Commercial House. Delphos Herald, Oct 29, 1901

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Commercial House. Delphos Herald, Oct 29, 1901 - Opening t. make a election to-day, but we all...
Opening t. make a election to-day, but we all know that is complete. XX/CCT - · = Wbs " Demolition of Old Commercial jg OUBe _A Brief History. Off most brought in a look minimum fit the Shenk no big Off Ono of the First Hotel* Mullt and Conducted Conducted In DelphoB-Was a Fine Hostelry at One Time. The razing to tbe ground of tbe building on west Second street, on the Grotbouse land, marks tbe passing oi the last of that which was once the Commercial Hotel, at one time considered considered one of the finest hotels in northwestern northwestern Ohio, and within whose walls many distinguished men have been entertained. In attempting to give a history of the building, the HERALD does not guarantee that every statement wil be absolutely correct, but, like all history, it will be subject to correc tion. Many old citizens have been asked to give their knowledge of the Commercial house, since its existence and among those who contributed to ward that whicn follows are J. H. Wabrahoff, Mrs. M. J Chambers, 8. D. Chambers, D. M. Bliss and Gus. Grotbouse. Charles E. Ross erected the building in 1847, two years after the canal was completed, with the intention of making making it a boarding place or hotel. In 1853 he opened the Commercial house and in October of 1858, after Mr Boss' daughter died the family moved er dance, to Van Wert. Tbos. Chambers, father of S. D. Chambers, assumed the man agement of the hostelry until December December of 1859, when Mr. Ross returned from Van Wert. After remaining there as landlord for many years, Mr. Ross sold tbe place to W. D. Jones, who is now landlord of the Areline Hotel at Ft. Wayne, Ind. About tbe year 1868 Mr. Jones turned tbe place over to Daniel Helt and went to Munoie, Ind. Mr. Helt died there and Mr. Jonee came back and took the management of the house again. Mr. Jonee wa« still conducting ed in tbe fire of 1872. TL« American Houst was built at tbe corner of and Fourth streets, in 1810, and was in charge of R. M. Peddicord for two years, Risley Higglns then taking it. It v»8 burned after the war. The Neil Hotel, at the corner of Main and Third, was established in 1847. It is at present used as a residence by G. Frankenberg and family. The Unon, Unon, later called the Hecker House, wa built in 1848 about where the goods store of A. J. Scbmidt now stands. Then came the Burnett, tbe Phelan and tbe Rose House, now the Beckman. The facts given in thin paragraph are taken from a history of Delphos written by Mrs. G G. Frankenberg. Frankenberg. The residence of John Roth, on Washington street, is being repainted Ask your grocer for Lang's buck wheat Fresh from this year's grain tf. Mark The Firemen invite their friends enjoy a dance with them at City Thursday evening. The Commissioners of Allen county Monday viewed the route of tbe proposed proposed Thomas Gecgler ditch, at Landeck. Landeck. There will be a merry gathering City Hall, Thursday evening, when the Fire Department will give anoth- Dr. M. Fant. Careful attention given to all branches of dentistry. Office in Fisber Fisber Block, Delphos, Ohio. 98-dwlm The beating aparatus at the opera house is being placed in condmon that the house can be heated without difficulty. New flues are being placed in the boiler. A Findlay man has found that salt water found while drilling for contains medical properties of value and that it will cure gout and agan. . ------the ------the house when tbe big fire occurred maiistn when used as a bath. In 1872 but h soon pled out of ex-4. hint to Fi*«r Haller i.tence *« a hotel and *w uaed by * various parties as a saloon. ^ mMjagement An addition on the vyeet side, at the corner of Second and Canal e t reat8 ' ^ was used as a parlor and kltch en for the hotel, and later by a Mr. mucb t of of IS of the the common O f the Delphos . g be Dg Dg coo gratu i ate d haviog 8ecure d the play, "A Wftrrant .; and make the pleasing en for the hotel, and later by a r. ouncement tb at