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 - 24 FiiRU^RY 4, 189Q PROBLEM No. 92. By Col. A....
24 FiiRU^RY 4, 189Q PROBLEM No. 92. By Col. A. Campo, of Palermo. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 91. 1. R to Q6, P to R3 ; 2. Q x P ch, Any move ; 3. R mates at Q3 or Kt6. 1. ...... K to R6; 2. Q x P ch, P x Q ; 3. R to Kt6 dis. ch. mates. 1. 1. P x Kt ; 2. Q to B6, K to R3 ; 3. R x P mates. PtoB7 ch; 2. K to R sq, Any move ; 3. R mates. SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, The Hastings Chess Festival, commenced on Monday afternoon, was the most successful one ever held, M. Janowsky's presence contributing in no small measure to it. The idea of these chess gatherings originated with the enthusiastic amateur, Mr. Horace Chapman, president of the Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Club, and practical effect was given to it by Mr. Dobell (hon. sec.) and an energetic working committee. A large number of guests and an unusual proportion of ladies were attracted to the Queen's Hotel, the headquarters of the Hastings Chess Club, by the programme for the week, and as far as we could judge they enjoyed their sojourn at Hastings thoroughly. There was ches? enough for all tastes. The consultation games between master and amateur opposed to master and amateur furnished instruction to the advanced amateurs, as the consultation consultation with audible voice between the partners revealed the amount of brain power and logic required to play a: first-class game of chess, whilst the simultanepus performances in the evening, although chess of a lighter kind, proved a source of enjoyment to the less advanced players. The following is a rteume of the week's proceedings : On Monday afternoon Messrs. Gunsberg and Dobell played a consultation consultation game against Messrs. Bird arid Jenour. A Vienna opening was converted into a Hamppe-Allgater Gambit, which was won by the first pair. In the evening M. Janowsky played twenty-nine games simultaneously (ten ladies amongst his opponents). He won twenty-four, drew one, and lost four. A second consultation game was played on the same day by Messrs. Bird and Trenchard (White) against Messrs^ Blackburne and Chapman. The latter pair won, as will be seen by the game given be^ow. On Tuesday M. Janowsky arid Dr. Colbourne consulted against Messrs. Bird and Trenchard, and the game was won by the latter players. This game will be found in another part of this impression. The evening was devoted to Mr. Blackburne's blindfold seance. This tour de force always attracts crowds of spectators, and the rooms were filled to suffocation. Of six games conducted simultaneously the blindfold player won two, drew three, and lost one to Mr. Dobell. , On Wednesday Messrs. Blackburne and Chapman consulted against Messrs. Janowsky and Aloof. The latter pair adopted the Sicilian Defence, and treating it vigorously in the opening equalised the game—at least—and finally wpn by takings advantage of a weak move of their opponents, although it required a great deal of subtlety to find the right continuation. In the evening Mr. Gunsberg played simultaneously. Amongst his twenty-seven opponents were eleven ladies, and the result was seventeen, games won by the single player, severs draws* and three lost to Messrs. Boriham, Dobell, and A. Lewis. . Thursday afterncon two consultation games were^arranged simultaneously—one simultaneously—one between Messrs. Blackburne and Mann (White) and Messrs. ^Bird arid Watt; and the other by Messrs. Gunsberg and Locock (White), atrainst Messrs. Janowsky and Womersley. The former was an interesting Scotch game and the latter a.Ruy Lopez. At six o clock these games were adjourned, and at seven o'clock the evening stance commenced, consisting of the four misters playing each two games simultaneously against two- amateurs consulting upon each board. Gunsberg won both games. Bird and Blackburne won one and drew one each, whilst Janowsky lost one and drew one. , , • ' , • ... On Friday morning the adjourned games were played out, concluding the festival Mr. Horace Chapman, however, arranged some more consultation consultation games between those masters who prolonged their stay at Hastings. The result of the adjourned games is.: Janowsky and Womersley drew their game with Gunsberg and Locock after a long and interesting ending. Blackburne and Mann beat Bird and Watts in the afternoon, and an extra game was played by Blackburne and Chapman against Janowsky ami Jenour. - Won by Blackburne and Chapman. • • • The following is the game played on Monday by Messrs. Bird and Trenchard (White) against Messrs Blackburne and Chapman : IRREGULAR DEFENCE. White. 