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26 THE WEb I MINSTER BUDGET SEPTEMBER 9, 1898 might to Kt3, Mr. Wainwrigbt, who is fond,of trying experiments in off-hand P have ventured upon a variation which would have rmit» gat ? es > his style—viz., 6. P to KR3, BxKt; 7. Q x B, Kt to Q5 ; so ^'^ with a fine attack if Black plays. 8...Kt x P ch. Even as" nl he had a better line of plav with 7. B x P ch, and if 7 £ ^ then 8. Kt to Kt5 ch, Q x Kt ; 9. Fx Q dis ch, followed by Q x B TK sacrifice of the Exchange is no good, as Mr. Anderson speedily show-: A White's game is beyond remedy afterwards. Consequently Mr And ? ' had an easy victory, ' aers °n. PROBLEM NO. 122. By P. G. L. F. r BLACK. SATURDAY, September 3. It is generally conceded that an International Tournament in London is due now. The capitals of Germany, Russia, Hungary, and Austria have done their share ; but England has stood aloof since the London Tournament of 1883, with the exception of the laudable effoit made by Hastings in 1896. In 1883 the lead, in organising the Tournament, was taken by the then powerful St. George's Chess Club, and their appeal was readily supported both in town and the provinces. At present we have two leading clubs, the British and the City of London; whilst the St. George's may still be counted At the recent tournaments in Vienna upon for substantial support. and Cologne general surprise was expressed that in a country like England, which is practically considered the home of chess, such apathy should be shown for first-class chess whilst amateur tournaments are being readily supported and liberally endowed with prize funds, and a hope was expressed that an international tournament on a larger scale would take place in London at no distant date. P " The subject having been broached to some of the leading metropolitan chess players, a ready response to support such a movement has been made. There would not be the least difficulty Hi raising the required funds. The 1883tournament (for the masters) cost about £1,000, the recent Vienna Tournament.less than £800, and there is no reason whatever why £1,000 could not be raised to endow a tournament of, 'spy, sixteen ine next. With Sir George Newnes taking the lead, supported by an influential committee composed of WHITE. leading masters to be held in j White to plav and mate in two moves. r • j •t SOLUTION OF' PROBLEM NO. 121. 1. Kt to Kt6, any move ; 2. R, B, or Kt mates Messrs of the British Chess Club, the leading members of the City of London and the St. George's Chess Clubs, the proposed tournament would be an unqualified success. We have still at least two players second to none in Burn and Blackburne, whilst the younger men might be given a chance in M + A SEASIDE HOTEL To the EDITOR^©/" THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET. DEAR We MADAM,- £he question is frequently asked, " Whv do U^lIJ „U„ lOM T\tf_. '"!__•_ proposal might be prelimi- so many of us spend our holidays abroad? narily discussed at the forthcoming meeting of metropolitan club secre- as follows will answer the question. My experience tanes, and at the meeting at Salisbury on the 12th inst., as well as at the general meetings ot clubs at the beginning of the winter season. A smart little game from the" Haupt" Tournament of. the Cologne Chess Congress I P. Bodenstein. White. 1. 2. 3. PtoQ4 P to QB4 Kt to KB3 Kt to B3 * 5. B to B4 6. P to K3 7. R to B sq 8. B to Q3 9. P x P 10. B to Kt sq 11. Q to B2 12. Kt to KKt5 13. P to KR4 14. P to R5 15. PxP QUEEN'S Dr. Exner. . Black. P to Q4 P to K3 Kt to KB3 B to K2. Castles P to .QR3 QKt3 B to Kt2 PxP P to B4 QKt to Q2 PtoKt3 R to K sq Kt to B sq RP x P GAMBIT DECLINED. P. Bodenstein. White. 16. R to R8 ch 17. Kt x.BP 18. R x Kt ch 19. QxPch 20. B to K5 21. B x Kt 22. B to K5 23. B to B5 .ch 24. Q x, B : ch , 25. Q 26. Q 27. Q 28. 29. BxQ P 30. P to B3 Dr. Exner. Black. K to Kt2 K x Kt B x R K to K2 K to Q2 B to K2 R to KB sq R x B K to B3 B to Q3 K to B2 QxQ KxB P: x P Resigns was- staying some few days back at Dover and engaged a carriage to drive a friend and myself to a neighbouring spot. We were driven to what the coachman informed us was the best hotel in the place, and upon arriving there I asked whether we could be provided with a hot luncheon, to which I received a curt" No." we could have any kind of refreshment, and was r was cold roast and boiled beef, and veal and ham. I ordered some cold roast beef and went for a short walk, returning in about a quarter of an hour to the coffee-room, when I rang the bell, but did. not receive any reply. After waiting about ten minutes the waiter came'into the room and I was told by him that the beef was '•'engaged." I waited another ten or twelve minutes,; and was then informed by the maid that " I should have to wait." I waited another quarter of an hour, ringing at intervals, and at last the maid appeared with some scraps of cold boiled and salt beef, saying ; that I " could have that or nothing. I would Professor Dr. Exner,who is one of the leading 1 , Hungarian amateurs and-a prize-winner (tie for fourth) in the contest in which this game occurred, is not generally taken so easily by surprise. On this occasion, however, he attendance (which, by^the v/ay, was 6d.), and he informed rae^tnat was iound wanting, owing no doubt to the fact that his opponent's attack mv statement was n lie hp had rpo-irlar rnsrnrners. and could not not have salt beef, &nd finally I was served with a tew scraps of cold veal and ham.. This is the way I was treated after waiting three-quarters of . an hour. When I came to pay my bill I corn- to the landlord, with regard-to the bill of fare and the m}'- statement was a lie, he had regular customers, and Id not looked somewhat premature. Black could have had a good game if instead be bothered with " cheap trippers," and further, I was refused a of 12...P to KKt3 he had moved 12.,.P to KR3, and if 13. P to KR4, then receipt for my bill. move The second weak wards the attack became too powerful even if he had played 15...BP x P instead of RP x P. Herr Bodenstein conducted the attack with consummate skill. The following off-hand game was played at the British Chess Club last Claret and soda Ihe charge for the meal was as follows : d. o 0 s. Luncheon, cold meat • 4 . 1 Beer 0 6 0. 6 W€2k: Attendance .'. Coachman's drink '. .0 . ^ J. E^J Wainwrig White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to QB3 3. P to B4 4. Kt to B3 5. B to B4 6. Castles 7. P x P 8. R x Kt 9. Qxli 10. Q to Kt3. 4 VIENNA OPENING. 6 6 D. L. Anderson. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 B to Kt5 P to Q3 B to Kt5 Kt to Q5 Kt x Kt ch B: G. E. Wainwright White. 11. Q x P 12. 13. 14. Q x R K to R sq Kt to K2 R Q to Q2 Castles 15. Q x R c 16. P to Q4 17. B to R6 18. P to R3 19. Resigns D. L. Anderson. Black. PxP Q to Q5 ch Q to B7 Kt to B3 KxQ Kt x P treat their customers like this ? B to K8 Q3 Can English country hotel keepers expect to prosper when the} I feel sure that such treatment would not be meted out to anv customers at even the smallest no e on the Continent, and it would be as well for vour readers to note what they are likely to get in this." best hotel " at this charmin 5 spot. No better punishment could be given to these than to give them a wide berth and warn intending visitors, f, -.t. .I..-- -j*--. —Yours faithfuliy, TRAVELLER uncouth hosts " cheap trippers " and otherwise, to this effect. August 30.

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 09 Sep 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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