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26 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET AUGU ST 5. 1898 The following;- is an abbreviated table giving the result amo •> prize-winners only : o s Mhe CLOSE OF THE VIENNA TOURNAMENT. (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.) VIENNA, July 27. . The result of the prolonged contest resulted in a dead-heat between Pillsbury and Dr. Tarrasch. The result is as it should be, these two players having run together all through the contest. If anythifrgy Dr. Tarrasch deserves the higher praise, for the simple reason that in the closing rounds he had a more arduous task to perform than Pillsbury, having had to "encounter more potent opponents than the latter, In his last two games with Alapin and Walbrodt the Doctor has given evidence of" those high qualities for which he was justly famed—intense power *of concentration, deep calculation, and unflagging patience. The game with Walbrodt on the last day looked anything but promising Tor him, yet he waited patiently for the right moment, and then only he DR. TARRASCH. II. N. PILLSBURY •commenced a final attack which his opponent could not;repel, thus securing a well-deserved victory, and a chance ot a tie with Pillsbury for the'first prize. The tie match commenced this morning at ten o'clock. Mr. Hoffer having drawn for the first move, it fell to Dr Tarrasch, who opened with a Ruy Lopez. The winner of a majority out of iour games to be the victor, draws counting. The distribution, of the prizes took place last night at seven o'clock, the pleasing task being performed by Herr Leopold Trelutsch and Herr Alexander Neumann.' The prizes were handed over in elegant silk purses, accompanied by an artistically-illuminated diploma. The following were the winners : Tie for first and second prizes between H. N. Pillsbury, of New York, and Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch, of Nuremberg, 6JO0O and 4,000 crowns. Third, D. Janowsky; of Paris 2,500 crowns. Fourth, W. Steinitz, of New York .............. 1,500 Fifth, C. Schlechter, of Vienna .. 1,000 „ Sixth and \ A. Burn, of Liverpool 800 ,, Seventh, J M. Tchigorin, of St. Petersburg 7Q0 ,, Eighth and \ P.. Lipke, of Halle'...; 600 Ninth, j G.Maroczy, of Budapest 500 ,, Tenth, S. Alapin, of Berlin 400 „ Consolation prize, E. Schiflers, of St. Petersburg ...... 200 ,, "i , The three.special prizes for the best score against the prize-winners fell to : First, T- H. Blackburne, of London 300crowns. Second, C. A. Walbrodt, of Berlin 200 ,, Third, A. Halprin, of Vienna. 100 Dr. Tarrasch, born in Breslau,. March 5, 1862, won the first prize in Breslau, 1B89, Manchester, 1890, Dresden, 1892, and Leipsic, 1894. His prototype is Dr.Zukertort,and he is an adherent and staunch supporter of the modern school. Pillsbury came to the fore with a rush at Hastings, 1895. His successes are too recent to heed recapitulation. Young, ardent, impetuous, scientific, and imaginative, he is the ideal of a first-class player. : . . ' MELLIN'S INFANT PORTRAIT GALLERY.—All mother? should study the portraits of strong, healthy children, published in the various periodicals. They are convincing 1 proofs • of the nourishing properties of MELLIN'S FOOD for Infants and Invalids. Samples, &c, ost fre* from JviELLIN/S FOOD WORKS, Feckham, S.E. - 4 \ Pillsbury Tarrasch Janowsky Steinitz..., Schlechter ... Burn Tchigorin Lipke Marcczy Alapin Blackburne..., Schiffers i >> tn u • _• ti 3 T> 1 >> tn N A3 o 'u o _ m a u • > o '5 a _ r _l g 'Z *-* _ y 5 P. H •—I V) m H 1 Oi 1 0 •/ 2 1 1 '/ 2 v* c 0 1 1 X 0 1 - 1 1 0 1 X 1 v, X l 1 X X X 0 1 • 0 1' • — 1 1 i X i ••/_ 1 1 0 0 X 0 0 .0 o —' X i X X 1 0 1 1 0 X 0' yJ o y % o 1 1 X X X X X 1 X 0i o y 2 % % 0 0 — 0 1 1 X 1 0 0 x\ x- 0 0 0 1 X '/s 1 ( — 0 1 0 X Va x\ x- I I 0 0 '/ z X o x 1 0 — 1 0 X X % o X '/. X i x o n X X X 0 X 0! 0 0 y o V* o X X o % X X 0 0 X X' % i XX 1 X l h X X 1 X 1 0 0 0 01 0 0 0 y s X 1 0 1 o y 2 X Xs l l 1 X li 1 X XI X l 1 llll! o x\ x o! 0 0| 0 J , l A\ X 0! „ .! X X\ \%\ J' % 'r I K - n „ The above table shows that in a tournament of the twelve prize * . till . T-» • -r-x —r» i . , _. _ r winners the result would have been : First, Dr. Tarrasch, with 15 points; second and third, tie between Janowsky and Pillsbury, 14J_ points each ; fourth and fifth an equal score between Maroczy and Steinitz (11 J_); sixth, Blackburne (11); seventh, Schlechter (10>_) ; eighth and ninth, Lipke and Tchigorin (10 points), &c. . , The first game of, the tie match Tarrasch—Pillsbury was played on the 27th ult. 'Dr. Tarrasch opened with the Ruy Lopez, and won a fine game in foVty-five moves. . ESSEX COUNTY CHESS ASSOCIATION. A meeting in connexion with the above was held at the City of London Chess Club the other day, at which there.-was a full attendance. The Rev A F. Russell, of Chingtord, presided. It was resolved to form an association to be called the Essex County Chess Association. After considerable discussion, rules were adopted, and Mr. T. E. H. Clay, of Chingfotd, was elected hon. secretary and treasurer. A provisional committee was formed to deal with the election of president and vice-presidents, and it is expected that a meeting will be called for this purpose in about a fortnight's time. \ vote of thanks was passed to the City of London Chess Club lor their courtesy in placing a room at the disposal of the meeting. PROBLEM NO. 117. By G. Carpenter. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No. 116. (By T. Ernst.) White. Black. 1. O to Kt8 B x B (a,b, c,d) 2. Kt to B2 ch KxR or to B5 3. Q to QKt3 or KKt4 mate (a)l. ..KxR 2. QtoQ5ch ' KtoK7orB7(6) 3. Kt to Kt3 or Q to Q2 (Kt3) mate {d) 1 B x R 2. Kt to B2 ch . K to B5 (34 x Kt) White. Black. 3. Q to B7 (or Kt4) mate (0 1. Kt to Kt3 2. Qx.Ktch K to B 3. B toB7 mate {d) 1 Anything else 2. Kt to B2 or Kt3 ch Any move 3. Q mates •p. ,. . SLEEP AND DEATH. witnesldthf ' ng r °? m ? f the Militar y Hospital of Alters has just ^ dead for ^,^ SC,TAT '°T N ° f a soIdier wh ° had bee 'n supposed lo fessor of s"^ r ^ ayS ' K 1 ' WaS at the ver y moment «*en'theft* SarfiS^r t ^? utt1to ^ «"*»PP°** corpse^' Drolon ^H ^ the s ° ] dier suddenly awoke torn a we° e sfnll wf t l gy ' , The three P^sons who witnessed the scene do anVthint I? SUCh an ??, ze ™ent that they were at first unable to Sffi'S" "ottil after they had seen the supposed corpse discecled marble -flab'on' which he was to have beea sheetofn a n»J° an , a . d J° in ing room to write a few words on a that tS SE„ a i4" re h ; raself that h e was really alive and a**, toe recovery of. the soldier IS absolutely complete.

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 05 Aug 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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