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34 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET MARCH 24, l£g 9 SATURDAY, MARCH 18. The programme of the forthcoming International Chess Congress* beginning on May 30 next, was issued last week. As mentioned before, two tournaments will be held—a double-round and a single-round contest. For the former a maximum of eighteen masters have been invited ; the Latter is Open to all comers, and a proviso is inserted that the prizes fixed ma 7 be reduced in this instance, should less than sixteen players enter. Both tournaments are liberally endowed, the prizes being in the two- round tournament: First prize. Second,, . Third „ . Fourth ,, . Fifth £250 165 100 80 65 Sixth prize Seventh ,, Eighth ,, Ninth ,, £50 : 40 30 20 These prizes will probably be increased, as additional subscriptions may fairly be expected. H.H. the Maharajah of Travancore, or instance, has sent £40 towards the funds since the issue of the programme. The prizes in the single-round Tournament are : First prize £75 Second,, 50 Third „ ... 30 Fourth 20 Fifth prize .. £15 Sixth „ .............................. 10 Seventh,, 5 Space does not permit to give the voluminous programme containing the list of the general committee, working committee, and officers, rules and regulations, as well as a special code, revised code (omitting elementary definitions), drafted by a committee appointed for that purpose. The programme may be obtained from the hon. secretaries, Messrs. Cope and Russell, at the British Chess Club. The following are two more games from the Cable match : RUY LOPEZ. D.Y.Mills. White. 1. P to K4 Kt to KB3 £ to K(5 Castles P to Q4 BxKt PxP 8. Q to K2 9. Kt x Kt Kt to B3 Q to K4 Kt x Q K to K sq Kt to Kt5 P to QB3 Kt to B3 B to B4 B to Kt5. QR to Q sq H x R PtoQKt3 B to B4 R x R ch K to B sq K to K2 B to K3 , Kt to Q2 B to Q4 Kt to B4 K to Q2 31. P to QKt4 32. PtbQR4 2. 3. 4. •5. 6. 7. 10. ,11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 123. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. E. Hymes. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Ktto.B3 Kt x P Ktto Q3 QP x B Kt to B4 Kt to Q5 Q x Kt B to KIvt5 QxQ B to KB4 Castles R to Q2 B to B4 R to Q6 KR to Q sq Rto K sq R x R B to K3 P to KK3 R to Q sq Kx R B to B4 K to Q2 B to QR6 B to Kt7 K to K3 B to R8 P to QKt3 B to Kt8 B to R7 33: 34. 35. .•36. 37, 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46: 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. D. Y, Mills. White. Kt toJKS P to R5 P to KB4 P x KtP P x P P to B5 ch B x P Kt to B2 KttoQ4 PtoK6ch P x P ch P to Kt3 B to B8 Kt to Kt5 eh P to K7 Kt to Q6 K to B2 K to.Kt sq Pto K8 = Qch Kt x B Kt to Q6 ch 54. Kt to B4 55. BxP KttoQ6 PxP Kt to B7 Kt to R8 Kt x P Kt to B8 B to K7 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. E. Hymes. Black. B to Kt6 B to Kt7 P to QB4 BP>x P PxP K to Q2 P to QR4 PtoR5 B to Q4 PxP K to B2 P to Kt3 P to R4 K to Kt sq Bto B3 P to R6 B to R5 ch BxP BxQ K to B sq K to Q2 K to K3 K to Q4 P to R5 B to K4 B x P K to K3 Kto B4 K to Kt5 B to Kt6 Draw The opening is correctly played by both sides. Black commenced a counter-attack with 26...B to R6, trying to win a pawn on the Queen's side •with his two Bishops. The combination proved faulty, but only because Mr. Mills calculated deeper than his opponent. The real interest and fight begins at this stage. Black got one of his Bishops imprisoned by his excursion ; Mr. Mills beginning the final attack with 42. P to K6 ch, all Black's moves being forced, ancj^ he could win if, instead of 45. B to B8, he had played: 45. Kt to Kt5 ch K to Kt so 49. 46. 47. 