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THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET JANUARY 8, 1897 26 LASKER AND STEINITZ AT MOSCOW. We have received the eleventh and thirteenth games. The eleventh is interesting inasmuch as Lasker upon the strength of it stated in his letter (published last week) that his; defence, of the Queen's Gambit Declined "would prove of lasting value." But Steinitz simply lost that game in consequence of one single weak move in the opening, viz., 9. P to B6, after which he could no more recover the lost ground, although he made a good and stubborn fight. That is practically all that need be said about this (the eleventh) game. In the thirteenth, Steinitz abandons the Gambit pawn at once, and plays the natural 9. Kt to B3, and Lasker has to labour under the disadvantage of getting his queen's forces into play. He advances the queen's side pawns, getting temporary relief; but Steinitz resumes the attack with 15. Q to Kt sq, which evokes a downright blunder on the part of Lasker, with 15. ,.Pto Kt5, the consequence being the loss of the KP in order to save his queen. Having a dis­ organised game, he tries a counter-attack, giving up a piece after White's 26. Kt to Q6 ; but the initiation of the plan was defective, and he had to give up a piece eventually. Steinitz played with remarkable vigour and lucidity. No "modern style" about this game : he went straight for his opponent, and never let him slip from his grasp. It is to be hoped that Lasker's common sense will prevail, and that he will give up innovations that have not stood the test of practical pla}'. • The eleventh game: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. W. Steinitz. White. P to Q4 P to QB4 Kt to QB3" B to Kt5 P to K3 Q to Kt3 B x P P x P P to B6 KttoB3 B x B Castles Q to 132 Kt to Q sq Kt to K sq KttoQ3 P to B3 B x Kt PtoQKt3 . Kt (Q sq).to B2. QtoKt2 KR to B sq Rx R ' R to QB sq R x R ch Q to Q2 K to B sq Q to Kt4 Kt x Q Kt (B2) to Q3 K to K2 • K to Q2 K to B3 QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. W. Steinitz. White. Kt to QB2 P to QKt4 Kt to R3 Kt to QB2 P to QR4 P to Kt5 P to K4 PxP Kt to R3 Kt to B4 ch PtoKt3 K x B K to K2 PxP Kt x P K to B3 KtoKt4 Kt to B5 K to R5 P to Kt4. Kt to Kt8 Kt to (77 ch Kt to B5 KttoR4 Kt to B5 ch Kt to K4 Kt to B3 Kt to R4 Kt to Kt6 Kt to Q5 ch Kt to Kt6 E. Lasker. Black. P to Q4 PtoK3 Kt to KB3 " B to K2 Castles Fx P P to B4 QKt to Q2 P x P Kt to Q4 QxB R to Kt sq Q to Kt5 BtoKt2 KR to Q sq Q to Q3 Kt (Q2) to Kt3 BP x B P. to K4 QR to B sq PtoB3 . KttoQ2 Rx R Q to Kt3 '•• BxR B to Kt2 Kt to B sq QxQ K to B2 Kt to K3 K to K2 K to Q3 P to Kt4 34. 35; 36. .37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. E. Lasker. •Black. B to R3 B to Kt4 B to K sq Bto.R4 P to B4 P to B5 PxP B to Kl3 B x P K to K2 B x Kt- Kt to B4 ch PxP Kt x P ~ • Kt'to B6 ch Kt x P K to K3 K to B3 Pto,QR3 Kt to Q3 P to R4 K to K2 Kt'to B2 K to K3 K to Q4 K to K4 Kt to Q3 Kt to K5 K to B5 K to Kt6 K to B6 Resigns The thirteenth game: E. Lasker. White. 1. PtoQ4 2. PtoQB4 3. Kt to QB3. . 4. BtoKt5 5. P to K3 6. QtoKt3 . 7. Bx P 8. PxP 9. Kt to B3 10. Q to B2 11. RtoQsq 12. KttoQ2 13. B to K2 14. Castles 15. Q to Kt sq 16. KttoB4 17. B to B4 18. B.xP 19. B to B3 QUEEN'S Steinitz. Black. P to Q4 P to K3 Kt to KB3 B to K2 Castles PxP P to B4 . QKt to Q2 Kt x P P to QR3 Q to R4 P to Kt4 B to Kt2 QR to B sq P to Kt5 Q to B2 P to K4 Q to B3 Q to K3 GAMBIT DECLINED. E. Lasker. White. 20. B x Kt 21. P x B 22. B x B 23. R to Q5 24. KR to Q sq 25. K to B sq 26. Kt to Q6 27. R x Kt 28. Kt toK4 29. KttoKt3 30. KxR 31. K to B sq 32. Rx QBP 33. K to K sq 34. Q to Q3 35. K to Q2 36. K to B sq 37. Q to B4 ch 33. Q to B4 Steinitz. Black. QB x B Px Kt QxB R to B3 R to Kt3 ch R to R3 R x P Q to R5 P toB4 Rx P ch Q to R7 ch Q x Kt Q x P ch P to B5 Q to Kt6 ch P to B6 P to B7 K to R sq Resigns In the fourteenth game Lasker reverts to the variation of the tenth game, Anders sen's favourite 4. B x Kt. Steinitz,- who got the inferior game in the tenth game through 5...B to Kt5, varies now with 5...P to B3— an improvement, if he had followed it up with 11... Castles. Omitting this move, Lasker got his queen in dangerous proximity to the adverse king, eventually winning a pawn. Steinitzrwfrh -two biahops, stood his ground valiantly, fighting step by- step, until Lasker succeeded inClearing off minor pieces, thus' reducing the position to a difficult ending rooks opposed to rooks, when the real battle commenced. This part of