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JANUARY 22, 1897 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET 25 LASKER v. STEINITZ AT MOSCOW. The final game is a fine specimen of Lasker's style in every respect, and characteristic of Steinitz's present form. Steinitz has u learned nothing and forgotten nothing." With an obstinacy verging upon fatalism he pursues his course without verging from the once-chosen path, in spite of disasters. Consequently he adopts again the only variation which he played all through in the Queen's Gambit Declined—viz., 6. Q to Kt3. Lasker, however, who varied in each game, adopts a different variation : he abandons the previous attack upon the centre, viz., P x P and P to QB4, and plays the usual 6. ...'QKt to Q2. But he treats the defence more vigorously. He discards the Queen's Finnchetto and advances the queen's side pawns, but not without incurring some risk. Steinitz, however, is unable to take advantage of temporary weak spots in Lasker's. defence, such as his QKtP, and the weak KP, after Black's 18. .. P to B3 ; whilst Lasker ingeniously gets rid of the weak KP at the first opportunity, and by offering' the bait of a pawn gains the exchange. The' game, of course, is over after that, and on the forty-fifth move, when it was adjourned, and only resumed after an unwarrantable delay, Steinitz might have resigned, there being not the shadow of a chance left. He only gave,Lasker an opportunity of finishing the game brilliantly, and of furnishing a fine specimen of end-game play for the conclusion of the match. In concluding, we might briefly recapitulate the criticism of the match. Steinitz started the Giuoco Piano, and had to abandon it. He had to abandon his defence of the Ruy Lopez (3.. . P to Q3 ; he tried then, unsuccessfully, his Queen's Gambit with the same variation as in the game below, and to this he pinned his faith of coping with a Lasker ! With what result we have seen. We cannot help thinking that there was not even a necessity for Lasker to exert himself unduly, and that he played down to the present level of his opponent. The following is the game : QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. W. Steinitz. White. 1. PtoQ4 2. PtoQB4 3. Kt to QB3 4. B to Kt5 5. Pto'K3 6. QtoKt3 7. Kt to B3 8. B to Q3 9. BxP. 10. B to K2 11. P to QR4 12. Kt to Kt sq 13. QKt to Q2 14. P to R5 15. P x P 16. B to K3 17. Kt to B4 18.. B to Kt5 . 19. B to Q2 20. Kt to K3 21. B to B4 22. Gastles 23. KR to Ksq 24. Kt to B sq 25. Kt to Kt3 26. RP x B 27. Q to Q3 28. R to K2 29. Kt to K sq 30. Kt to B2 E. Lasker. Black. P to Q4 31. PtoK3 32. Kt to KB3 33. B to K2 34. Castles 35. QKt to Q2 36. P to B3 37. PxP 38. P to Kt4 39. P to QR3 40. P to Kt5 41. P to B4 42. BtoKt2 43. P x P 44. Kt to Q4 45. B to Q3 46. •B to B2 47. PtoB3 48. Q to K2 49. QR to Kt sq 50. .KR to Q sq 51. Kt to B sq 52. Q to B2 53. K to R sq 54. B x Kt 55. Kt to KKt3 , 56. R to Q3 57. B to B sq 58. Q to Q2 . 59. P to K4 W. Steinitz. White. QR to K sq •Q to Kt3 Kt x P B x Kt Q to QB3 KxB R to K4 R x R K to Kt sq B to B5 B to K2 P to QKt4 B to K3 B to Kt6 Q to Q4 K to R2 Q to Q sq Q to Q6 K to. Kt2 P to Kt4 B to B sq K to Kt sq B to K3 K to Kt2 QxRP K to R3 Q to .138 ch P to R6 K to Kt2 E. Lasker. Black. B to Kt2 B to B3 Kt x Kt RxP Bx P. Q to B3 ch R x R Q x R ch Q to Kt2 R to Q sq P to K5 Kt to K4 Kt to Q6 R to QB sq • P to R3 Kt to K4 R to B6 Kt to B6 ch Q to KB2 Q to R7 Kt to R5 ch R to B8 Kt to B6 ch R x B R to Kt8 ch Q to C)4 K to R2 R to R8 ch Kt to R5 ch I designs

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 22 Jan 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 27

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