the company will Updegrove as a billiard ball, the first 1 ^ ^ be secare d for a return ever conducted in Delpbos. This part ement be f ore t he present reason is of the building was moved away and I ^ is now a residence, the first south of .1- -----the -----the business house next to the opera C. M. Phelpa, Foreetdale, Vt., house block, on Canal street. bis child was completely cured of a Joe Will rented the property for a bad case of eczema by the use blacksmith shop, entering the business Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. in competition against Joseph Grot- O f all counterfeits. It instantly n bouse, with whom be bad previously lieves piles. King Bros. __ ". been in partnership. Mr. Will erect- - ~ ed the building *t the corner of Sec The in Concert ond and Canal streets that is now oc- which will give an entertain c u p i e d b y t b e Grotbouee blMkiinilh Sheeter'a opera house^ HL Later Mr. Grothouse bought Nov. 5th, for the benefit of the out his interests and combined the two School Library, is an excellent Lps in tbe present location. Th.| Don't fail to attend. T.okets of the bank, in the clerk thus bringing action President Ibe sum the vaults amount who will necessity of celebrated of the to from on tbe part that stood next to the canal and was torn down about eight years ago, was formerly occupied by tbe wocd working department of tbe shop, conducted conducted by Frank Shaffer, for three years, after which Mr. Grotbouse bought him out and continued in business business alone up to this time. At the time the east part was torn down an addition was built on tbe north side, for a paint and wood working department, department, which will now be moved to tbe south side of the lot. Mr. Grothouse Grothouse has been in business on that corner for about 40 years. Tbe erection of the Pennsylvania House, now the Burnett Hotel, in 1855 secured from any of the teachers from the pupils of Mr. Lewis' Fast's classes. Time For Action. Felix Steinle, John Herliby, J. Zimerle, H. B. Scbwartzengraber, Aaron Fisher and Peter Mittler, first committee appointed to sell lots, are requested to meet at Mayor's office Wednesday morning at o'clock, sharp. C. C. Buss by Henry i * rather detracted -- -- (^y itenry D I U « U , »»i»*-» ^»-.«^.^-- neg- j {rom tbft Commercial House, aided by TiT*»t* · 11 r* . 11 _ _ J I 1^*a m v A f f a n f i n n c hrk prass dur Look ex- t«sti- e that serarsly lockrd by n could not explo^nes. r«« against tbe de- n Javor of tbe l l a m o u n t , with rottlf m*nt 'ieual cont«»t pot the money other smaller and less pretentious ho tels »od boarding houses. Jos. H u r t , John Feeiy and other old residents, wb°o business wcs dull on a rainy day, corjRrpgatfid at tbe Commercial Hotel or spent the day in shooting at mark w i t h nlks. The firit hotel in Delpbos was tbe Travelers' Rest, opened in !M- by a man named Savage, at tbe corner of Second «nd Canal streets. In IM-'i Jjn (irover built tbe Ohio House, op- po»ite Mrs.'s prefpnt board- iog houte A Mr. Butler al?o built a Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is not a stimulant to tired nature. It affords tbe stomach pure and absolute digesting the food you eat. You don't have to diet but you can all the good food you want. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure instantly relieves distressed feeling after eating, you new life and C. Broe INSPECTION PARTY. H. D. Officials Were Over Monday Night. :n doubt, ^ardine boo«e opposite C i t y Hall in of d i p h t b e r a in bosrdintc tbe men who worked on t h e railroad. The place *-a« r n r n - Monday evening the official* of C , H A I) , on a special train, ed here from Lim». over tbe P., W. fc C. and stopped over night, tbe Beckmnn House. Tbi^ morning they departed south and tbe line inspected from here to Washington C. H Wednesday they will go thereto Ironton Thureday from

Clipped from The Daily Herald29 Oct 1901, TuePage 4

The Daily Herald (Delphos, Ohio)29 Oct 1901, TuePage 4
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  • Commercial House. Delphos Herald, Oct 29, 1901

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