48. P to K7 Kt to Q6, K to B2 K to Kt sq B to B3 P to R6 B to R5 ch K to Kt sq B x P 50. Pto K8 = Q BxQ 51. Kt x B B to Kt7 52. K to R2, and wins. A. B. Hodges. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. P to Q4 5. B to Kt5 6. B to KR4 7. Castles 8. B x Kt 9. Kt x P 10. PtoQB3 11. P to QKt4 12. Q to Kt3 13. PxQ 14. P x P 15. P to QKt4 16. Kt to R3 17. KR to Q sq 18. K to Q2 19. BtoKt3 20. Kt to B4 21. P x B 22. Ktto K3 23. R to QB sq 24. P to Q5 25. Kt to B5 26. KttoQ4 RUY E. M. Jackson. Black. . , P to K4 Ktto QB3 P to KKt3 Px P P to B3 Q to K2 Q to B4 QP x B B to Q2 Castles Q to B5 QxQ P to QB4 BxP B to Kt3 PtoQR3 B to R5 P to Kt4 Kt to K2 B x Kt B to Kt4 KR to B sq R to Q2 Ktto Kt3 Kt to K4 R to K sq LOPEZ. A. B. Hodges. White. 27. Kt x B 28. P to Q6 29. RxPch 30. Px R 31. P toB3 32. BxKt 33. R to Q5 34. R x KP 35. P to Kt3 36. P to B4 37. K to B2 38. K to B3 39. PxP 40. R x P 41. R to Kt sq 42. K to Kt4 43. P to K5 44. K to B5 45. K to B6 46. PtoK6 47. P to K7 48. K to B7 49. P to K8 = q 50. K x R 51. P to B5 • M. Jackson. Black. P x Kt R to K3 R x R R to B3 R to B5 Pxli R x KtP P to R3 K x P Rto,Kt8 ch R to Kt7 eh PxP R x P K to B5 R to R6 ch R to K6 PtoKt4 K to B4 p to Kt5; P to R4 K to B5 P to Kt6 R x Q P to R5,. Resigns Mr. Jackson's chief mistake was to adopt a defence which was condemned condemned even by its most devoted adherent Steinitz. The second weak move was 13.. .P to QB4,.undOubiirig White's pawn. A more .serious mistake was 17...B to R5, because after White's 20. Kt to B4, he was compelled to 20...B x Kt, which gave White an open QB file, upon which the attack was then transferred. He should have continued, leaving his B at Q2, with Pto KKt4 and Kt-to K2 as in the text, and he might have hoped for a better result. As it is, his position became gradually worse, Mr. Hodges eventually winning a better pawn ending. PROBLEM NO. 150. By W. Finlayson. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 149. 1. B to Kt5, K x B ; 2. P to B4 ch, K moves ; 3. Q mates. t— ..... A second win c^n be demonstrated later on, commencing with 53. BxP. SOME HUMOURS OF SELF-DENIAL. Self-denial Week in the Salvation Army never fails to add to the picturesqueness of the streets; and last week, wherever one turned one encountered the familiar uniform/the pressing plea, or IT °^ u11 ? f J! n ^ lin ^ P er ^ ce - Th e humours of self-denial are many. Most balyationists give up meat for the week. Of course butter, eggs, fruit, puddings, pies, go by the board. We have heard of a balvation baby which has dispensed with its bottle for seven days. We have also heard of a cabman who rises two hours earlier, atMl gives the fares he makes during that time to the coffers. We presume his horse must be a Salvationist too. At least we trust he is willing. We have heard of a servant-girl who lived on bread and water. Whilst strongly appr6ving of such abstinence, we cannot help thinking that she might not unnaturally be expected to make up for it the week after, for she* is said to be very healthy. We have also been told of a man who has sold his bed and sleeps on the floor, fi^at is good ; but it is certainly easier to deny the senses than the ciavings of the stomach, which is really the ruler of the members. A weary man can sleep anywhere, anywhere, on anything. We have sometimes wished that the Salvation drummers-would deny themselves the pleasures of drumming, but that is toamuch : toexpebl Especial ly ( in Self-denial Week. Lightly as we laymen may speak concerning' this admirable way of replenishing empty coffers, there is no doubt that self-denial practised faithfully, nobly, in a million, and one ways by " earnest people who do so much for our great cities. 15 these

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