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of L. a a a to in to in .._ .„.- appointment I on Miss McElroy's plea, '— ~ i i Mary M'Elroy Asks Governor To Spare Bandit "Snatcher" Father i Accompanies Slim Girl On Mission Of Mercy . HER MIND TROUBLED Believes Conviction Gave' Law Proper Import, In "' Crime MinC ' , JEFFERSON CITY, M0. u April' 26-(AP)—Miss jVTary McBlroy pleaded willi- Governor Guy Bl Park today 16 spare" the life-of Walter II. KcG'oc, leader, oi/thc gang rjiat kidiiapcd- htir-for $30^ 000 mnsoiu nearly, two years 'ago. A^li'lually all legal..avenues "of escaipin{r the- gallows 'had beeii closed to ^IcGee when -fhe 26- year-old daughter of II. F. Mc^- EJroy, city manager of Kansas Cfty. visitor! 'tlie govemor-^iri helialf, she said^ of b'otli kidnaper '"i ' • . ^-,1 and vietinu , - M , • "In pleading ,i'or Walter, McGee'sr life, I am pleading for my own peace ^of mind," said the t tall' bvttnettfe in her her , She was a'ccompan j i0'd i 'h"ere''tby' father. . ^ t' '/ , V Miss McElroy' previously had ex- pi'es"sed sympathy fpi 1 thV^nien convicted -on her' testimony and had disclosed the thought of 'sericlihg McGee to his doom was a ."nightmare" preying on her mind. , Law Satisfied, She^Thinks She expressed the belief that the "full force of the law',-has' been emphasized' 1 and that, UMLcGe.e's' ,case would serve as a warning to others. From her own standpojnt, the girt said if the sentence /w.e're ' carried out, McGee "would evdn' have this . advantage; he would 1 not have . to think about his execution ' afterwards." ' ' >, . ' McGee, the first . person , in .the United States to be/giveri the death penalty for kidnaping, ' is in .jail, in Kansas City under sentence, to be hanged May 10. ->--->, Division No. 2 of'.theL- state SUT - preme court refused a • rehearing of his appeal yesterday,- . Presents Letter „• . Miss McElroy presented the following letter to the governor: "1 am asking your clemency for Walter H. McGee, who, has been sentenced to hang on jNtfty'lO.^ This ib the t f irbt request I have ina'dc r aa the victim in this case. I ipention my role as victim only .because', After the M'cElroys'had'spent'30 minutes m his private' office', Governor Park said: ' ' ' : "I did not indicate to; them what- course? I would take." He'added that he had "no idea" when he would act on Miss• M-cElrov's nlen. ; • • •'•••. technically, I believe, I -am the only o'ne whose right it -is to '< ask' for cl.einency. So far, publicly at least, I have" tried to f i 11 ' the ; purely-, mechanical part pf a state's witness.', 'Walter McGee's trial .wM>priv murily important, as a' test ciise. •The state of Missouri was 'trying. to prove the possibility of |ivJnf the death sentence .for kldn»i>inf., The sentence was ,. paised. by th«' jury and h a » 'b'eq'ii confirmed by tho supreme court, I believe that the full force of the'law has been emphasised and that ? 'it i* »l*«r that Walter McGee ha* n« '*!•' means . of escaping the g*|lowi< I hope and believe that UUs Tias served to warn inen l|ke hjn\ that kidnaping is a serious and d crime ; to contemplato. ' A Privale S>dr T» C "And now, inHy wp ponsja§r .this as a private case? As :the vietinii ; I am »ppe'aling to yoii; furthermore, I am appealing on behalf of the victim as we!) as that 0f:hpr captor, I assure you that Walter sentence has hung as H^ayily ovpr as over him. • "Through punishing » gi»ilty »nun, his victim wjll bo made to suffer tiqually. He would eveji have this advantage : he would, not have to thi^nk about his execution afterwards. In pleading for Walter Me, Gee's life, I am pleudjng for my own peaye of mind. ,'.'."I do not forget tlie-: swfferjue this htis brought in many ways to many other people, WftJ.ter • Mc,G.ep'§ death will ijpt er^sq. upr . e^se the suffering. Rather, |,, p,§Jjev» the mercy shown him, and the f felinp of warmth and hope th^t any act pf .mercy brings, will se^e »s a bslui tg us all."

Clipped from
  1. Clovis News-Journal,
  2. 26 Apr 1935, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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