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28 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET DECEMBER 23, 1^98 <©ttr dress SATURDAY, Des. 17. Showalter, who started badly in his match with Janowsky m New York, has got over the stage fever, arid is not only holding his own, but plays with pluck and determination. • The score stands three to two in favour of Janowsky, with two draws. The match has been postponed for a fortnight owing to a bereavement in Showalter's family. The annual match between the B the 10th inst., was well fought by the team of the British. The latter won BRITISH CHESS CLUB. A. Burn..... }4 J. Mortimer 0 C. D. Locpck 1 G. E. Wainwright 1 W. Ward-Higgs 1 J. T. Heppel.. Yz E. Young 1 H. W. Carson .". • % H. A. H. Carson.. 0 II. FT Lowe 0 ritish and St. George's Chess Club, on St. George's, in spite of the powerful by the odd game only. Score : ST. GEORGE'S CHESS CLUB. E. M. Jackson.. % Dr. Ballard 1 W. M. Gattie 0 ; Jones-Bateman.......... 0 ; Dr. Deighton 0 J. H. Coburn Mr. Manlove 0 H. A. Richardson , ^ General Pearse......... 1 Colonel Tillard 1 Total b}/ 2 Total. 1% On the same day the Chess Circle of the National Liberal Club tried con- -clusions with West London, at the Conference Room of the National Liberal Club. This match was also won by the odd game only by the -National Liberal Club, who scored 6K against • A match for the championship of the Southern Counties Chess Union tyas played between Surrey and Kent at Rochester. Owing to the irregularity of the S.E.R. the match commenced late, and in consequence five games remained unfinished when time was called, the score then being : Surrey eight,' Kent seven. The games were sent to Mr. Hoffer to be adjudicated upon, and according to his decision Surrey win by 12)4 games to iy. " . .j- The result of an important League match in the A Division between North London and Brixton depends also upon Mr. Hoffer's adjudication, two unfinished games upon which the captains could not agree having been sent by consent of both sides to Mr. Hoffer. The players at the City of London Chess Club, in the Championship Tournament and in the other competitions, are close upon each other in, groups of favourites. Some, however, will fall back as the contests advance, it is too early yet to single out any other but the well-known favourites. . Mr. Lasker played at the Ealing Chess Club simultaneously, and gave .great satisfaction to an appreciative audience as well as to his twenty-three opponents, but especially so to Mr. M. P. Harwood, a rising local .player, •who'won. his garne. Two others were drawn, Lasker winning twenty., On the 12th inst. he lectured at the Insurance Chess Club, the last of a series, and during the week he was due at Manchester. i Mr. Blackburne will play simultaneously at the City of London Chess Club against thirty members on Tuesday (20th). The eighth annual-meeting at the Craigside Hydro, Llandudno, is fixed for the week commencing on January 5, the programme consisting of the Cup Tournament (holder Mr. A. Burn) ; a second open tournament for Class II. players ; a handicap, and other events. Further particulars may be obtained irom the hon. secretary, Mr. A. Firth, Bryn-y-bia, Llandudno. A game from the match British Chess Club v. St. George's \W. W. Ward-Higgs. • Dr. Deighton. W. W. Ward-Higgs. Dr. Deighton. White. Black. . White. Black. •1. PtoK4 P to K4 13. P to B4 Kt to Kt3 :2. •Kt to KB3 Kt to QB3 14. Kt to B6 ch K to Kt2 3. BtoKt5 P to KKt3 15. Q to R4 Q to B4 •4. P to Q4- P x P 16. PtoQKt3 ' 17. KR to Ksq KttoQ2 5. B toKt5 B to K2 16. PtoQKt3 ' 17. KR to Ksq