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26 1 1- ' .£-4 j j ;7 V • " '. ••'•\p'* ,- -**v ' 1 h .--"-"v F '-v .W:^ - v ->t> ixruier i - • r- ingbeea 1 1 T L * F - 4 F MONDAY, J The scores in the Championship Tournament of the of r7 Chess Club have somewhat changed since our last report; but such com petitors) there are sure to be various ups and downs before the tournament is concluded. At present Mr. Serraillier is leading with six and a half games out of eight, whilst Mr. Trenchard has temporarily fallen back somewhat, and stands now in the ranks with a number of players who have lost three points each, although they have not played an equal number of games. Scores ; Ward, 8 out of 10 ; Ware Griffith and Wagner, f vKuristinatui.r^ F 1 ' - - ' • .Batsmegyey. • Ruhstmann, r I 1 ^ . White. 1. PtoQ.4 Black. PtoQ4 • White.,-, ( . ; 21. KR to K sq Black. :; v- Q to KB2 2. P to QB4 3. Kt to QB3 P to K3 PtoQB3 22.QxQch : 23. KttoKt5 RxQ R to Q2 4. PtoK3 Kt to B3 24. KtoKtsq P to KR3 5. Kt to B3 B to Q3 25. Ktx B R x Kt 6, B to Q3 Castles 26. RxR PxR • n 7. Castles QKt to Q2 27. K to B2 j R to Q5 8. P to K4 PxKP 28. P to QKt 3 K to B2 9. BxP P to K4 • F • - 29. P to KKt4 Kto K3 10. B to Kt5 B to K2 30. P to KR4 P to B4 11. PxP Kt x B 31. K to K3 P to QKt3 12. Kt x Kt Ktx P 32. R to K2 P to KR4 13. Kt x Kt BxB 33. R to KKt2 PxP 14. Kt x B fa Q x Kt 34. Rx P K to B4 15. P to B4 Q to K2 35. R to Kt5 ch Kto 23 16. K to R sq B to B4 36. R to Q5 RxR 17. Q to R5 Bto K5 37. PxR * K to B4 18, QR to K sq P to KB4 38. Pto R5 P to QKt4 19. R to K3 R to B3 39. P to Q6 K to K3 20. KttoB3 * * R to K sq r • 40. P to B5ch 1 ri Resigns r M 1 3...P to B3 isan inferior defence (as pointed out before), but it is difficult prove an immediate advantage for White. On principle, in close games QBP should move two squares. move im ment of the forces, and if White the QBP can prevent Black frorii advancing either the KP one more square afterwards (i.e., disturb White's 7^ out of 7 ; Trenchard, 8 out of 11; centre), White should ; get a markied advantage. In this instance, 5 out of 8; Barlow, 6^ out of 10; Dr. Smith, however, White failed to reap any benefit;: so that Black got an even game, and shoijld have drawn it at least, had he not played • w • p The leaders in the handicap at the British Chess Club are still in Section A, Mr. J, D. Sprague and Mr. W. Ward-Higgs (who have to meet each other yet), and in Section B, Mr. G. E. Wainwright and Mr. J. T. Heppell. The peaceful battle was raging all last week at the Craigside Hydro, Llandudno. The fight in the various tournaments commenced on Monday evening, and was expected to conclude last Saturday, but the termination has been deferred till this week. * In the Cup Tournament there are eleven entries, and this is a strong tournament, although Mr. H. E. Atkins, who was expected to compete, is absent. The players are : Messrs. Burn and Bellingham, the Rev. John weakly afterwards. For instance, 17...B to K5 was bad, as this bishop got pinned, and after the following exchanges Black remained with an isolated KP, too far advanced to be eventually supported. From the seventeenth move onwards Black played feebly—20 taking the open Q file, nor was the exchange of qu all that need be said about it. White, however, ph game, and especially the ending in very good style. • i. was not so good as s advisable. That is PROBLEM NO. 89. \ By E. V. Tanner. BLACK. M J Sherrard, Wilmot MacDonald, and Dod. In the second-class tournament it will be interesting to see how the two lady competitors, Mrs. Fagan and Miss Finn, from the London Ladies 5 Chess Club, will fare. Tournament FRENCH DEFENCE. Batsmegyey. Schneider. White. Black. 1. P to K4 Pto K3 2. PtoQ4 P to Q4 3. P x P PxP 4. Kt to KB3 Kt to KB3 5. B to Q3 B to Q3 6. Castles Castles 7. B to KKt5 , B to K3 \ V 8. P to B3 P to B3 " .9. Q to B2 P to KR3. 10. B to R4 QKt to Q2 11. QKt to Q2 Q to B2 12. P to KRS P to KKt4 13. B to Kt3 BxB 14. P xB Q x P 15. B to B5 Kt to R4 16. BxB Kt to B5 17. Kt to K4 Px Kt 18. B x Kt P to KB4 Batsmegyey. White. 19. Kt to R2 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. K to R sq Q to B2 R x Q P to KKt3 B to K6 ch P to KKt4 26. K to Kt2 27. 28. Kt to B sq KR x Kt r •v 29. B to B5 30. 31. 32. 33. 34! KR to R2 35. PtoKt4 36. B to K4 QR to K sq K to B3' R to KR sq R to K2 Schneider. Black. Kt x P ch Kt to B5* Qx Q QR to Q sq Kt to R4 K to Kt2 Kt to Kt5 ch P to B5 Kt x Kt QR to K sq P. to KR4 P to K5 P to R5 R to B3 R to Q3 QR to Q sq P to Kt4 K to B3' WHITE. • • i White to play and mate in two moves. Abandoned as drawn. form although of late the capture of the pawn has come into favour again. Both sides play correctly (except that 8. Kt to B3 is preferable to 8. P to B3). With 12. P to KR3 White sacrifices a pawn (whether intentionally or not we r -play. Black gets a SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 88. 1. Q to QB3, R x R ; 2. Q to Q2, K to R5 ; 3. Q to. R2 mates. some White successfully met whereupon, in order to maintain attack, Black sacrifices a piece with 18...P to KB4, getting an equivalent of pawns eventually ; but it is doubtful whether the two pawns would have been sufficient but for the weak 29. B to B5, which enabled Black to close the open file where an attack was possible with 29...P to KR4 and eventually;P to KR5. Being thus secure from any incursion on that side, there was nothing more to be hoped for White but a draw. THE PRINCE OF WALES AND THE CHILDREN. The Brixton Branch of the Social Democratic Federat tly directed the attention of the Prince of Wa) vei M . J sal large number of London children attending school in want of food and submitted for his Royal Highness's consideration a propo that the Government should organise a system of " State mai tenance." The honorary secretary has received in reply the folio ing letter from Sir Frand s Knolly I am desired by the Pri The following are two pretty games, being specimens of the style of High of Wales to thank you for your letter and directs me to assure you in reply German amateurs who aspire to Mastership. The one was played at the greatest sympathy for the large number of His Roy<:i ;hat he feels tb- nderfed and hall- MOTHER'S LOVE is always on the look-out for anything for the good of the child. Half the troubles of baby life are due to improper feeding. HORLICK'S MALTED MILK is chemically and physiologically like human milk. The most delicate child can take it. It prevents convulsions, it builds up brain, bone, and muscle." No cooking or added milk required; Of all chemists. Price Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., and lis. A firee sample will be sent, on application, by HORL1CK and CO., 34, Farringdon-road, London, E.C. starved children living does not feel himself will give him much pi London, and, although he is afraid h liberty to support your particular proposa 4n the Londo to send a donation Schools Dinner Association, which, he understand good work in the required direction." doing 1

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 14 Jan 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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