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 - • SATURDAY,-FEBRUARY 12. A match upon no less...
• SATURDAY,-FEBRUARY 12. A match upon no less than forty boards was played on Wednesday evening between the City of London Chess Club, at their rooms, and Surrey County. Both teams were well selectsd, and: although Surrey had ,the services of twenty-one players who are members of the City of London, but who elected to fight for their county, the City of London Club won the. match by twenty-two games to eighteen. The Ladies'Chess Club drew a. match against the Athenaeum. The match fixed to take place between the Ladies and the British, Chess Club will probably be postponed till Saturday as a more suitable day for the match. The North London Chess Club defeated the Athenaeum in their League match ; but the Athenaeum had to forfeit three games for absentees. The Netherland.Chess Association intend to invite Mr. Lasker to a few days', exhibition play at Amsterdam in March. They might fix the date to.: enable Lasker to attend'the Anglo-American cable match on March 18 and. 19, as he has been proposed to act as adjudicator. A game from the match British Chess Club v. St. George's : SCOTCH GAMBIT. II. W. Carson., Dr. Deighton. Black. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. W. Carson., White. PtoK4 Kt to KB3 P to Q4 B to B4 Castles P to B3 PxP B to KKt5 B x Kt P to K5 PxP QKt to Q2 R to K sq R to QB sq Q to B2 KtxKt Kt to Kt3 Q to K4 QxQ H. P to K4 Kt to QB3 PxP B to B4 P to Q3 Kt to B3 • B to Kt3. PtoKR3 QxB PxP Q to B5 Castles B to Kt5 QR to Q sq Kt to Q5 Q x Kt Q to Q2 Q to B4 BxQ W. Carson. White. ' 20. K to B sq 21. B x B 22. QR to Q sq 23. RxR 24. K to K2 25. P to B4 K to B3 P to Kt4 R to K2 K to K4 R to Q2 Kt x II Kt to B4 . " K to B5 Kt to Q2 PxP K to K4 Kt to B3. Drawn by agreement 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Dr. Deighton., • Black. B to Q6 ch . R x B KR to Q sq R x R R to Q4 K to B sq* PtoQB3 ' Bto Q5 BtoKt3 K to K2 RxR P to B3 B to B2 P to QKt4' PxP P to Kt3 ch K'to K3 19. 6. P to B3 Kt once is .preferable to castling, Black's best reply being 6..".Kt to B3. In reply, however, to 7. P to B3 as. in the text, Black's best reply is 7...B to KKt5. 8. B to Kt5 develops Black's game, instead of which he should continue as in the Giuoco Piano, 8. Kt to. B3, B to Kt5 ; 9. B to ,K3, &c The after play right up to the ending is all /breed. White could not well avoid the exchanges that Dr. Deighton judiciously forced; but he might have tried a different variation on. the thirty-fourth move as the only alternative which gave a slights chance for a win, as the preferable ending with Knight against Bishop. We P ch, P x P ; 36. Kt to Q2, &c. It is, however, doubtful whether even this line of play would have been sufficient to win. The game is a sound one. This game was played on Board No. 3 in the match British Chess Club National Liberal Club : ' • EVANS White had still propose 34. P '.x v. J. T. Heppell. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. PtoQKt4 5. P to B3 6. Castles 7. PtoQ4 8. PxP : 9. Q to Kt3 10. B to KICt5 11. QlCttoQ2 12. B to Q5 13. KttoB4 14. B x QKt 15. KtxP 16. KtxB 17. P'toK5 18. Bx P 19. Q to Q5 20. Q to K4 ,D. L. Anderson. Black. PtoK4 Kt to QB3. B to B4 BxP •B to ; R4 P to Q3 Bto Kt3 PxP Q to B3 QtoKt3 Kt to B3 Castles B to Kt5 B x Kt QxB Q to KR4 Kt to Kt5 QR to Kt sq , KR to Q sq • R to Q7 GAMBIT. • J. T. Heppell. White. 