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 - 26 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET J±^_^Y_2S, 1898 next...
26 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET J±^_^Y_2S, 1898 next move he resigned, for if 40- P to B7, then 40...R x B j 41. p to 1^7 KR to R sq, and wins. ' IRREGULAR DEFENCE. " SATURDAY, JANUARY 22. To-day the match between the British and the St. George's Chess Clubs is being played at the British Chess Club, and next week will be fully occupied with a series of interesting events (enumerated in last Saturday's column) at the Queen's Hotel, Hastings, at the annual chess festival of the Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Club. The chess masters, including Messrs. Burn and Blackburne, as well as M. Janbwsky, of Paris, are probably by this time inhaling ozone at the favourite seaside resort; Mr. Burn to recoup ^himself from the fatigue of winning the first prize at Llandudno. Mr. Blackburne will have to recover from his visit to Hereford, where he played in one day thirty-seven games simultaneously, with the splendid result of winning thirty-five and drawing two, this performance being followed by an equally successful exhibition of blindfold play ; whilst M. Janowsky expects to add fresh laurels to those gathered at Berlin by defeating Walbrodt in a match. The League Competitions are also being resumed, Brixton still leading ; whilst at the British—Sir George Newnes having returned with his party from a lengthy yachting tour to Egypt and the Holy Land—the selection of the team for the forthcoming -Anglo-American Cable Match is being debated. At the City of London the Championship Tournament is progressing satisfactorily, Mr. Trenchard having added lyi points and Mr. Ward y 2 to his score, whilst five games of the favourites are unfinished. Mr. Serraillier is still leading. A return match between Pillsbury and Showalter in New York is spoken of. After the close fight Showalter made in the previous match, he is fairly entitled to have his revenge, to which Pillsbury, no doubt, objection. The match of two games by correspondence between Vienna and St. Petersburg is progressing rapidly enough. In the Queen's Pawn opening (Vienna White) eight moves have been made, and in the Evans' Gambit (St. Petersburg White) twelve moves. Dr. Tarrasch has given up the editorship of the German Schach-Zeituno\ and this excellent magazine is now edited by Herr Paul Lipke, the problem department being entrusted to the able hands of Professor J. Berger, of Graz. Appended are two pretty games, the first played in the championship tournament of the City of London, and the second at the recent Llandudno meeting: 2. FRENCH DEFENCE. Dr. Smith. White. 1. P to K4 2. PtoQ4 3. Ktto QB3 4. P to K5 5. PtoB4 6. P x P 7. PtoQR3 8. Q to Kt4 9. B to Q3 10. R x B 11. Q to B3 12. Q to R3 13. QxKt 14. B to Q2 15. Castles 16. P to KKt4 17. P to B5 18. P to B6 19. QR to K sq 20. Q to B3 A. E. Tietjen. Black. P to K3 P to Q4 Kt to KB3 KKt to Q2 P to QB4 Kt to QB3 B x P Castles B x Kt Kt to B4 Kt to Q5 Kt xB, ch Kt to B4 P to QR3 B to Q2- Kt to K2 Q to B2 Kt to Kt3 KR to B sq P to*Kt4 Dr. Smith. White. 21. PtoKR4 22. PtoR5 23. PxKt 24. R to R sq 25. B x P 26. R x P 27. R to R sq ch 28. Q to R3 29. Q to R7 30. R to R6 31. RxP 32. B to Q4 33. B to K3 34. B to R6 35. QxP 36. RxQch 37. P to Kt5 38. P to Kt6 39. Rx Bch Resigns A. E. Tietgen. Black. P to QR4 P to Kt5 BPx P P x Kt B to B3 K x R K to Kt sq K to B2 R to KKt sq K to B sq Q to B2 K to K sq K to Q2 R to R sq QxQ K to B sq B to Q2 K to B2 K x R 9...B x Kt is a deviation from the theoretical defence, and not a good one. White loses a move with 11. Q to B3 ; he should have played 11. Q to R3 at once. For Black we suggest the alternative 12...P to B4, to which White's best reply is 13. P to KKt4, which gives Black a little trouble ; but he can get out of difficulties eventually. If, however, 13. P x P e.p., Black gets a good position with 13...Kt xBch; 14. Q x Kt, Q x P, &c. The next few moves are more or less (perhaps more) forced,White having a good attack after 19. QR to K sq, as Black cannot capture the KP, because if 19...Kt x P, then 20. Q to Kt3, P x P ; 21. P to Kt5, which would be irresistible. The next point to consider is25...P to Q5 (instead of 25...B to B3) ; but then would follow 26. R x P, P x B ; 27. R x P ch, K to B sq ; 28. Q x P and wins, R to R sq being threatened ; and now there is only to - be added that White threw away a won game on the very last move with 'the hasty 39. R x B ch, instead of simply 39. P to B7, or R to R7. On the E. O. Jones. White. 