R to R sq •6. B x B QxB 18. Kt x Kt B x Kt 7. Castles Kt to B3 19, Q to B6 ch K to Kt sq a B x Kt QP x B 20.PtoK6 B x P 9. Q.x P Castles 21. RxB R to R2 :io. KttoB3 B to K3 22. R to K7 K to B sq n. P to K5 Kt to Q4 23; QR to K sq R to Q sq 12. Kt to K4 P to KR3 24. R x P ch Resigns , The defence 3...P to KKt3 is entirely exploded, unless White continue -with the now obsolete 4. JP to B3, the old notion of establishing a.centre -against Black's Bat Ki2. As a matter of principle, the idea is correct, >but inapplicable in this case, thus proving the rule. 5. B to KKt5 is the fatal move against the defence, for the simple reason "that Black being compelled to reply 5...B to K2, he has weakened his King's side Pawns unnecessarily, not being able to post the B at Kt2. Black could have played somewhat better with 10...R to Q sq, and, although having the inferior position, he might have made a better fight. He also played weakly with 12...P to KR3. The alternative would have •been 12...B to B4, so as to get rid of one of the Knights,vand not get his pieces .so much crowded together as in the actual game. After 14. Kt to B6 ch, Black's game was untenable, Mr. Ward-Higgs finishing it elegantly and in very good style. JEFFREY and CO.'S ARTISTIC WALL PAPERS can be had of all Decorators—Manufacturers -•of all Classes, including Finest Hand-Printed Papers, and inexpensive Machine-Printed Wall Papers. Highest Awards at all International Exhibitions. The NEW DESIGNS are now on «vi<e\v at their spacious Show Rooms at the Factory : 64, Essex-road (near Agricultural HalJ), 'Islington, N.—ADVT. A game from Mr. Blackburrie , .s..simultaneaus performance at Glasgow - Giuoco PIANO. *••'• J. H. Blackburne. White. 13. Pto.Q5 ]. H. Blackburne. White. 1. Pto K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. P to Q4 5. P to B3 6. PxP 7. B to K3 ' 8. KttoB3 9. B to K2 10. RtoQBsq 11. Kt to QKt5 12. Kt x P Mr. X. Black. P to K4 Kt toQB3 P to Q3 P xP. B. to Kt5 Q to B3 Bto K2 Castles P to KR3 B to Q2 P to R3 K x Kt 14. PxKt 15. Castles 16. KttoQ4 17. B to B3 18. Qto'Kt'3 19. B7 20. Kt to B6 21. Q x P ch 22. R to B8 ch 23. R.x R mate Mr. X. Black. K to Kt sq BxP Q to Kt3 BxP P to Q4 ,K to R sq "R to Kt sq B x B R x Q R to Kt sq 3...P to Q3 is an irregular defence, probably being afraid to play 3...B to B4, He could have turned it, however, into a sate Hungarian Defence with 4...B to K2. After 4...P x P, he has to defend a Scotch Game with the inferior P to Q3. Black lost several moves, namely, 9...P to KR3, and chiefly 10...B to Q2, having had some presentiment of a coming sacrifice- viz., R x Kt. : With 11. Kt to QKt5 Mr. Blackburne commences a pretty attack, carried through brilliantly. Black could not have withstood the attack even with much better play, the position being past mending. Mr. ^lackburne's sacrifice of the Queen is very pretty. PROBLEM No. 136. By E. V. Tanner. , BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 135. 1. B to Kt2, Any move ; 2. Either R, B, or Kt mates. .'>,„• Mr. E. B. Schwann sends us the following Problem " on an idea suggested by the above Problem, No. 136 (by E. V. Tanner) : PROBLEM No. 137. By E. B. Schwann. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SoiiifTiON OF PROBLEM No. 136. 1. K to R4, K x P ; 2! R to K3 dis ch, K moves ; 3. R to B3 mates. 1 P to H5 ; 2. R to K3 dis ch, K to B4 ; 3. B to K4 1. ......... Any move ; 2,< R to QKtSdis ch, K to B5 ; 3. R to Kt4,

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 23 Dec 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 30

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