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AUSSEY-2A - French Star Trades Film Career For Life In...
French Star Trades Film Career For Life In Circus (Special Republic Dispatch) PROVIDENCE, R. I., July 6— Against a background of the circus big lop, with blaring bands and excited crowds, a tall, svelte girl jn ridin" clothes, with wavy chestnut hair and dark captivating eyes, saunters across the wagon-furrowed lot. In all the confusion, she catches tne ey e —with the same electric eye-catching qualities that a few years ago were attracting attention in the swank avenues and salons screen Is Boss' Wife after him and his wife, Mable. It contains, reading from rear to front, a living room outfitted with modernistic, natural-finish wood furnishings; a row of staterooms, including a full-sized bathroom, i small dining alcove adorned with a mural painting of Lady Godiva that is rather startling along with prunes and shredded wheat about 9 a. m.; a shower bath and a big kitchen and crew's quarters. The household on the car reg- „. „.„ „..„ ularly consists of Germaine; her of Paris and on the French silver husband; his brother, Henry Ringling North, vice-president of the circus (whose wife stays at home in Sarasota, Fla., raising their baby): occasional guests; and a colored butler and chef. Life on the Jomar is like an exceedingly erratic trip on any Pullman, with a few additional corn- torts and conveniences of home and corresponding disadvantages. Lurches Unpredictably The car is subject to sudden unpredictable lurches at all hours of the .'ay and night as it is bumped uncer"moniously around railroad yards and sidings. The mortality in drinking glasses, vases and bruise-, is terrific. In the midst of washing your hands, the basinful of water is like as not to land jn your lace or your lap. The front yard is always a cinder path on the railroad trar!:s, usually a mile or so from civilization—an inconvenience reckoned Today, circus-lot spectators wonder who she is and what she does in the show. They never see her in thf show, and the chances are that trieir curiosity goes unrequited. Because Germaine Ausseys "job" in the circus is even more unusual than being a performer. She's the boss' wife. A year ago nhe gave up a flourishing career as a movie actress in France to become the bnd> of John Ringling North, the 38-year-old president of Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey Circus. They met on a Christmas Eve at Maxim's famous restaurant in Paris, when North was on a talent-scouting trip. It was love at first sight. Falling in love with a circus proprietor, she discovered, is something else again. It's just the opposite of the sailor's girl-in-evory- port situation. You keep the same sweetneart, but you're in a different port every day. Live In Private Car Th«>ii peripatetic love nest, their home lor eight months a year, is a private car named the Jomar, attached to one of the four sections of the circus train. Reputedly the biggest private car ever made, half again as Ion* as an ordinary Pullman, it was built by the late John Ringling, North's uncle, at a cost of $100,000, and named money in his pocket is a If he isn't able to get it. a few months from now, where will his money go? These are some of the tentative answers of the bigwigs trying to guess next winter's prospects: Movies, sports, liquor, more and oetter clothing, better grades of food and the addition of luxury items to the table, cosmetics and beauty parlor service, jewelry, of the costume varie'y, trave!. education and gambling. with by the constant presence of a car chauffeured by a saturnine exmarim: named Freddie Bartlett who has an uncanny knowledge of every back street in the land and psychic means of keeping posted on where the Jomar has been shifted in the last 10 minutes and how to get to that particular siding. The greatest of Germaine's domestic complications arises from the fact that North, a youthful, stocky genial impresario, inherited his uncle's penchant for odd living habits. John Ringling liked to stay up all night, and for years North was his protecting companion and : now is frank y out to get revenge by staying up all night,, himself. " Is Pessimistic He never gets .up before noon, spends an hour and a half in a combination process of bathing, getting dressed, sipping fruit juice and reading the papers, emerging intermittently in his underwear to make oessimistic comments about the ilate of the world. He works all afternoon on the circus lot with his office in his hat, pacing about the grounds talk-

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 07 Jul 1941, Mon,
  3. Page 19

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