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28 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET NOVEMBER 19, 1897 The annual match between the North London and St. George's Chess Clubs was played on Saturday week at the St. George's. North London won seven and a half out of ten games, but th2 St. George'^ was weakly represented. The Athenaeum Chess Club gained a decisive victory over the Metropolitan Chess Club in a League match. The Athenaeum not only scored twelve games to eight, but they beat nine of the Metropolitan top players by eight to one, a remarkab'e achievement of which the Athenaeum may justly be proud. Mr. James Mason played simultaneously against twenty members of th^ City of London Chess Club, with the result of winning fourteen games, losing two, with four draws. Two fine games Fie'd) : Janowski. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. BtoKtS 4. Castles •5. RtoKsq 6. KtxP 7. R x Kt ch 8. B to Q3 9. Kt to B3 10. R to K3 11. PtoQKt3 12. BPxR 13. P x B 14. QtoKt4 15. B to Q2 16. R to KB sq 17. P to B4 from the Janowski-Walbrodt match (sc -re from the RUY Walbrodt. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 Kt x P Kt to Q3 Kt x Kt B to K2 Castles B to B3 R to K sq R x R B x Kt P to QKt3 Q to K2 B to Kt2 R to K sq Kt to K5 LOPEZ. Janowski. White. 18. B to B sq 19. BtoKt2 ,20. Q to B4 21. R x Q 22. K to B sq 23. K to K2 24. P to KKt4 25. P to KR4 26. P to Kt4 27. P to Kt5 28. PtoR4 29. K to K sq 30. K to Q sq 31. K to B sq 32. K to 0 sq 33. K to B sq 34. K to Q2 Walbrock. Black. P to Q3 Q to Kt4 Q x Q P to B3 K to B2 P to KR3 R to K2 R to K sq P to QB4 B to R sq B to Kt2 K to Kt sq B to R sq B to Kt2 B to R sq Kt to Kt6 Draw Janowski selected a sound, uncompromising variation of the Ruy Lopez, which shows that he by no means underrates his opponent's defensive •qualities. 5. R to K sq, and the subsequent variation, was played by Steinitz v. Zukertort in the New Yoifk match, including the Queen's Fianchette. Janowski played the same moves against Lasker in the Nuremberg Tournament. Janowski allowed his opponent to make him an isolated KP, after which, with the better pawn position,. Walbrodt forced exchange of Queens, •contented with a draw—being second player—which is clearly shown by the repeated uncompromising moves in the ending with K,R and B. The game is a good, sound specimen of this variation, and a legitimite draw. The game lasted four hours. The second ganf°, p'ay^d on November 5 : Walbrodt. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Kt to B3 5. P to Q3 6. Castles 7. KttoK2 8. PtoB3 9. P to Q4 10. P x P 11. PtoQ5 12. Kt to Kt3 13. Kt x Kt 14. Q to Q3 15. B to Kt5 16. KttoQ4 17. Q x B 18. P x Kt 19. B to Q7 20. B to K6 ch 21. KR to B sq 22. P x P e.D. 23. P to KR'4 RUY Janowski. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 B to Kt5 P to Q3 Castles B to B4 B to KKt5 P x P B to Kt3 Kt to K2 Kt to R4 B x Kt P to KB4 \ P to B5 B x Kt Kt to B4 QxB B to Kt5 K to R sq P to B4 P x.P QxRP LOPEZ. Walbrodt. White. 24. QxBP 25. RxP 26. B x B 27. QxP 28. R to B5 29. R x R 30. Q to Q4 31. P to QKt3 32. R to QB sq 33. P to Kt3 34. PtoQKt4 35. PtoR4 36. Pto Kt5 37. Q to B5 38. P to R5 39. Q to K5 40. R to B6 41. K to R2 42. Q to K8ch 43. Q to K4 ch 44. Q to B4 ch 45. R to B8 ch Janowsk'. Black. Q to R4 B x P R x B QR to KB sq Q to B2 Q x R Q to B2 R to K sq P to KR3 QtoKt2 R to QKt sq R to K sq K to R2 . K to R sq R to QKt sq R to Q sq R to Q3 ch K to Kt sq K to R2 K to Kt sq K to R sq Resigns - There is no special point in the game to be noticed till 17...KttoB4. Had Janowski played for a draw—which, in parenthesis, he should have done—he could have simply forced the exchange (with 17...P to KR3) of White's QB. The text move is tempting, as it brings his-Queen into play. The alternative variation to be considered is 17...P to B6 previous to Kt to B4 ; but it would not have been more favourable either, or White would have, continued with 18. P to K5, Kt to B4 ; 19. Q to Q2, Q to B sq ; 20. Pto K6, &c. White's 19. B to Q7 is the saving clause. Black has to play 19... B to Kt5 for if 19...B to B6 then 20. P to KKt3, Q to Kt5 ; 21. B to K6 ch, K to R sq. ; 22. P to. B6, &c. , . Black bad a better line pf play with 21...B to B6. White' had to reply 22. P to KKt3, whereupon 22. P. x P ; 23. BP x P, P to B4, &c. In the actual game he loses a pawn, and Walbrodt winds up the game prettily, commencing with 28. R to B5, after which nothing but ordinary care is required to win with the extra pawn. Walbrodt won after five hours' play. PROBLEM NO. 81. By R. Steinweg, of Berlin. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO . 80. Q to B2, K moves ; 2. Kt mates. " IT IS, IT IS, MY OWN LONG-LOST . A woman named Delwillard was tried at the "Ninth Correctional Tribunal in Paris on Friday for an extraordinary persecution of a respectable tradesman named Malassis. It appeared that while he was walking in the Boulevard Strasbourg some weeks ago the woman, whom he had never seen in his life before, ran up, and, throwing her arms around his neck, kissed him passionately, exclaiming loudly, 11 At last I have found you, my beloved. Never more will I leave you." Malassis had some difficulty in freeing himself from her embrace, and when he succeeded in doing so, she followed him along the Boulevard, shouting out, il You are my Judin. For seven years I was your wife. I lived with you from 1871 to 1877, and have been looking for you ever since." To escape, Malassis leaped into a cab, but she followed the vehicle, and thus learnt his address. Thenceforth his life was a misery. Every day she wrote effusive and loving postcards to him, and waited for him near his place of business. Finally he had recourse to strategy. One day he offered to pay her. 250 francs a month if she would "give him an undertaking in writing not to molest him so long as the money was paid. She at once agreed, and sent him the document he asked for. This he,.in turn, forwarded to the police, and the woman was arrested for blackmailing. Medical evidence showed that she suffered from delusions, and might become dangerous, and the Court, discharging her on the accusation of blackmailing, ordered her removal to an asylum. — %- —. NURSES AND THEIR CIGARETTES. A new light was thrown on the cigarette smoking habits of the Camberwell Infirmary nurses at the meeting of the local board of guardians the other day. The young women,- who had been called upon to resign, wrote asking for a reconsideration of their case upon the ground that they had been condemned without having been given an opportunity of speaking in their own defence. They smoked, as did almost every nurse on the staff, for sanitary reasons, as they were compelled to live in the old Havil-street Workhouse, which had been condemned as health, and from which the medical staff and patients had been removed some morithsago, They smoked to keep down the otherwise intolerable smells of the place. The practice was not indulged in in public, but in their own bedrooms. They emphatically denied the charges of having supper parties and playing musical instruments at night to the detriment of the patients. The letter was referred to a committee for inquiry and report; * ~ ~ " r ' "

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 19 Nov 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 30

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