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THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET APRIL 15, l898 On Tuesday the North London defeated Sydenham and Fore-t Wi their final League match by fourteen games to six. North Lond a sequently tie for second place with the Metropolitan Chess Club COn ~ SATURDAY, APRIL 9. The annual match between the City of London and the St.- George's Chess Clubs was played on Saturday afternoon at the rooms of the latter club. From the appended score it will be seen that the City were represented by a powerful team, whilst the team of the St. George's consisted of the few well-known players at their disposal, their membership being- limited. In spite of the talent arrayed against them, the St. George's made an even score, <\% points each ; whilst the game between Messrs. Hart- Dyke and Kaizer, upon which the captains could not agree in adjudication, was sent to Mr. Hoffer to adjudicate upon. Mr. Hoffer pave the game i'n favour of White (Hart-Dyke). The St. George's, therefore, win the match. Score : CITY OF LONDON. ST. GEORGK'S. II. W. Trenchard £ E. M. Tackson h H. 11. Cole 0 Dr. Ballard 1 W.Ward 0 Tones Bateman 1 G. A. Hooke 1 H. A. Richardson 0 L. Serraillier '. 0 L.Manlove 1 M. Kaizer 0 P. Hart-Dyke 1 Percy Howell 1 Rev. L. W. Lewis....... 0 Dr. Blieden 1 General Pearse 0 A. E. Tietjcn 0 Dr. Dunstan 1 II. S. Barlow .. 1 W. Evill , 0 Total 4^ Total...' 5^ The following is the game played on the second board : FRENCH DEin :NCF. Dr. Ballard. IT. IT. Cole. Dr. Ballard. IT. IT. Cole. White. Black. White. Black. 1. PtoK4 l»toK3 19. Kt to R3 PxP 2. P to Q4 P to Q4 20. B x P . Kt to B4 3. Kt to QB3 Kt to KB3 21. Kt to K3 Q to Q sq 4. B to Kl5 B to K2 22. Kt x Kt P x Kt 5. PtoK5 KKttoQ2 23. B to B3 Kt to Kt3 6. B x B Q x B 24. Q to Kt2 B to KS 7. Kt to Kt5 QtoQsq 25. RtoKKtsq Q to.K2 8. P to QB3 Castles 26. O to Kt6 K to R sq 9. PtoKIH PtoQR3 27. Kt to Kt5. P x Kt 10. KttoR3 Pto()B4 28. RxP KR to QKt sq 11. Kt to B3 Kt to QB3 29. QR to KKt sq R to Kt2 12. KttoB2 PtoB5 30. R to R5 ch K to Kt sq 13. B to K2 PtoQKt4 31. Q to R7 ch K to B sq 14. Castles Q to Kt3 32. O to R8 ch B to Kt sq ' 15. Q to 02 P to QR4 33. R x P ch Q to. .112 16. K to R sq P to B4 34. Q x P ch K to K2 17. Kt to Kt5 Kt to K2 35. R x O ch 18. P to KKt4 P to R3 36. () to B6 ch B x R Resigns The first dozen moves are all "book," and quite correct on both sides, except 12...P to B5. The move is alluring, since it prevents \Vhite's B to Q3 occuping the diagonal for the usual Kings side attack, but this temporary advantage (if any) is more than counterbalanced by the time lost by Black in assailing White's safe Queen's side. After the temporary spurt Black has soon to bring his pieces back to defend his left wing, White having forced a breach upon the KKt file, and after 23. B to B3 Black remains with a weak QP, whilst White has a powerfully supported passed pawn. Dr. Ballard conducts the attack in good style. 27. Kt to Kt 5 is practically the beginning of the end. If 27...B to Kt sq, then 28. Q x Kt, P x Kt ; 29. R x P, followed by doubling Rooks ; but the capture of the Knight precipitates matters. However, there was no saving Black's game. The competition of the minor clubs of the Surrey Chess Association for the Beaumont Cup Was decided last week. West Norwood, beating Croydon in the final match, secured the trophy for this year. The other competing clubs were Redhill, Guildford, Croydon, Thornton Heath, Wallington, and Clapham. A team of thirteen members of the Ibis Chess Club played a match against the Hastings and St x Leonards Chess Club, at the Concert Hall, St. Leonards. Hastings won the match by 8)4 games to 4>£. The tournament on even terms of the British Chess Club was won by Mr. E. Young, the other competitors being J. T. Heppell, H. F. Lowe, E. O. Jones, W. H. A. Mundell, and