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26 THE WESTMINSTER RVDGE7 APRIL 2$ 1897 The following specimen of Charousek'sevJLscera.tirig stvie supplies an. excellent contrast to the sapping ajnd mining methdd^employed in his tram^ with Makovetz, published last, week : ? The City of London Chess Club was successful by 10 to 7 in its annual encounter with the St. George's Chess Club. Both clubs mustered powerful teams. PROBLEM No. 51. By Philip H. Williams. ; BLACK. > R. Charbiisek. White; 1. PtoK4 . 2. Pto Q4 3. PtoQB3 4. B to QB4 5. Kt to KB3 6. KtxP 7. Castles • , , 8. Ktto'KKt5(.a) 9. KtxP 10. P to K5 DANISH Wollner. Black. - PtoK4 PxP J>JC P Kt to KB3 B to B4 PtoQ3 Castles . P to KR3 R x Kt Kt to Kt5 - GAMBIT.; '• R.' Charousek. Whitec 11. P to K6 12. P x R ch 13. B to B4 (b) 14. Q to K2 15. K to K sq • QR to R sq Q to K8 ch. 16. 17. 18. 19. Fx R ch (becg. Q) B x Q BxQP Mate Wollner. Black. Q to R5 K to B sq Kt x BP Kt to Kt5 dis ch, B to Q2 KttoB3 RxQ (a) The leader of a forcing combination that.takes Black by surprise. ' (b) With an eye to the pretty inate,-to aid which he relies, and-not in vain, oi> Black s assistance in opening the KB file. " : ,' WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 50. Whit e. Black. 1. Q to B7. 1. Any move. 2. Q, R, or Kt matesi <u,^ e n glVe b f 1 ? w , the fourteenth gamei of the stubbornly-fought Pillsbury- Showalter match, the score in which stan ( ds 7 all, and 3 draws : Y PpNZIANI. H. N. Pillsburv! J. w. Showalter. White. (J- 1. '2. 3. 4. 5. 6. .. 7. 8. 9. ,10. 11. 12: 13. .14. •15. !16. 17. 18. f 19. ,20. 21. '22. 23. M. 25. •26. 127. •28. '29. 30. ^31. W. Showalter. White. P to K4 Kt to KB3 P to B3 Q to R4 B to Kt5 PxP Castles P to Q4 P.x P Kt to B3 P x Kt R to K sq B x B ch Q to B4 (c) B to B4 B to Kt3 Kt to R4 Kt to B5 Q x B B to K5 R to K3 BxKBP B x P ch Q to KKt5 Q to Kt3 BtoKt6 Q to K5 (e) Q to K6 QxQ PxKt B to Q4 N. Pillsbury. Black. P to K4 32. Kt to QB3 33. PtoQ4 : 34. P to B3 35. KKt to K2 36. QxP , 37. BtoQ2(a) 38. PxP : 39. Kt to K4 ! • 40. Kt x Kt ch 41. Q to KB4 : 42. 0>) , PtoQR3 43. QxB 44. Castles • • 45. KttoKt3 46. B to Q3 47. K to Kt sq , 48. B x Kt 49. P to B4 50. Kt to R5 51. PtoB5(d) 52. Q to R6 53. KtoRsq 54. RxP 55. Q to Q2 56. Kt to B4 RtoQ4 57. Kt x R 58. RxQ 59. R to Q7 60. RtoQBsq 61. II. B to B3 , PtoK4 R to KB sq R to B2 KxR K to Kt3 K to Kt4 P to B4 B to K5 (f) P to KR4 Pto R3 PxR, K to B4 P to Kt3 P x P K x P P to R4 Pto R5 K to B6 K to K6 K to Q5 K to B5 K to Kt6 KxP K to R7 P to R6 K to R8 K to Kt8 K to Kt7 Resigns N. Pillsbury. ' Black. R to K7 R to Q sq PtoKKt3 R x R . K to Kt sq K.toBsq RtoBsq R to K sq P to R3 K to Q2 RxB(g) K to K3 P to QKt4 P to Kt4ch P.x P KxP P to Kt5 KxP K to Q5 K to B6 K x P K, to B6 P to Kt6 P to Kt7 P to Kt8 (Queen's) K to B5 Q to K5 ch Q to K sq ch Q to Kt4 ch . : (a) At last Pillsbury adopts the right variation-whichgtves Black the better game. .lb) Here perhaps P to G5 would maintain the attack. i A ...(cjllS^ex P 4ange of queens would obviously leave White with a hopeless endgame. (d) This sacrifice initiates a winning attack. i( (e) White has to submit to the loss of the exchange, wins. ' (0 A f te r this White loses speedily, made winning very difficult for Black. If Q to, Kt5, R to Q3 K to B3 in order to play P to B5 would have •• The folio wing, game, apart from Black's brilliancy, is interesting oa account of the march of his king across the board in search of a. mate : DUTCH GAME. J. Kleczynski. . ; J. Kleczynski; White. 1. P to Q4 2. B to Kt5 3. B to R4 4. P to K3 (a) 5. B to K2 6. B to Kt3 7. P to QB4 8. Kt to QB3 9. Kt to B3 10. Castles 11. Q to Kt3 12. KtxKt 13. PxP 14. PxP 15. PxP 16. P to B5dis ch 17. B to QB4 18. BxBch 19. PxP 20. QxP • • A. Poplawsl<i. Black. PtoKB4 P to KR3 P to KKt4 Kt to KB3 B to Kt2 Castles P to K3 P to Kt3 PtoQ4 Kt to K5 P to Kt5 P x KKt QP x Kt B to Kt2 (b) P x P B to Q4 P to B3 QxB P x P Q to B6 . White. 