1. PtoK4 2. P to Q4 3. P x P 4. PtoKB4 5. B to B4 6. P to B3 7. Kt to B3 8. Q to K2 9. Castles 10. Kt to R3 11. B x B 12. B to K3 13. BxB 14. Kt to QKt5 15. KttoKt5 16. Q to B4 17. Kt x KBP Black. Kt to QB3 P to K4 Kt x P Kt to QB3 B to Kt5 ch B to R4 Q to K2 PtoQ3 B to K3 Kt to B3 B to Kt3 ch QxB RP x B Castles QR QtoK2 P to KR3 P to Q4 18. 19. 20! 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31, 32. 33. White. Q to R4 Q to R8 ch Q x P QR to Q sq Q to R6 P x P P to Q6 KR to K sq R to K7 ch P x Rch Kt to Q6 Q to Q3 P to QKt4 Kt x Kt Q. to Q6 ch R to K sq Resigns Black. Q x Kt K to Q2- Kt to Ksq R to QKt sq Kt to B3 Kt to QR4 P to B3 KR to K sq R x R K x P Q to R4 • K to B sq Kt to Kt2 R x Kt K to Kt sq Qto Q4 Black's transposition of moves, which brings about a Danish Gambit Declined (viz., 1, P to K4, P to K4 ; 2. P to Q4, Kt to QB3, &c), is not a favourable variation. This is proved soon enough When Black is compelled to another weak move—5...B to Kt5 ch—as the KB has no better square to be played to. For the next few moves the game proceeds logically on both sides, till the interesting phase when White expose themselves to the loss of a piece with 15. Kt to Kt5. They get a powerful attack, which even the ingenuity of Black's defence would have been unable to repel, but for the transposition of the twenty-first with the twenty-third move;: 21. P. x P, .Kt to.R4; 22. Q to R5, R to QB sq ; 23. KR to K sq. r &c, would have Won the game. In consequence of the transposition of moves, the White Queen had : to quit the seventh row, thus enabling Black to move the Kt at Ksq, and to bring his Rooks into play with a winning counter-attack. The "game was adjourned at a late hour, and resigned the following day by White without being resumed. A match—thirty boards—was played on Tuesday between the City of London and the Athenaeum Chess Clubs. The City won the match by 22 games to lyi ;: but the Athenaeum lost five games by forfeit. On February 3 Messrs. Janowsky and Tinsley play forty games simultaneously simultaneously at the City of London ; on the 9th the Club plays a match—forty boards—against the Surrey County Chess Association, and on the 19th fourteen boards against Cambridge University at Cambridge. The North Kensington Chess Club, playing a friendly match against their nearest neighbours, the " West London," secured a remarkable victory, the final score reading to 2% in favour of "North Kensington, who did not lose a single game. —x— • • A NEW INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT. Among the attractions which will, it is expected, draw numerous foreigners to ' the Austrian capital during the present Jubilee year, an international chess tournament, presided over by Baron Albert Rothschild, the honorary president of the Vienna Chess Club, occupies a prominent place. It will begin on June 1, and each member will play two games .with of his competitors, with alternating first moves. The prizes amount in all to 18,OOOfr., the highest of them being 6,000fr. The president has offered a few prizes of his own for the -winner of the three most brilliantlv played matches. A. chess journal will be edited specially for the" occasion, in which all the matches will be published and commented upon. A reader, writing from Bermuda, under the date June 24, says : " Now, I cannot conclude .without telhng you that I {arid a few others to whom I lend it) think the WESTMINSTER BUDGET, for its price, is one of the best papers published in London. I have received it regularly since the hew series commenced, and am just as keenly interested in and delighted; with its illustrations and reading matter as I was with, the first number. The editor of the Bermuda Colonist thinks it a marvellous paper.- Please remember that all this is said with, the greatest sincerity."—The' WESTMINSTER BUDGET, 32 pp. of up-to-date letterpress and pictures, price 3d..weekly.. Obtainable at allNewspaper shops, railway bookstalls, and c f he Publisher, Tudor-street, London, E.C. *

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 04 Feb 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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