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 - 19, one -1& move which Loc^ wse to him, and at...
19, one -1& move which Loc^ wse to him, and at j i , w 1 • 4-1*1 I * advantage and his. the Anglo-American in *n won by by 2 games to 4^ Although these figures seem small, the moral effect of the victory great. A fresh impetus will be given to chess at home, and it is to out with great a possible counter-attack, dis- American had this assailable. The and that English representatives which they held for so many year It was a bold experiment : seat of our intellectual pastime again hold the proud position *n; /View, and carried , the plan ' i • ^^^^^ centre Dawn* . -remained with the American.' French Defence Mr. Mills keot — J ~— -•- — On the fifth board the American selected the an important with the lead and succeeded in disuniting the opponent s. element recruited from the ranks of our amateurs, and it choice. ) know that we m.' 1 Metropolis alone Jones, Ward-Higgs, &c., and a large number the provinces could have had the embarrassment of th< like Trenchard, Lord, Carr Kings siQG pawns* juag***^ ^vuinvu ^ i^ummu elements oi a. win h cleared off pieces to simplify matters, but in spite of the superb position he could not force a win. and therefore ap<vmt »7f o 1 ass amateurs similar team ez On the sixth board Hodges selected a safe vi and' Bellingham's duty was to avoid a loss. This our young renre' sentative accomplished by — i . • , & i The Friday and Saturday games, after the first day were m most and clear calculation.' the series : exercising good judgment of position most important of ; it was the last game going, and the match depended advanced stage, and it was anticipated that the victory should rest upon it. Great credit is due to Mr. Bellingham for his sturdv rwic with m * On Saturday play was resumed at 2:30, the sealed envelopes containing the names being opened by the American umpire. All through match was stubbornly fought sides, and the score games a late hour, when Cole's splendid victory gave the lead to the British team. All depended then upon board No. 6, upon which made strenuous efforts win am in order to save the dav for America am 11.35 a with equal skill to the American, and at posed by Hodges, which Bellingham reluctantly acceptec gave us the victory, the following being the final scores : was as the draw BRITISH TEAM. 1. Blackburne.. % Locock,. ; 0 3. Atkins 1 4. Lawrence................ 0 5. Mills................................ 6. Bellingham 7. Blake 0 8. Jackson 1 9. Cole 1 10. Jacobs 1 > AMERICAN TEAM. Pillsbury .......I...... Showalter .... L. 1 Burille 6 1 Barry odges .... elmar 1 Helms . 0 Teed McCi 0 During the adjournment, from 6.30 till eight o'clock, theteam, officials, and a large number of gentlemen dined again with Sir George Newnes (in chair) hopeful anticipation of a victory a number were brought out and responded to, amongst tfr British Chess Club. To Mr. Atnerley-J usual, the lion's share. Q officials . M.P.. An enormous concourse of spectators witnessed the match, the number remaining undiminished till final proceedings were concluded. The lucky winners received enthusiastic ovations, especially so Mr. Cole for securing the victory. turning the match, in our favour, and Mr. Belling for The last act of the performance was foreshadowed by a cablegram n Mr. J. T. Marean, president of the Brooklyn Chess Club, asking: permission Hodges offers you "Congratulations upon your victory, both team and club'.—j.'T. MAREAN." messages were exchanged : MAREAN." heartiest goodwill ot H MAREAN " Accept our sincere thanks for your kind services. To Marean Chess Club, Brooklyn. message swung t< Last sidei year you defeated us, this year the • H thanks for your um has one here is agreed we played against more sportsmanlike opponents, and we all take away with us the most delightful recollections of our relationships with vou. We have just given three cheers for American nlavers.— j To Newnes, London. •NEWNES." American to which we hope for many more may the best team always win.— MAREAN, PILLSBURY." To Rice, Brooklyn.—"Many NEWNES." for your kind assistance. The following is a brief review of the games : On the first board Blackburne had a good start game Pillsbury took the lead; but in the champ be considered ending the : middle English moi with a draw bv a repetition of moves tance in so responsible a position. On board 7. Delmar American meet Mr. Blak Mr. Blake had unexpectedly did not with an open game, but with the French Defence : promising game quite to his taste, but towards wi less vigour than in the'earlier tight reins were given into the American's hi them right up to the end, in spite of Mr On the eighth Jackson defended the Ruy Lopez with the King's Fianchetto, with which he seemed more familiar than his- opponent, for he gained the remainder being then onlv a matter of time exchange in the middle game, the Board No. 9 proved unexpectedly most interesting. arne The whole j side, so that the game was reached in twenty and five pawns remaining. from game that a draw must have been expected by the American, and great would have been his surprise had he been apprised of the fact that he had a forced lost required thirty more moves. Mr. C game, although hit upon a the process subtle design of separating his opponent's two pawns on the queen's side, and gaining one of them, and then he manoeuvred with patience and consummate skill till he forced the opponent to surrender, Mr. Teed courteously acknowledging his appreciation of jjhis achievement by cabling, "You are a fine end-game player." j The audience received this mejssage with vociferous applause, and Mr. Cole was most heartilv congratulated on all sides. PROBLEM NO. 43. By H. E. Kitson, of Liverpool. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves f *p SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 42. 1. Q3 Q Kt, or B mates. MURRAY'S MELLOW SMOKING MIXTURE (Belfast). In packets only froffli all i class Tobacconists, "A remarkably fine btend, and free from all artificial manipulation. SPORTING TIMES.

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 19 Feb 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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