21. Q to Kt7 . 22. Q x R 23. RP x P 24. Q x Kt ch 25. Q to K8 26. Q.xR 27.. K to. Kt2 28. KtoKtsq(d) , 29. QR to B sq 30. R to B2 (e) 31; KR to B sq 32. RxP 33. K to B sq 34. QR to B3 35. R to K sq 36. R to B5 37. Rto B4 (f) 38. P to QKt4 Resigns A. Poplawski.. Black. PtoB5 PxB R to B4 K to R2 R,to R4 QxQ Q to Q4 ch Q to B6 , K to Kt3 K to R4 K to Kt5 K to R6 Bto B sq B to K2 Bto Kt4 B to K2 P to R4 PtoR5 •8T (a) One rarely sees the Fools Mate threatened in cold print. (b) Better than taking the P, which paralysed his QB and gave White a promisin attack. (c) White gets a pawn equivalent for his knight, but he could not be expected to foresee that Black could now sacrifice almost everything to one idea, that of winning. (d) If 28. P to B3 then P to B4. (e) This rook should have gone to B5 to cut the king off.' (f) To prevent 37...B to Kt5 ; 38. R to B sq, B tc Q sq, &c. A LADIES' INTERNATIONAL CHESS CONGRESS. The president and members of the Ladies' Chess Club have pleasure in announcing that a Ladies' International Chess Congress, in com-, memoration of her Majesty's unique reign, will be held at the Hotel Cecil on June 22 and following days. Princess Charles of Denmark has been pleased to consent to become patroness of the congress, and among those who have already conferred their patronage are the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, the Lord Chief Justice (Lord Russell), the Earl of Dartrey, Baron Albert de Rothschild, Sir George Newnes, the Right Honourable Horace Plunkett, M;R, L. Atherley- Jones, Q.C., M.P., . II. Seton-Karr,: M.P., R. M'Kenna, M.P., Joha Parnell, M.P., Mr. Sherriff Spdns, Messrs. A. Mocatta (President City of London C.C.), Horace Chapman .(President Hastings C.C.), W. J. McLellan (President Rochester C.C.), F. G. Naumann (President Sydenham C.C.), Grantham Williams (President Lewisham C.C.), Thomas Hewitt, Walter Robinson, Arnous de Riviere, Rev. J. H. Ellis, J. H. Mortimer, J. Ryan, B.A., L. Hofifer, H. S. Leonard, H. E. Dbbell, A. Hunter, J. T. Heppell, E. N. Frankenstein, Dr. Ballard, and many of the chess masters, including Herr Lasker,'H. N. Pillsbury, J. H. Blackburne, J. Gunsberg,T. Mieses, &c. The prize list will be: 1st, £60 (given by Sir George Newnes); 2nd, £50; 3rd, £40 ; 4th, £30; 5th, £20 ; 6th, £15.. A special brilliancy prize, £20, (given by Baron Albert de Rothschild), and other awards. It is expected that the list of competitors will include representatives, hot only of America and the Continent,., but also of the Principalities of the United Kingdom, and ladies who desire to compete are invited, to submit their names to the committee by formal application to the hon. secretary before May 8. The competition will be governed by the rules of the British Chess Code. The selected competitors will play in one section. Two games per day, with a time limit of twenty moves per hour. The hours of play will be 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The entrance fee for accepted competitors will be two guineas. Mrs. Rhoda A. Bowles, the hon. secretary, is to be addressed at 185, Tottenham Court-road; W. Cheques to be crossed " City Bank." . F Sr,^ he WESTMINSTER BUDGET and all other NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES and PERIODICALS, s^d your SUBSCRIPTIONS to WM DAWSON^ an<f SONS; lid L Cannon House, Bream's Buifdings, London. (Estab. 1809.) Catalogue gratis. ,

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  2. 23 Apr 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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