reviews Babi history via Gaston Dujarric, article is an echo of NY Sun

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reviews Babi history via Gaston Dujarric, article is an echo of NY Sun - IHilSir PERSEQIHIP ix H s 1 i - TTFTTrr - HT -...
IHilSir PERSEQIHIP ix H s 1 i - TTFTTrr - HT - TORKDl fCBTgsofT TdaTCkErj TO DElTM - ir After RepeaUae r His Barbarism aaszra - uia waa Hordered ty One vt tieFaaaties - r - The fanaUc who assassinated ti Stab of Persia a whUe ago was a member of the Bablst Society and the Frenchman Gaston Dujarrlc whn mafle a special study of the many ects 01 Aiooanuneoanism nas been lelllhir what Bablsm is it was this society which the Shah so sorely persecuted after he began his reign Over fifty yesis ago AU Mohammed an exceedingly bright and eloquent young man on returning from a pfl - grimage o Mecca began to preach a Persia the reform of Islam and the purificaUon of the liver of the people He took the surname Bab which Urai - fies The Gate - his followers called him The Gate of theTTUth - The reforms he preached won great rxmnlar fav and in 1S48 the Shah father of the recently murdered ruler ordered the Bab Into his presence that he might hear from his own mouth the doctrine that he preached He heard and approved He declared that the new sect should be protected throughout Persia But be died that year and Nasr - ed - Din a boy of 17 years came to tbe throne The rich and - powerful Persians feared the reformer and his tenets and the young Shah sided with them He was ferocious in his repression of the sect Hundreds of the Babs followers were cruelly put to death The Bab himself was taken prisoner In 1S4 and executed But the martyrs the young Shah made were the seed of the faith Bablsm grew under the bloodiest persecution Many were tortured to death One of the most conspicuous martyrs was the famous heroine of the reform Kuretr - el - Ayn a beautiful woman who had preached the new faith with burning zeal wherever she could get a hear lng and particularly In the harems where her sea secured admission for her without difficulty When she fell under the bap ot the Shah her life was promised ber It she would abjure the new teachings She refused to purchase her life at such a price and was sentenced to be burned to death Before the flames had touched ber body her executioner more merciful than the Shah choked her to death with a woman veil the veil she had rejected contrary to the law and custom of her people The sect thus bloodily suppressed ceased to be an open branch of Mohammedanism and became a secret society It has spread among an classes It seems Intangible to the outer world but It is powerful and active It is no longer merely a religious sect It is a party and Into the secret folds art gathered besides many of the best among Persians the disappointed the dreamers the cranks It was one ot these cranks who In lSl attempted to kin the Shah and It was years later that the Shah regretted the cruelties of hit early reign and - ceased to persecute the Babists New York Sun

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 15 Sep 1896, Tue,
  3. Page 10

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  • reviews Babi history via Gaston Dujarric, article is an echo of NY Sun

    smkolins – 28 Mar 2013

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