21. P to K6 22. P x P ch 23. Rx Kt 24. B to Q5 25. K to B sq 26. B x Q ch 27. R to Q sq 28. R to Q7 29. Rx R 30. Bto Kt 3 31. P to B4 32. KttoQ4 33. KttoKt5 34. KttoBS 35. P to Kt 3 36. KtoKt2 37. K to R.sq 38. B to R4 39. KttaQ,sq D. L. Anderson. Black. : Kt x BP Q x P RxR R to K7 dis ch Rx Q K to B sq R to K6 : R to K2 KxR B to R4 ; -". - K to B3 B to Kt3 P to QR3 . '. K to-K4 R to B sq ch R to B7 ch P to B3 K to Q5 R to Q7 7...B to Kt3 is one of the safe defence 7...B to Q2 gives Black A'djudicatedrih favour of Black de r ences "leading to a draw. Alapin's , v • \y~ n A under any circumstances. White had no keeping also a ar ^^f^J^imior; a. tew with 8, Fx P,PxP ; alternative but*uprnti. t ^..j. The attempt to avoid' a draw (with 9. Q x Q ch,Ktx Q ; ^r White he should nevertheless have 9. Qt0^t5) wjsnotwibo^ B to Kt5. been, able. subsequently ^to^equalise r * g q ^ _ 1Q B 1q r$ He might :.-.h^ye_plaw. » _ , Queen into/a.better position, and With 10. B to KtS he fr^ After eleven moves ;Wh»te 'W^^^-f^ attack; but the unsound combination, posUions,andbe« reply *A beginning with 12- l ° bllt w " hirt ml gT,t have tned for a draw st.ll practically decides the game • ^ut leaving h f dliw .. or thP Citv of London Chess Club just 1st Class —E. O.Jones. 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd -S. Wood: —W. B. Alldritt. -r -Edward Anger. —W. T. Marshall. —R. H. Barrett. 3rd" Class—F. Wilkinson. 3rd 4th 4th 5th —B. Robihson. ,, —T. Kraft. „f—H.-B. Mitchell., -J.. Calvert. The following are the prize-winners in the Saturday Express Tournaments at the same club : Herbert Jacobs C. J. Woon W. Ward H. H.Cole C. H. Lorch J. H. Taylor T. E. Hay don Dr. Blieden A.' Curnock A. E. Barfiejd ; ilarold Jacobs (two prizes) T. P. Lawrence (three prizes) PROBLEM No. 94. B,y D. L.'Anderson and Miss A. P. Field. BLACK. ' " ; ;v WHITE. • ' • - • • White to play and mate in three moves. 1. 2. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No: 93. • Kt to R4, P to Q5 ; Kt to B3, Any move; 3..Q mates. Kt to B3 is also the reply to any other of Black's defences. THE GOURKHAS' FIGHTING QUALITIES. A writer in "the. current' number of the Naval and Military Magazine gives• a-rather gruesome example of the Gourkhas' lighting qualities : . . ; . . A terribly wounded Pathan unfortunately passed not far from a couple of Gourkhas, who, chatting pleasantly together, were following in rear of the force. He seemed at first to have got by unnoticed, when one of-the Gourkhas, with much the air of a man who has dropped his pocket- handjeerchief, stopped suddenly and retraced his steps. Passing in front of the woundedman he took his beard gently in his left hand, and; raising the patient's chin, with a'swift drawing cut-he severed his head from his body. H-e then rejoined his companion, taking up the ^conversation-at the point at which it had been interrupted. Neither then,, npr at anyfuture time, did either make any allusion to such a trifling event. It must be remembered, however, that an Afridi would treat a wounded Gourkha with similar scant ceremony. chances of a favourable issue, whilst ' W d qo,, .34,' FarringdonL-rpad. E.C brain, bone, anajnuscie-buuamg- properties, uui is ai-mc s^inc -»ui C i3 " lv /""'"';"Y„. mP A\mi delicate stomachs. HORLIGK'S ^ALtED .MLLK is asserted,.by th^moat.eminert mec. - q( men, to be suitable for delicate infants and invalids. No cooking or added m,1 / c J e ?i 1 nR T, ifK all chemists. Price Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., and lis. Free sample, on application, setvt by BUR'-

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 18 Feb 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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