keith Bwltaer, D'Arcy WUlans, Bob Barkley, Terry 8trachan. John Brannen. Gymnastics: Harle Long, Jim Stone, Brian Leafloor, Bob Powell, Mike Shaw, Lawrence Radford, Len Belford, Bob Welch, Warren Scott, Charles Everett, Bob Robertson, Jack Kulack. Bill Hewson, John Brannen, Don Cameron, Cllve Woolley, Jim Davey, Leo Dahl, Jim Carvlah, .Brian Bharkey. Don Patten. David Cowtan, David Courdln, John BuscombJ Officials: Oordon Ouzzo, Bill Hewson, John Brannen, Don MacNay, Don Cameron, Bill Drolet, Peter Andrews, Jim Ward, Oordon Ouzzo. . John Brannen, Jim Prebble, ' Don MacNay, Bill Drolet, Oary Oeddes, Bob Lyon, Jerry Mc- Man us, Ed. Macdonald, Bruce French, Terry 8trachan, Ron Jarvls, Jerry Shannon. D R OODLES?" By bocsb reic. ; 1 BBl-raWWSfBBBBBBBaBF I I , CROSS VSZO MAN - FROM MARS . I Ilk this Droodla becaus It afford me a valuable opportunity . to warn people once again of the danger we ki4 In from those little two-foot-tall rascal up on Mara 'and to ask you to 'join your local chapter of the "Flying Saucer Spotter of Terra" better, known aa the FSST (pronounced Fsssssst). Not enough saucer are being spotted these days and if we dont watch out those little rapscallions . will land their saucer here and take over the earth and blow up Illinois and steal a lot of stuff and cat all the chocolate Ice cream and put King Farouk In charge of everything and who know what else. Be alert and remember our slogan :"8pot a Saucer a day and help keep the Martians away. . - ' The original Fort Churchill on Hudson Bay was a trading post established in 1588. w So THIS Is FRESH WHOLE FISH! Its the Cot's ' 1 Dcofco HAVE HAD THElil EYES EXAMINED AND GLASSES FITTED BY ;': RITHOLZ OPTICAL CO. Mttun yea Vuf gmm eaywhm ' St ear ptlt Gt Umm here U WAM OK KBAft. The Burt uBtr la emir vlns tboraadi nlln Mnttee en at towaat prlc. are the hum why the Brtadpale of thli wnpeny hmn mt S.0O0.000 wmVatrnt ewtomn In Canada mot DJ. tat BUTHOLZ eapeiton d Potlws halp yoa with your rtaual problem. FREE EYE EXJOATtCX ornciAK .... "" ' : OcmtbeV rraatrlaaaa ;

Clipped from
  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 03 Jun 1954, Thu,
  3. Page 11

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