1. P to K4 2. Pto'Q4 3. Kt to QB3 4. Kt x P 5. PxP 6. Kt to B3 7. B to K2 8. B to Q2 9. PtoB3 10. Kt to K4 11. Kt to Kt3 12. Q x B 13. Castles 14. Kt x B 15. BtoB4ch 16. Kt to R3 17. Bto Kt3 G. E.H. Bellingham. Black. P to QB3 . . PtoQ4 PxP ' PtoK4 ' Q to R4 ch QxP ch B to QKt5 B to Kt5 B to KR4 P to KB4 : • B x B ch Kt to B3 Castles Kt x Kt K to R sq .. Q to B4 P to B5 E. O. Jones. White. _ P to Kt4.. P.x P • KttcKtS R x Kt RxPch Kt x R QtoR2ch Q to Kt3 ch P to KB4 PtoB3 28.Qto Kt5ch 29. K to Q2 B to Q sq ch Q to R4 ch Q to Kt4 ch Q to B3 ch Q to Kt3ch 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. .25. 26. 27. 30. 31. 52. 33. 34. G. E. H. Bellingham. Black. V x P e.p. Ktx P - Kt x R . •. . QtoB4 Q x R K x Kt K to Kt3 K to B4 Kt to R3 QR to K sq K to K5 K to B6 K to B7 KtoKt7 K to B8 K to Kt8 Resigns 1...P to QB3 is a defence very rarely selected. It gives at best a dull game and is npt at all suitable to Mr. Bellingham's style. The defence is the invention of the late Herr Kann, of Budapest, and was for some time adopted in Vienna, where the inventor resided. This fact accounts, probably, for its having been chosen by Bardeleben and Weiss against Bird and Blackburne at the close of the B.C.A. Tournament, Bradford, 1888, the late Mr! F. H. Lewis giving a prize of £10 10s. The game resulted inadraw after thirty-fivemoves,enablingtheplayerstowitnessthecricketmatch. Black's 4...P to K4 is weak, the mistake being, as stated above, that Mr. Bellingham, with his usual impetuosity, wants to make an open game too soon, having started with a close game. The right continuation should be 4...B to B4 ; 5. Kt to Kt3, B to Kt3, followed by P to K3 ; B to Q3 ; Kt to B3 ; and QKt to Q2,.&c. The check with Q to R5 to regain the pawn only develops White's game, and leaves the Black Queen in a bad position. As early as 10. Kt to K4 White has already far the superior position. The Knight's move is powerful. Black canrfot capture the QKtP because 11. BxBQxBch; 12. P to B3, Q to K2; 13. Kt to Q6 ch, K to B sq ; 14. Kt x KtP, &c. Nor can he capture the QKtP instead of 12...Kt to B3 because of 13. R to Q sq, &c. 18...PxP e.p., opening the KR file, besides, leaves his game in a, hopeless position. The alternative, of course, was to sacrifice the KBP with 18...Kt to B3 and to bring the QKt to R3, and even then he could only prolong the game, that is all. Mr. Jones played this game with excellent judgment. PROBLEM No. 91. By Rev. J. Jespersen. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 90. 1. Kt to Kt7, Any move ; 2. Q or Kt mates. ——-i—- . INTERNNATIOAL CHESS AT VIENNA. We have received a programme of the forthcoming international chess tournament in Vienna commencing on June 1 and to last two months. Prizes : First, 6,000 crowns ; second, 4,000 ; third, 2,500 ; fourth, 1,500; fifth, 1,000; sixth, 800; seventh, 700 ; eighth, 600 ; ninth, 500; tenth, 400. Also a number of special prizes. Entries must reach the Committee of the Vienna Chess Club, Schottengasse 7, Vienna, on or before March 31, accompanied by 100 crowns deposit, which will be returned at the end of the tournament if no irregularity occurs. No "entrance fee is required. The committee will notify acceptance of entries at the latest by April 15. The tournament is held in honour of the Jubilee of the Emperor of Austria. For the WESTMINSTER BUDGET and all other NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES and PERIODICALS send vour SUBSCRIPTIONS to WM. DAWSON and-SONS, Ltd., Ca'hnon House, Bream's Buildings, London. (Estab. 1809.) Catalogue gratis.

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 28 Jan 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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