1922 September 14 Lebanon Star Athletes pt 2

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1922 September 14 Lebanon Star Athletes pt 2 - 1ft New ^ork state. ; Ouy Mowre another product...
1ft New ^ork state. ; Ouy Mowre another product of the local schools and a star while play- 5' the Btato pb»yed (our yean* at Loba,«SP Valley — ~ l " "~ " " l - , ,. Not only on the grid- hut on the basketball court and 1 the, diamond the blond haired athlete 1 oxcollB. He has jjJayod baseball in j tlia Florida. League for several aou- picked bis eleven from large preparatory and high schools gave up -the game when he wont to Princeton bu t stood out in basketball. Ho was Captain of the basketball team •In 1019-30 and coach In 1020-21, John Haddow played everything In ' ehool. Ho is one ot tho older but tho fans remember him; eaauig U^le^uo In'h.tting ft State College he starred in « nines Ho ha* also been Bought "" ' «« l > baaketbu I. Leaving there forger i"rculte but he continues n f«w yeuw ago after graduation he Li. ,,,.nV,H H lon of teaching ntHl,l )lliyetl ball In tbo big. leagues. hte protoBBlon of touching and. P , „* ,..„ ,- - Caroll Hrown now pitching regu- , ThroTothor prod-acts of the high' 'nrly for tho IMtlHlmrgli Pirates wus ,^ool arc o,, tho Lnlmnnn .Valley ot L« 'anon Vnloy ;Collogo two _ye«r». ''Ed thlH fa'a William Wolfe mado »« '» not n product of tbo schools "tiSi football and 'basketball team '" M ' ( > 1)Ut wnH developed at a Leba- KJr? ;"". ....„ .,.„ i,vmi itniimnii'"on county college. . last two 'yoaru Fred Itollmai. »<»> county ln wroHtlliig. 'did well last year nH a freshman .In n n wroHtiig. tho city has Jack ffiwo sports. Porto Wolfo wan H' Oiar. u lorimir mlddlu-wclght «ham. 'aSd HUb-brujk. in football and a Plonnml living noxt door to the Krank M <^ s biilldliig Is now ready to Uko sub-back, in football and a »H"' »»'l living next door to Cftfcher on tho baseball team. Frank M^ » building IB now ready to Carpenter a heavy Ir.nemuii played on any comer In tho whole world. IJttlMi tWO years With Lebanon Vul- 1 Wllllmn Unnnwnnvni- tonnw» winning his letter both years. , nWH l , lu » ^Inoawoaver known as 'nutch ' la ono of tho loading motor. UrBbtua Collogo in Collogovllle, j vyc\Q racer In "the country. For _ . , i . _. * ... .. ____ -.,. i ' Kf^mn I Mil it l\n 1 1 r»lrl 1 1m /MII-I-H* 1 in **t\,t .1 T i 11.1 tinm ho bold tho .. e-mile rec- Lebanon has stood out as a great i ,,,,,, , In tho lust few ytrnrs men «rd on a hall-mile track, rite Will Mugsoy Uowraan. I Arthur Herman a lineman on Uw David Harvard l°cal high team under Ex-Captain loading Miller wont to Lafayette but could Charlie t Batman Oingrlcli Donald -- at the institution all of thorn <lo no hotter than HubitUute ou tat» fine football players and mom- of the -regfclar, varsity ulevon. later Burtrnm Light an greatest line In tho country, He i« now at Springfield Y. M. 0, A., Train^^ _ .... ing School and is a promising oa.ud.1" center while a student hero date there. aTeader of the Urslnus football! John Hunlan, a brother of Charlie He also won fame on tho is at Stato College and last winter basketball court. Now ho is travelled with thn wrestling team as athletic dlroptor at school. I ; 'hen last yeax Clarence Sunbury '» heavy weight. From Auuvllle Pain* School and oloied his career, at the same coll»d« went to tho Minor >'« illo n t Valley College, Eddie Miller and ther ** ln*ter"baving"beoii a regular football played awhll« In tho big ahow. He k I ana basketball player while there, ila still in the professional baseball x this year's Urslnus, squad IB'game. ucis Evans a'>little lad who made Sterling Light, an older brother of tnam last year when a freshman. Bertram Light was a member of the fcUt***» ••* v ? « _______ ._ TT....I.. .• .-. t,*, .*!... 1 I .... .1 1.~ „!. - i i. „ i i * company in Lew Hoy who is Urslnus football and basketball team jts?eshman this 'fall. (before* hla .vounger brother domin- BtU Chadwick, now " asslatunt^twl tho situation. n, on the high school staff after. Otis Clymor is still another fa- luating from the school grldlrou IUQUS athlete. He played for yours court, and ball diamond In the big baseball leagues and then to Albright and mad* the .."in the days of Will. Bowman, •nd the rest, there was on the feign school team, tho greatest "' individual football player ever ^*- ^ out of Lebanon. No of Lebanon's performera Should be complete leaving out name of Hobart Light, great here, greater star at Pcmn. defensive work at the unl- _lty was the talk of tha coun- and placed him on several 'l»A4norlcan selectlous. In the •- - J920 ho coachod Lebanon and turned out a good ft' mighty good one. Much WOB expected from 111 in vaa Justified by tho mfttui-- hand. I^att fall he wai- Pennnylvuulii couching auting staff. He wa» alto IP on Penn's bateoaJl Whan Hoby Light had part of the time Dpiuy Walter who 2nd basketball at Wh»n they battled became a minor loaguo manager. In « £. Another Leba- e organised a the local of tho JQHJUB l»H044W High it$ooJ FoolbaU

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  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 14 Sep 1922, Thu,
  3. Page 65

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  • 1922 September 14 Lebanon Star Athletes pt 2

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