the game is "the most interesting. With a minute advantage Lasker gradually forced the--game to a successful conclusion, in. spite of Steinitz's efforts to snatch a draw. **Tbe latter part of the game is an instructive study r and the whole game a fine specimen of this form of the= Ruy Lopez. The fifteenth game was drawn. Score :vLasker, 8 ; Steinitz, 2 ; drawn, 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7; 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35: 36. Lasker. White. P to K4 ICt to KB3 B to Kt5 Bx Kt Kt to B3 P to Q4 Q x P B to K3 KttoQ2 Q to Q3 Q to IC2 Q to R5 ch Q to R6 P to B4 Q to R4 Kt to Q5 Q to B6 ch . QxQ ch KtxP Castles QR Kt to B3 P to K5 Kt to Q5 . P to KR4 KR to K sq B"to B5 KttoK3 B to Q& P to QKt3 R to Q3 Kt to Q4 R x Kt R to K2 BP x P Kt to B2 Bx B RUY LOPEZ. Steinitz. Black. P to K4 37. K to QB3 38. P to QR3 39. QPxB : 40. P to B3 41. PxP 42. B to Q3 • 43. Kt to K2 44. P to QB4 45. P to QKt4 ' 46. P to B5 47. P to Kt3 48. K to B2 49. QtoBsq 50. KttoB3 51. P to B4 52. K to Kt sq 53. BxQ 54. R to Kt sq 55. K to B2 . 56. P to R3 57. B to K2 58. B to Q sq 59. R to Kt sq 60. B to K3 61. P to Kt5 62. R to Kt4 63. P to B6 64. P to QR4 65. PtoR5 66. Kt x Kt 67. B x RP 68. Px P 69. B to K2 70. PtoKt4 71. KxB 72. Lasker. White.-** Kt x P Kt to B6ch RxP R to Q4 Kt to Q8 ch Kt x B R to Q6 ch R to KR6 R to KB2 R x RP R to R6 ch R to KB6 Rto Q6 ch R to Q8 R to B3 RxPch R to B2 K x R R to Q2 R to B2 K to Kt2 P to Kt3 R to B4 ch K to R3 R to B3 P to Kt4 ch K to Kt'3 K to B4 R to Kt3 P to Kt5 ch K to Q4 K to Q5 K to Q6 R to KB3 RxP ch PtoKt4 Steinitz. Black. PxP K to B2 R to KKtS- P to R4 K to K2 K x Kt K toK2 R to K5 R (Kt4) x P K to K3 K to Q4 K to Q5 K to .1*4 R to K7 R x RP K R R K R to Kt5. x R ch to K7 ch to K5 to Kt5 to K5 R to K4 K to Kt4 R to 04 K to R4 K to Kt4 KtoKt3 K to B3 R to K4 K to Kt3 R to K5 ch to K sq R •R to K8 Kx P K to B5 Resigns The fifteenth game of the series, played last w,eek, proves Lasker's defence of the Queen's Gambit Declined to be perfectly sound for a diawn game. Should it stand the test of subsequent trials, White will have to adopt a different variation, if bent upon winning. But Lasker had to changefactics too, for in the previous games he laboured under difficulties in bringing the queen's' side pieces into play: 8 ...KKt to Q2 dispose^vof the i?n- com'ortab,le B at Ki5 at once, P to QKt3 opens a square Mx the QB, whilst the two open files may be occupied by the rooks, thl|siyielding a strategically sound and natural development. That is all Lasker maintained in his letter, and he has proved it by facts. The game follows : * QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. W. Steinitz. White. 1. P to Q4 2. QB4 3. Kt to QB3 4. B to Kt5 5. PtoK3 6. Q to Kt3 7.BxP 8. PxP 9. BxB 10. Kt to B3 11. Q to B2 12. P to QR3 13. Castles 14. KR to Q sq 15. Q to K2 16. RxRch 17. R to Q sq E. Lasker. 1 W. Steinitz. . E. Lasker. Black. - White. Black. P to Q4 18. Q to B2 ' Kt to Q2 P to K3 19. B to K2 Kt (Q2) to K4 Kt to KB3 20. Kt x Kt Kt x Kt B to K2 21. Q to R4 RxRclv Castles . 22. QxR Q to Kt4 PxP 23. PtoKKt3- Q'toK2 P to B4 " 24. Qto Q4 Kt to Q2 KKt to Q2 25. Kt to Kt5 B to R3 QxB 26. Kt to B3 P to K4 KtxP 27. Q to Q2 BxB Kt to B3 28. QxB Q to Q3 P to QKt3 29.QtoB4 Kt to B4 BtoKt2 30. PtoQKt4 Kt to K3 QR to B sq 31; Kt to Q5 Kt to Kt4 KR to Q sq 32. K to Kt2 • K to R sq R x R 33. Q to B8 ch, and the game was P to KR3 abandoned as drawn, probably after a series of checks. Lasker won the sixteenth game, a Ruy Lopez, opened, similarly to the twelfth game, by himself. Steinitz, however, avoided the trap laid him in that game by 5... P x P, thus preventing his centre pawns from being doubled. The game goes on evenly afterwards until Steinitz got his queen amongst Lasker's queen's side pawns—a manoeuvre which "ISIS VERY MUCH UNVEILED. THE STORY OF THE GREAT MAHATMA HOAX ," told by F. Edmund Garrett, from Sources mainly Theosophical, reprinted from THE WESTMINSTER GAZETTE, with replies from leading Theosophists, is the title of a new volume of the "Westminster Library." «ISIS VERY MUCH UNVEILED,"' Fourth Edition, with Mr. Judge's and Mrs. Besant's replies and the Author's rejoinder, may be obtained of any Newsagent, Bookseller, at the Railway Bookstalls, or from the Publisher WESTMINSTER GAZETTE Office, Tudor-street, London, E.C. -

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 08 Jan 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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