G. E. Wainwright—all good men. Mr. Young is to be congratulated upon his success. The annual meeting of the Scottish Chess Association commenced yesterday, at the rooms of the Edinburgh Chess Club, Edinburgh. Mr. Lasker has been engaged upon a lengthy "starring" tour in Germany. It is needless to say that his simultaneous performances are invariably successful. This looks very much like training for the forthcoming International Tournament in Vienna. A very pretty match game between two of the strongest members of th e South Norwood Chess Club : Giuocp PIANO. E. Henderson. ' S.B.Baxter. Black. White. P to K4 14. Q to Q sq Kt to QB3 15. KttoQ2 B to B4 16. KttoK4 KttoB3 17. Q to Q2 P x P 18. Q to B4 P to Q4 " 19. P to KR3 p x B 20. P to B3 • B to K3 21. P x Kt P to KKt3 22. Q to R6 P x Kt 23. P x P Qto 04 24. B to R3 K to B2 25. ,P to B3 KttoK4 .26. QR to Q sq 9 p to KKt3 is an inferior move. The theoretical continuation, giving Black'the advantage, is 9...Q to Q4. Of course he has to submit to a temporary violent attack, but should eventually .emerge not oniyunscathed but with the superior game. White should have continued 10. RxB ch, PxR - 11 Qto Kt4 with a strong attack. This is the only course to maintain'the. attack. In the actual game, Black could have played 13 OR to K sq with advantage, instead ot the inferior 13...Kt to K4. "Givine White time to bring his Kt to K4 left him with the King in an exposed position. With 17, Q to Q2, White threatened Q to R6, therefore he should hot have dislodged the King's Rook, but should have played previously QR to K sq. White's 18. Q to B4 could only be answered with 18...R x Kt ; neglecting this, White had an opportunity of a pretty finish,- • PROBLEM NO. 103. By H. E. Kidson, of Liverpool. BLACK. S. B. Baxter. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. Castles 5. PtoQ4 6. P to K5 7. P x Kt 8. R to K sq ch 9. Kt to Kt5 10. Kt x B 11. Q to Kt4 12. RxP ch 13. R to K sq E - Henderson Black. - P to B3 KR toKsq Bto-Kt3 Kt to Kt5 Q to Q2 B to R4 PxP B to B2 K to Kt sq K'loTvBsc, K to B2 Pto.Kt3 Resi 'Tiis WHITB. White to play and mate in four moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 102. 1. Kt to K6, K x Kt ; 2.. Q to K2 ch, K moves ; 3. Either P mates. The composer's idea : Mate with either pawn in a symmetrical final position is marred by the simple 1. Kt (B4) x,B. —t— • A PARISIAN TRAGI-COMEDY. _ Columbine and Polichinelle. have just come from the Opera House f where there has been a masked ball. Something is wrong, tor Columbine takes offence and leaves her companion, hurriedly making her way towards the Madeleine. Poor Punch is brokenhearted. He proceeds slowly along the Chaussee d'Antin to the Church ot La Tnnite, where he kneels down on the pavement, takes a revolver from his pocket, and fires two shots inside his mouth There is blood upon his face, and he is picked up and carried to the Lariboisiere Hospital. The doctors look at the would-be suicide, who groans as though in anguish, but they cannot rmdithe two bullets. They suppose they must have entered the stomach, and prepare to remove them by surgical means. But it occurs to one of them to examine the pistol ; whereupon, lo and behold, the chambers which are still loaded are found to have blank cartridges. Then it is found that there is really very little the matter, and the man who, but a minute before has attempted to end his existence, cries for joy and dances a wild dance because he has not succeeded in doing so. -^-Daily News. at ad?anS2S N nS!.l N ^'7 TheSe ^ni&cent Pianos for hire on the Three Year?' System, S^4^SL5J^.S^^^^ rti<Juta,B free of CHAS - STILES & c0 -

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 15 Apr 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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